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  1. @daveb what sort of place are you cooking?
  2. Do you cook with a "360" vision?

    Great piece. Many good points. The author sort of restated an old eG discussion of whether NY Italian food was authentic Italian ...but using different cuisines. Same point though. And I'd add that Eastern Blue Crabs aren't authentic Japanese food, but they sure do consume a lot of them, apparently with angst about authenticity
  3. I was about to say the same. Great stuff for a US hotel. Ferry Bldg has some great restaurants and shops. One could spend some time there
  4. Do you cook with a "360" vision?

    A slightly related issue regards how closely one must follow a traditional dish's recipe for it to still be called that dish. For example, is it a reuben if there is cole slaw instead of sauerkraut? No it isn't. It's a "cole slaw reuben" or something like that. Likewise, veal saltimboca shouldn't have a brown sauce. It might be tasty but it isn't the dish.
  5. Do you cook with a "360" vision?

    I stick with sides that are harmonious with the protein, but I don't consider whether they are blessed by tradition. Lamb needs something a little sweet and/or acidic, but it need not be mint jelly. Having said that sausage always does go well with potato etc
  6. Countertop Rotisseries

    How does a rotisserie chicken differ from a nicely roasted bird? What am I improving if I get this thing?
  7. @DiggingDogFarm I have a hard time with non-serrated on crusty bread like a baguette. But yes otherwise.
  8. Looks like the dish in the photo is broccolini or rabe, but the recipe calls for broccoli. I broiled up some broccoli florets...not great not terrible. I'll skip this dish until I get some rabe.
  9. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Nice shot!
  10. Countertop Rotisseries

    I sense that eG is about to have a Big Easy Oil-less Fryer moment
  11. One Click Butter Cutter

    That butter gun leaves knife tracks on the bread...
  12. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Shelby "fried it and threw it in the IP" seems counterintuitive. Doesn't it wreck the crispy bits?
  13. One Click Butter Cutter

    Definitely Ronco
  14. And "nutritional supplements" have been pushed away from FDA by Congress. But still FDA tests when there is a complaint and has a long list of banned "supplements" that contain real drugs that are not listed on the label.
  15. The Dish Towel

    15 -20 as well. If they get threadbare they are no good to pick up a hot dish so they wash the sink for a round or two...or wipe off the dog...and then they are done.
  16. Gratin of Brussels sprouts Gruyere and prosciutto. I subbed capacola and parm for the cheese and meat. Came out very tasty, but a little liquidy. Think I'd serve it in ramekins or thicken the cream.
  17. In fact I have 2 little patches of ramps of my own.
  18. Just got my copy...finally The recipes are clearly exceptional, esp the root vegetable and late season veg. I'm going to revisit rutabagas and turnips. Makes me mourn the crappy produce I get around here. Carrots? We got big ones and little ones. Whaddaya want? But that makes me stronger.
  19. I think I'd rather eat cow tongue than cow butt (round).
  20. @HungryChris Looks perfect . What spices were in the brine?
  21. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    nice photo!
  22. Normally, I leap into the arms of a new technology. With this one I don't see the point. And i have vague worries about listening devices, North Korea and the KGB.
  23. Pimento Cheese

    I combine NY State Extra Sharp White Cheddar with just enough mayo to get the right consistency when mashed at room temp with a fork... bottled pimiento or red pepper is chopped and stirred-in. And maybe two dashes of Worcestershire.