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  1. Well done to David and Helen on another cracking review - this time from Marina in the Guardian. This is top of my list of places to go in the UK and has been for some considerable time.
  2. £3.99 to stream from http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/filmblog/2013/apr/15/el-bulli-film-watch-here
  3. Gravetye Manor is a magnificent country house hotel that has been tucked away just south of East Grinstead in Sussex for over 400 years. William Robinson, who bought the property in the late 19th century, created the magnificent gardens, including the walled vegetable garden that used to supply much of the restaurants fruit and vegetables in times gone by when we actually used to have a summer. Peter Herbert bought the house in 1958 and created one of the first and still considered amongst the best country house hotels in England. It is still privately owned, now by retired fund manager Jere
  4. Its back, and with Michel Roux Jnr to boot! I have very fond memories of watching this program as a kid with my parents and was very happy to see it return and even happier to see M. Roux Jr presenting. I missed last weeks but have smiled my way through this weeks with Mary Berry - what a lovely program! This week we saw madelaines and creme patissiere tarts for an afternoon tea with Prosecco and English sparkling wine (and tea!), pieces on real bread and french patisserie and Michel making an apple tart. And baking marge won a blind taste test over butter with a victoria sponge. Welcome back
  5. I will try and complete this post without expletives, although I am already finding it difficult. This type of thing really annoys me. I first encountered this about 6 months ago in GBK. They used to serve me a rare burger, but the food police had told them they need to be cooked all the way through. I actually thought GBK had made up the bit about the food police at the time as it sounded a bit ridiculous. Who wants to eat lambs liver that is cooked well done? Thats what put me off liver in the first place. It wasn't until someone served it to me rare, I'd decided to take my life in my
  6. I like this idea mjx - like poker players getting together to discuss bad beats. They would have a great time I'm sure. In fact they'll probably televise it and stick it on BBC2.
  7. I really enjoy Professional Masterchef - I am surprised there is not more discussion about it on here. And yes, I agree with your comments regarding the striking difference in approach...I would have much rather been in the Hand and Flower's kitchen than MH or MW. And I was very happy to see both chefs get through to the final in that episode, I think they are the two strongest all-round chef's and was a little disappointed to see them placed in a semi together. Although Michel obviously has a bit of a liking for the kid (who's name escapes me).
  8. So I have been a regular - pretty much daily, reader of egullet for *checks profile* 8 years. This is definitely the period of fewest new posts and reviews in UK Dining I can remember. I get the impression that those people who used to regularly post reviews and comments of meals aren't perhaps as affected by these austere times as your average joe, although that may be way off the mark. Some people have disappeared completely, some new ones have taken their place. Some of the oldies post very infrequently these data but still do form time to time. What's happened...is it purely down to the
  9. Couldn't agree more with this article.. http://m.guardian.co.uk/ms/p/gnm/op/skhUgQ9EsIpiuj41C1_S3Xg/view.m?id=15&gid=lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2012/nov/08/top-chefs-unite-against-blogger-s-review&cat=lifeandstyle
  10. This is interesting...I didn't get the impression we were crammed in at all...it still felt like there was plenty of space in that room.
  11. Very nice lunch here on Sunday with the family. Surely more of you have been here. David has reviewed it on his blog far better than I could, and it was this that prompted me to try it. I had been to the Atlantic Bar & Grill many years ago - maybe 20 - and remember being charged 15 quid for a whisky and ameretto and bottle of beer. That price would have got me the three course prix fixe and a glass of house red in its new guise. Some of the dishes I thought were fantastic - the soupe de poisson, the soup of the day (which was a delicously creamy and sweet white onion), and the steak hac
  12. Thanks for the review David - always appreciate reading your reviews and the lovely pictures. There's a distinct lack of reports of your quality and substance on the UK Dining board these days...please don't be put off as I for one would miss them, and egullet would be the poorer without them. In my opinion there is nothing wrong at all in posting a report that may or may not include an emotional response to any aspect of the restaurant visit. Blogging is not inspecting.
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