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  1. Why did you choose the name fbomb?
  2. Well,no. Salmon in particular is lightly salted and sugar cured for sashimi. Lightly.
  3. Almost daily for a few months I put a bamboo skewer down the length of a hotdog, spiral slice it and char over the gas flame. Very nice.
  4. @Eatmywords "being locked up and a big one for me, not being able to travel!" Last November I decided to cut way back on travel. I'd been 100K on American for decades. It exhausted me for the past few years. So covid played right into that. Its a joy to look at my calendar and not see flights I have to catch. No travel stress now. Thanks, covid!
  5. gfweb

    Rosh Hashana

    Ever sous vide turkey?
  6. I'm comfortable shopping now, so long as my N95 mask is on. Having to depend on Instacart shoppers was maddening, maybe worse than staying mostly home, (White potatoes are not Yukon Golds etc etc). Been to outdoor restaurants a couple times, it wasn't a fear-filled experience, but it wasn't as great as I had expected. If I learned anything from Covid it is that I cook tasty food that is pretty cheap. In that sense covid is saving us money. Cooking fatigue usually results in frozen pizza one night a week, or better yet, take out pizza.
  7. I've felt some of all that lately. It will be worse after baseball and summer goes away this year. I find that when I get bored of cooking, it helps to screw around and experiment with new stuff. Lately I'm fooling with twice baked potatoes...a lot can be done with them. Lasagna may be next. Or tapas.
  8. gfweb

    Maillard and Your Fond

    I think @rotuts contention is that the teflon keeps the flavor of the fond stuck to the meat rather than the pan; resulting in better meat flavor but no pan sauce-ability. So is the pan sauce from fond an example of a great way to retain flavors or is it a lame half-measure to recapture flavor lost from the meat? 😏
  9. A rather impressionistic coffee stain. A halved peach? Part of a painting?
  10. gfweb

    Sausage Making

    @Tri2Cook looks good Which spices?
  11. I'd suggest a schedule for each participant eg 90 min each
  12. Samsung Note 9 cell phone camera and Microsoft Picture It software
  13. I've done some virtual talks. Mostly problematic. Zoom is easy but larger groups aren't. Smart to have a canned talk.
  14. Two burners? Not enough for me. Its cute though.
  15. gfweb

    Dinner 2020

    I large dice yellow onion, saute in peanut oil until black on one side. Takes forever and then goes really quickly. I discard the really burnt ones and put the rest in yukon gold/mayo potato salad. salt. Splash of jalapeno vinegar. Let it sit for 30 minutes at least. Its a strong flavor...probably wouldn't serve with a mild fish etc.
  16. gfweb

    Dinner 2020

    Bacon-wrapped bbq chicken thigh (needed another bacon strip), burnt onion potato salad, zuke saute.
  17. Exactly. And mange tout is less familiar than those others. In Cincy serving somebody mange would be looked askance at.
  18. Not sure I've ever had a cord wear out. Where do your cords fail?
  19. gfweb

    Caesar Salad

    The concern is the uncooked egg. I would use it after a day in the fridge. Probably not a lot more than that. But thats my compulsive phobic self
  20. gfweb

    Caesar Salad

    No argument whatsoever. But I find that a breath of dijon not only emulsifies but rounds out the taste without making it a bit mustardy. Also lets the sauce sit a while without separating.
  21. gfweb

    Caesar Salad

    @MetsFan5 Steakhouse at the table typically rubs the garlic on a slightly rough wooden bowl. you could mince it finely Stick blender is ok, but don't over blend it into thick mayo. I'd say just yolks...olive oil...a little dijon, anchovy paste and worcestershire. Sauce would probably improve by resting for 20 min or so.
  22. Cincinnati Chili is so...uh...unique, that it must be prefixed with the city name in the spirit of giving fair warning. Perhaps if it weren't advertised as chili and called something else....
  23. If you got to Instacart and look up the market in question, they will have the store's stock listed
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