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  1. Smithy

    Breakfast 2022

    1. Have you asked the bakers about the seasoning? 2. Any chance it's zaatar?
  2. In fairness, I'd like to note that I did not do the documenting. I simply pinned a link to that wonderfully helpful post. @Shelby deserves the credit for the post itself and the work that went into making it.
  3. Smithy

    Dinner 2022

    ? I associate Middle Eastern food with flatbreads. Please tell more about these delicious "damn rolls"! I don't see them in your photo. Edited to add: I should have checked the Breakfast topic before asking! I see the damn rolls now.
  4. This may be the discussion you remember about Hatch chiles....
  5. Smithy

    Lunch 2022

    That looks like it could be delicious. Did you make it? Got guidelines or a recipe?
  6. I finally decided one of our tomatoes was ripe enough to harvest this morning. That's the second or third tomato from our six pots. But...the pots are loaded! A very few tomatoes are starting to show color. I just KNOW that they'll all start coming ripe when I'm away on a 2-week road trip, the last half of August.
  7. Wait...the LAST of the corn?? Minnesota's hasn't even come in yet!
  8. Thanks for that name. I knew I'd read another, and I couldn't remember what it was!
  9. Well...if we're going to talk desserts, there are the Eagle Brand Magic Cookie Bars. You can come up with a lot of variations on these, as well as variations on the name (7-layer bars, for example). The recipe I use has slightly different proportions, because it includes both butterscotch chips and chocolate chips, but they were always a big hit when I took them to potlucks. I'm pleased to send "my" recipe (given to me by a friend) to anyone who asks, but can't see my way clear to posting it since it isn't mine and is close to a copyrighted recipe. I too think the use of the spent wine bag as an ice bag is an outstanding idea!
  10. I've been doing quite a bit of that 'scientific research' myself. A spoonful at a time, where's the harm? 😁
  11. While we're waiting for @kayb to answer, I'll share what she wrote a few years ago about that tomato cornbread cobbler. I'll admit that my first attempt at it didn't go well, but it carries lots of promise. I think it was operator (me) error. The description Her photo
  12. One of my current faves, if I were to go to a potluck, would be one of my current faves at home: bean salad. Canned dark red kidney beans; garbanzos; navy, great northern, cannelini or some other white beans; wax beans and green beans (yes, canned) in equal proportions. Dress liberally with a vinaigrette. Now, I should disclose that my bean salad is nonstandard because of the vinaigrette. I do not like the classic 3-bean or 5-bean or whatever salads because the dressing always has sugar in it! Most folks might feel disillusioned because they'd be expecting a sweet dressing. I've been known to bring duds to potlucks before. 🙂
  13. Thanks! I find the title "Haute Dogs" quite amusing. 😁
  14. I took another crack at the Cheesy Smashed Red Potatoes (page 42) using all the correct ingredients, and being careful not to oversmash. It still doesn't look anything like Dave's photo from the recipe's original version up here, but it also wasn't gluey. The flavors are great. This dish is going into our regular rotation. Delicious!
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