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  1. kayb

    Dinner 2020

    One further. When in Tampa, go down into Ybor City and go to Columbia. The flamenco dancers are worth the trip, but the food ain't bad, either. @CantCookStillTry, in those occasions, I recommend wine. However, a full Southern Special (eggs @your choice, bacon or country ham, biscuits, gravy, sliced tomatoes, fried apples, hash browns) never goes amiss.
  2. I freely admit to being out of my depth in the scientific realm of this discussion. But my gut feeling, by which I cook more often than not, is that a bit less coconut oil would fix things. That said, are you using solid coconut oil, or liquid, to cream in with the sugar? Again, my gut tells me it ought to be solid. Maybe a chilled bowl.
  3. Trigger is pulled. The sample content was enough to sell me.
  4. No, I'm planning to get an APO eventually anyway, as I am not one of those who has backup CSOs in the garage. I'm simply wondering if there's anything an air fryer can do that my CSO currently, or my future APO, can't do just as well.
  5. kayb

    Lunch 2020

    Chili, pimento cheese on GF crackers, and pickles. Works, on a cold, dreary day.
  6. A question for those of you who already have your units. Is the convection setting such that this would adequately replace an air fryer? My daughter is jonesing for an air fryer; other daughter has one and uses it a lot. I am loath to get one if I can make a multi-use appliance do what one would do. Reports?
  7. Oh, WOW. I'll see y'all in a few years. Right now I'm neck deep in German Cookery for the American Home. Thanks, @chromedome!
  8. I'd say spicy pepperonata is a thing if you want it to be a thing. Be a trendsetter.
  9. If any of our folk are making these for mail order, let me know. I'll buy.
  10. kayb

    Dinner 2020

    So the seasoning is the salt and pepper, aromatics, and then the Chachere's on the shrimp? OK, I can do that. Thanks!
  11. I would venture it does not. The 10-inch is fairly tight. I don't see another two inches of play.
  12. kayb

    Dinner 2020

    @patti, it may have been thin, but it looks fabulous. Got a recipe you care to share? @Paul Bacino, is that chili made with neckbones? Puts me in the notion for posole. I have some RG hominy and a big damn Boston Butt I could break down, use part for posole and part for carne adovada.....and probably have enough left for carnitas. Which brings up a point of interest. I don't want all those in one week. Is it feasible to thaw that bad boy (he's 8 pounds or so) out in the fridge, portion him up, bag up two portions (I could vac seal) and re-freeze them? Seems to me that long as
  13. I am seriously considering pulling the trigger on this one, as I like "dead tree" cookbooks for books I know I'm going to be going back to over and over. It looks like a good one.
  14. Y'all are killing me. I drove through Staunton (which is a lovely town, btw) last week. Twice. I expect to be back up in that area in the future, so be assured I'll be exploring Staunton and looking some of y'all up. And trying some of these wonderful things.
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