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  1. That would be a conundrum. There's a scene in the novel Corelli's mandolin where someone's hiding from the authorities in church balcony where a case of wine is being stored. He desperately needs to pee, and can't think of anyplace to go but one of the wine bottles. But they're all new bottles. So he uncorks one and—since he can't bear the thought of wasting the wine—drinks it before relieving himself in it. You can imagine how this ends, or doesn't.
  2. paulraphael


    Someone with autocad and a machine shop could do this as a kickstarter project. I think the simplest approach would be a Vitamix attachment, since that thing is more modular. The cost of the replacement jugs for the VM would keep it from ever being really cheap, even if you could get the blades made in China.
  3. I don't have one because they're huge. A vacuum machine doesn't offer enough advantages over ziploc bags for sous-vide. There are many other things chamber vac is necessary for (vacuum infusion, instant pickling, etc.) but these aren't interesting enough to me to justify the size and expense. If I move someplace with double the square feet, I'll rethink it. But my eye will probably be on more expensive ones that I can trust to not break.
  4. paulraphael


    I assume the price is high only because it's a specialized tool sold to science labs—the same reason that once upon a time you couldn't get an immersion circulator for under $1K. I'm waiting for someone to wakeup and make a rotor/stator head for a vitamix or higher-powered stick blender. How hard could it be?
  5. paulraphael


    I'm not talking about cleaning, I'm talking about getting all the food out of the thing. The vitamix is clunky at this. Which is why I almost always use it for large batches.
  6. paulraphael


    Because it's more work to scrape food out of the jug, and because it's rather heavy and doesn't live full time on our counter. Has to be pulled out and put away. Bamix is more like grabbing an electric toothbrush.
  7. paulraphael


    I found it on Amazon. $20, which seems like a lot.
  8. paulraphael


    This is something my girlfriend is using it for, and she's looking for as fast and easy a solution as possible, with minimal cleanup. We have a Vitamix but that turns everything into a bigger project. She may try pre-grinding the oats, or she may decide this is good enough.
  9. paulraphael


    Thanks for the replies everyone. I bought the sharp blade (linked above) and it does a better job than the all-purpose blade. This thing's real strength seems to be emulsions and whipping, rather than making totally smooth purees.
  10. Thanks for all the ideas. I'm interested in the spun sugar/caramel idea. This is the one that occurred to me first, but I don't know if it would be hydroscopic and lose its crunch. I'm also intrigued by the bones of the dead. There may be some marzipan involved in this project. If you were to drizzle caramel that's hot enough to become brittle onto marzipan, would it melt/burn/damage it?
  11. If you were making a confection, and wanted to create the sensation of crunching through little bones, what might you use? Anything that will stay nice and crisp in a moist environment? Could be a glaze or anything else. Asking for a friend.
  12. We just got a Bamix Mono (the 150 watt version) after a decade or so of deliberation. I'm wondering if we got the right one. Lately my girlfriend has been using a stick blender daily for various concoctions, including one where she makes a batter out of eggs and raw oatmeal. The old cheap blender couldn't blend the oats smooth. Surprisingly, the Bamix is worse. The one we got came with 3 blades: the all-purpose 3-edged cutting blade, the emulsion maker, and the flat disk. It did not come with bigger 2-edged blade: Would this do a better job pureeing oats? Or do w
  13. Someone just brought this to my attention: https://diabetestalk.net/blood-sugar/what-is-atomized-glucose The same page scrapes information from my culinary site also. Probably all of the site's content is stolen. Any of the legal minds here have thoughts on this?
  14. paulraphael

    Ice Cream!

    Reminds me of the Cheese Cartel propaganda they fed us as kids on Saturday mornings.
  15. I met a guy at a dinner party who was kick-starting a company that made artisanal cast iron pans out of recycled Kalashnikov rifles recovered from war zones. Beat that!
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