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  1. You found the same reference! Wasn’t sure if it would be available to you with all the country and regional restrictions on content. I was leaning toward 80’s. They say salt, but high proof alcohol would surely be better!
  2. What is the brand on that? Any thoughts on approximate age? Google images failed me. I do recognize the lid on the floor to the right 😂.
  3. We in the desert have no plans. It’s hot ‘n humid (humid for us at least, anything over 15% is humid), therefore no real appetite or desire to cook. If it’s clear enough, we’ll be able to see the fireworks from Twentynine Palms, otherwise there’s “A Capital Fourth” on PBS. And praying that some fool air b’nb tourist doesn’t set off illegal fireworks and burn us all to the ground. 😱
  4. Excellent! Enjoy “Wine summer 2021”👍👍
  5. Yesss! Someone else that uses their microwave as a food safe. For us nothing has ever been bothered there.
  6. Wow! Crazy stuff On the bright side, you weren’t holding the glass when it happened.
  7. Free doorstops for @Shelby!! Channel your inner DIY queen and make them gorgeous. 🤣 “I opened it up and these were in the box laying half out of the bag:”
  8. The”smaller bowl” is the one that is towel lined and used to proof the boule. The “larger bowl” is another bowl that’s large enough to allow the bread to rise, it gets rinsed out with water and put over the top of the bread just before putting it in the oven.
  9. Excellent find! I was going to suggest a forum/website with resources for your restoration, but I see you’re already there!🤣 (and have been for a long time)
  10. Inland Southern California, stubby is default, but skinny is readily available in most stores.
  11. Here are the US FDA Guidance and Canada’s page regarding grapefruit and drug interactions.
  12. Try this Russell Williams, I Googled “Russell Williams food”.
  13. First round of seasoning, flax oil in a 425F oven for 1 hour.
  14. According to the DHL tracking this one came from Argentina. It did go through customs in Miami. Guess I ordered on a slow day.
  15. Received my Darto 20cm sauté pan today. It arrived in excellent condition (even the box). Amazingly fast shipping, I ordered late on the 14th, it was shipped on the 15th, arrived today the 21st! It’s outside in a plastic bag soaking in oven cleaner to get the packing oil off. Next up, seasoning.😊
  16. Ah, so that’s where your “broiled fish” smell, mentioned on another thread, came from. On the bright side, you know your sense of smell isn’t broken.
  17. Thank you! Finally one I can resist, successfully! 🤣🤣
  18. Looking at the linked recipe and based on the picture, I would think it would be a room temperature or possibly slightly warm dish. The spinach doesn’t appear to be cooked and the blue cheese is not melted. As to “what” it is, my guess would be a grain based salad or maybe a pilaf type side dish. (I just noticed that the recipe is for a single serving.)
  19. I don’t know who to blame here, @CentralMA@blue_dolphin or @Smithy. I just ordered a #20 sauté pan and added the free keychain pans. We needed a new “egg pan” anyway.
  20. I figured as much🤣, I just wanted your input as an experienced Pascade maker. Thanks for sharing! I have a feeling this will end up in our regular meal rotation.
  21. How does this recipe compare to yours? Does it look “correct”?
  22. Thanks for “taking one for the team”. Five pounds is a lot for an unknown.
  23. Lovely picture. Your board/block looks almost as good as the two breads.
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