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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Ham and pea soup (which was served before the paella posted above) repurposed as ramen. With asparagus, pea shoots, mussels and clams.
  2. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Hey, who you calling Scuba? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Last night's paella mixta. Chicken, Long Island shellfish - scallops and clams. Grilled scallions and grilled first ramps of the season.
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    Took another drive to Whitestone, Queens yesterday; all of a sudden I spot this place, which I'd never seen nor heard of: I knew I had a bunch of mushrooms at home; I just didn't know what I was going to do with them. But fresh Durso's fettuccini with mushrooms turned out to be a good idea.
  5. Tammy, the guy who wrote The Spice Companion has a highly-regarded store here in NYC. The store is called La Boîte, and Lior collaborates with a diverse array of chefs and others, from Jim Meehan on cocktail seasonings to Eric Ripert on, well, other stuff.
  6. I've heard somewhat the same thing, Paul. A friend mentioned it wasn't terrible, but it was no Franny's.
  7. Nothing's hidden in this city. But, Le Coucou has been a favorite since its opening. An old classic like Le Bernardin (where we had dinner a week ago) is still wonderful. Other very enjoyable meals we've recently had include Beatrice Inn, Wildair (which is casual and doesn't take reservations), Ssam Bar, and Le Coq Rico. If you want to go to Brooklyn (which is basically a short subway ride), Olstead and Faun are both worthy choices.
  8. I just added these 2 used books to my collection...trying to up my game:
  9. Hot Pot For Home Use

    Slightly off-topic, but good Sichuan restaurants have really upped their game in New York City over the past decade. Even in Manhattan, there are a good dozen places to get quality Sichuan food in restaurants.
  10. Hot Pot For Home Use

    I want a hot pot specific pot simply because they're the only ones I've seen with separate compartments for different types of cooking broth. I'm sure I could use an enameled cast iron casserole that I already own to play around with one broth. I've also seen both the clay pot versions (I think they're used for shabu shabu?) and the ones that get filled with charcoal in the center, though using one of those in my apartment might not be the wisest choice .
  11. Hot Pot For Home Use

    I have no bias against appliances; I actually like Zoji products and own one or two of them. I am looking for a hot pot which has two separate sections for two types of cooking liquid, and also might take up a little less room to store.
  12. Hot Pot For Home Use

    Well, some answers are below. I'm also of the belief that a heavier pot on my dining table, with a bunch of people sticking stuff into it, might be more stable. I'm sort of about the same thinking. Thanks, Li. This restaurant, which opened a year or so ago, is all dry hot pot...MaLa Project.
  13. Hot Pot For Home Use

    Seriously, no advantage? Other than maybe better quality?
  14. Hot Pot For Home Use

    Thanks, Li...