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  1. Of course, of course, LH. I don't think you'd have to explain to any of us Americans, and by that I mean all Americans - north, south, central - that the US is a "melting pot" of many ethnic groups, cultures, cuisines. We're an immigrant nation and that's one of the things we're famous for. With the exception of Native American dishes (and some might argue that even they were brought over on the land bridge from Asia) and well-known New World ingredients, EVERYTHING here in the US likely has origins elsewhere. I know I do. But let me remind you of the original query: "Hii Please mention some American dishes names. I am learning cooking and I want to know few of the great dishes names which are liked by the majority of people." Now, it's certainly possible that the original poster meant, by "American", to refer to the entire hemisphere, and was interested in beginning an in-depth scholarly research discussion as to which dishes and ingredients are indigenous to The Americas. But I don't think so. I think he was interested in learning a "few of the great dishes which are liked by the majority of people" in the US. Although I have no doubt that everywhere in the world where there was meat there was also some sort of loaf made from it, I firmly believe that typical US American meatloaf as prepared in countless kitchens across this land, complete with a US-type non-Indian-ketchup-based sauce carefully ladled over the top, qualifies. I would suggest that to him. Along with fried chicken and apple pie. However something tells me he long since may have given up. And left.
  2. How about this: https://business.facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty/videos/1777325775853397/
  3. Reading through quickly so may have overlooked it but has no one mentioned meatloaf, the great pate of the American plains?
  4. That's really interesting info. I love Basque food. I've made it to Mountain Home ID, so didn't get through Elko. Not sure yet which route I'll take home but I've driven through Elko before and had no idea what to look for. Next time I'll know. Thanks!
  5. That's really interesting info. I love Basque food. I've made it to Mountain Home ID, so didn't get through Elko. Not sure yet which route I'll take home but I've driven through Elko before and had no idea what to look for. Next time I'll know. Thanks!
  6. I'm headed to Portland for a three-week stay. Been doing a little bit of investigation but can always use more. In particular, wonder who is turning out the best oyster stew. Love me some oyster stew.
  7. Jaymes

    Dinner 2016 (Part 5)

    Me. I consider it one of my best qualities.
  8. Sounds like a terrific addition to Brunswick Stew. And to eGullet. Welcome.
  9. Jaymes

    Dinner 2016 (Part 5)

    What are SGP's?
  10. Jaymes

    Dinner 2016 (Part 5)

    Um...parsley? I put parsley.
  11. In fact, I usually do go through Bakersfield on my drive back to Texas from the Bay Area and Noriega's sounds terrific. Thanks.
  12. Actually, I'm pretty sure tomatoes are "authentic." http://www.mamaslebanesekitchen.com/salads/authentic-lebanese-tabbouleh-salad-recipe/#sthash.cNwFhdVG.dpbs (Although I'm absolutely not suggesting that Darienne, or anyone else for that matter, add them if they don't like them. If I didn't like them, I wouldn't. But I love them so I do.)
  13. Yep, I think that's the place I've heard about. Supposedly an eccentric mercurial chef. Remote location. Irregular hours. Totally worth it. Not sure I have time for the detour on my way out to the coast, but maybe on the return. Thanks for taking the time to post that. You've solved the mystery for me. And, Darienne....pretty sure you mean Cuba, New Mex. What a time warp for me. Many of my relatives - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. - were all up in the Four Corners/Aztec/Farmington/Shiprock area, and I spent most of my summers up there. My favorite cousin was the town tramp in high school, and boy was she fun. My other aunt (the snooty aunt that nobody liked) said that cousin was "incorrigible" which was meant as a warning but which I took as a very strong recommendation. We'd sneak away from staid boring family activities and go gorge ourselves on fry bread and chocolate dip cones. I could never even begin to guess how many times I drove NM Hwy 550, with Cuba as the halfway point. Those were the days when you often saw bumper stickers reading "Pray for me. I drive NM 550" because of all the alcohol-related vehicular fatalities. But that didn't slow down my granny who every year got a brand new car with the biggest engine Ford made so that she could outrun the Navajo cops. My nephew is currently a Sandoval County deputy sheriff working out of Cuba and he says El Bruno's is their "unofficial break room." So I'd love to go back through there for old time's sake, but I need to get on up to Portland, so I'm not going through Albuquerque and Cuba. Nope, after Silver City, I'm taking "The Devil's Highway" from Gallup up to Shiprock. Not so bad now since they widened it. I'll be eating as much green chile as I can all along my New Mexico route. That's something so wonderful and something you can't really find anywhere else. I'm going to try to blog the whole thing, but I'm pretty 'last millennium' and haven't yet figured out how to post pictures. Maybe I'll find some kid eating green chile at Earl's "Tuk Sop" in Gallup to lend me a hand.
  14. Well, I'm 'liking' this post, D, but not the bit about the "no tomatoes" - just so's you know.
  15. I'd ask what is your end product? I most-often see it in tabuli and other salads and everyone I know just soaks it. But if you're using it in another application, that might not be enough. It also depends upon whether the bulgur is fine, medium or large grind. If it's large grind, cooking is recommended.
  16. He does look interesting. And he makes great salsa? Is he single?
  17. Spending a Thursday night in Mesilla, so will definitely find myself on that plaza on Friday morning. The menu for Salud looks great so I'll plan on it - along with the stacked green chile enchiladas at La Posta. Know the quality there has suffered as it's gotten more touristy throughout the decades, but I've been eating those enchiladas since I first lived there some 40+ years ago and can't drive through Cruces without getting some. Hey, Ron - maybe you can drive down and join me. You won't be busy, will you?
  18. Visited Haus Murphy's website and it looks wonderful. I lived in Germany when I was a child and that sweet-sour flavor profile is something I really get a hankering for. Definitely going to try to work that in. Thanks.
  19. Moseying from Portland down to the SFO Bay area. Not set on route. And then, if one is heading from California to Houston via the "southern route," damn near impossible to avoid both Phoenix and Tucson.
  20. Definitely know what you mean. But still... A coupla bottles of bah muy bah with Bernie? I'd go for that.
  21. Wish it was Bernie. I'd pay big bucks to see that. Doesn't that sound like fun?
  22. Slappin' on my sunglasses and heading west. First stop (of any interest anyway) El Paso & Mesilla. Then on to Silver City to help sip a toast to the Curious Kumquat. Then up to Gallup in search of even more turquoise to hang from various appendages of my body. From there to Moab, then Mountain Home, and finally to Portland to hang out for a while. After that, south to California for a few days before heading back to Texas, via the southern route. Seems to me like I heard folks here talking about some kind of really great eatery in Moab, although it's not open all the time. I've searched but can find no reference that seems familiar. Would love any and all input to help me along my way.
  23. I think we're all glad you made it through the surgery. You're a treasure.
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