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  1. I wouldn't be doing that at home, though. I can't imagine the condensation that takes place inside the grinder from grinding frozen beans is very good for the grinder.
  2. I've started a few topics about various renovation related subjects (here and here), but figured I'd put the overall project in its own. Pix often tell the story even better... It helps to have these. Well, you need to have these if you expect to get anything done in your coop. Then stuff can start... And then start getting rebuilt. A little better electrical system. New pipes have to be done in the walls. This Started on September 8th. They've had approximately 25 days on which work was done. Proceeding along nicely, I'd say.
  3. I think she lives in Brooklyn, so while it is NYC, it's not an NYC apartment!
  4. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. So while the above steak was nice and tender, as was the rib eye, their flavor left me wanting. I'm sure on the grill they can be a little bit tastier, but who has a grill?! In any event, I doubt I'll be buying many more steaks from TJ's. My next attempt may be with one of the New Zealand racks of lamb this TJ's carries, also at a reasonable price.
  5. I'm sure I've thrown Trader Joe's under the bus, either in this thread or on some other, more local boards I frequent. Probably both. So, when the largest Trader Joe's on the east coast opened with 2 minutes (walking!) of our apartment, I was caught between a rock and a hard place; stick to my guns and never set foot in the place, or join the many devotees who love the place. I joined. Not that I love or even like anything that much; yeah, yeah, I get it, the nuts are cheap, peanut butter's good, cereal, etc. etc. But there are also tons of sodium in the stuff I'd never buy, and you really, really have to practice mindful shopping, especially when it comes to stuff like their produce. That said, a Sunday morning stroll through the store netted me this product: ct: Imported from Italy, only 190mg sodium per 4 oz serving, it's 3 or 4 types of mushrooms, including boletes. With half a bag, I made this: Spaghetti with 1/2 bag of those mushrooms, a few cherry tomatoes, and a good handful of parmesan and pecorino. Took 20 minutes, start to finish. I also picked this up, and it's in the sous vide rig right now... Along with a rib eye. Not a bad looking steak.
  6. weinoo

    Tampa treasures?

    I realize this a very old topic, but since i just read it, let me comment on the above (as if anyone cares). Bern's has one of the great wine lists, if not in the United States, then in the world. It is NOT overpriced by any stretch of the imagination, and if a diner knows anything at all about wine, said diner will certainly find wines that are insanely low priced for a restaurant. And the steaks I've had cooked at Bern's are just fine.
  7. weinoo

    Seasoning Carbon Steel

    I tend to, after a round or two of seasoning, just like cooking in the pan, whatever its manufacturer. Make some bacon, some duck, some pork, etc. Eventually, you'll have a nicely seasoned pan; what's the rush, anyway?
  8. weinoo

    Worst Candy Ever

    Tic tacs. Could any one candy make a more annoying noise in one's pocket? Therefore, it's the worst candy ever.
  9. I used to give Julia's The Way to Cook as a gift. A number of times. To me, a very, very good book by all measures. And of course, it can be had these days used for under $10. People would rather look at shiny IG type pictures than really learn how to cook from a book.
  10. Lists like this one are pure click bait for millennials, and have no basis in reality. No Julia? No Marcella? I mean, those books are iconic because, well, they're iconic. Now that I read the "article," it looks like they're just picking books from their 25-year lifespan.
  11. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    Too much parsley, maybe. Which definitely got blended in with the soup.
  12. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    Significant Eater didn't like the color or the texture of the cauliflower soup. I thought they were fine!
  13. weinoo

    Breakfast 2019

    I was hoping for a portmanteau, @Anna N !
  14. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    Two soups with my Instant Pot chicken stock. On the left, creamless cream of cauliflower + roasted cauliflower, with saffron and espelette. Creaminess provided by rice cooked along, and then blended. On the right, a pretty classic chicken soup. I used a small pasta in there; next time, it would have to be egg noodles a la my bubbe.
  15. weinoo

    Breakfast 2019

    Breakfast yesterday - a bit of a mashup... I don't know what to call it. Potatoes, a little cheese, eggs. So it's not a tortilla, per se, and it's not a frittata, per se. Torttata? Fritilla? I can see it now...
  16. Not necessarily true. Some roasters offer that their beans are at peak (note, not "freshest") 7 - 10 days out from roasting. Everything involved with espresso making, from roast profile, to beans, to grind, to water, to machinery/equipment, involves experimentation - there is no one size fits all.
  17. Decided, since I was in the area today, to give it a try... This is the fresh shrimp, with bean sprouts, scallion and cilantro. Much better than the joint I was referring to on East Broadway. And $7. Also had curry fish balls on the side, 10 for $3. Not a destination, but worthy if hungry and right nearby.
  18. Nah, not unless they're pretty long. These were trimmed quite well. Might even add to the gelatinous texture!
  19. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    Half a roasted cauliflower. Done in the Cuisinart Steam Oven, on convection bake. Tumminia busiate pasta integrale, with arugula pesto. Some of that roasted cauliflower. And I had a few prepped artichoke hearts in the fridge, so I roasted them as well.
  20. A little Instant Pot chicken stock production last night. I had a carcass of a Union Market rotisserie chicken (quite good, by the way), walked over to the gross market under the Manhattan bridge, where I procured a pound of chicken feet for $$1.50, and a few legs for another $1.00 (they were like $.79 a pound), and ended up with 3 qts. of fine stock.
  21. weinoo


    You know, having been to the old one, I was excited to try the new one. But, like you, I wondered why all the adulation after my meal.
  22. I'd heard good things, and someone I know compared it to one of the old school places on East Broadway. Looks better than that one, but it's actually like 3x the price.
  23. I kinda like the George Dickel, and Sazerac is still pretty damn good. I have a stash of Pikesville, that I accrued on my drives back and forth to DC, at the state line liquor store right over the Maryland border on I95. Stuff was like $11 a bottle.
  24. weinoo

    Question about dried bean varieties

    Something of interest, maybe? I've been finding that some of the varieties of @rancho_gordo's beans are so fresh, I have to be very careful about how long I cook them. I like to give a soak of an hour or two, in salted warm water, just to give the beans a head start - but when I did that with a pound of a bean (of course, I've forgotten which variety), they cooked so damn fast on the stove top, I ended up using my stick blender to make a soup, instead of using them the way I originally planned. This is not, by any means, a bad thing. Just something to be aware of. I also have moved away from using the Instant Pot for beans; once again, timing is important if you want whole beans, and I'm pretty bad at that!