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  1. Just saw this thread & am probably too late (by months) with this info., but Dhaba Express is part of the group that has Dhaba on Lexington Ave in Manhattan. Not saying its not great, but maybe not the place to be your #1 reason to hit Parsippany for Indian food.
  2. yep. weinoo posted a picture of the gravesite so I added the 2 murals.
  3. As weinoo said, we were in Montreal (for the month of May) & got around. Lots of great murals - we even took a mural walking tour that was well worth it. Loved Schwartz's, did not like the bagels from any of the famous places - not St Viateur or Fairmount. They put honey in the water, makes them too sweet. And they are way too dense for me. Lots of good eating. Actually, when you get away from the skyscraper/Bell Center area, the neighborhoods of Montreal remind me a lot of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. For me, that's a good thing.
  4. Well, maybe. On another board (or 2), I recommended he try Le Gigot because their OpenTable menu lists it and several of us remember having it there. They may have shortened their menu currently but be able to make it if Dave calls & asks (something only someone pushy like me would do & he would probably never do).
  5. yeah. I grew up 4 blocks away and hung out there as a teen. I knew Dom for 55+ years & will miss him being there. RIP
  6. Many, many years ago (the early '70s), there was a show that featured "The All Dead Band". I remember it as Natl. Lampoon's "Lemmings" but, according to Wikipedia, its not a listed number so that might not be it (although you should definitely Wikipedia it, since that show was a hoot). At any rate, all of the rock musicians who had died were represented & the band had a Ginger Baker stand in playing drums. I understand that he blew a gasket when he found out about it and said something dramatically more than "but, I'm not dead". Just sayin'. (thank you Smithy and docsconz)
  7. What do hot dogs have to do with this? Oh, wait... that's wieners. Well, that works too!
  8. I had no idea of the connection to Schiller's.
  9. Funny you should say that. I have no idea who owns it and, up until last year, had never set foot inside any of their places. However, we had some of Ginny's relatives coming in from NJ last year & we were responsible for finding a place that could handle 8 people with, lets say, varying tastes in food & wine during a lull in the pandemic. We found JWF's web site on line, liked it well enough & took a chance. Turned out great. Incredibly friendly, intelligent service, food above what I expected for the price/location & a definite winner. Enough so that we had another, similar situation several months later & went back. Same result. So... you know the owners? Glad they're nice and expanding into Brooklyn.
  10. Yep. Same here in NYC. I've seen places I know on several "reality" shows & all were staged to exaggerate so as to increase the "entertainment value". Even Saint Bourdain did this. There was an episode on one of his shows where a very food board popular small Egyptian place was featured. He showed the place with several outdoor tables & smiling groups of diners loving every minute of it. Although the place, its food & its owner were dear to my heart, it never had outdoor tables and the folks sitting at them were friends of mine, asked to come and help stage the shoot.
  11. Adding my 2cents to this, I think that, in N.O. and other southern parts, drum is sometimes referred to as croaker. At least that was what I was told years ago when we were there and I asked if it was related to catfish. Its not.
  12. If you wind up liking the olive oil, its available in the U.S. Although you can find it on Amazon (approx. $35), "yummy bazaar" (which I've never used) has it for around $18: https://yummybazaar.com/products/nyons-cold-pressed-extra-virgin-olive-oil-a-o-c-by-nyonsolive-8-45-oz. When we rented an apt. in Vaison la Romaine several years ago, we drove up to Nyons a couple of times for their town market. Their local olives and olive oils were pretty damn good. Enjoy!
  13. The problem with being on more than one food board is resisting the temptation to carry on duplicate discussions/arguments/agreements/disagreements. Suffice it to say that I found the piece entertaining and laugh out loud funny. Enough so that I've now subscribed to her blog and am reading her other stuff.
  14. So, there we were in Lyon, eating at the Bocuse restaurant/training center in the Hotel Le Royal (I love how pretentious that sounds) several years ago. Our trainee server was a very nervous (but personable) woman in her 20s, who was trying to get everything just right but finding everything way too stressful. Wrong silverware, some almost dropped food. We were supportive... really. Next thing we know, our soup is being delivered by the Manager/Trainer. When we inquired as to where she was, he hesitated but then revealed that she had quit on the spot, saying that Front of House wasn't for her. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I think that this came with a look from him that could've been translated as "what the hell did you do to her"?! I prefer to think of our role as one of "career counseling". 😎 You'll be fine. Happy holidays!
  15. Are we not noticing that this was The Onion reporting?
  16. Yeah, Bourdain did his share of upscale but was at his best, in my opinion, at places like the ones that Williams took him to in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (Caribbean). There's an episode of Bourdain at Ali's Kebab Cafe in Astoria (Egyptian), an old Chowhound (& subsequent food boards) hangout, and one where he's at the Red Hook Ballfields (Latin American), where I first met him, that are great. The Obama one in China Vietnam aint half bad either.
  17. Well, in addition to the requirement that you eat everyone’s “special” rice ball, the chickpea fritters and the spleen sandwiches made fresh at the street market stands in Palermo are not to be missed (yes, spleen). Also, the sardine dishes. And the marzipan pastries.
  18. While we're at it, there are several nice small Mt. Etna wineries that are worth a visit, but you might need someone to make arrangements. We especially liked Romeo Del Castello, a mother/daughter operation on the lower slopes of Mt. Etna. As has been said, Palermo is the better food town, with several street markets selling items that can/should be eaten on the spot. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY I was familiar with the chick pea fritters, the spleen sandwiches and the various sardines, cheeses and other street food. But this was freshly done right in front of the stores selling the meats and cheese and the taste was way better.
  19. Could it be: http://anticamarina.it/en/home/ Its in Catania's fish market, is informal and was (is?) very good when we ate there 3 years ago. At lunch, the fish market is open and its a little loud/bustling. At dinner, the market takes on a nice glow.
  20. Its just one more line that we've crossed over, making it harder and harder to tell reality from, well, fakery. Although the couple of AI clips in this "documentary" seems to be faithful to what Bourdain said in writing, the Director admits that we don't know how many other AI's are in there and, therefore, how accurately they reflect AB's voice. And, straying from this particular piece, among the things that one can now do (with ease) to misrepresent reality are: -call from Paris and claim to be home in NYC (by cell, zoom, what's app...) -answer a door bell from afar and pretend to be home -photoshop into pictures when not present -insert into videos when not there -create AI visual "settings" (like the moon) and insert people, buildings, etc -put a "voice" somewhere that the person didn't speak -watch "reality" TV and believe its not as scripted as NCIS And we wonder why so many folks cant discern what's real anymore and follow Ms. "Jewish Space Lasers" down the rabbit hole?
  21. Do we move this to the "APB - Missing Member" thread now or wait until you've fully digested?
  22. I knew that... just prodding a little. If you're interested, when you're in NYC, let me know & we'll do drinks or dinner. Did you go anywhere worth mentioning in Brooklyn when you were here?
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