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  1. Only 59 &, from my very limited interactions with him over the years, a really nice guy.
  2. Dinner by delivery from our local good N.Y. Red Sauce Italian place (Queen Restaurant). I almost feel that I had a normal day.
  3. Yeah, but remember - New York isn’t an open carry state... yours is. Sorta changes the dialogue.
  4. Trust me, the risk is greater if you try to eat what I'm able to prepare. 🤢
  5. Welcome to eG, Steve. In case any other members need a local's recommendation for this guy's key lime pies, well I've been eating them for just about all of his 25 years in business.
  6. Welcome to a fellow Brooklynite.
  7. The latest is that the 5 stores (all in Manhattan) and the Bronx distributer are in negotiations to be bought. Afterwards, the plan is for the new owners to keep the Fairway name on those stores and stay in business. The other stores (like mine in Red Hook, Brooklyn) are, for now, staying open with the current owners, who are shopping them around for buyers. The current owners are saying that this is temporary and that they cannot afford to keep them open themselves for long.
  8. Whether your taste buds become overstimulated or not, I'd appreciate commentary on where you wind up eating for my stay in May. Not that I've been there yet, but I assume you can get around underground more than in most places so staying near your place of stay may not be a necessity. https://montrealundergroundcity.com
  9. Refresh my memory. Marijuana is illegal in China, right? So... what use is stoner food? And, just to add -- durian is the most vile addition to anything... including more durian. Just sayin'.
  10. Anybody ever use roadfood.com? Just wondering if it’s worth perusing.
  11. Steve R.

    Lunch 2019

    Hot dog, mustard, street onions (in unidentifiable red sauce) or sauerkraut, bun. Period. I felt the same way when I saw your photo above as I did on my first trip to LA when they tried to sell me a taco bagel or a pineapple bagel. It just makes me want to hide under my bed, fearing that the end is near. So, how’d it taste? 🤐
  12. I’m sure we must have sent something back some time or other, but it’s been extremely rare (& probably not well done 😂). Even when, maybe 25 years ago, my wife ordered an arugula salad & received a Boston/iceberg lettuce mix. She pointed it out to the waitress, who, without any trace of understanding, replied “we ran out of arugula”. But it didn’t go back. Neither did we. eta: just realized that corked wine is the exception here. Lots of times we’ve sent that back.
  13. As you know, we ate there twice during our month stay in May. Both dinners were excellent, with only one repeat dish presented on the 59euro tasting menu. That dish, which you picture above from your dinner, was incredible enough that I have to expand on your description. The (plentiful) pieces of halibut were topped with a mixture of cauliflower and white chocolate mousse/cream (not sure what to call it exactly, as it was less dense than a mousse, but thicker and more substantive than a cream) and then sprinkled with cocoa bits. The fact that it tasted great was a major surprise, as it sounds.... well, strange (at best). The wait staff agreed that they thought the chef had lost it when he first described what he was doing. Then they tasted it and, like us, were won over. Inventiveness that works is how I'd describe this chef's output. And I'm the one who complains that modern "creativity" many times means adding lots of ill fitting ingredients & results in a mess. Impressive place. Thanks for recommending it.
  14. Steve R.


    So, you took my advice and showed up here again. It figures that you chose to post about Parkside for your return. See you soon.
  15. "It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired". I just noticed the above signature line. Its better than the one I generally quote ("I don't have to outrun the gorilla, I just have to outrun you") & I'm stealing it for the future. Hope that's not politically incorrect ("appropriation" sensibility) -- let me know if you're insulted.
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