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  1. New Mexico never fails to...be a little, just a little...different.
  2. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Also great that it's one of those dishes that doesn't necessarily suffer from taking it home and reheating it; some might think it even gets better. Cafe Katja's wine list has some hidden gems; you just need to ask for the separate list. As a matter of fact, pre and (hopefully) post-pandemic, the wine tasting dinners are fun to attend, tasting wines we don't really see much of here. And there's always more than enough food.
  3. weinoo


    A classic, seminal cookbook. Kalustyan's always had a small cafe upstairs; one of the dishes they made every day - mujaddara.
  4. So Samuels delivers to retail customers, or did you pick up?
  5. A little history but no link. Here are the concession prices at Shea Stadium, in 1967... The fact that they sold cigarettes AND cigars is quite interesting. Obviously, one could smoke while watching a game...ahhhh, those were the days. I'm thinking a cheap cigar and an egg salad sandwich - what could possibly be bad?
  6. weinoo


    I'm a fan of a classic French lentil salad - but I think they're best made with Le Puy lentils, or the black caviar lentils, as they both hold their shape quite well. Might work if you cook those lentils just so. Lebovitz's take on it here... https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/04/french-lentil-salad-with-goat-cheese-and-walnuts-from-my-paris-kitchen.html
  7. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Yes!! On the menu, it's... FRITTATENSUPPE chicken consomme', crepe noodles Awesome - thanks!
  8. Amazing, right? I curse like a sailor (well, I always curse like a sailor; my father was a sailor after all) every time I drive anywhere near your old apartment. The construction is insane when replacing water mains and god knows what else under these streets. (yay, water tunnel #3). And it's never ending, which is NYC in a nutshell. People don't have any idea what a pothole is! But yeah, our water comes from a pretty great, clean source.
  9. All true. You know the Falks have the lip.
  10. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Been on a bit of a take-out binge lately. Maybe all this cooking is finally getting to me. But - and this is huge - I got Significant Eater to come out and have dinner (properly distanced, outside, etc. etc.) on Saturday night after our passeggiata. So for the first time in well over a year, dinner at Cafe Katja. The standard pretzel with butter and liptauer. Our other app is the new chicken soup, with noodles made from a crepe batter, which I need to find out a bit more about (@Duvel?). Followed by a burger for my wife (that's what she was jonesing for) a
  11. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Really beautiful cook on the duck there, @paul o' vendange. Not too rare on the breast, the way it should be. How'd the legs come out with the breast at that temp? Now you're just teasing. What I would give for a cassoulet from St. John.
  12. Correct and exactly what I started to do. Though probably at the end of my copper cookware acquisition phase. (Unless...) Interesting thing about the tin-lined pans; when used correctly, they are as non stick as any nonstick pans might hope to be.
  13. With the caveat being that equipment here, using NYC water filtered via a Brita, never needs descaling. Or at least never appears to need descaling. That's the CSO (first one 5 years) and the Silvia (over 10 years), as well as the inside of the kettle water gets boiled in for pour over coffee, which remain deposit free.
  14. Probably. Can't imagine the cook being able to spend time frying and flipping them in a pan. In a pot of oil or a commercial deep fryer, much easier.
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