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  1. weinoo

    Duke's Mayo

    Getting a little extravagent there, huh @Martin Fisher?!
  2. We recently spent 5 days in Montreal, after a quick visit to Burlington - this was a driving vacation. I got some tips from Steve and a few others about the current scene, as well as from the restaurants I follow on various social media platforms. We stayed on the Le-Plateau-Mont-Royal, in a nice AirBnB, and the street it was on turns into a pedestrian only street during the summer, which was excellent. No noise, no traffic, perfect for strolling. Were literally across the street from an outpost of St. Viateur, so I was able to grab hot bagels each morning for breakfast. Without apology, I'll just say they're pretty lame, but... And yes, I know everyone likes Schwartz's, but not being one to wait on a line for a sandwich, we tried another highly-regarded deli. Snowdon Deli. More to come.
  3. This for sure. I just think a much "drier" version of polenta needs to be used, if that makes sense. Or perhaps breading the polenta sticks before frying?
  4. The one pictured. Mine has 5 discs.
  5. weinoo


    There is no such thing as a free lunch, @rotuts. The closest Aldi to me is over (or under) the Hudson River. The next closest one is in Brooklyn, somewhere on Flatbush Ave. Either would take hours to get to and from from. And do you know how much the toll is coming back into Manhattan from New Jersey? Since I have an EZ Pass, it's "only" $12, off-peak. With $12, @JoNorvelleWalker could buy enough mayo to last her a month!
  6. weinoo


    He might order Duke's from Fresh Direct or even Amazon! The opportunity cost alone would make the Burman's way more expensive...my cost would go up $.04 - $.05 per sandwich, and that is unacceptable!
  7. There is nothing which shreds carrots or celeriac quite as wonderfully, if one is making those classic French salads.
  8. If only the late Walter Kauzmann were around, perhaps he could help with the answer. But he probably wouldn't be thrilled on the wiki source.
  9. Ahhh, okay. Sorry to hear that. I tend to not worry so much, since no one gives a shit as to what I have to say or write.
  10. Welcome - do you work at Bern's?
  11. weinoo

    Favorite Risotto?

    What surprises me, Ken ( @KennethT ), is that while they were in the Veneto, the risotto served wasn't some sort of a seafood variation every night. My guess is that it was much easier to make sure beef cheeks were on hand, rather than depending on the Lagoon. I happen to really enjoy risotto in the style of the Veneto - seafood risotto all'onda, that is, using Vialone.
  12. I have so many of those books that it's kinda weird.
  13. I leap into the unknown with many things; I'll stick with Duke's. Which I may buy 3 or 4 times a year. I don't bathe in the stuff as others appear to (actually, it's probably good for the skin). I'm glad you found some inexpensive mayonnaise which has made your day.
  14. weinoo

    Favorite Risotto?

    So - braise beef cheeks in a manner similar to, well, braised osso buco. Make a risotto Milanese, serve the braised cheeks atop.
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