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  1. Correct ,when they are zante currants, the most available kind
  2. Chris proof the figure eight shapes before adding the filling
  3. Having worked in this industry for more than 40 years in both diner types and high end manhattan restaurants if the customer orders. Basted eggs that’s what they got
  4. Maybe depends upon who’s doing the asking
  5. Aka steam basted eggs as you would get in any breakfast place or diner
  6. gilbertlevine


    Katie have you tried modernist cuisine’s carmelized carrot soup the carmelization helps bring out the carrot sweetness
  7. but at what temp ? Mine : 58 C ( 136.4 F ) for 6 hours then 61 C ( 141.8 F ) for 24 hours Douglas Baldwin doesn't specify I find this only happens with with large ( whole ) cuts of beef when using a food saver sealer ( chamber vacs give better vacuum ) also smaller cuts seal better
  8. from Douglas Baldwin.com A practical guide to sous vide cooking BRISKET " since some of the liquid in the bag will change phase ( to gas ), the bag will puff and may float to the surface.... " Had a similar problem with a costco whole flat cut brisket today
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