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  1. Richmond Virginia

    Well, since Matthew asked for an update (over 6 years ago), I figure that it's time to oblige. Armed with Kim's recommendation - no, not the one quoted above, but a recent pm in response to my request for current favorites - my wife & I went to Acacia 2 nights ago, while passing thru Richmond, & had a great meal, start to finish. An excellent small wine list, with well selected by the glass options, started us off at the bar area. The room & service in this newer location makes it comfortable without being overly fussy. Grown up but not at all formal. I gotta admit that menu descriptions that include more than 3 or so elements always scare me, as they sometimes indicate chefs who throw a lot of "interesting" things together & think that constitutes "inventive" cuisine. The cooking here shows that a good chef can knowledgeably combine ingredients that are interesting & wind up serving dishes that work, tasting like everything was just meant to go together. It also proves that not everything needs multiple ingredients. Our apps (shared) were 6 nicely fried oysters on homemade slaw & linguini with Oregon black truffles. Both just about perfect. Mains were lump crab cakes & Black Sea bass, both fresh with touches of kitchen skill adding flavors while keeping the natural integrity of the main ingredient. All in all, exactly the type of place we like & at a price point that makes me want to leave NYC. All in (w/tips), $150 for the 2 of us, including glasses of wine, sparkling water but no dessert (too full). Thanks Kim... much appreciated.
  2. Deli Stuff In, And Around, NYC

    Well, if you're traveling to the other boroughs.... tried Mill Basin Deli yet?
  3. High-End NYC 2016

    I really hope that your meal at Queen was not luck, but a sign of their return to what they were. Please go back 3 or 4 more times and make sure, ok? . By the way, was the charming guy the short front of house manager? He's been there forever but he's not the owner - it's owned (last I looked) by the sons of the original chef/owner, one of whom is quite a talented chef in his own right & who I'm not sure is in the kitchen these days. While we're on the topic of pork chops w/peppers (we are on that topic, aren't we?), the best used to be found at 2 Toms on 3rd Ave off Union. Their pastas sucked but boy did they have chops. Wonder what's up there these days.
  4. High-End NYC 2016

    Always thought Lupa was too salty and actually prefer Otto's pastas. The wine dinner sounds good though. Patrick: since you listed some Bklyn places on your post, I might as well weigh in & put in my usual plug for trying both Henry's End (non-fussy straight forward American menu w/an excellent wine list) & Noodle Pudding (fresh, friendly & non pretentious Italian) on Henry St in Bklyn Hts. Since my wife and I are regulars & well known at both (& get comps regularly), I won't pretend to total objectivity, but think the world of both. Feel free to name drop (Steve & Ginny) and hope that their love for my wife overshadows their disdain for me & my food boards. And, while I'm at it, my own take is that Queen ain't what it was (I live 4 blocks away & have gone there for well over 30 years), while Bamonte's seems to have risen from the ashes to a be a solid red sauce choice.
  5. Mekelburg's

    Sorry. It was a (very) bad joke. The Anaheim Ducks are a hockey team.
  6. Mekelburg's

    He's probably getting Anaheim Ducks… after all, we New Yawkers are now being told that L.A. (well, the San Gabriel Valley anyway) has better Chinese food & we know that they can be kept on ice.
  7. Mekelburg's

    Yep, and the reviews are making me hungry. Frankly, I think the oysters are not getting enough credit due to the damn potatoes. And I'm waiting for the overdue equal recognition of the beer selection. At any rate, I told Daniel that I'll be showing up at Meks this Sunday afternoon to watch football, eat and drink and that I'd be posting to see who wants to join. I figure I'll get there around 1or so & hang out for several hours, since Ginny has somewhere else to be that afternoon. See you there? Happy New Year.
  8. Chiang Mai

    I'll answer for him. Yes, it was/is.
  9. Honestly, I don't think of his opinion as having "high expectations" as much as not appreciating something that doesn't have a serious, documentary tone. I think there's a place for "light hearted" on PBS without ruining their reputation as a serious place. Hopefully, this "another board" you speak of will have some participants that will say that to him .
  10. Chowhound

    I said this on one of the new sites (HungryOnion) & I'll repeat it here: my own opinion is that the technology changes are not the big issues that some folks make them out to be and, in fact, some of it may well be a positive factor in CH growth. The major issue for me is that the new look/feel of the site is meant to attract a different type of person than that of the old (especially the very old) CH. Specifically, its meant to attract folks who want to ask where a "yummy" place to go is & not those interested in finding places & discussing their merits. TripAdvisor and Yelp stuff. So, yes, I too don't think they care about losing long time users… most of us aren't what they're after and we eat up lots of space with our wordy insights and back & forth comments & interest in community…. and I think its a deliberate business plan. That being said, I'll be there probably the way I'm on TA. But I prefer and will contribute to places where discussion is key, not 20 character proclamations.
  11. Tipping for Pizza Delivery

    I agree as well. We also tip 20-25% at restaurants, but $4-5 seems to me to be a good delivery tip. In Brooklyn, where we live, several places that deliver to us are within 3-4 blocks and get here by bicycle within 5 min. from leaving their site, so I think that the $4 is sufficient. For places further away, $5. When we're renting in your neck of the woods, we've gotten pizza deliveries & tipped $5. I haven't really thought it out as you have, but 20% on an over $35 order just seems too much.
  12. Mekelburg's

    [HOST'S NOTE: This discussion has been split off from the Member News topic announcing the restaurant to focus on reviews and discussion of the new restaurant by Society Member BKEats.] We're biased, as Mr & Ms "BKEats" are friends of ours but I gotta say that, after a half dozen or so visits to Mekelburg's, this place is a gem in many ways. From the grocery store upfront, selling great stuff (including a full line of Rancho Gordo beans) to the "deli counter" with a great selection of cheese & meats, to the ever changing beer taps & wine selection, to the menu, to the outdoor space in back -- everything just clicks. And the oysters are great. If I wasn't so impressed, I'd remain dead silent. Years of CH and other boards have taught me that. Glad there's no need for that here. Congrats - us older Brooklynites are proud of youse guys.
  13. I just finished watching our "taped" Italy episode. Loved it. Two summers ago, my wife and I rented an apartment in Santa Croce (Florence) for a little over a month, 3 blocks from Cibreo, and ate there (the Trat., not the main restaurant or the theater) &, more importantly, at the tripe stand next to it. Hung out at the local piazza & used the local outdoor market (Sant'ambrogio) almost daily. Our landlord, who lived in a town 30 minutes away by train, invited us to dinner a couple of times & grilled steaks much like seen on the show. Almost raw inside, charred to perfection outside, with olive oil and salt the only (after cooking additions). So the show brought back great memories & I can't say that this doesn't affect my appreciation of it. That being said, as rotuts says (& I agree) this show is about shmoozing & bringing out the emotional, heartfelt aspects of the place (as opposed to, for example, Bourdain's overt social commentary, which I love as well). In this, Phil succeeds and brings production values far beyond the usual standard for food related shows. Cant wait for next Monday's Paris episode.
  14. Chowhound

    "There is no one site for everyone" And as the poster who said that then goes on to say (& I would emphasize) there's no rule that each person must choose one site. I've stayed on CH since the beginning &, when I get nothing out of it & feel I have nothing to contribute there, I'll leave. Never stopped me from joining eG, Mouthfuls, or other sites when they were created. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that CH (or eG for that matter) is "in complete disarray" &/or "dead". People should go places that feel right for them, keep an eye open, push for the things they want & let things unfold without dramatic pronouncements.
  15. The Japan episode was engaging enough that I've set up to "tape" the next episode on Italy. Those eels did look good.