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  1. MaryIsobel

    Dinner 2021

    Dinner plan was halibut. Bought a bunch of frozen on the boat fillets last fall. My husband likes his blackened, I don't. I had some mango curry sauce in the freezer for mine. About 5:30, I said "I don't feel like fish and I want to go to the nursery when there are no line ups." Lovely man that he is, he said "go then, I will order lasagna and we'll have the fish tomorrow." I happily went to the nursery, even though I knew that the lasagna that he orders tastes like Chef Boyardee
  2. MaryIsobel

    Dinner 2021

    This is the only way I do wings anymore. Very hard to tell that they are not deep fried!
  3. MaryIsobel

    Breakfast 2021

    i aspire to have breakfasts like you do. I had cheerios...
  4. MaryIsobel

    Dinner 2021

    /\ This was the biggest revelation to me when I got my insta pot. I tried the recipe with a huge amount of skepticism and was most pleasantly shocked at how well it turned out.
  5. MaryIsobel

    Dinner 2021

    Husband is getting better at bacon! He went so smoke heavy for a while, I put a moratorium on it. Pretty sure that your house, your clothes, your sheets, your dog are not supposed to smell like a campfire after a smoking session! This batch was good, my only complaint was that it was just a tad sweet. Carbonara and a salad tonight.
  6. That's a new one to me - sounds well worth a try, thank you.
  7. An embarassment of riches, one might say. Neighbour just showed up with these. I had just finishing sauteeing and stashing in the freezer, the remainder of the mushrooms they gave us the other day. Since dinner tonight is halibut (in the style of LiamsAunt) with balsamic beets and sweet potatoes, I wasn't feeling that mushrooms would go well. Maybe creamed mushrooms on toast or mushroom risotto tomorrow night and then back to sauteeing and freezing. As far as gills go, it depends on what I'm making and how dark the gills are. I once made a mushroom, red pepper, asparagus stir fry where the gil
  8. If only you were closer (and this side of the 49th), I'd be more than happy to share. You can imagine the look on my face when the doorbell rang at 8 pm on Christmas Eve and there stood the neighbour with a 10 pound flat of mushrooms!
  9. Neighbours across the street who moved in last summer, have relatives who own mushroom farms. Mushroom farming is big business around here. Most are under contract to big companies (Money's for example) and are not allowed off sales or farm stands. Our new neighbours have been exceedingly generous and have probably given us over 50 pounds of mushrooms since August. They normally bring 10 pound flats at a time. 10 pounds is a lot of mushrooms for two people! My standard procedure is to slice and saute and freeze after eating our fill of fresh. I was introduced to creamed mushrooms on sourdough
  10. MaryIsobel

    Dinner 2021

    I'd love to know specically how you did your haddock. Looks like a good treatment for the halibut we have.
  11. My current batch is looking worse for the wear but I plan on going out tomorrow for more, so will snap some photos.
  12. In my area there are many daffodil farms with acres and acres of different varieties. Their main income is from bulbs but they sell the flowers too. Tons of roadside stands with honour boxes. I buy armsful as the are indeed smile inducing!
  13. That looks fabulous! I can almost taste it.
  14. Our Easter dinner doesn't vary much from year to year to avoid revolt. Ham, Schwarties potatoes (from Best of Bridge - I think they are more commonly known as "funeral" potatoes.) Rolls, asparagus, peas, devilled eggs and angel food cake cut into 3 layers filled with lemon curd and frosted with whipped cream. Daffodils in a shot glass in the hole in the angel food cake. This year as a nod to a couple of low-carbers, cauliflower with cheese sauce made with chicken broth, a sploosh of white wine, sharp cheddar, gruyere and sodium citrate. There is alwaysa second dessert which varies from year to
  15. MaryIsobel

    Dinner 2021

    That cake is calling to me. Had a chocolate stout cake last year for the first time - it was amazing, but your Bailey's buttercream would be over the top!
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