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  1. Jaymes


    Love this info!
  2. Jaymes


    Thanks everyone! So many wonderful suggestions. Son had birthday this week. Gave him a gift certificate. He's really happy, & going to select something himself. So thanks again!
  3. Jaymes


    Thanks! And, just so happens I gave him a boning knife for Christmas. He's building his collection. But you're right about one thing - he does love his boning knife. I kinda think the best plan here definitely may be the gift certificate.
  4. Jaymes


    Actually, this looks really good!
  5. Jaymes


    That's really a good idea. Thx.
  6. Jaymes


    He has a chef's knife. This is next on his list.
  7. Jaymes


    Probably right. But I asked, and that's what he said he wanted. So, I'm giving it a go.
  8. I need to buy my son a good all-purpose cleaver for his birthday. He doesn't need it to cut through bones, though. Just a good one for other kitchen cutting & slicing tasks. I'm looking to keep the cost under $150US. Any suggestions?
  9. Jaymes

    Thanksgiving, 2022

    Me, either. A tradition of which I am really not fond. At all.
  10. Our Asian markets in Houston have fresh mangosteen. I was so hopeful. But they were horrible.
  11. That sounds great. Kind of like the classic Texas dish, chili & eggs. Which you top with grated cheese & chopped white onions. I've got a few bags of my chili in the freezer, and always plenty of my salsa, of course. Think I'll give your omelet a try really soon. 🙂
  12. My favorite omelet is the classic uncheffy 'foldover style.' I always have a vat of my salsa (recipe on egullet somewhere from an earlier eon) in the fridge. So I drop a generous handful of grated cheese onto my omelet, fold & finish, slide it onto the plate, ladle about a half-cup of my salsa on top, and Roberto's your tio.
  13. That looks great. And never thought about using salsa. Don't know why not. Such a great idea. I did add some za'atar to punch it up a bit.
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