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  1. New dish set cost

    After 30 years or so of using mismatched this and that (from Ikea, to Crate and Barrel, to Fishs Edd)y, I took the plunge and put together service for 8 from this brand at BBB: Nevaeh White® by Fitz and Floyd® Didn't do mugs, as I've got a nice collection of mugs, and they're only used for the 2 of us. I got 8 (9 of everything, actually) dinner plates, salad plates, shallow soup bowls, luncheon plates, appetizer plates, little dessert/app bowls. For the stuff that I know I'd never use at a dinner party, I took 5 of those; for example, cereal bowls, and I got zero coffee cups and saucers. One of the reasons I wasn't looking at sets is simply because they all seem to come with something I don't think I'd use. Coffee cups, weird bowls, whatever. Of course, if you're serving high tea or brunches, your needs are certainly different.
  2. I was ahead of my time.
  3. I tip 20% on the total bill (after tax) at restaurants; but if I'm comped a drink or a dish, that tip goes up proportionately. At my regular places (i.e. the places we go weekly), the tip tends to be 25%. At fancier bars, $3 a drink; at my local bars, it's hard to figure, but they get tipped handsomely. I don't get groceries delivered. Food delivery guys get $4 or $5; I'm not usually ordering food for delivery that costs more than $25 or $30.
  4. New dish set cost

    I think you might want to do a little research into porcelain, bone porcelain, etc. Some stuff is made to last, without getting scratched or chipped; some stuff, not so much.
  5. Stay hydrated. Say hello to Don and John.
  6. At this point, my biggest concern is that @rotuts has not participated in this damn thread!
  7. Hmmmm...very cheffy. Yes - the PB acting the same as butter on a tartine, and keeping the bread from getting soggy.
  8. We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!
  9. I can see I've touched a nerve. In any event, I didn't have any squirting out of the middle of my sandwich today; but I was frugal with the jam. Or was it jelly? And no one goes for cashew or almond butter, it appears.
  10. Nope, not joking; it's what I made for lunch, but with peanut butter (Wf's organic, freshly ground peanuts) on both slices of (Breads Bakery's 7-grain) bread and then Favorit Swiss Preserves of red cherry in the middle. I'm a heathen! And I forgot that when I was a kid, peanut butter was allowed, gluten-free didn't exist, and we all managed to reach our youthful middle age. Then again, I was often told to go play outside - in the streets of Forest Hills.
  11. So - I'm making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch today. And I'm stymied by a few things. Peanut butter on both sides and then jelly in the middle? Peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other? Favorite nut butter? Cause peanut isn't really a nut, is it? But - it's what I like. Favorite jelly? Jam? Preserves? HELP!
  12. I find that soap and water does the trick.
  13. I keep a pair of these at the ready, next to my sink, at all times. Makes it quick and painless to do a quick wash up of a big, dirty bowl, blender jar, etc.
  14. I almost never put mixing bowls, pots or pans in the d/w. And never put any knives or wooden stuff in there either. This stuff gets washed and put away as it's used. I can go 3 or 4 days without running the d/w this way. And then I use the dishwasher for, ummm, dishes.
  15. Melissa Clark does a nice job in this ice cream primer. How To Make Ice Cream