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  1. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    I forgot that part
  2. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    Roasted cauliflower, roasted broccoli, bacon, fried potato and macerated strawberry salad with light honey vinaigrette. Sounds weird perhaps but tasted nice.
  3. gfweb

    Breakfast 2022

    The logic is that t here may be salmonella or some other poo bug on the egg. So maybe pointless, but not unhinged.
  4. gfweb

    Making Bacon

    That fat looks a lot more smoked than commercial stuff. Wish I could taste it.
  5. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    I do cold smoked too just 145 x 3-4 hours. Right, nothing wrong with your SV settings. Odd that it came out tough. Any chance that the cold smoke wasn't so cold?
  6. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    Small Father's Day thing. Fajitas with flat iron steak, roasted peppers, onions and cheese.
  7. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    @Shelby what temp was the SV turkey done at? I usually do 145F
  8. Great stuff. I've wondered where you went. I'm really looking forward to updates from Hawaii. Of course I'd love to hear which famous chefs are shits. Just initials perhaps?
  9. I don't see a taste difference either. Smoke smells different, but not the taste. Perhaps its all marketing jive.
  10. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    @Shelby Who cleaned all those fish?
  11. Steakum has nothing to do with a real cheesesteak. Most places use lower grade sirloin or rib eye. Steakum is wretched fatty mystery meat that i wouldn't feed Henry. To their credit, however, steakum broadcast ads in Philly at the height of covid hysteria that addressed the rampant covid nonsense of the time. Product still sucks though.
  12. Steak-ums are pressed fat. Garbage
  13. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    @liamsaunt Thanks for the recipe. Have you tried steaming it in the CSO?
  14. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    What is that green flecked thing. A sliced terrine?
  15. Yup. Either that or they just don't get it. ATK is quirky
  16. Original Gangster if translation is needed.
  17. I have had SP fries with a crispy coating of some sort. With enough salt and black pepper SP fries are OK to me...never great though.
  18. How many potatoes per plant?
  19. gfweb

    Lunch 2022

    Exactly. I need to debulk a lot of deli sandwiches. Even with deli stuff balance is important. A reuben can have too much corned beef.
  20. I can imagine that Ina saw the space between DC and NYC as places zoomed through on the PRR and best avoided.
  21. gfweb

    Dinner 2022

    roasted cabbage is a delight
  22. How can the river snail population support this degree of harvesting? Are there really snails in the exported stuff?
  23. gfweb


    I couldn't find my thermometer and a few other small items. When I finally found it...after buying a new thermometer...it was in the bottom of a utensil crock, hiding amongst the ladle handles. I was told..."Oh, I was just straightening up" as though that's an acceptable explanation for gross stupidity.
  24. So far, Ooni and the Big Easy are the only two eG temptations I've resisted. I'm holding firm for now.
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