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  1. Pimento Cheese

    We have several coffee trees. They get really big ...don't put them too close to the house. Beautiful trees.
  2. You bake the silica gel to dry it out for re-use?
  3. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Duck breast with savory lingonberry sauce, potato gratin, mushrooms
  4. Necco always tasted chalky to me. Mary Janes are the enemy of crowns and caps...sadly
  5. Ramps: The Topic

    I have several test patches in different environments. All are are equally lagging.
  6. Ramps: The Topic

    I'm in the same boat @rustwood My ramps patch is just barely surviving, let alone multiplying.
  7. I just made barley "risotto" using Fathers bacon fat. Just great depth of flavor. If I were a TV chef I'd babble about adding layers of flavor, but I've never had layered flavors except in a parfait or a cake.
  8. The vaunted New Yorker fact checkers missed that.
  9. I have done this with Bentons. Very nice indeed
  10. Best non-stick cookware?

    I know what is...bits of robin egg shell! Thats actually a 20 egg omelet.
  11. How long do you need to keep it servable? Hours?
  12. It really is a shame that cuts like oxtail and short ribs have been priced out of the market for sane home cooks. Fortunately Asian and other ethnic markets haven't responded like our local butchers and markets and still sell the cheap cuts cheaply. Except tritip which I cannot find at a rational price anywhere local.
  13. Best non-stick cookware?

    Yes. Also at the western edge, somewhere between LA and SF if the omelet is a map of CA.
  14. Best non-stick cookware?

    What's the blue stuff in your lovely omelet?
  15. Best non-stick cookware?

    Given those temperature limits, Teflon is only well-suited to eggs. You'll get little sear on a piece of thin meat at 300 F unless you really overcook it. And the non-stick feature prevents much of a fond in the pan...so no pan sauces. A well-seasoned steel pan does it all better...except scrambled eggs and maybe a fritata....and lasts forever.
  16. The Air Fryer topic

    I'm having a lot of fun with it. Not sure its the best air fryer but it is bigger than most if not all of them. Great for schnitzel sort of meats....just OK for french fries but so much easier than deep frying even if you do the Roubuchon-cold-oil method. I find battered stuff doesn't do well unless you coat it with bread crumbs to prevent sticking. Flour-egg wash-breadcrumb coatings do much better. Still playing with techniques/tricks.
  17. The Air Fryer topic

    Pork tenderloin cordon bleu with Swiss cheese and gabagool inside. 400F x 7 minutes in Breville Air
  18. Probably a miso salmon because it comes together quickly. If I had a boss. ;-)
  19. Occasionally I will wander through a gas station convenience store whilst getting gas and think about what decent meals could be made with the stuff on the shelves. That would be a challenge. Dorito-crusted spam anyone?
  20. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    How would they be without the ham hock?
  21. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Green beans are nasty In general. Under or overcooked or whatever. Tasteless vegetation. A vehicle for sauce at best.
  22. I had a great meal at an Andres place in the Cosmopolitan. Hotel seems kind of downmarket, but this was a worthwhile restaurant
  23. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    What was the BSOa time and temp? was it a wet batter or just egg and flour?