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  1. In general, I think you're right, but individual taste comes into the equation as well. Else I would not have declined turnip greens in favor of making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I would happily eat calves liver and onions; but I did and I won't. Both were regulars on the table when I was a kid. I still use bacon fat as my seasoning of choice for lots of things, a holdover from childhood (fortunately, I have excellent cholesterol). I have an autistic grandchild. He will eat fruit (except strawberries). He will eat peanut butter, if it's smooth. He will eat grill
  2. kayb

    Dinner 2021

    I'm convinced the part (the unit it is for is quite old) is being fabricated by monks in Tibet and transported via mountain goat. Or maybe carrier pigeon. It really hasn't been bad. Temps have been cooler than normal for June. We just topped 90 for the first time in three or four weeks yesterday. Humid as heck, though; it's been overcast and raining a lot.
  3. They make the best garlic aioli in the world.
  4. kayb

    Dinner 2021

    I am winding up Week 2 with a broken air conditioner, and it has finally gotten uncomfortably warm. I ain't having anything that can't be assembled out of the fridge or delivered or picked up. I'm thinking tonight will be falafel salad from the Middle Eastern food truck. Lunch will be summer sausage and cheese, with fresh peaches and blueberries in yogurt.
  5. This joins my collection of "favorite beach photos purloined from eG members." @liamsaunt and @robirdstx are other frequent contributors, though they may not know it. Sometimes I open the folder and just browse through and look; it always makes me feel peaceful. After this, I may have to start a folder of "favorite purloined mountain and village photos." The scenery is beautiful. I will go to Greece someday. I will, I will, I will. The breakfast spread looked enticing, as well.
  6. I had at one time a recipe for scalloped pineapple that had grated cheese and I forget what else in it. I looked for it, but it's not in the book I thought it was. I recall it being pretty good. Ill look for it. Because they taste the way the ocean smells, early in the morning.
  7. Don't know, but I know my peanut butter recipe is the same way, as is my sauce for candied sweet potatoes.
  8. The important stuff from the NYT article: I bought pints of various berries, divided each batch into two samples, and heated one by immersing and swishing its plastic basket in a pot of hot water. I emptied the heated sample onto towels to cool down and dry. Then I repacked it, and encouraged both baskets to spoil by wrapping them airtight and letting them sweat on the kitchen counter. After 24 hours I counted the moldy berries in each basket. The strawberries fared best when I heated them at 125 degrees for 30 seconds. In two samples from different sources, this treatment gav
  9. kayb

    Knife Storage

    In my last, very cramped kitchen, I screwed two magnetic strips parallel to each other on the underside of the wall cabinet above my main prep area. When I moved here, I went to a knife drawer.
  10. Sweet (mild) sopressata. Summer sausage. And I'm fond of Lebanon bologna, which appears to me to be neither Lebanese nor bologna, but I sure do enjoy it in a sandwich. One of my very favorite cured meat products is Lomo, cured and smoked pork loin. Sort of like Canadian bacon, but different.
  11. I have four of those: 1. The ice cream maker. I don't use it a lot, but it's nice to have when you want ice cream. The world would not end if I didn't have it; there's an excellent frozen custard shop down the street. 2. The honey dipper. It came with the pottery honey pot when I bought it at a studio in Georgia, so I used it. It works. So would a spoon. 3. Silicone egg-poacher thingies. I've honestly never tried to poach an egg without it, always tending toward over-easy for preparations that call for a cooked-but-runny-yolked egg. These work. I wouldn't die if I didn't
  12. Being a Tennessean by birth, I know from country ham. As you noted, it's dry-cured, but generally not smoked. I have added the "smoked" flavor, when it was needed, by tossing in a few pieces of smoked (uncooked) bacon. You can render the fat in whatever it is you're cooking; it imparts a bit of a smoky flavor. I keep packages of frozen smoked pork shoulder in the freezer; those serve the same purpose. But I find in most soups and stews, a cured hock that isn't smoked imparts the flavor I want; the smoke is not really imperative. If you want both, consider ordering from Broadbent's.
  13. kayb


    We're coming on to the end of strawberry season (late this year), and not far from blueberries and blackberries. I must go to the pick-your-own and pick some blackberries for jam. Last time I went, I took the grandson, who was maybe 4 or 5. I picked two gallons in 20 minutes. He picked and ate at least a pint in that period of time. My apple tree, which was barren last year, is loaded this year. There will be apple butter! There will be dried apples! Apple pies and apple crisps!
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