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  1. Wow. That's devotion. Is that because they're known to have short life expectancies, or just a hedge against discontinuation? Have you had one crap out on you yet?
  2. Bummer. How old was it? And was it common for people to purchase a spare one?
  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous Descoware pan. It looks totally unused. And it's 11 inches wide! I have a huge collection of vintage Descoware cast iron. I got obsessed with it after rewatching old Julia Child shows about 20 years ago and seeing it all over her kitchen. I find it more durable than Le Creuset or Staub, and the grey interiors don't discolor as easily, either.
  4. Amazing essay. I might even screw up my courage and give them a try again one day, after that illuminating read.
  5. CookBot

    Dinner 2022

    I wondered the exact same thing! Typo? But if there's a way to get melon into a pie, I wanna hear about it....
  6. CookBot

    Dinner 2022

    Both of those look like such FUN meals. My idea of great holiday dinners that really embody the idea of feasting.
  7. CookBot

    Dinner 2022

    Memories! You're quite right, it used to be ubiquitous and now I never see it anywhere. It takes me right back to the funky old seafood joints along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. (Although yours looks better than theirs usually did.) I also wanted to compliment your obviously vintage Pyrex baking dish. That thing looks like it weighs at least five pounds, the way they used to. Don't feel alone. I've lived in major cities all over the U.S. and don't recall ever seeing a lamb liver anywhere, or lamb offal of any kind except (rarely) kidneys. Is the liver as gamey as the kidneys are?
  8. Do you have a clear recollection of its taste, Anna?
  9. CookBot

    Dinner 2022

    Hey, how come Heinz gives THEM a mayonnaise with garlic and caramelized onions but doesn't give it to US in the States??
  10. So your cake roll would be embossed with a bark imprint? Like those elaborate Bundt pans that NordicWare makes? Come to think of it, I'm surprised NordicWare hasn't come up with buche-style pan. God knows they've made every other shape imaginable, from Roman coliseums to animal forms. Edit: OMG, I just looked at your website link. You're an actual pro! Now I'm embarrassed to even show my buche. 😒
  11. I can actually show you now, since it's going to be a duplicate of the one I made last year. Almond dacquoise sponge, espresso buttercream filling, ganache icing. I went bonkers with the meringue mushrooms on that one because I was so happy with a new technique I'd just learned from Stella Parks (Bravetart).
  12. Good for you! I was beginning to think they were passé and that I was alone in my efforts. I made my sponge layer yesterday, and making the coffee buttercream today. Then I can just do mushrooms and assembly in one day later this week. @Anna N mentioned in another thread that she thought people were mostly buying them nowadays, and I suspect she has a point. They are a royal pain in the arse to make. The combination of orange/chocolate/hazelnut sounds divine to me. I've never made one using a mold. Do you prefer that method? What kind of mold do you use?
  13. No doubt. I understand any cook's desire to innovate, and I have no objections to modernism, but I'm afraid that something like this just isn't going to satisfy my buche craving: https://www.tastetoronto.com/guides/the-best-yule-logs-in-toronto
  14. Did buches de noel fall out of fashion after 2019, and I'm being terribly out of date by making one? 🤔
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