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  1. Tell me the sequence of making the sauce and adding the pasta, please. Do you just bung all the ingredients together in the pot and let the sauce cook the macaroni?
  2. We went to town yesterday for groceries. The bottom right image is of the spillway that we drive across to get to and from our campground. I asked a few years ago what happens when the water level gets too high for safe driving across the spillway. The rangers said there's a back route out that comes out through "The Base". We think that means under the arch in the top picture. The high school sign gave us a laugh. Anyone who follows the Crazy Good e-Book Bargains topic, or topics devoted to dead tree cookbooks, knows that I find cookbooks irres
  3. So much for my moratorium on buying new e-books until l've explored the ones I already own. Crikey.
  4. Smithy

    Dinner 2021

    @Kim Shook, we really need a "drool" icon.
  5. He was in charge of dinner tonight. Breaded and oven-baked pork steaks. Frozen peas, microwaved with butter. Toast from Cooper's for him. I'm about to wash up, then deal with the nascent asparagus soup.
  6. A photo would be welcome. I have my grandmother's wavy potato masher at home. Is that what you mean by a heater coil? (Don't worry, I won't be insulted if it is. ) Anyway, the straits just got more dire. My would-be potato masher system for the Princessmobile seems dead in the water. Remember the asparagus trimmings from earlier today? They've been simmering away on the stove top, yielding their goodness for soup. It's prettier in person than in this photo. The idea is to blend it all to get the best of the flavor, then strain out the fiber - a
  7. @Shelby, I'm torn between giving a "sad face" over your gardening and weather issues, and laughing over your potato masher comment!
  8. We could be home from here in 4 hard days of driving, or even 3 very hard days of driving. We plan to stay here a few days and give the cold weather to the north time to move out. If all goes according to our loose plan, we'll move at the end of this week to Kansas, spend a few days there, and then drive longish (but not arduous) hours the last 3 days.
  9. Leftovers for lunch today, in an effort to start clearing the freezer and refrigerator. He pulled out the container of potatoes from our last ham. We have ham slices left, but have been using them in sandwiches. The spuds are surrounded by a salty, smoky ham goo. I almost changed my mind about what to eat when I saw that, but had already started thawing my own choice: leftover rice from some recent roasting exercise - chicken, I think. Our refrigerator door shelves are littered with dribs and drabs... small containers of ketchup from takeout
  10. It's difficult to believe that we left the desert only 2 weeks ago. The memory of being out in the open and tracking the sunrise and sunset seems distant already. The water and greenery are beautiful, of course, but the desert had its own beauty. It's cool here (despite the view) and frost is forecast tonight. We're taking advantage of electricity in the park, and I'm about to fire up the Instant Pot for some soup. I'm amazed at much asparagus I've collected in the freezer by saving the trimmings! That's chicken broth in the upper left corner. I took out another contai
  11. Smithy

    Lunch 2021

    I hope you don't mind another couple of questions! Do you normally put the potatoes under the rack and the duck (or whatever) on top of the rack, or does it all go atop the rack? This time, when you added the potatoes later toward the end of cooking, did you still put them under the duck and maybe the rack?
  12. It seems I'm not the only one asking what happened. So far, Lone Star ain't telling.
  13. The writers had fun with that article!
  14. A short walk from this park is the main north/south road through town. It's a busy road, fairly easy to cross despite the traffic, but there's also a path under the nearby bridge. During the busiest times that's my preferred route to the other side. There, one finds some of the aforementioned not-Cooper's restaurants, a museum, the Visitor's Center, and a lovely botanical / sculptural garden that improves each time we visit. This curious sculpture appeared recently. Next to the sculpture is Tommy's Mesquite-Fired Pizza. I've been curious about
  15. I think it's obvious that we come to Llano in part because we like the park and the area, but mostly because we love the Texas barbecue. I don't wish to imply that there are no other dining options around. There's a Chinese restaurant, at least two Mexican restaurants, at least one Italian restaurant. They may all be excellent, but they aren't 'cue. Last night I decided that we really needed to try something from someone other than Cooper's. My darling would have been pleased with leftovers from Cooper's (we have a lot) but he knew the unyielding signs of my determination. I'll show in the nex
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