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    Thanksgiving, 2022

    Me, either. A tradition of which I am really not fond. At all.
  2. Our Asian markets in Houston have fresh mangosteen. I was so hopeful. But they were horrible.
  3. That sounds great. Kind of like the classic Texas dish, chili & eggs. Which you top with grated cheese & chopped white onions. I've got a few bags of my chili in the freezer, and always plenty of my salsa, of course. Think I'll give your omelet a try really soon. πŸ™‚
  4. My favorite omelet is the classic uncheffy 'foldover style.' I always have a vat of my salsa (recipe on egullet somewhere from an earlier eon) in the fridge. So I drop a generous handful of grated cheese onto my omelet, fold & finish, slide it onto the plate, ladle about a half-cup of my salsa on top, and Roberto's your tio.
  5. That looks great. And never thought about using salsa. Don't know why not. Such a great idea. I did add some za'atar to punch it up a bit.
  6. Foraging around in my pantry, I came across several cans of stewed tomatoes. Remembered I still had some eggs in the fridge. So made Shakshuka. Didn't take photos. But am recommending it as an option to consider for other foragers.
  7. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Love that visual. Me, too. Or beanbag the house in case of a flood.
  8. I buy the biggest corned beef brisket in the Sam's meat case. Cook in the Instant Pot. Serve with potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, cabbage & all the trimmings. It's a huge favorite meal in our house. The Instant Pot makes cooking it a breeze.
  9. Jaymes

    RIP member joiei

    He was as kind and generous a man as ever drew breath. When I moved to Springfield MO to help my father take care of my mother who was dying of Alzheimer's, Larry, who lived just down the road in Tulsa, began suggesting that we meet up at various locations in between. Larry and I drove all over the central midwest. They were such pleasant and welcome breaks from the difficulty of my family situation. I was planning another road trip north from south Texas when he got his diagnosis. Selfishly, I wish he could have prolonged his life just for a little while so I could have seen him one last time. But he chose to depart his way, eschewing chemo and other extraordinary interventions, and just leave this world the way he came into it, letting nature take its course. The world has lost a dear, dear man. And I've lost a dear, dear friend. I am bereft.
  10. Hey - glad to see my squash recipe getting a little love. So simple but so good. And your photos of the landscapes, the sunset, the birds, the dog were so wonderful. Like an LL Bean catalog!
  11. Jaymes

    Red Velvet Cake

    Recently received another request for this. Thanks to Smithy for retrieving it from those old files! But after some comments that this recipe isn't "chocolatety" enough, I do want to add a very strong caveat: Do not add additional chocolate to this recipe. If you want a chocolate cake, then make a chocolate cake! If you want a Red Velvet Cake, then make a Red Velvet Cake! A Red Velvet Cake is NOT a chocolate cake. It's a tangy cake made with vinegar and buttermilk. A very little chocolate is added to give it a rich undertone. Chocolate is a strong flavor. When you add more cocoa powder to the amount called for (which is minimal in the best Red Velvet recipes), you don't create a delicious chocolate cake. You simply ruin the Red Velvet Cake by overpowering the tang of the vinegar and buttermilk. I repeat. If you want a chocolate cake, make a chocolate cake. Which a Red Velvet Cake is not. 😁
  12. Just looking for this recipe. Glad to have found it again.
  13. Looking back at this thread from 2+ years ago and I'm struck by how much things have changed. Katy is now the liveliest, most happnin' culinary spot in the greater Houston area! Think I'll check back here to see if anyone else shows up and, if so, elaborate further. But no need to waste time telling myself what I already know.
  14. Personally, I'd go with warm amaretti right out of the oven.
  15. Well, I'll just go ahead & throw in my opinion and our family's preferred method (actually, it seemed more like a strict rule to me when I was growing up): Cold apple pie got a wedge of good Cheddar Hot apple pie got cream of some sort I was far too small ever to glean how, why, when, where this started. My father joined the Army Air Corps in 1942 to go fight the Nazis in his B-17, and then come home. But instead, he stayed in, a career Air Force officer for nearly 30 years. He, and we, traveled the world, picking up bits and pieces of far flung ideas and customs. So, somewhere along the way, he was served hot apple pies and cobblers and tarts and crumbles and Brown Bettys and strudels with cream/ice cream. And somewhere was served the same apple pastries, but cold with Cheddar cheese. He just couldn't give up either.
  16. I want to second every one of these excellent suggestions. A legged Dutch oven with a flat top is a must. So versatile. You can even put that lid upside down onto the hot coals & use it as a griddle. And an old-fashioned percolator coffee pot is also great for heating up hot chocolate or tea for non-coffee-drinkers.
  17. Just now getting a chance to respond. What a great report, Smithy. And what grand luck I had that you were in my neck o' the Central Texas woods. Meeting other eGullet folk has been one of the best delights of my recent geriatric life. Without exception, each one has been knowledgeable, friendly, personable and enjoyable. Not a dud in the bunch. And tops on that list is Smithy. Let me tell you, any of you that have an opportunity to meet her should grab it eagerly. She is a brilliant, fascinating, deeply-intelligent woman. It felt as though I were sitting down to dine with Marie Curie or Amelia Earheart or something. Oh, and the food was good, too!
  18. Jaymes

