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  1. given his weight and eating habits for years, I'd say he's dodged a bullet more than once.
  2. We checked out Salt last night. After the bad experience a while back I'm happy to say that things were what they should have been this time. A bit pricey, all things considered, but just fine.
  3. Ugh. HUGE bites and chewing with her mouth open. I had to look away ← Me too. How gross. Reminds me of Robert Redford chewing with his smiling mouth open in various movies. Sexy to some, repulsive to those with a measure of couth.
  4. I would comment that there are some cooks with no ability to season properly. Look at the various cooking competitions, Next Iron Chef/Top Chef etc. More than one of these hotshots has been ding-ed for improper seasoning. I don't carry my own spices and I'm not rude enough to scold a chef for badly seasoned food, but woe be to him if he has a problem with my correcting his mistakes. Since when should it be assumed that the only competent palate is in a toque?
  5. Yum-o MONEY! That would be a union! I wonder if the babies would be born with tatoos? ← The babies would be born with their heads up their.....uh nevermind.
  6. [Moderator note: This is part of an extended topic that became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it into shorter segments; the preceding part of this discussion is here: Iron Chef America (Part 2)] They should edit out CCora and put in somebody who has a clue. Can she cook better than me? Sure, but I'm not getting paid a mint to be a food star. If I were, I'd do better than that southern/greek doo doo that she shovels up. Her next IC gig is " Battle hot dog". Lets see, ...weiner moussaka, pigs with feta in a phyllo wrap, hot dog tapenade, deep fried corn dogs, and for the piece d'resistance, a twin towers of forcemeat thrusting skyward from a braised kraut base.
  7. Show's embarrassing. And I thought Paula Deen sucked!
  8. "That designer judge, what's his name, was a complete tool" Tool is exactly the word for that guy.
  9. Actually I find that encouraging. Some of the winning recipes so obviously sucked that I was concerned for TGIF...their cuisine might fall even lower.
  10. Cora won by 1 point, which didn't seem to reflect the judges comments. She had at least two big negative remarks.
  11. Uggh. Spectacularly terrible. Almost a spoof of a FN show. Summers must be the worst voice-over guy on TV with his bizarre and monotonous phrasing. And Fieri....
  12. Recent trip to St Thomas and St Johns... Herve's- Just OK. Great location, decent winelist, food was tired and not well-prepared or presented. Oceana-Very good meal in a nice outdoor place at night. I suspect that the neighborhood is a bit scruffy, so night-time dining hid all of the local defects. Mongoose Junction on St Johns- Nice place good menu
  13. anybody here ever actually work for him in a kitchen?
  14. FN has taken his name off of the list of chef/host bios on their website. Hmmm.
  15. gfweb


    That goes for me too. A favorite restaurant recently dropped OT. We dine there much less often now. Who wants to get busy signals or be put on hold when OT is so easy? That 3K sounds like a lot to me as well, but balanced against the cost of even one PT reservations person it is actually cheap and gives vastly better customer service. OT never gets the flu and calls in sick, OT is never cranky or has bad phone manners. OT doesn't put the phones on hold so they can catch a smoke or talk on their cell phone. OT is the kind of computerized service that actually makes it cheaper and more efficient to do business.
  16. Whether or not it is safe, double-dipping shows tremendous disregard for your companions' sensibilities. Knowing that some feel strongly against it, double-dippers are about as inconsiderate as it gets.
  17. gfweb

    Seafood Noob

    Salmon is "medium fishy" to my taste. The dark bits are the fishiest tasting. I trim them. My favorite salmon is poached in water which has had a mirepoix (shaved carrot, diced celery, chopped onion) cooked in it for 30 minutes along with a clove, bay leaf, & salt. Lay salmon fillets on the veg and simmer, covered, gently till done...about 5 to 10 min depending on thickness. There should be enough liquid to come up to near the top of the fish, but not cover the fish. Poaching mavens may have better techniques, but this works well for me. I serve over spinach with a lime vinaigrette and spiced pecans.
  18. gfweb

    Seafood Noob

    Marinate diver scallops in 1:1 balsamic/light soy for 15 min. Saute in butter. Remove scallops when done and reduce pan juices with a splash of heavy cream, a 4 finger pinch of sugar, salt and pepper till the sauce coats a spoon. Eat.
  19. I really don't know what it should be. I only know what I've been served as mofongo.
  20. I've had mofongo that was wonderful, but most has been a greasy little pile of fried cubed plantain that is just yucky. Anybody know the secret?
  21. gfweb

    Roasted Cauliflower

    I just did that too, but without the nutmeg and with a bit of mustard and grated cheddar on top.
  22. gfweb

    Four Course Dinner

    Check out this site http://studiokitchen.typepad.com/studiokitchen/ Shola has some amazing ideas.
  23. gfweb


    We eat there a lot. Wonderful place. Very fair prices, great food.
  24. Are you a physician or an epidemiologist? ← MD,PhD
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