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  1. Started the day off... with oatmeal cookies. Lunch was a nice mix of leftover salads and focaccia made with 48-hour refrigerator dough. Later on was dinner, which started off with... Gamberi al ajillo. And ended with... Paella.
  2. My grandmother was too busy chasing me around with a cast iron pan to worry about "the bloom."
  3. And the one in San jose was actually in Campbell...All-American greatness abounds at Kirk’s Steakburgers, a Silicon Valley tradition stretching all the way back to 1948
  4. I did...many times! Great burger - I'd go for one of those right now!
  5. I was worried about supply, so even though I'm supposed to get my subscription delivery shortly... 3 bags from George Howell somehow showed up. I figured I'd give the medium roast a try for afternoon moka pot coffee. Or maybe I'll fire up Silvia. Lunch yesterday was rice and beans (beans from freezer), along with beet salad and celery root remoulade. Dinner started with this... Sauté of peppers and onions. Sausage and peppers. Potato salad. Tomato/cucumber/avocado also alongside. D'artagnan chicken sausage was used, and don't think I'd buy again, but I was experimenting during the last freezer sale. At least they're low calorie/low sodium compared to real sausage.
  6. you saw where I said...? 2. I want to cook it in the slow cooker, but it's bigger than will sit nicely in the slow cooker (as most briskets are). Should it be cut in half?
  7. So I got a corned beef brisket from Fresh Direct. A couple of questions: 1. Soak it before cooking? 2. I want to cook it in the slow cooker, but it's bigger than will sit nicely in the slow cooker (as most briskets are). Should it be cut in half? 3. Add my own spices or use the weird little packet that is packed with it? 4. Cook in plain water?
  8. In my neighborhood, they call plantains "green bananas." Not love tostones?! They're awesome with that Peruvian aji verde!
  9. While our current situation often brings out the best in people, it also highlights the worst (and the stupidity) of a small percentage of the population. That NY times article mentioned is here....https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/25/us/coronavirus-terrorism-nj.html?action=click&module=Latest&pgtype=Homepage Yesterday, I was one of the first shoppers at the Essex Market; they've allotted the first hour of opening time to seniors and immuno-compromised individuals, asking others to please respect that. So there was a young couple (no masks or gloves, so I imagine not compromised) happily shopping, and while I was paying for my produce, a senior came up right next to me and dropped his stuff on the counter, and which point I stage-whispered said aloud: 'back off, idiot!"
  10. In today's version of ugly delicious. Lunch was using my now 24-hour fermented dough... In a baking pan in the CSO. 1/2 mozzarella and tomato. Half just parm. Better than yesterday's! Dinner... Céleri rémoulade. Salade de betteraves. Ceci in Zimino. Or a variation of that (starting with dried garbanzo), along with a leftover ham hock and some jambon de Bayonne. As I said, looks aren't everything; this was all about the taste, and this all tasted pretty good.
  11. Thanks for the memory. Have you ever made the Spanish/Basque potato salad with tuna? Quite good. Ensalada Rusa, too.
  12. You'd be surprised at the things I've tried. But broiling with parchment in my oven merely sets things ablaze.
  13. Yeah, but that would certainly veer from its original intent of classic braised chicken wings. As well as create so much more work cleaning up!
  14. I'll start by saying thanks for the chicken wing suggestions. I'll continue... with dinner last night... Wings, braised and glazed in a spicy Sichuan bean sauce. They were actually going to be simply wings in black bean sauce, a more Cantonese dish, but when I started tearing apart my cupboards to find the black beans, I gave up and used one of the various spicy bean pastes I have in my fridge. Along with dark soy, garlic, scallions, a hit of sugar, sesame oil, etc. etc. Served over jasmine rice, kimchee on the side. Pretty satisfying.
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