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  1. The wheel can only be reinvented so many times.. My guess is the issues Janjigian is dealing with have to do with how many ways can Cook’s Illustrated monetize the issue.
  2. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    I have to be honest...I have always had second, and third, and fourth thoughts about scooping olives or anything else out of anything people have touched. Because too many people are basically disgusting.
  3. You know, I started reading (okay, going down the rabbit hole) about "mini-starters," small sourdough starters, etc. etc. I mean, from esteemed sources for sure. King Arthur sure seems to be writing a lot about it. So do our friends at Cook's Illustrated (and they've got a #hashtag!): Make Your Own Mini Sourdough Starter With the #Quarantinystarter Project I wonder if they were reading eGullet, oh I dunno, 11 years ago? Sam explained it in greater detail in the post preceding mine. He also debunked the equal parts refreshment theory, but I guess Cook's Illustrated and King Arthur haven't gotten around to that yet.
  4. Hmmmm, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, I'm totally on that bandwagon. Actually, I think I get pretty nice flavor (no, purists, not sourdough flavor) from a biga and a pretty nice, slow fermentation.
  5. I think I missed that day. My teacher, Dr. Goldschmidt, gave me detention for smoking in the boy's room.
  6. Here's one I picked up on eBay... Fun to read and grab some ideas from. Remember, travel used to be fancy!
  7. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    I had a couple of Yukon Golds which needed cooking... My first attempt at rösti. Being a dope, I tried to get a little fancy by cooking it in oil and ramp butter; the ramps burned a little bit on the right hand side. Still really delicious, and basically potatoes, salt and pepper. And the cooking oils. Roasted 2 halves (used the back and wing tips and ends of drumsticks for the stock pot) of a Poulet Rouge, perhaps my favorite chicken; they're just so good. Also threw 2 additional wings onto the sheet pan, from another bird (Empire Kosher) I was cutting up to make the stock. The poulet rouge skin crisps us so beautifully; this bird was done in 30 minutes at high heat convection, in the regular oven. Plated like a 5-year old... Significant Eater gets the breast and wing attached; I get the leg thigh and of course an extra wing! Peas with yellow and orange carrots; peas are frozen baby peas, carrots are fresh. Cooked in a little stock and more ramp butter, cause why not?
  8. No wonder I like scarecrow best. And I really should've paid attention during whatever class taught us about iron oxide in high school, but I had other things on my mind.
  9. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    How'd you slice the skirt steaks for everyone but yourself??!! 🤣 You two catered a family wedding?!! Boy, that is taking some chances!! There was a little Italian restaurant, name of which I'm forgetting, on 1st Avenue down around 2nd or 3rd St. - you must know it? They did the whole eggplant, grilled and split open and seasoned with olive oil etc. - it was really great.
  10. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    Oh oui, elle l'est en effet!
  11. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    Oui, absolument.
  12. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    There were 5 scallops in my order - weighed 1/2 lb, so pretty good size. We each get two (ok, don't tell Significant Eater, but I eat the 5th one alone, in the kitchen - just to make sure it's properly cooked!).
  13. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    My delivery a few days ago included some lovely local asparagus... I went quite classic with it, asparagus vinaigrette. Then I went classic with this... Duck cracklings. I used the skin for the cracklings because I also made a duck and sausage ragu... Casarecce with said duck and sausage ragu. Gotta get healthy after all that, no? Scallops were delivered (from Fresh Direct, actually, and pretty darn good). I sautéed them in ramp butter. Made the rice in the donabe, with ginger, mushrooms, scallions and dashi/mushroom stock blend. Glazed Tokyo turnips and radish along with the turnip greens alongside.
  14. I like what Jacques does with them. Fromage Fort.
  15. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    Yep - I was confused or read it differently. Yes, we go to a place called Sobaya (or, we used to go to a place...). Always bring the soba dishwater, which we never really have liked. That sounds quite lovely and I have a jar of those chilis in the fridge! Well, sounds lovely...except for the mayonnaise on that sandwich.
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