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  1. Price on Amazon (US) has dropped to $415.35
  2. The next great kitchen tool

    How about if the turntable itself does the stirring in relation to a fixed paddle? http://tinyurl.com/bmbv7wt
  3. Modernist Cuisine Baking Steel

    I have the 1/2" thick version ("The Big") from the original Kickstarter project. I've made about a dozen pizzas on it. They've had the best pizza crusts I've ever made. It's very heavy. It's difficult to pick up or put down on a flat surface unless you have part of it hanging out over an edge. I also bought one of their storage sleeves to make it easier to carry and put away when I'm not using it. If you use it in a range with the cracked open door technique to keep the broiler element on be careful - I melted the oven control knobs on my range that way. I do still use that technique but now I remove the knobs first.
  4. Cooking with "Modernist Cuisine at Home" (Part 1)

    I made the "Fat-Free" Mac and Cheese last night. I had my doubts on the outcome going in. Is cheese flavor really all water-soluble? Can you really get that characteristic mouthfeel without the fat in the sauce? As it turns out the answer to both really is "Yes!" and the mac and cheese is delicious. I made it with different cheeses (50% Cheddar, 40% Emmentaler, 10% Parmesan) than the default recipe, cooked the cheese/water combination for about 40 minutes instead of 30 minutes and used spiral pasta instead of macaroni. I measured everything by weight as indicated in the recipe but yielded a lot less in volume than claimed - about 3 cups instead of 4 cups. The recommendation for baking post-flavor-extraction cheese solids into crisps was a dud - I tried that and they were tasteless. The flavor really was efficiently extracted. Perhaps the extra 10 minutes of extraction cooking made a difference. But the actual fat-free mac and cheese is a winner and I'll definitely make it again.