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  1. One of the places I used to get my cans of Cafe du Monde after hitting up the original version of Vanessa's Dumplings up the street.
  2. ahh, to be a fly on the wall when "significant eater" asks weinoo how the movie was. 🤕
  3. Steve R.

    Dinner 2020

    Happy Birthday. Lucky I didn’t see Wu’s delivery car coming down the street - it may not have reached your place.
  4. Pretty sure that the original was from Brooklyn and had something to do with swimming with the fishes.
  5. liuzhou: "I don't know where you get this idea that everything originates in just one place. Many things have been discovered or invented over and over again in different places". You mean, like this thread? 😇
  6. When this thing blows over, go to one of the Dongbei restaurants in Flushing (Fu Ran closed but I think Golden Palace on Cherry St (off Main) is still going to still be there. At any rate, they both put this dish out just about every time I've been there over the years. Sometimes during the meal, mostly at the end. Never on a dish, always sticking to the edges of what it was cooked in. A solid mass needing statue carving implements after awhile, but satisfying a month's sugar craving all the same.
  7. My favorite quote (well, for today, anyway). Yes, I'll grant that if you call it a "kebab", then you can trace it to Central Asia. At least you can trace the name there. Otherwise, I'd guess that putting meat cooked over an open fire on a skewer of some sort might have occurred to other people in other lands. The relevance of this escapes me, even though I seem to have a lot of spare time to ponder things.
  8. Only 59 &, from my very limited interactions with him over the years, a really nice guy.
  9. Dinner by delivery from our local good N.Y. Red Sauce Italian place (Queen Restaurant). I almost feel that I had a normal day.
  10. Yeah, but remember - New York isn’t an open carry state... yours is. Sorta changes the dialogue.
  11. Trust me, the risk is greater if you try to eat what I'm able to prepare. 🤢
  12. Welcome to eG, Steve. In case any other members need a local's recommendation for this guy's key lime pies, well I've been eating them for just about all of his 25 years in business.
  13. Welcome to a fellow Brooklynite.
  14. The latest is that the 5 stores (all in Manhattan) and the Bronx distributer are in negotiations to be bought. Afterwards, the plan is for the new owners to keep the Fairway name on those stores and stay in business. The other stores (like mine in Red Hook, Brooklyn) are, for now, staying open with the current owners, who are shopping them around for buyers. The current owners are saying that this is temporary and that they cannot afford to keep them open themselves for long.
  15. Whether your taste buds become overstimulated or not, I'd appreciate commentary on where you wind up eating for my stay in May. Not that I've been there yet, but I assume you can get around underground more than in most places so staying near your place of stay may not be a necessity. https://montrealundergroundcity.com
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