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  1. It's really hard for me to say something like the handles aren't great. To paraphrase...to every handle, there is a hand...
  2. We've certainly talked about old vs. new All Clad. Something about manufacturing in Canonsburg, PA...
  3. Sometimes I long for the home I had in San Jose, if only (well, definitely only) for the backyard (and it was really close to a Mitsuwa), with its Meyer lemon trees and pretty-much year round vegetable garden. Then I watch a show like Night Stalker and realize - eh, California's not all that. But it does produce some really great stuff... Simply steamed. Served with a yogurt-y, garlic-y, lemon-y dipping sauce. Not great for the wine, but we ate it before the steak dinner.
  4. OOOOOH look...https://uk.zwilling-shop.com/Kitchen-World/Cookware/Pans/Saucepans/20cm-3l-Stainless-Steel-Saucepan-With-Lid-DEMEYERE-40850-340-0.html DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS ABOUT DEMEYERE Base Diameter: 20 cm Diameter: 20 cm Height: 15.5 cm Induction Compatibility: yes Le
  5. I love my All-Clad, original Master Chef. Still going strong after 25 years of misuse. Product Dimensions 16.7 x 9.4 x 5.7 inches Please use your Hewlett-Packard calculator to convert to centimeters. I'm assuming the largest dimension listed is from handle to opposite side edge of pan. But are we allowed to speak of Demeyere on this thread? (Cause I have a piece or two, which are used quite rarely).
  6. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Hot diggity dog ramen. With Brooklyn Cured franks. Pickled cabbage with the leftovers of braised cukes and celery atop. As Jewish delis used to do in New York (and possibly elsewhere) with coleslaw and pickles, some Chinese restaurants would put out a small plate of pickled cabbage to nosh on, while perusing the menu and waiting for food to arrive. This is a version of that.
  7. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    A friend of ours is a Ridge aficionado and has a nice stash of older stuff.
  8. I was an early adopter too...even got interviewed asked by the NY Times about it. (i was even a wise guy back then!) Then, once the Anova came out, sold it on Craig's List - that sucker took up a lot of room!
  9. Exactly what I learned from Nick Malgieri. However, cakes specifically based on (good) olive oil because of where they are made and whose recipe it is, can be good. Penelope Casas and Marcella Hazan are two I can think of.
  10. Me too - and our next trip to Montreal can't come soon enough.
  11. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Sure - I do them at 375℉+ (ish) on convection. After 20 minutes, I stir, toss and turn the wings over for about another 20. This will cook them to the doneness Significant Eater enjoys (whereas I think they're done after another 15 minutes, I aim to please). 400℉ won't kill them either!
  12. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Caviar, crêpes, chips, chives, crème fraîche. Never too early to celebrate. With a little pét nat from the Loire. Lazy last night... Wings on a pan, with assorted potatoes. Duck fat roasted. Butter braised cucumbers and celery alongside. Portuguese red to drink.
  13. Very true of this, and many other aspects of cooking. Like what's most important. It's like my pursuit of ingredients which are important to me and my cooking. to others, not so much.
  14. Alls about steam table pans hotel pans. Get your hotel pans right here...
  15. My latest delivery: Some 2020 harvest rice, milled the day they shipped it to me. Some white, and some 50% milled. The box with 3 packages is a sampler of 3 different white rices; 1 pound of each. And some lower sodium umeboshi. The Rice Factory.
  16. Nothing like a wooden board, that's for sure! Honestly, that is what is on my counter 99% of the time. I really can't stand the sound the knives make on almost any other different surface.
  17. It's overkill, for sure, for most home kitchens. But I don't think it needs assembly or disassembly, just folding and unfolding the legs. As oft mentioned, a French mouli-julienne can be a best friend.
  18. I was just gonna say this; when I pull out the Epicurean board, let's say to cut up a chicken, I also pull out the cheap knife or two. Along with poultry shears if I really feel like chomping thru some bones. Otherwise, it's Boardsmith end-grain (my most loved board) or a Boos heavier weight one.
  19. I rinse mine off. Doesn't seem that difficult to me, other than to be careful not to cut a finger off. While cleaning or using.
  20. Your guess is as good as mine here. Everything is screwed up. I will say that my order from the rice factory got here in one day!
  21. Gas. And yes, if your oven has a window, you can see the vapor when the oven first fires up...I open the door for a few seconds to let it escape, and I always wipe the steel down with a cloth and the tiniest bit of high-heat oil as soon as it cools down enough to do so. I don't seem to have much problem with rust. The controls on the range are not in the back, so I'm not too worried about frying them - and nothing is electronic in the controls.
  22. I know some posters here you might ask. Depends what else you were doing, methinks. 🤔
  23. This would only work if I didn't want my kitchen prepared for business upon turning the lights on in the morning. Without having to clean anything. But yes, for thsoe who can deal with that, Dawn is great. Even cold water, which I use for starches so as not to set them further.
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