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  1. Arthur is indeed from Brooklyn; from what I know of Arthur (via some personal connections), I don't believe she is.
  2. I don't think so...they have two different, both interesting, backstories: https://montessauce.com/pages/our-roots https://www.montestrattorianyc.com/montes-legacy
  3. Not only can you buy the Monte's tomato sauce, but there's plenty of merch to go along with it! https://montessauce.com/collections/shop
  4. I'm pretty sure everything is available, one way or another. I've only tried jarred tomato sauce once, and it was when I saw Rao's on sale. It was certainly not an improvement on sauce made in this kitchen, using a mixture of Bianco diNapoli and DOC San Marzano.
  5. I always thought, and I'm sure read, that marinara had something to do with, well - the sea. Here's what Carlo Middione has to say about marinara sauce, in his classic tome The Food of Southern Italy (eG-friendly Amazon.com link):
  6. First of all, have you seen the bio of the article's author? Seven fucking years! A qualified expert!! Practically Elizabeth David, or M.F.K. Fisher.
  7. weinoo

    Pork Butt vs.Shoulder

    Does the beef chuck roast have a number of muscle groups within? Here's what Bruce Aidells has to say, in one of my favorite books when it comes to understanding pork: Bruce Aidells's Complete Book of Pork (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) You don't mention whether you want to roast or braise the pork, so...
  8. We Americans really like our M & Ms…and Nerds, evidently.
  9. weinoo

    Dinner 2024

    I’ve missed cooking in the donabe, possibly because the Zojirushi makes such damn good rice. But tonight: I found a piece of Alaskan king salmon in my freezer. It was defrosted overnight and salted for the day, before making: Salmon and hijiki rice. With some stir fried bok choy of some variety, with ginger, garlic, scallions, soy and oyster sauces.
  10. I thought all Samantha had to do was wriggle her nose to cook food?
  11. weinoo

    Dinner 2024

    Spaghetti with sausage and sauce. Broccoli rabe.
  12. In this video, from the Bellman website, he states that the Bellman is induction compatible:
  13. When one of my nephews was in his 20s, he was in a band. The band, such as it was, traveled in a van powered by bio-something (i.e. mostly used cooking oils). One night my sister awoke to an amazing smell, coming from out front of their house, of egg rolls cooking. She went out and sure enough, the band was doing whatever it us they were doing to convert cooking oil to the fuel for their band van. They had gotten it surreptitiously...from behind a chinese restaurant.
  14. https://junglejims.com/about-us/the-jungle-jim-story/ https://web.archive.org/web/20070502095358/http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/05_16/b3929108.htm
  15. Dying from botulism would probably be the most important thing to avoid.
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