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  1. So, I checked their website and Jason says that they opened the Golden Mall stall a little over 15 years ago. I know that Bourdain followed shortly thereafter and that I went (with Dave Cook, pre-"Eating in Translation" blog) a month or two after Jason’s father hung up Bourdain's picture (I think that I mis-posted above that it was a review - my memory now tells me that it was AB's picture). That makes it a long time ago.
  2. Yes. That was the 1st place the son opened outside the 2 Flushing mall spots. I went to the opening. Well after Bourdain though.
  3. I remember going downstairs at Golden Mall to the 1st place, listening to his father try to communicate how proud he was of Bourdain’s visit, yelling “Bourdain, Bourdain” to any non-Asian passing by & pointing to Bourdain’s review, hanging on the stall wall. The notoriety allowed them to afford another stall at a now defunct mall 10 or so blocks away, staffed by his wife. Then his son joined the business with marketing skills & away they went. As an aside, the original “Dumpling Lady” stall was right around the corner at another stall in Golden Mall, offering a large varie
  4. I should mention that I regularly buy both dried cranberries and orange flavored dry cranberries. For years. I don't know why they exist, but they taste good. Better than the yam flavored ones at any rate (yes, that part's a joke).
  5. Reading this part of the thread, I have become depressed over realizing that my story of getting seltzer delivered in these bottles is now 40 years old. The depressing part is remembering that my roommates and I laughed about it being "retro" back then, as our delivery guy was the last in the area & had been a solitary provider for years already.
  6. Baldness & a Brooklyn accent. One of these legacies keeps expanding, while I think that 6 years in the Midwest got rid of most of the other.
  7. So, many years ago, in a local Italian restaurant, my wife ordered a Caesar salad. It came and it was made with iceberg lettuce. She complained to the waitress, who told her that she was sorry but that the kitchen had run out of romaine. We joked about it later on as a "what were they thinking?!". Until, that is, I realized that what we had expected (& would've easily accepted) was romaine with a dressing that was not like any that a real Caesar recipe would detail. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm on both sides of this argument. As I discovered in Florida, I really like "Grouper
  8. Depends. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for a large entree & would prefer finger food. 😇
  9. Just as an aside, I’d suggest a good Chianti.
  10. What's old is new again. About 20 years ago (longer?), a local Chinese restaurant (with Chinese American owners whom I sorta knew) closed its doors and then re-opened, mostly as a take-out/delivery place, in a less populated nearby area. We all got flyers, with the full menu, advertising this. Soon thereafter, the neighborhood got flyers announcing the opening of a "country kitchen" take-out/delivery place with fried chicken, meatloaf, etc. And, not long thereafter, another bunch of flyers advertising a new ribs/bbq joint for takeout/delivery. All with different names, all with different
  11. Its all your faults! I read this thread yesterday and ordered from a local Chinese place. The last time I did this (from another local place) was during the 1st wave of COVID in April when I was jonesing for Chinese food. That was terrible and this was not any better. Could we please get thru this so that I can get back to a good place -- I'm out of delivery range for any of them and its frustrating. And, please, no one start a similar thread on Indian food.
  12. This new one, the original around the block in Clinton Hill & the big one in Williamsburg at the old Domino Factory site. (just being helpful 😀) Congrats Daniel.
  13. The River Cafe is open (outdoors, with that view).
  14. Not that I'm THAT old, but Leff started Chowhound's board in late 1999 or so. I started participating in early 2000. The software sucked but it was highly entertaining. And informative. And argumentative. The first exodus from CH came here and, while some stayed, others moved on to OA (with Plotnicki) and then to MF. Some of us never left any of the boards and just added another one as they came, sometimes using different "names" (you know who you are, "weinoo"). I lurked here for years before joining, as I didn't want to write that damn essay. As to "face to face"; well, I'
  15. One of the places I used to get my cans of Cafe du Monde after hitting up the original version of Vanessa's Dumplings up the street.
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