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  1. Jarred Tomato Sauces

    Think I posted about this back in the olden days here on eG but, just in case, this is the jarred sauce I keep around for emergencies. Light and tasty, with whole cloves of garlic (particularly tasty little treats) and large pieces of basil. Pretty good, I think. Mom's Garlic & Basil Pasta Sauce
  2. Like so many words used in the Philippines, Spanish is similar. Although there are several terms for "sweet potatoes" in Spanish, in Mexico and the US Southwest, the most-often heard is "camote."
  3. Sorry to hear that. Saddens me. However, I just returned from a very lengthy road trip that took me across much of the western half of this country. Did stop at a Cracker Barrel. I have to say that their waitstaff, at least, was extremely diverse, including Hispanic, African-American, Native American, among others. I'm very aware of the publicity surrounding their previous policy, so I definitely noticed. And my server was openly gay. I was hopeful that was an indicator that Cracker Barrel has indeed put their past discrimination issues behind them.
  4. I dunno. A lot can happen in 10 years. For starters, the guy that founded the company, and was the CEO, has died. And from stories I've heard about restaurant kitchens, I don't think an assortment of various types of harassment necessarily means that it's pervasive and condoned throughout the company, particularly one as large as Cracker Barrel. As I've said, Cracker Barrel isn't my first choice when I'm sitting here in my living room trying to think of someplace great to go for dinner - for several reasons. Even when I'm hundred miles from anywhere along some remote stretch of highway, I used to drive on by. But now, I give them the benefit of the doubt.
  5. Mystery Ingredients

    The first one, actually. Although my immediate reaction was something fishy, upon closer examination, saw a couple of joints that reminded me of a stalk of bamboo.
  6. Mystery Ingredients

    Dried bamboo shoots?
  7. Don't let that stop you from doing a food blog. Assign one of your kids as photographer. Good for everybody. Besides, the best (IMHO) food blogs here on eG are not about eating out. They're about what folks are doing, cooking, eating in their own kitchens. About the process, so nobody has to wait to eat. They're the absolute most interesting things. Which is why Shelby suggested it to you after you mentioned what you like to do. You should check out a few of them and then get back with us.
  8. Ain't that bad any more. New nickname is "Katyzuela." Got some really great Latin American restaurants out here now. And we do have Cap'n Tom's Seafood & Oyster Bar. But like I said, it is a trek into Houston.
  9. Going to fess up my deep dark secret. I'm actually out in Katy, and it's kind of a trek to get into town so haven't tried as many places as I'd like to. I do like the food courts at 99Ranch, and H-Mart. And Fung's Kitchen is kind of our family's go-to for big festive family celebratory dinners. It's where I always ask to go for Mother's Day. Love the crispy duck. I have a group of "foodie friends" (yeah, I know, nobody likes that term, but you do know what I mean so I'll use it) that gets together from time to time at assorted restaurants. Next one up is Mein. I haven't been, and am looking forward to it. Do they have xiaolongbao? Any place else in town?
  10. What a grand addition you are to this board. I'm giddy with excitement. I'll be watching for you on the Texas forums. Yep, I too like Bon Ga, and V-Star. Also Pho Binh. And agree with you about Thai, but I usually wind up at Thai Gourmet or Thai Siam in Sugar Land. They'll shut down this "newcomer thread" pretty soon. So I'll see you over in Texas. Okay?
  11. Understanding that you and I have just met, and I'm not yet on the "come over for dinner" list, although I'm thrilled to know about the possibility you'll be sharing your tips and hints for the Asian food happening within your walls, it would sure make me happy to glean a little bit of your wisdom as to places outside your walls where I could perhaps take advantage of your knowledge of Asian cuisine. Favorite Thai in Houston? How about some of those Korean BBQ joints? Vietnamese? Do you like Mai's? Is there even such a thing as a really good Chinese buffet?
  12. Welcome. And now that you've outted yourself as a Houstonian knowledgeable about Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai food, hope you'll hie yourself over to the Texas Dining forum https://forums.egullet.org/forum/28-texas-dining/ and share with us other Houstonians as to which restaurants are your faves.
  13. American Dishes

    Of course, of course, LH. I don't think you'd have to explain to any of us Americans, and by that I mean all Americans - north, south, central - that the US is a "melting pot" of many ethnic groups, cultures, cuisines. We're an immigrant nation and that's one of the things we're famous for. With the exception of Native American dishes (and some might argue that even they were brought over on the land bridge from Asia) and well-known New World ingredients, EVERYTHING here in the US likely has origins elsewhere. I know I do. But let me remind you of the original query: "Hii Please mention some American dishes names. I am learning cooking and I want to know few of the great dishes names which are liked by the majority of people." Now, it's certainly possible that the original poster meant, by "American", to refer to the entire hemisphere, and was interested in beginning an in-depth scholarly research discussion as to which dishes and ingredients are indigenous to The Americas. But I don't think so. I think he was interested in learning a "few of the great dishes which are liked by the majority of people" in the US. Although I have no doubt that everywhere in the world where there was meat there was also some sort of loaf made from it, I firmly believe that typical US American meatloaf as prepared in countless kitchens across this land, complete with a US-type non-Indian-ketchup-based sauce carefully ladled over the top, qualifies. I would suggest that to him. Along with fried chicken and apple pie. However something tells me he long since may have given up. And left.
  14. Keeping ahead of Zucchini....

    How about this: https://business.facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty/videos/1777325775853397/