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  1. weinoo

    Lefties in the kitchen

    I'm left-hand dominant, I guess, as I throw a ball with my left hand, but I write with my right hand. When I'm in the kitchen, the chef's knife is in my left hand. When I'm at the table, the fork is. My dishwasher is on the left of my sink. Interesting stuff.
  2. weinoo


    You and me both, @KennethT. After all, how many countertop ovens does one really need...maybe the real innovation will be one unit that does it all!
  3. weinoo


    Really, no one has one of these? Picture from RoccBox website. C'mon, @rotuts! @scott123 What the hell are you waiting for???? this could be the answer to producing real, authentic, lawful, Neapolitan pizza at home.
  4. I think it's a juvenile eagle. I doubt an eagle would let an osprey hang out near its nest. We watch with fascination the eagles and their eaglets that live in the U.S. National Arboretum, located in Washington, D.C. The couple, dubbed Mr. President and The First Lady, have successful raised many kids. This year, there is a problem with one of them, and that one is now in a rehab center. Evidently, the adult eagles will go near osprey nests, to steal their food.
  5. weinoo

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Merguez (from D'artagnan freezer sale), home made cole slaw and cucumber salad, with a few pickled carrots thrown in. A clean-up the fridge kind of meal.
  6. One of my nephews was in a band. The band traveled around in a van, which was fueled by biodiesel. They actually had their own converter, which was pulled along with the band's equipment. One night my sister (the mother of said nephew) noticed a very strong smell of Chinese food in the air. She went outside, and sure enough, the boys were using the converter, which was being fed by used cooking oil from Chinese restaurants. Once the Chinese restaurants got smart, they started locking up their used cooking oil, so they could sell it to recyclers.
  7. That fish was raised, but not in a garbage can. It was raised out of the East River.
  8. Some day, you'll have to come to one of NYC's Chinatowns. You never know what you might find.
  9. That is not a bad assumption; I think there was a scandal where fishmongers were using shark or skate and passing it off as scallops! But that's the reason you can't brown them - they exude too much "liquid."
  10. Are you able to get real dry scallops. Otherwise, that's the reason they don't brown before turning into said erasers.
  11. So does the baking steel mini griddle fit into the CSO?
  12. Indeed; sometimes I use the seating comfort as a criteria for whether we'll go out to a certain place for dinner.
  13. Here's a nice article in the NY Times, about the wonders of (good) canned tuna, and how it is perfect for a summer salad. The Case for Canned Tuna Me - I sometimes make salads using beans as a base. I think the only salad my mother made (if I remember correctly), contained iceberg lettuce. And maybe something else?
  14. What about out on the porch/deck?
  15. Yes, I'm certain if Nigella flogged it, I'd like it.