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  1. I’ve had smoked oysters,sardines,mussels,shrimp etc how small do you want to go? Planctin?
  2. The sour rhubarb sorbet from modernist cuisine is worth a look it’s a lot of work but I think worth it
  3. Thanks Dave the cook for the explanation my post was part tongue in cheek part trying to be polite
  4. Rotuts. Do you think that there is very much temperature carryover @ 130 degrees?
  5. The filet is chilled so that the internal temp doesn’t soar past the mr you want yet the outside gets a small bark
  6. 2 hrs or three hrs will be about the same sousvide you can always return the filet to the water bath after searing (in the same bag )if it’s not warm enough for ya .mr isn’t exactly hot
  7. Very rare. Try 128-130 two hours chill then sear
  8. Many traditional recipes use all milk or part cream and part milk my experience uses half milk half heavy cream but not 1/2 &1/2 which doesn’t work
  9. I have used 180 for 4 hours and been very happy with results
  10. Actually at least as early as 1976 they were totally machine fabricated as straight from the horses mouth @ kossars see “ a bastion of bialys “ New York Times interview That’s even more machine made than I remember
  11. I do remember that type of onion roll also there were also the bialy dough type available in many small bakeries bialys were not hand rolled in your life time they were portioned on a dough divider, machine rolled and the onion and depression done by hand
  12. Possibly onion rolls made from bialy dough as was done in that time in small shops not specializing in bialys
  13. @Tropicalseniora sprinkling of sugar and a hot torch after baking -a la creme brulee -would give you the caramelized top
  14. Correct ,when they are zante currants, the most available kind
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