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  1. If you were making a confection, and wanted to create the sensation of crunching through little bones, what might you use? Anything that will stay nice and crisp in a moist environment? Could be a glaze or anything else. Asking for a friend.
  2. We just got a Bamix Mono (the 150 watt version) after a decade or so of deliberation. I'm wondering if we got the right one. Lately my girlfriend has been using a stick blender daily for various concoctions, including one where she makes a batter out of eggs and raw oatmeal. The old cheap blender couldn't blend the oats smooth. Surprisingly, the Bamix is worse. The one we got came with 3 blades: the all-purpose 3-edged cutting blade, the emulsion maker, and the flat disk. It did not come with bigger 2-edged blade: Would this do a better job pureeing oats? Or do w
  3. Someone just brought this to my attention: https://diabetestalk.net/blood-sugar/what-is-atomized-glucose The same page scrapes information from my culinary site also. Probably all of the site's content is stolen. Any of the legal minds here have thoughts on this?
  4. paulraphael

    Ice Cream!

    Reminds me of the Cheese Cartel propaganda they fed us as kids on Saturday mornings.
  5. I met a guy at a dinner party who was kick-starting a company that made artisanal cast iron pans out of recycled Kalashnikov rifles recovered from war zones. Beat that!
  6. All of this stuff is just about odds. An appliance with a terrible repair rate might have a 25% chance of expensive failure in the first 10 years. That would still mean you've got a 75% chance of no serious trouble. And I'm not talking anyone out of buying anything. Personally, I'd love a Bluestar range. I just think it's a good idea to get all the information and do the math before committing. It also makes sense to consider who you can get to make the repairs. In a big city you've got lots of choices, but if you live farther afield, access to qualified service could be a reason t
  7. My friend is a Chicago suburb. I'm not trying to badmouth these appliances. Just repeating what I learned from my own research when exploring possible new purchases. It's like buying a BMW ... they don't just cost more to buy, they cost more to maintain and to keep going. I don't know WHY this would be with an all-mechanical, heavy duty thing, but I've heard the same story from many people.
  8. I don't know anything about that particular range. I've seen Consumer Reports-style longterm ownership reports on these ranges, though, and all the high-end brands have a high cost of ownership. Anecdotally, I have a friend with a 48 inch 4-burner plus grill + griddle Wolf range, no electronics (unless the IR broiler has electronics). He's had a couple of expensive repairs. His is pre-SubZero, back when they were made by Wolf. One of his repairs was because the char broiler got all gunked up. The repair guy said the solution was to not use it ("Yeah, you shouldn't barbecue indoors." Thanks for
  9. Blue Star is closest to a true commercial range, in several respects. This has pros and cons, depending on your priorities. I like their open burners more than anything else on the market, but someone who prioritizes easy cleanup might hate them. All these "high end" and "semi pro" ranges seem to have worse than average reliability and higher than average repair costs. So be ready for some of the pitfalls of owning a sports car.
  10. I've never heard of anything that will sanitize raw greens reliably. Chromedome's recommendations are the standard ones and are probably the best bet, but there's still some risk if you're serving someone who's got real immune system problems. At home I just do a quick rinse, unless dealing with something like leeks that are full of sand. Never had a problem, but we're not feeding vulnerable people here. I think that for the seriously immune-compromised, greens should be cooked.
  11. I wouldn't even know where to look for that.
  12. It's helpful to think about hot herb infusions as being like making tea. With mint, you'll get mint tea flavors (not very much like fresh mint). And if the temperatures are too high or the cooking time too long, you'll get overbrewed mint tea flavors, which start to inch in the direction of low tide.
  13. Globe is in a whole different category. Those have commercial motors and heavy transmissions, and once you get past the smallest size they have multi-gear transmissions. They're more like bargain Hobarts than like fancy Kitchen Aids. The newer KA 7-quart mixers, which have big motors and planetary gears would probably do really well as a light-duty commercial machine. They're built better than any previous KA machine, notwithstanding all the they-don't-make-em-like-they-used-to nostalgia. Your mom's KA wasn't built like this. I'm pretty happy with the previous generati
  14. Mint is just about the most fragile herbal flavor. It's an exercise in science (and maybe futility) to get the 3-dimensional flavor of fresh mint into a cocktail that you'll be drinking 2 minutes from now. Getting it into baked goods would require better kung-fu than what I've got. Mint oil is reliable, and can be tasty in minute amounts, but really isn't anything like fresh mint. Same with extract. If you're going to continue the experiments, maybe try Teo's idea of grinding into the sugar. It would also be interesting to do a butter infusion, but I wouldn't do it hot ... I'd go
  15. Sharpening a knife with that many curves sounds a bit ... advanced! Have you practiced on a more boring knife? Getting the basic moves and feeling with a regular chef's knife, including the ordinary curve at the tip, is the important part. I think once you're comfortable with that, the adjustments you have to make for an oddball knife will be more intuitive. That said, I don't really understand how you'd sharpen a blade that had a really concave belly on a regular stone.
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