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  1. Yeah, Bourdain did his share of upscale but was at his best, in my opinion, at places like the ones that Williams took him to in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (Caribbean). There's an episode of Bourdain at Ali's Kebab Cafe in Astoria (Egyptian), an old Chowhound (& subsequent food boards) hangout, and one where he's at the Red Hook Ballfields (Latin American), where I first met him, that are great. The Obama one in China Vietnam aint half bad either.
  2. Well, in addition to the requirement that you eat everyone’s “special” rice ball, the chickpea fritters and the spleen sandwiches made fresh at the street market stands in Palermo are not to be missed (yes, spleen). Also, the sardine dishes. And the marzipan pastries.
  3. While we're at it, there are several nice small Mt. Etna wineries that are worth a visit, but you might need someone to make arrangements. We especially liked Romeo Del Castello, a mother/daughter operation on the lower slopes of Mt. Etna. As has been said, Palermo is the better food town, with several street markets selling items that can/should be eaten on the spot. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY I was familiar with the chick pea fritters, the spleen sandwiches and the various sardines, cheeses and other street food. But this was freshly done right in front of the stores selling the meats and cheese and the taste was way better.
  4. Could it be: http://anticamarina.it/en/home/ Its in Catania's fish market, is informal and was (is?) very good when we ate there 3 years ago. At lunch, the fish market is open and its a little loud/bustling. At dinner, the market takes on a nice glow.
  5. Its just one more line that we've crossed over, making it harder and harder to tell reality from, well, fakery. Although the couple of AI clips in this "documentary" seems to be faithful to what Bourdain said in writing, the Director admits that we don't know how many other AI's are in there and, therefore, how accurately they reflect AB's voice. And, straying from this particular piece, among the things that one can now do (with ease) to misrepresent reality are: -call from Paris and claim to be home in NYC (by cell, zoom, what's app...) -answer a door bell from afar and pretend to be home -photoshop into pictures when not present -insert into videos when not there -create AI visual "settings" (like the moon) and insert people, buildings, etc -put a "voice" somewhere that the person didn't speak -watch "reality" TV and believe its not as scripted as NCIS And we wonder why so many folks cant discern what's real anymore and follow Ms. "Jewish Space Lasers" down the rabbit hole?
  6. Do we move this to the "APB - Missing Member" thread now or wait until you've fully digested?
  7. I knew that... just prodding a little. If you're interested, when you're in NYC, let me know & we'll do drinks or dinner. Did you go anywhere worth mentioning in Brooklyn when you were here?
  8. C’mon.... I mean, what could possibly go wrong? 🤢
  9. You comin’ to Brooklyn? I’ll check. As an aside, is everyone aware that there isn’t a bean emoji? Do I have to join a “bean emoji club”?
  10. An entire row (6 or so varieties) at my local, less-than-gourmet, Key Food.
  11. Pretty sure that it's acceptable to use quotation marks for the generic "people say", "sort of, but not really" or "supposedly" type things. However, I probably won't stop doing it even if I'm wrong. Sorry.
  12. Sorry we didnt know each other when we were kids. I could've invited you over for dinner. The various canned vegetables, "cooked" to a boil, were real treats. Especially the canned asparagus. My mother only had salt in the house: not even black pepper or garlic made the cut.
  13. As an admittedly older cranky guy, I'm having trouble deciding whether he's too young to know enough to do this or old enough to know better and shouldn't have done it.
  14. Seems like a good place to mention the difference between andouillette & andouille.
  15. Great story. As for “I’m a New York Jew. This is how we are.”, did you think that she would be self aware enough to know that she only represented one tribe of my people & not all of us? Overall, her tribe is large but generally harmless & she was only following its "make first impressions a trial by fire occasion" mandate & testing your tolerance. As we say, if you get the worst over with upfront, it can only get better from there. Consider it a bonding ritual. Two things you should note: firstly, bacon is exempt from Kosher laws when traveling more than 100 miles from home to a place that makes good bacon. Sometimes we add shrimp and cheeseburgers to that exemption. Secondly, my aunt said she really liked you.
  16. I too am sorry for your loss. I had never seen this thread & just read it, start to present. Thank for for sharing.
  17. Dont bet on it. I heard that both Uber and Lyft were bidding for the escalators.
  18. see, its working.... people are talking about epicurious.
  19. I always hated going to restaurants with my ex-in-laws in the 70’s when only my father in law got menus with prices. It really hindered my ability to order all the most expensive items. 😇
  20. So, I checked their website and Jason says that they opened the Golden Mall stall a little over 15 years ago. I know that Bourdain followed shortly thereafter and that I went (with Dave Cook, pre-"Eating in Translation" blog) a month or two after Jason’s father hung up Bourdain's picture (I think that I mis-posted above that it was a review - my memory now tells me that it was AB's picture). That makes it a long time ago.
  21. Yes. That was the 1st place the son opened outside the 2 Flushing mall spots. I went to the opening. Well after Bourdain though.
  22. I remember going downstairs at Golden Mall to the 1st place, listening to his father try to communicate how proud he was of Bourdain’s visit, yelling “Bourdain, Bourdain” to any non-Asian passing by & pointing to Bourdain’s review, hanging on the stall wall. The notoriety allowed them to afford another stall at a now defunct mall 10 or so blocks away, staffed by his wife. Then his son joined the business with marketing skills & away they went. As an aside, the original “Dumpling Lady” stall was right around the corner at another stall in Golden Mall, offering a large variety of fillings. She also got famous, and a large restaurant & well reviewed cookbook resulted (Helen You: Dumpling Galaxy). That mall was great. Dirty but great.
  23. I should mention that I regularly buy both dried cranberries and orange flavored dry cranberries. For years. I don't know why they exist, but they taste good. Better than the yam flavored ones at any rate (yes, that part's a joke).
  24. Reading this part of the thread, I have become depressed over realizing that my story of getting seltzer delivered in these bottles is now 40 years old. The depressing part is remembering that my roommates and I laughed about it being "retro" back then, as our delivery guy was the last in the area & had been a solitary provider for years already.
  25. Baldness & a Brooklyn accent. One of these legacies keeps expanding, while I think that 6 years in the Midwest got rid of most of the other.
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