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  1. I had no idea that he was ailing. His voice on the KCRW podcast was so lovely, and his writing so delightful, I almost felt that we'd met. RIP, Jonathan. Thank you for the tours.
  2. Smithy

    The Air Fryer topic

    Chicken thighs tonight. I roughly followed the instructions for chicken tenders in the cookbook provided with the air fryer. In this case, that means I followed their procedure to dredge in seasoned flour, dredge in beaten egg, dredge in seasoned bread crumbs, then cook at 320F for 15 minutes. It took more nearly 25 minutes, with a couple of turns, to get the meat cooked properly. Adjustments were expected: their recipe was for chicken (breast) tenders; mine was for whole thighs. The bad news: with this setup, only 3 thighs could be accommodated, and they really crowded the cooker and needed extra turning. The good news: with this setup, we had to practice portion control. That isn't one of our strong suits...but we were well satisfied with 1-1/2 thighs each. (We had some broccoli salad as a side, but it doesn't show up here.) We liked the results. They were comparable to deep-fried chicken thighs from our favorite grocery delis. The deep-fat fryer is edging its way to the garage-sale box.
  3. Smithy

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Wown! Very, very impressive. Nicely done, Kerry.
  4. Smithy

    Salt & sous vide

    I think @rotuts has commented on the time and the "cured" taste and texture. Maybe he'll chime in after he checks his copious notes.
  5. At that price, going out and picking the blueberries gets much more attractive...if you have time and mobility...but only if you have both of those. I've had some fine blueberry picking up in @Tri2Cook's country, but never tried it farther east.
  6. Smithy

    Cold Brew

    That IS a surprising concept to me! Please tell more. Do you brew the coffee in cold fizzy water, or do you brew in still water and then dilute with the fizzy stuff?
  7. Smithy

    Hello folks!

    Hello and welcome, deewelch! What do you like to cook?
  8. That is so like our shopping expeditions! Even when we aren't hungry, there are always the off-schedule temptations. I'm glad I'm not alone in enthusiastic spontaneity.
  9. Smithy

    The Air Fryer topic

    I picked up a Holsem 3.4 quart air fryer during last week's Amazon Prime marathon. For $66 and a no-hassle 30-day return policy I figured it wasn't much of a risk. Last night was the first test. I posted more about the package size and contents here. As for the dinner itself, Chicken Kiev (from a local meat market) and Tater Tots were the first two tries. The Kiev took some 20-25 minutes at 350F to cook; then I set those into a warming oven while the Tots cooked at 400F. Although I shook the Tots in the basket once or twice, they still stuck together in the middle. More stirring, or a smaller batch, would be appropriate. These photos aren't as good as they should have been, but they're all I have left from the night except happy taste memories. Tests will continue. I loved the lack of mess and lack of oil. If other results are as good this, I'll be getting rid of my garage-sale special deep fat fryer, which I very rarely use.
  10. I bought a couple of temperature controllers (still to be tested) and a self-contained mandoline (that's going back) but the big prize was my new Holsem 3.4 quart air fryer. I managed to persevere through the web crashes and lightning deal wait-lists, and got it for $66. It arrived this week. At first sight I was quite alarmed. Anything this big wouldn't have room in the kitchen. Fortunately, the box had a lot of padding: and the unpacked product is of a more manageable size. It's still pretty big, but if we like it well enough we'll be able to make room for it. The recipe booklet that comes with it has some good-looking recipes, but I found the back cover amusing: Does anyone else take this to mean that the digital version isn't convenient? A lot of stuff was packed into that box. The web site says that the silicone mini-cupcake molds can be used for eggs. Quail eggs, maybe. I don't think even a small chicken egg would fit. Rather than try any of the booklet's recipes, I had picked up some ready-to-go Chicken Kiev and a package of Tater Tots for the first test. The user's manual says to limit the amount of weight in the basket; typical weights are 500g or 600g. There won't be any whole chickens cooked in this thing, but a Cornish Game Hen would fit. I cooked 2 Chicken Kiev servings at 350F for 20 or 25 minutes (until they were done; my timing was sloppy) and then set them aside in a warm oven until the Tots were done. Overall, the dinner was successful. This particular fryer last night had a tendency for the basket to pop out of the carrier tray when removing the assembly to shake or dish out the food. If it doesn't latch more securely it may have to go back. Otherwise, it was easy to use and the lack of mess was a delight. We'll be testing it out during the 30-day no-hassle return period. I'll post further results on The Air Fryer Topic, and try for better photo quality while I'm at it!
  11. I also have lovage growing, next to the house. It reproaches me every time I step outside, because I forget to use it. "Celery on steroids" is a good description.
  12. Smithy

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    The sandwiches and salad look good. Too bad about the Tater Tots! It sounds like we both had problems with our cooking mojo last night.
  13. Welcome, Hughie! Are you interested in only the food safety aspect of bacteria - as in spoilage, or do you also experiment with fermentation? There are quite a few pickling and brewing enthusiasts in these forums. You can also find information about sourdough bread making. What do you like to eat?
  14. As I noted earlier, our heat wave broke today. I already had plans for the aforementioned broccoli salad and Caprese salad, however. Broccoli salad, before and after tossing: Caprese salad, with Sappori tomatoes I found at the grocery store: Even my darling, the meat-eater, thought these were plenty. He thought so even before I managed to torch the bratwursts into flavored sawdust.
  15. Good luck! You seem to be having the opposite experience of my darling, who learned to camp and became seasoned campers before they ever experienced bad weather. By then they'd learned some basics like digging a trench around the tent in case it rains, even without rain in the forecast. Since he and his first wife had their children along, the food situation was different from yours. I haven't been able to think of things they did that would help you, except things already suggested.