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  1. Yes. Often hubby had dug out all or most of the "good" meat. Still had sauce. End of month. 6:30pm. Everybody tired & hungry. Package of hot dogs in the fridge. Heat up the sauce with a pork chop or two. Add enough hot dogs for kids. Boil some noodles. Toss up a salad. And Roberto's your zio.
  2. Chili

    My New Mexico roots go pretty deep. I often reply "Christmas" to that most New Mexican of questions: "Red or green?" But I've never seen them mixed together in one bowl. It's not like that. Perhaps it's easier to understand if you think of it as: "Red sauce or green sauce on your enchiladas, huevos rancheros, chile relleno, mojarra...?" Or if you were asked whether you prefer the chocolate or the raspberry sauce on your dessert crepes. And you replied that you'd like a little of each. In the case of the chile sauces, that would be, "Christmas."
  3. It's not psychological. Could be the food coloring thing. There's a very unpleasant flavor to the whole piece of candy that I just don't detect in that one small bit. I suppose it could be a matter of quantity vs quality, though - as in, too much of a bad thing. Next time I find myself in the immediate company of one of the odious kernels (as opposed to odious colonels, with which I've also had unpleasant experiences probably owing to too much of a bad thing), believe I'll do a little empirical investigating.
  4. Chili

    Canned chipotle freezes very well. I always put the leftover into a small plastic baggie, flatten it a bit and stick it into the freezer. When I need some, it's easy to break off however much I need and put the rest back into the freezer. Not only is this method more economical and less wasteful, it's really so nice and convenient to have some on hand.
  5. Chili

    I always have some Mexican chocolate for hot cocoa on hand and that's what goes into my chili. My average pot of chili gets a one-quarter wedge from the disc of chocolate. Most of this kind of Mexican chocolate has a little sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Perfect. For hot sauces, I love all of Marie's (first had them on a trip to Belize years ago), all of Rancho Gordo's, Valentina and, if we're talking truly hot, Yucateco.
  6. Candy corn is my saving grace at Halloween. It's what I buy so that I'm not tempted in the least to eat it myself. I do like the taste of the little yellow bit at the end but to get that you have to nibble at them one by one. It's really way too much trouble to bother with. As to what I like - unfortunately, everything else.
  7. Was just peeking to see if you had been here recently.  I was thinking about your Granny's squash recipe that you have me a few years ago.  Can't wait to make more of it this summer.  Hope you're doing ok!

  8. Simple Desserts For a Crowd

    My standard 'go-to' dessert for large dinner parties was always Bananas Foster. I had several dozen cocktail 'rocks' glasses & day before, I'd put a couple of scoops of ice cream in each one and then stack them on trays in the freezer. I had a very large and beautiful copper chafing dish and I'd pre-measure the butter, brown sugar and cinnamon and put that in. I liked having the bottles of Creme de Banana & Meyers Rum on the table so I'd also measure how much I needed of each and be sure there was only that amount in each bottle. At the appropriate time, I'd make the sauce and flame it to great effect. Then I'd enlist all those folks that had offered to help to retrieve the ice-cream glasses from the freezer and I'd ladle that sauce over each one. I routinely did this for dinner parties of 30-50 and the occasional dinner party of up to 80. This may sound tricky but I assure you it's blazingly easy. The planning ahead & enlisting help at serving time is the key.
  9. Think I posted about this back in the olden days here on eG but, just in case, this is the jarred sauce I keep around for emergencies. Light and tasty, with whole cloves of garlic (particularly tasty little treats) and large pieces of basil. Pretty good, I think. Mom's Garlic & Basil Pasta Sauce
  10. Like so many words used in the Philippines, Spanish is similar. Although there are several terms for "sweet potatoes" in Spanish, in Mexico and the US Southwest, the most-often heard is "camote."
  11. Sorry to hear that. Saddens me. However, I just returned from a very lengthy road trip that took me across much of the western half of this country. Did stop at a Cracker Barrel. I have to say that their waitstaff, at least, was extremely diverse, including Hispanic, African-American, Native American, among others. I'm very aware of the publicity surrounding their previous policy, so I definitely noticed. And my server was openly gay. I was hopeful that was an indicator that Cracker Barrel has indeed put their past discrimination issues behind them.
  12. I dunno. A lot can happen in 10 years. For starters, the guy that founded the company, and was the CEO, has died. And from stories I've heard about restaurant kitchens, I don't think an assortment of various types of harassment necessarily means that it's pervasive and condoned throughout the company, particularly one as large as Cracker Barrel. As I've said, Cracker Barrel isn't my first choice when I'm sitting here in my living room trying to think of someplace great to go for dinner - for several reasons. Even when I'm hundred miles from anywhere along some remote stretch of highway, I used to drive on by. But now, I give them the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Mystery Ingredients

    The first one, actually. Although my immediate reaction was something fishy, upon closer examination, saw a couple of joints that reminded me of a stalk of bamboo.
  14. Mystery Ingredients

    Dried bamboo shoots?
  15. Don't let that stop you from doing a food blog. Assign one of your kids as photographer. Good for everybody. Besides, the best (IMHO) food blogs here on eG are not about eating out. They're about what folks are doing, cooking, eating in their own kitchens. About the process, so nobody has to wait to eat. They're the absolute most interesting things. Which is why Shelby suggested it to you after you mentioned what you like to do. You should check out a few of them and then get back with us.