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  1. I saved that one, too. Thanks! @Darienne, I have read that you can sub fresh chives or thyme for dill. Have never tried it. Seems reasonable it would work.
  2. kayb

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Sometime last year, I bought a little "baby" Pullman pan (only about 7 1/2 inches long, and so an excellent size for me) when I caught it on sale at Amazon. Yesterday, I decided to use it. I used the recipe from Rose Levy Berenbaum's Bread Bible. I am VERY pleased with the way it turned out. Great, soft crumb. Good, rich flavor. (I may have undersalted just a tad.) I was somewhat surprised it took 50 minutess at 425 to bake, but it was perfect at that time/temp. And it was marvelous for a childhood throwback treat for breakfast this morning: Cinnamon toast, sans cinnamon. Just butter and sugar. I see a Croque Madame in my immediate future.
  3. kayb

    Dinner 2019

    Leftover roast beef, sauteed onions and mushrooms, over mashed potatoes. It started out to be beef stroganoff, but I decided to separate it and will use part of what I saved for stroganoff later.
  4. kayb

    The Great Freezer Clean: 2019

    Unless you're in and out of your freezer a dozen times a day, I'd say you're in the market for a new gasket.
  5. You can order Tony's online, here: clickety Shipping might be outrageous for the refrigerated, but... it's not every day you've been married 59 years! Many congratulations, and may there be many more!
  6. I've gotten it in a four-ounce, vac-sealed package at Kroger, at the seafood case. It ain't great, but it ain't awful. I don't remember a name, sorry.
  7. A natural interest in this topic, and a desire to avoid real work today, led me down the rabbit hole of trying to document some of what I thought I knew about immigration patterns into the Ozarks, presuming, as @gfron1 has mentioned, when folks moved in, they brought their culinary traditions with them. Seems I was mostly right. It does, in fact, appear that many early settlers in the Ozarks had come from the Appalachian areas of East Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky and Virginia. A lot of those settlers came in through ports in Virginia and North Carolina and migrated westward. Other Ozarks settlers came down the Ohio Valley to Cairo, Ill., and crossed the river, or down the National Road through the Shenandoah Valley and west across Tennessee. International immigrants were primarily German and Central European, with a sizeable Italian immigration as well. Lots of German settlements in the Ozarks, particularly in Missouri. This is a fairly interesting (to me, anyway) article on it. You can see a potentially marvelous fusion of cuisines!
  8. A couple of good friends are from, respectively, Australia and Trinidad. He swears by black cake. She makes it, and sent me a recipe. I'm going to try it one of these years, havig never seen a dried fig I didn't like.
  9. I have always found balsamic vinegar to be a natural pairing with Brussels sprouts; my favorite prep is to cut them fry them cut-side-down in bacon grease (or olive oil) until they caramelize, and toss them with a healthy portion of balsamic vinegar. I'm not sure exactly what you'd put with that to make it "saucy" enough for pasta, though. I'd agree I think a tomato sauce would get crossways. How about using more balsamic, and just adding a little pasta water?
  10. kayb

    Food funnies

    Particularly for @Anna N:
  11. My Aldi yesterday had a NICE butcher block cutting board, about 16 inches square, about an inch and a half thick, and it said what wood but I've thrown the label away and don't remember, for $14.99. Insets cut in two opposite sides for ease of picking up. I didn't really need it, but for that price, could not turn it down. I'm thinking I'll give it a light sand and rub it down with mineral oil. They still had the sous vide circulator, marked down to $40 from $49, so I suspect those are on their way out. Had I had my phone, I would have taken a photo.
  12. Freezer challenge today was a big fail. I used nothing from the freezer. I added three pork tenderloins, because Aldi had them on sale.
  13. kayb

    Question about dried bean varieties

    Yes, I like mine flattened. They fit inside a pita better that way! My kids used to live just up the street from a Middle Eastern/Greek restaurant. I became a falafel aficionado by picking up takeout there when I'd visit. And there's a great place i Memphis that I stop in when I'm over there and have time; you're right, they do heat back up right well (the CSO works nicely for that).
  14. I can testify to Broadbent's bacon. I get their big packages of bacon seasoning pieces, which I then use to make bacon jam, which is the most divine condiment known to modern man. However, being an adopted Arkansan, I would be remiss if I did not at least get in a plug for hometowners Petit Jean Meats. You won't go wrong with anything you get from them, and that black pepper bacon is sublime. I would also put in kudos for their smoked turkey breast, and their pastrami.
  15. kayb

    Question about dried bean varieties

    I have had some success frying falafel in about 1/3 inch of oil in a skillet, and flipping them when done on one side. Wonder how they'd air-fry?