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  1. weinoo

    The Green Zone

    Yeah, it may have even been going downhill when we were still there! I have a funny story about AF; I'll tell you sometime. Suffice to say, major drunkenness may have played a part. Remember when Bourbon first opened...it was good, and there was even a good bartender or two back then. (and now I see that it's closing or closed?!)
  2. weinoo

    The Green Zone

    If it's better than Amsterdam Falafel's, that's saying something!
  3. Olney for sure. Lulu's Provencal Table. I have this one - it's old and falling apart...The Wonderful Food of Provence And this - The Cuisine of the Sun
  4. weinoo

    Cannabis Cuisine

    Much better to let them vape tobacco legally.
  5. The story of Ranch Dressing, and it's historical beginnings... Ranch Nation ETA: I shoudda said another story about Ranch Dressing. And I also shudda said a bunch of us used to go to Cold Spring Tavern during my Santa Barbara days, but I don't remember the ranch dressing there!
  6. No, but afterward I thought about it. Might be really good with less than ideal fruit.
  7. I made one last night (this is like the easiest dessert except for maybe roasted fruits), but with whole milk, since it's what I had on hand. And I used a smaller baking dish, with about 8 oz. of fruit, so I used 2/3 c milk and 2 eggs. Basically, 2/3 of the recipe. Figs from my corner fruit guy, blueberries (a few), and a plum. Really delish, probably could've baked for another 5 minutes. And i started in the steam girl, with steam, and then changed to plain heat after 10 minutes. Would cooking under steam keep the custard more tender?
  8. Interestingly, here was David’s response on his blog, to my question:
  9. I was definitely referring to the Levovitz recipe. Whether I make it or not all depends... Oh - he does say that all whole milk is fine.
  10. weinoo

    Cooking from Dining In by Alison Roman

    Melissa Clark is probably the last "journalist's" cookbook I bought (Instant something or other), as I obviously waded into the Instant Pot insanity. But my other recent purchases are all either single subject books, or books from restaurants/chefs I admire. Examples include the Joe Beef cookbook, Nopalito, Roscioli, a book about Riesling, etc. I also just ordered a used book I thought I owned, but which is hiding somewhere - Richard Olney's French Menu Cookbook.
  11. I'm pretty sure that I know buttermilk may be substituted for things like yogurt and kefir somewhat easily. But can buttermilk be substituted for regular, whole milk? I'm talking specifically for a dessert called flaugnarde, where it becomes part of the custard; and who knew that flaugnarde was simply a clafoutis made with different fruit than cherries?!
  12. weinoo

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    In perhaps the worst plating job ever (I have no idea what I was thinking), we had this for dinner last night: Chops from a rack of lamb (steam roasted for 15 minutes in the Cuisinart), Rancho Gordo flageolots cooked a la Instant Pot (they took like 12 minutes), and roasted pimenton dusted potatoes. There was also some sautéed broccoli, but I didn't want to make an even bigger mess of the plate. Oh - I took the just cooked beans, and tossed them with lots of olive oil, some herbs de Provence, salt, pepper, and a splash of one of my multitudes of Spanish vinegars. All tasted better than it looks.
  13. weinoo

    Cooking from Dining In by Alison Roman

    You know, here's the thing with cookbooks by millennial bloggers. Isn't every recipe available somewhere else? I don't necessary see any real creativity going on with these recipes, they all just look like rehased stuff with maybe an ingredient or two changed. But maybe that's just me. Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here are Alison's beauty secrets!
  14. weinoo

    Cooking from Dining In by Alison Roman

    The lemon in the dish turned the whole dish bitter. LOL!