    Pimento Cheese

    And I do like seeing a few stalks on a plate of Buffalo wings. Or in a Bloody Mary. So...
  19. Jaymes

    Pimento Cheese

    Well, I do use it to flavor soups & stews.
  20. Jaymes

    Pimento Cheese

    We think Duke's is creamier. But hey, like you said, that's our mileage! I was really into homemade mayo a while back but not so much now that I'm a granny living alone in my bachelorette condo. And the flavors of pimento cheese are so strong that, honestly, don't really believe the mayo changes the final result all that much. Also, I primarily make it for the grandkids and not sure the palate of a six-year-old warrants going to extraordinary efforts. But thinking back to my childhood and those ubiquitous pimento cheese-stuffed celery sticks has reminded me of something amusing, at least to me. I, along with the other assorted kids at the table - siblings, cousins, friends, etc. - loved the pimento cheese, but not the celery, so we'd use our tongues to scoop the cheese out of the valley. We'd try to do this surreptitiously so as not to alert the grownups. This was much easier to do at the children's table, of course, but then we'd have the problem of what to do with all that celery. For days after big family get-togethers, our parents would find denuded celery sticks stashed all over the house.
  21. Jaymes

    Pimento Cheese

    Pimento cheese is a huge part of my Southern family's heritage, including its ubiquitous appearance stuffed into celery sticks on the relish tray at all holidays and other assorted fancy occasions. And, although we've tried it with every commercial mayo made, in our house, the consensus best is Duke's. Which (I just feel like adding) we all know means absolutely not one blessed thing to other families that also have tried all of the commercially-made mayos and chosen something else, bless their hearts. We just think Duke's is creamier. And ain't life grand?
  22. I suppose that, like most things, it depends who you're trying to please. I agree with heidi. The first thing I thought when reading about the "problem" was that those puddles are the thing that I find the most appealing and irresistible when I look at a pan of curry. My suggestion to you is that, before you go to great lengths to solve the problem, be sure one exists. The obvious thing (in addition to reducing/removing some of the fat) seems to be to heat it up and give it a few more quick stirs before service. But I'd definitely recommend that you query your customers to be sure those lovely, tasty little pools are even an issue before taking any steps to eliminate them.
  23. Jaymes

    $5 Meal Challenge

    Funny, but boy is that the truth. Everyone has too much of it. Everyone is always trying to get rid of it. Do not even entertain the notion of going to a party and not doing your share of eating to help the cause. I really liked the home-canned smoked salmon versions the best and didn't mind hauling home cans of it as "party favors" when we left the party. But always on the hors d'oeuvres, snack, cocktail, buffet tables there were big platters of salmon. And halibut. I remember telling my husband that I felt like I was being entertained as though I were someone's large house cat. ☺
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