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  1. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018974-peruvian-roasted-chicken-with-spicy-cilantro-sauce has been going around on Facebook
  2. The outrageous brownies have been my go to recipe whenever making brownies (not often). I tend to try to stay away from sweets so having them around is dangerous...they are so good!!! They have been a huge hit whenever I have made them to share! I tend to cut them much smaller........they are very rich. One recipe then makes a LOT!
  3. Tried the microwave method with the whole ear last weekend with farmer's market corn. Worked perfectly! I hate shucking corn and can never get all of the silks off. Love this method! editted due to typo
  4. Had a cocktail that the bartender recommended at a local restaurant that was a French cocktail translated to mean "Big eye" or beautiful eye" (I don't remember). I do remember that it contained a rye whiskey or another whiskey, cognac, benedictine. Any help here? I'd like to find the cocktail and make it at home.
  5. I have hundreds of cookbooks and love perusing them when I am in that mood. Have not found e-cookbooks as enticing. I do have a Kindle and have had one for 5 years or so. Have hundreds of books on that but only fiction and reference. Love it for when I travel! Audiobooks and the e-reader is my choice for travel and reading. When food is my focus, I need my books. Love having them on my shelves, they are part of the decoration of my kitchen, they are there when I need inspiration.
  6. I've most recently been buying Walmart's Value Pack thick sliced bacon. Liking it better than any of the brands I can get at my local Giant. Have ordered Bentons's and find it way too smokey for my tastes. Have ordered Neuske's and it was okay. BUT for the price one can't beat Walmart's Value Pack thick sliced bacon!!! It is the only thing I make myself stop at Walmart for.
  7. Happy to have bought myself some of those cool Charles Viancin silicon covers (and gave many away as gifts) mentioned on this site.
  8. Love mushroom soup!!! Looks so good.....I could almost taste it!
  9. I think I am going to have to bring some sutures home to add to kitchen tools!
  10. Just read this...so shocked. My condolences to all of his family and friends. He will be missed!
  11. There is just something about mushrooms....as soon as I make them one way and think that I will never prepare them any other way, I do find a way to prepare them differently that I JUST HAD TO TRY! And I loved them THAT way, too!!!!! Maybe I just love mushrooms!
  12. eldereno

    Shellfish stock

    I've only ever made seafood stock for one thing....Barbecued Shrimp....from Paul Prudhomme's cookbook. No...no...no, also made it for Shrimp Etouffee (recipe from the same chef). It is needed!!!!!
  13. Was there for the first time this past August. My friends and I loved our experience at http://www.flourandwater.com/
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