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  1. I too believe it's the quality of the chicken. There's a big difference, in my area, between what I can get at the grocery store(Perdue) vs.when I go buy a fresh killed bird at La Pera Poultry. But barring that drive, I can usually get a good Bell & Evans product closer to home, and if I'm desperate, a kosher bird will suffice.
  2. One Click Butter Cutter

    I love my egg slicer. I have a vintage-ish German one. But I use it to slice eggs and use them that way; for egg salad, I usually mush up the eggs with a fork!
  3. Do I have an issue with my Steam Girl?? The other day I cooked up 4 chicken thighs, on the steam bake setting. After 20 minutes, they were sitting in a pool of liquid, at least 1/2" high. This is not the first time that's happened recently, when cooking stuff on steam/bake. My CSO is 4 years old, and has seen a lot of use. I'm wondering if it is malfunctioning; and if so, has it bought the farm?
  4. Countertop Rotisseries

    Also, the allegedly baste themselves. When I lived in San Jose, with a backyard, Weber and a beautiful Char-Broil wood-fired grill, that had a rotisserie. Anything you made on that, with real charcoal and/or wood. was pretty damn delicious.
  5. The Dish Towel

    No, not necessarily any downside. But in my case, there is a storage space issue. Our apartment would probably not contain all of @andiesenji's towels . And our beach house...oh right, it's non-existent.
  6. Countertop Rotisseries

    I would think there are splatters from any rotisserie. I mean, there are splatters when cooking a whole chicken in the oven, not on a rotisserie.
  7. Countertop Rotisseries

    Yes - don't all of these damn things splatter grease? I was unable to sleep last night - that Phillips piece of crap is all over the TV infomercials.
  8. The Dish Towel

    I definitely use dish towels to dry dishes; even coming out of the dishwasher, my dishes can have a little water or dampness on them. And the stuff I wash by hand generally gets washed, dried and put away fairly quickly. Stuff such as knives, wooden spoons, the pots and pans which don't go in the dishwasher, etc. etc.
  9. The Dish Towel

    But I buy dish towels to really be dish towels. Yet I can't seem to throw them away!
  10. The Dish Towel

    Okay, another banal topic. But as I'm unpacking boxes and boxes of kitchen stuff, in order to reset my kitchen, I see that I have more than just a few dish towels. I mean, I didn't justpack a bunch of dish towels, I literally used them as packing material as well. I have dish towels that are older than some members here. They look filthy, even after being washed. I have dish towels purchased in Paris, at the Marché Bastille. (They shrunk to half their original size, after a run through the washer and dryer). Dish towels from when I was in cooking school (though they may have been called side towels then). Dish towels from Italy. Dish towels from Spain. China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh (though not from trips there). So - how many dish towels does a normal person have? And, for how long does that sane, normal person keep them? Like, what's the final straw when you decide the dish towel is ready for the garbage, or some other unfortunate fate?
  11. Wine glasses

    Funny, I always feel like I'm going to spill the stemless glasses. And I don't really like the fact that if you're drinking a properly chilled white, or a cellar temperature red, the hand warms both up.
  12. Pimento Cheese

    At our niece and nephew's shop (Pop + Dutch) in Provincetown (now closed for the season), they sell a house made pimento cheese. And they were happy to offer the recipe here: So, this is a gigantic proportion, but: 5 lbs. sharp yellow cheddar, shredded in the food pro 2lbs. roasted red peppers, diced 3.5 cups mayo ½ Tbsp. cayenne ½ Tbsp. Tabasco I'm pretty sure the mayo is Duke's, too.
  13. Smart Speakers in the Kitchen

    So does Significant Eater; that covers it for me.