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  1. I should have said “the link wording”, thus, not implicating you at all.😊
  2. Sorry, but your link wording confused me. You will still be able to send that lovely (hideous) sweater to cousin Jimmy at his home address, but, you will have the option of using his email or mobile phone number.
  3. A quick Googling says you can go up to 140*F. I would think that would be okay since you’re going to be cooking them more anyway.
  4. I did some poking around on The Wayback Machine. It takes some clicking and waiting, but one can get to the tech specs, and it appears that the Pacojet also pressurizes during its cycle. I would imagine that the lack of a pressurizing system is one of the major cost saving points, aside from replacing most of the stainless steel with plastics
  5. Not hot dogs, but Vienna Sausages, referred to here as “cat food sticks”.🤣
  6. The Spaghetti-O’s draw you in, the Vienna Sausages keep you coming back!
  7. Yes, a “personal” seedless watermelon, cut into more or less 1/2” bits. It became my evening snack, topped with a little maple smoked kosher salt (after the LED tea candle was plucked out, of course). The personal melons have been pretty consistently good this year.
  8. Having eaten canned bacon (we had a grocery liquidation store here for a few years, so got to experience lots of regional products that would not normally have been available, but hey, it was fun) properly prepared, it wasn’t any worse than any other ordinary bacon. That said, getting it out of the can and into the skillet to crisp up and finish was a gag worthy experience, slippery, fatty meat rolled up in parchment paper, urgh!
  9. Happy 20th Gully! You’ve brought joy and community into so many lives. Thank you!!
  10. From the same company that brought Veg-All into existence. They must’ve done something right, The Larsen Company was in business from 1895-2006. This most certainly could not have been it!🤢
  11. DesertTinker


    I got to play with my newly acquired vintage Bamix today, yesterday was cleaning it up and reading the instructions. Made a batch of Senate Restaurant Navy Bean soup, got to the part where you’re supposed to mash some of the beans to make it “creamy”. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to put the new toy into action… Dang! It may be 35 years old and only 85 watts, but it had a major vortex going in that big pot of soup in just a few seconds. I kinda over blended, I had no clue it would work quite so quickly or thoroughly, oh well, still delicious. It blows all previous immersion blenders (and there have been many) I’ve had completely out of the water.
  12. Love it! I use it on our cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel pans (interior only). The best part is it’s super easy to clean and should, knock wood, never need replacing!
  13. Scored a “vintage” Bamix, circa 1986 (according to the date in the “Bamix Revised Instructions and Old and New Recipes” book), for $5 US today. Looks like it was very lightly used, and well taken care of.
  14. I’m vintage 1962 but grew up with appliances and cookware from the 1950’s and earlier, so I understand the confusion as to what came from when.
  15. Excellent! I was sure Harvest Gold wasn’t “The Big Six-O” quite yet.🤣
  16. You also need to replace the pressure gauge. I see broken glass and rust. It’s a major safety issue.
  17. Does it have any numbers stamped into it anywhere? Can you post a picture of it?
  18. @Anna NI know you’re interested in the evolution of language, and I also know this is “off topic” here, but I love “in the before time” as a descriptor for the current time. 💛
  19. Tools of the Trade is definitely Macy’s. Just depends on when you got yours whether they were good or complete 💩!
  20. And your thriftiness, especially after reading this “It was mush. Bland, unseasoned, evil mush.”
  21. It appears to be the JosephJoseph Dimple Non-drip Ice Cream Scoop (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) with a goodly smear of chocolate ice cream on it.
  22. An absolute necessity for any “HappyLifeColorfulKitchen”!
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