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  1. @teonzo has made a few of the same points I may have made previously. Again, I won’t be worrying about EMP’s viability in this city, based on the way I’ve seen people spend money on wine and liquor.
  2. Certainly a good-enough reason to get Buffalo-ed in Buffalo. But the pizza "sauce" I'm talking about is pretty much opening a jar, or can, of good tomatoes. Maybe a touch of salt and a glug of olive oil, but you have those out already, right?
  3. Oh Kerry - I know you can make your own...better than any you can buy. Might be the easiest thing you’ll ever make!
  4. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Last night, a method of cooking I rarely do at home, I guess for any number of reasons. But a hankering was had (which is what happens when I happened to be channel surfing and stopped briefly on America's Test Kitchen while one of them was making this), so... I heated a quart of oil (peanut and sunflower mixed) and... made Japanese fried chicken thighs. Marinated first in soy, sake, ginger, garlic, mirin. The coating was cornstarch. Karaage and Japanese-style shrimp salad. Not shown but eaten - cucumber salad and rice
  5. Sure - lots can happen to stainless steel. And I guess it depends on the stainless steel.
  6. If I was able to get the strawberries you get, that probably would become mine.
  7. I'm working on it... I think it depends on the age and /or size of that bird!
  8. I hope @gfron1 doesn't decide to go vegan before then.
  9. This makes sense. A two-hour braise, a la a beef bourguignon, does not. The question then becomes, is that really a braise?
  10. I'm just gonna submit that, let's say a two-hour braise of beef with tomatoes and red wine, will not be good for the seasoning of either cast iron or carbon steel. But please provide me with alternative facts, other than anecdotal.
  11. And I can understand why people do, especially if it's the main vessel used for cooking. I like a Dutch oven or a rondeau for braising...that way, I can do a braised dish and use the wok for stir-frying a side veg.
  12. I don't braise in the wok for just those reasons.
  13. It did not take me long, as a 40-year old intern, to recognize that my skills were not suited to being "on the line."
  14. Those I wouldn't be afraid to use Bar Keeper's friend on... rubbing with the grain.
  15. I have pretty much the exact same lid. But I remember my first wok's lid was solid (aluminum I'm sure, with a wooden knob handle atop); it had no window into what was going on. Are these a fairly recent innovation?
  16. Two totally different clienteles for these 2 restaurants. In two totally different spaces. Don't confuse or mistake this... For this... Nor the parks across the street from said restaurants. My guess is people who go to Dirt Candy - that's their big night, they maybe don't have the money left to spend on good booze. People going to EMP have too much money to start with. So while Amanda's clients aren't big drinkers, Humm's are..
  17. Romano bean? I used to grow KY Wonders as well. They were great.
  18. Love what you've done with your chef's whites, @paul o' vendange!
  19. Interesting. As I may have mentioned previously, I would have had to run electric up 15 floors to power up my apartment for 240V (in case I wanted Dual Fuel or induction), and it was prohibitively expensive. At the same time, we're submetered for electric but gas/heat/hot water included in the maintenance, so it was also cost effective in more ways than one. Are you a condo or coop in the new place?
  20. Me too...the only problem is the only one watching is the cat. She's duly impressed.
  21. Oh yeah, of course. I was referring to the ladle usage in a professional kitchen in a Chinese restaurant. Such as: In your new building, you're able to use 240V stuff?
  22. I've always seen the ladle used, especially as it's great for dipping into various mise en place concoctions, used for sauces, gravies, thickening, etc.
  23. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Paella, with chorizo, chicken, and wild gulf shrimp. When the paella is finished (that is, when I turn off the heat), I put the raw shrimp on top of the rice and cover the whole thing for around 5 minutes. Shrimp steams in the residual heat and is super tender, moist and delicious that way. Peas and carrots on the side. Oh - the shells were used to make a stock, which was the liquid for this paella.
  24. Yes, definitely. That is also stamped on the sled/shovel...Made In Hong Kong.
  25. I've had these wok tools ever since purchasing my first wok some 40 + years ago: 14" long, maybe they are cast iron or carbon steel. The wooden handles came loose 39+ years ago, but surprisingly have never been lost. Now that I've resuscitated a wok (not my first one) and am using it frequently, I really like the sound these tools make when stir frying. I wish I could decipher the hieroglyphics inside the bowl of the ladle... Anyone still using these tools? And Grace Young (amongst others) has her opinions a
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