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  1. Egg, sausage, mushroom, aged cheddar, tomato and lettuce with a dash of sriracha on a toasted WW bagel (pardon the sideslip on the front half). Sloppy to eat but tasted great. Strawberries topped with a dollop of chia seeds in yogurt and a V8 on the side.
  2. Try rosti/pomme paillasson/hashbrowns. Minimal fat and no worries over flipping.
  3. @Smithy Where's the 'envy' button when you need it? Great find.
  4. Reading seed catalogues without first having a garden plan is equivalent to going food shopping hungry and without a list 😇 (not that I haven't been guilty of doing so).
  5. I also hated beef and calves liver as a child and love it as an adult. My mom cooked it to a sandy, gritty overdone. We weren't given an alternative meat in those days (I'm sure our dog looked forward to liver day). Chicken livers were another story. My mom wrapped them in bacon and didn't overcook them so we looked forward to those.
  6. A few recent breakfasts: Eggs with mushrooms, finger peppers, green onions and cilantro with toasted sourdough. Sausage hiding under the toast. I kept enough salmon from yesterday's dinner to make an egg, salmon, finger pepper, green onion, Monterey Jack and lettuce wrap for this morning's breakfast. Both breakfasts with a navel and blood orange mix, coffee and a glass of Clamato.
  7. Salmon club sandwich for a simple early dinner. From the bottom mayo, tomato, rinsed pickled hot peppers, bacon, poached salmon, lettuces and Monterey Jack on toasted WW. With a Breton Brewing Pale Ale.
  8. Breakfast wrap of eggs, sweet peppers, mushrooms, green onions, red Thai chili, cilantro, Thai basil, aged cheddar and lettuce in a WW tortilla. Last summer's blackberries and apple with a glass of Clamato and coffee.
  9. Thanks. I was aiming for a taste of summer as a contrast to all the snow we've received and 'relocated'.
  10. Late to the party but welcome aboard. I know Fergus well from attending the annual Highland Games.
  11. A dual celebratory dinner for a family birthday and finishing freeing vehicles, clearing the parking area and access to the road. My plate of dry rub pork back ribs, filet beans (from last summer), corn bread, coleslaw, braised kale and collards (also from last summer) and mac & cheese from a box. Also honey butter for the bread, pickled red onions and a lemon cheesecake to finish. Went to bed an hour after cleaning up and slept for nine hours.
  12. Simple breakfast after a big meal yesterday evening (not my usual routine). Egg with corn bread, mix of grapefruit, navel and blood oranges. V8 and coffee.
  13. Those all sound good however my first choice is always prune and second raspberry. Cheers.
  14. Good catch. I didn't really think anyone would make that connection.
  15. I suppose this qualifies as a food funny.
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