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  1. I enjoy cooking on a griddle (I call it a plancha just becuz), especially one which can then be moved into the sink to clean, and which serves a dual purpose. This one works for me, and there's a larger one as well (yeah, we have both, but the large one stays in the oven; it's friggin' heavy). Baking Steel Mini Griddle If you see one of these in a second hand store, grab it.
  2. You know, if those weren't shoved into the tiny styrofoam containers (or whatever they are), they might not look half bad. I realize that's not toeing the line.
  3. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    I love this: "I'll just have a salad." And then take the fries home and shove them down my throat when no one except the cat is watching.
  4. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    They do, but probably just "gourmet" shops. For instance, I can get some of his product at Formaggio Essex...it's actually kept refrigerated! (I think they get big bags, and decant it into 1/2 lb. and 1 lb. packs).
  5. You know, to be a little more serious here (though don't think I was kidding with the pizza suggestion), why not make stuff as you always make it? From what I can see, there will be plenty of stuff for them to enjoy. It doesn't all have to be from the grill; a nice platter of cheeses and dry sausage. Some great sides. Some weird sides. And nothing really wrong with pork on a skewer or chicken breast, especially with a great marinade and dipping sauce (satay? something yogurt based) to go along. Throw in a skewer or two of thigh and collar. Whatever you make may will most likely
  6. We accept your "apology."
  7. All good for the farmed atlantic stuff - which is probably purchased fresh. This stuff, obviously, comes frozen, and with certain cooking methods can end up dry. I generally defrost overnight in fridge before cooking - sometimes I go very low heat in the steam oven, which works nicely. I also like to smoke it in the gin donabe, but there you end up with a different end product. It's fun to do trial and error. I've always had good luck with the halibut, just cooking it till it barely flakes. I think all of this stuff benefits from, once defrosted, about 1/2 hour with a dry brine
  8. Most of what matters in the restaurant business is the business of restaurants. Successful ones often have good marketing. I doubt that humm's fishers, farmers and purveyors have a problem with it.
  9. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    I always enjoyed shopping at Harris-Teeter when we were in DC. Do you have those? All I can think of when I think of Publix is years and years of my parents in Delray Beach, and Publix being THE grocery store. I was in wonderment at how wide the aisles were!
  10. I received my first order combo this week. So how do you deal with the salmon to keep it somewhat moist?
  11. But did they have to throw that other, famous pizza oven under the bus? EMERIL!!
  12. Pretty much the same here. However, I don't recall my dislike of anything that was served, since most everything that we were served was fairly benign.
  13. Very true. And convenience foods, to say nothing of the convenience they offered, probably helped with addicting kids to sugar and salt (a whole other subject for sure).
  14. Well, maybe makes no sense to some, but... because according to Bloomberg, the waitlist for June and July now stretches more than 15,000 people long.
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