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  1. Maybe Patrick or Michael will provide a “reminder” (aka hairball) around that time. After that you’ll surely need a Gin and Dubonnet!🤣
  2. Beware the wrath of @liuzhou when given c@rn!!
  3. We aim for between 5pm and 7pm, nearer seven in summer, nearer 5 in winter. The cat demands his dinner at 5pm (but absolutely no later than 6pm), followed by treats before 7pm. Hmm… who’s actually in charge here…😹
  4. I didn’t even see the “Yoda-ish” tone to my reply until I read your response.🤣 Real deep fried fries with no burns? You had a very good night and dinner. Sleep well, you’ve earned it!
  5. Fresh fish wins over frozen, and I’m not a fish eater. Sounds like you have many options. Choose wisely. 😇
  6. I think you bought the Diamond Crystal Fine Kosher Salt. See this page. The regular version is sold in 3 lb, and 26 oz boxes. The fine comes in a 4 lb box.
  7. The plug makes me think ’70s might be more accurate. I don’t remember when the switch to the polarized flanged plugs 🔌 occurred.
  8. My recent under $5 rice cooker find. It just cooks rice, no keep warm, no tunes, no ding at the end of the cycle, no non stick coating. The cord had been undone for testing at the thrift I got it from, but as soon as I cut the zip tie it was apparent that it had never been unwrapped. My research indicates it is probably an early 1980’s model. It had one of the vinyl clings “Automatic Rice Cooker” still with it, but I think the cat snagged that while I was getting it cleaned up. Works perfectly, replaced the peeling non stick Aroma we had been using.
  9. Not Ann_T but here’s the link. Be sure to look around on the blog, she’s got tons of good things on it.
  10. Sounds like my method. “Did it say that jalapeños were supposed to be part of it? I guess I missed that. Sorry!”
  11. Quite certainly “Laxative Mayonnaise” with the pectin, 2 teaspoons of mustard, not to mention the 1 quart of mineral oil! Just the thought of it has me twitchy about TP on hand. 🤣
  12. Turn spaghetti into ramen from Serious Eats.
  13. The first US site I happened upon $3.50 US Even the Canadian price is much more in line with what I expected.
  14. I’m not implying anything about your skills or assuming you haven’t already tried this. But, have you tried turning off power to the oven with the breaker/fuse for a few (5 or so) minutes? Often when “they” are restoring power there are several quick on/off cycles that mess with the electronic appliance’s boards, a clean “off, wait a few, minutes, on” cycle can reset them.
  15. My mom wasn’t a microbiologist or anywhere close to being one, but hot dogs were not to be eaten unless they were cooked, “pre-cooked” wasn’t relevant.
  16. Hurrah! Unfortunately it does make a bit of a difference in your final results.🤣
  17. Also, be sure to remove and clean the float valve (the little pin that pops up when it comes up to pressure). The one time I had a problem it was some invisible bit of schmutz in that part. I took the gasket out and cleaned it, took the float valve out, q-tipped the hole and the pin (nothing visible came out or off), and reassembled. Problem solved.
  18. Did it actually come up to pressure? I can’t imagine how they would be that uncooked if everything was working properly.
  19. Blessedly cool here in the desert too, topped out in the very low 80s F. Currently 67 and dropping. 🥳
  20. Lucky you. Our water has become high enough in lime/calcium that we have to put a slug of vinegar in the pan after boiling water. I buy white vinegar by the gallon.
  21. Fully stocked (front to back & stacked where possible) in Yucca Valley, and this is the store that gets a lot of the Joshua Tree National Park visitors on supply runs.
  22. He’s Alex, here’s a link to his YouTube page.
  23. Here’s your enabler gold star ⭐️. Got one set each of the purple, orange, and green. I couldn’t see where I would use the smaller or larger sizes.
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