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  1. I recall when this cake landed in Philly. It was a sensation in the 70s. I, of course, was in kindergarten at the time.
  2. For me the issue is need and space. My Cabelas piston pump vac sealer sucks hard and can do quick pickles etc. I can store it in a drawer and pull it out as needed. Maybe cost $250
  3. You might take a piece of foam and bore a hole to fit the spout. I'd probably use saran wrap or parafilm to wrap it though.
  4. gfweb

    Dinner 2021

    Maybe , as an experiment, freeze a portion to see how it does. Might spread out your shad dinners.
  5. Nobody has addressed whether endocrine disruption is actually a thing in people or just in the lab. I'd say that t here are two issues with using a SV to poach meat...the leaching away of flavor by the big volume of water and the inability to get a SV magic in particular clean enough to cook in as you would a pan. Lots of nooks and stuff in the SVM (if its anything like my SV Supreme). I suppose you could heat it up to 200F between cooks....
  6. gfweb

    Ramps: The Topic

    My ramps patch has dwindled year by year. Not enough to harvest anymore. There are just 15 plants hanging on. I need a better site.
  7. Nice piece indeed. I smiled at his realization that having a plancha in one's kitchen seems like a great thing but isn't much. When we bought our house years ago there was a big old restaurant Vulcan stove with a plancha. I used it once when I needed a million pancakes to come out at the same time. The rest of the time dishes dried on it. Cooking for 2 or 4 can be done in a pan that heats up fast (unlike a plancha). A restaurant needs a plancha and has a guy to clean it too, but not me. It did look cool though. After the vax we've gone out to eat again. Restaurant selection
  8. Because part of the joy of ketchup is conquering the damned glass bottle.
  9. gfweb


    @rotuts whats an EM?
  10. When studied probiotics have been shown to do little for antibiotic gi issues. taking the drug with food, even if the label says not to , is the best move. At most food gives a 10% reduction in absorption.
  11. Decent take out is a bit harder to come by around here. Pizza is fine, and sushi. Come to think of it that's enough for a few days. Hope you heal quick.
  12. When I googled cascatelli I got flood of celebrity websites that are promoting it in one way or another. Good old-fashioned logrolling
  13. That pasta looks like a mini lasagna noodle. Batali would object to the premise, saying that pasta is the star and that the sauce is merely a condiment and too much of it is no good.
  14. gfweb

    Breakfast 2021

    Unlike all those fake breakfasts you usually do.😁
  15. The farmable area of the sea has to be a narrow strip around the land. I foresee an ecological issue
  16. gfweb

    Dinner 2021

    I just saw these dishes somewhere.... @Kim Shook ?
  17. Lighting that's not behind you. Jo, what is that picture with the shadow?. Its chocolate in something that's sitting on something.
  18. gfweb

    Dinner 2021

    Big Easy sighting!
  19. I have learned how to avoid this.
  20. @rotuts Hard to see what the explanation is. I have 2 MC2, both badly stained. I have 4 MC, one at least 25 years in my possession, the others about that old, but only fairly recently my own and none are stained. You would think that aluminum is aluminum, whether MC or later. I don't get it
  21. Hmmm. Bread pudding would have eggs even if a savory one?
  22. Perhaps. I abused my MC2 as much as the MCs, but only it has a stained bottom than BKF can't get clean.
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