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  1. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    Exactly! Though I think Paula Wolfert, in one of her early books, dismisses the use of duck fat from a roasted duck; I've always used the fat from the same, and never had a problem with it!
  2. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    I'd say to prep like you did for stove top, then put into a 120℃ oven for a couple hours - check (use a timer!) every hour or so...see if there's enough water or if the skin has rendered out all its fat....if it has, turn off the oven and come back when you can deal with it! You can even stick the whole duck on a rack in a deep roasting pan and just roast it at that temp for a few hours - you'll end up with plenty of fat in the pan and a delicious roasted bird.
  3. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    I have a feeling you're a riot at parties.
  4. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    The GR304, with a 20" riser and shelf (not installed yet). We will have LEDs under cabinet and under the shelves on both sides of the range. I don't think you can ever have too much light, and with dimmable ones I should be able to adjust the lights to my unadjustable aging eyes.
  5. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    I can't wait to cook on it, @Shelby .
  6. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    I'm so happy I budgeted 50% more for aggravation... With the knowledge that happiness is just around the corner (or at least around a month away)... And that other little room is coming along too... I will never, ever again roll my eyes when someone tells me their contractor horror stories! These guys are pretty good, and nice, but still...
  7. Pistachio Paste

    Here's an interesting chart; perhaps one of the reasons that the pistachio stuff I linked to above contains olive oil (probably a fairly neutral one, at that). Composition of Major Commercial Nuts
  8. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    Not that I have any kids, or even little men, but distractions in the kitchen can really screw with your cooking. I wonder if you'd have better luck rendering your duck fat in a low oven. Then, when you know you're not going to be distracted, you can make the cracklings on top of the stove. Timers are also good.
  9. Pistachio Paste

    This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but Gustiamo has some nice products, and I've never been disappointed... Pistacchio della Sicilia
  10. I have to say that at that price point, you might have a little bit of a problem. Or a really big one. But here are a couple of ideas: Michael's of Avenue R Frost, in Williamsburg
  11. This is what a friend of mine uses at his upstate NY house. Around our buildings, there is a ton of construction going on. This drives rats to go to places where there isn't construction currently - so our complex has a bit of a rat problem. Our 4 buildings occupy 13 acres of land, with a fair amount of open space for NYC, and the rats love our lawns and love all the people who contribute to the rat problem by feeding the squirrels and pigeons. We have the fattest squirrels you have ever seen. Here's one, eating a slice of pizza... When the exterminators are dealing with the rat problem, they use giant snap traps - baited with slim jims.
  12. I've always had a good step ladder, as I use it not just in the kitchen, but for changing bulbs, getting stuff that's in other closets, etc. And we've left just enough space in between the refrigerator and the wall where it can be slipped into. We were going to put a 6" wide broom cabinet in there, but I decided to just leave that space empty.
  13. Yes - to say nothing of a food processor, blender, stand mixer, etc. Interesting idea on the pull-out shelf step ladder thing.
  14. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    Yes, the bottom 4 shelves in both tall pantries are pull-out, full extension. They're also extra-sturdy pull-outs, with 100 lb. capacity hardware.