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  1. kayb

    Food funnies

    Personally, I'd rather have a backup CSO.
  2. kayb

    DARTO pans

    I use my cast iron religiously for making cornbread and frying okra.
  3. kayb

    Dinner 2020

    I'd rather be sober in Barbados than drinking Scotch when it's 21 degrees. I think.
  4. kayb

    DARTO pans

    The 27 fits in the CSO as well. Just sayin'.
  5. Welcome to the Dark Side. I'm seriously contemplating ordering a backup, as I seem to be one of the few club members without one (or more).
  6. kayb

    DARTO pans

    I may have to consider a 20. It WOULD be good for single serve dishes, which is a lot of what I cook.
  7. kayb

    Dinner 2020

    No photos, but, it being colder than the proverbial well-digger's nether portions, I opted for an Instant Pot of taco soup. Three kinds of canned beans (one must be chili beans, the other two I used black and cannelini as that was what I had on hand); a can of whole kernel corn; two cans of tomatoes and one of tomato sauce; a sauteed diced onion and three or four cloves of minced garlic; and a pound of ground beef browned with copious quantities of Penzey's taco seasoning. A standby from years past. Must be served with Fritos corn chips scattered atop. Had to stop by the grocery on the way home from church for the Fritos and chili beans, but I had the rest on hand. It, and some Glenlivet, served to ward off the chill. It is presently 21. I am contemplating emigrating to Barbados.
  8. Update: Today, I found the "old" kind of Brach's conversation hearts. As they taste fresh and are not tooth-shatteringly hard, I'm presuming they are this year's and Brach's is just making two different kinds.
  9. I highly recommend the Out of Milk app. It's free and it lives on the home screen of my Android.
  10. Read through probably half of it this morning. I like it, and it was worth the price. No really earthshaking recipes, and I wish he wasn't so brand-centric (Is Anson Mills rice THAT much different from Riceland?). Lot of emphasis on ramps, so I'm glad I learned the cocktail onion + scallion greens sub for that. I particularly liked the preserving and fermenting sections. Several in there I'll be trying this spring/summer. Yes, lots of narrative. And great photographs.
  11. Oddly, I just bought the dead tree edition after finding it at 50 percent off at the local Barnes and Noble. I've paged through but mostly to look at some of the titles of recipes.
  12. kayb


    Welcome.Will be interested to see your posts on charcuterie. Do you cure a lot of different things?
  13. I prefer to think of it as revenge of the gastropods.
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