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  1. Collaro's - the one on McDonald Ave in Bklyn (not Coney Island Ave or Ocean Pkway) Chestnut (again, Bklyn - Smith St) Queen (still more Bklyn - Court St) Devi Cauldron Hong Ying Teresa's (either E.Village or, you guessed it, more Bklyn - Montague St.) Annisa Lauro (even though he's back at Foxface Natural) Otto How's Bayou (yeah, I know)
  2. My apologies. After all the great recommendations you've given us in Richmond (which is usually a stop going and coming on our Florida drives from NYC), I just realized that I never posted on eG about my 2017 dinner at Zynodoa. Well, here it is, copied from the post I did make on donrockwell.com. Better late than never (& not so helpful, huh?): Staunton Went to Zynodoa several nights ago, as our last stop before home from Florida was Staunton, Va. We loved the town, we loved the restaurant. Lots of food, all made very well with mostly local ingredients & high skill. We were going to order the app. of cornbread w/grape jelly while we were at the bar drinking (a very good local Reisling) but the couple next to us got one and it was huge and would've destroyed any chance of eating a large dinner. When seated (in a front booth, not the back tables), we had a great waiter and ate too much. I had fried catfish bites with thin onion rings that was excellent. My wife had the pork belly app (yep, an app.) which was large enough that I had to help and was glad to do so - excellent). My dinner entree was blackened catfish (I didn't feel at all silly ordering catfish and catfish - no, not at all) & this was very nice. She had beef tips which, again, could not be finished, this time even with my help. A sweet corn dessert was great and we didn't eat again till Brooklyn. Highly recommended. Glad you had a nice trip.
  3. Just to close the loop & say that we, indeed, ate at both Stella's and Edo's Squid for our 2 dinners in Richmond on the way back home to NYC last week. Both were as good as they were before and both would be on our regular rotation if they were in Bklyn. As an aside, I'm not sure about the overall wine pricing at Edo's Squid, but I was impressed to find a Ridge 3 Valleys red for $54. We are very sure that the retail price is in the $30s, as we buy it pretty regularly. It went very well with the oyster stew, the veal dish & the eggplant parm. Aside #2: the cannoli are some of the best I've had, Brooklyn & Sicily included.
  4. Mitch, your hunch is correct. We’ve eaten there more than a couple of times, as its been convenient to the places we’ve rented in the 11th & has always served us food that is interesting & tasty. While not quite up to general Lyon bouchon standards, the double order of Quenelles is always one of my favorites, and the frisee aux lardons is a must as well.
  5. Maybe this same place was more inexpensive 3 years ago but its current offerings and the meal you obviously had is exactly what I meant. I never heard of it while there, its not hard to get to & its pricing extremely affordable (in my opinion). If I go back there soon, I’ll be there. Thanks.
  6. So much so that we’ve pretty much decided to go back again when we pass thru Richmond heading home to NYC on 3/1 & 3/2. This time we have 2 dinners (& 1 day of touring Richmond), so we’ll hit Stella’s and probably Edo’s Squid. L’Opossum’s menu reminds me how hit and miss our dinner was several years ago & we’re not going to do bbq either. We did hear that the owners of Edo’s Squid have opened another place — any idea on that one?
  7. One of the (many) things we love about Paris is that we could spend a month there, eating at more than a month’s worth of restaurants (as we just did in Oct) then you can tag team afterwards and eat at great places - and there’s no duplication. An affordable, accessible and varied food city like just about no other.
  8. As Kim said, “Stella’s is excellent”. We sat at the bar & had a great time talking to the 2 bartenders (Morgan & Mike) about the upcoming NFL game (Dallas vs Brady’s Tampa). Although they were split on rooting interest, I was hoping that both could lose. Well, at least Brady wound up going down. At any rate, everything we ate was well above the level we are used to in this price range and environment (really nicely done place). Over many years in NYC, I’ve managed to find some upper end more expensive Greek places that are excellent &, yes, there are quite a few other places, especially in Astoria, that are well worth going to. However, this was smack in the middle of those 2 categories and well appreciated. Especially good was my “small plate” of smelts. The portion was large enough to be a main dish if ordered with a side (all the apps. seemed to be sharable by 2-3 reasonably hungry folks). The smelts were very cleanly fried. I was a little surprised that the serving was not a bunch of the very small variety, but were a plate full of large fish. Very meaty, fresh and tasty. We’ve found another place to love.
  9. Thanks Kim. Much appreciated as always. We now have a reservation for Mon, Jan 16th.
  10. In QC, we really liked Le Pied Bleu & Bistro St. Malo. In Montreal, in addition to those already listed above, we liked Maison Premiere and the great chefs' tasting menus at Candide and Tandem.
  11. Just saw this thread & am probably too late (by months) with this info., but Dhaba Express is part of the group that has Dhaba on Lexington Ave in Manhattan. Not saying its not great, but maybe not the place to be your #1 reason to hit Parsippany for Indian food.
  12. yep. weinoo posted a picture of the gravesite so I added the 2 murals.
  13. As weinoo said, we were in Montreal (for the month of May) & got around. Lots of great murals - we even took a mural walking tour that was well worth it. Loved Schwartz's, did not like the bagels from any of the famous places - not St Viateur or Fairmount. They put honey in the water, makes them too sweet. And they are way too dense for me. Lots of good eating. Actually, when you get away from the skyscraper/Bell Center area, the neighborhoods of Montreal remind me a lot of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. For me, that's a good thing.
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