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  1. Three and 3/4 years in, I still love my kitchen. There are, however, a few things I’d change about it. Several of the base cabinets are too narrow to be useful, ditto some of the drawers. Thus I have three teeny drawers (6-8 inches wide) stove side, devoted to utensils. If I were to rearrange things, I’d swap spots for my stove and fridge, which would put my stove and sink on the same wall, and the fridge opposite. I’d move the coffee station to the left end of that counter, leaving me a good-sized prep area between stove and sink. That would allow me to have a real vent hood that could vent outside. Counter where the stove was would keep its lowered section for baking. Remainder of counter would be where other appliances — stand mixer, air fryer, CSO, instant pot — would live. At the end of the kitchen, which once housed a table and chairs, there is a counter-height top with three deep drawers at one end, the remainder open to accommodate barstools. I have two barstools at the center island, so I’d stick another identical stack of drawers under it Center island has a drop leaf. All countertops are granite except the island, which is butcher block.
  2. I remember the first time I sprung for a wedge of Parnagiano after years of pre-shredded (or ground) green can dreck. It was a revelation. Green can dreck does have one good use. Build yourself a turkey or chicken sandwich. Coat the outside of the bread wall-to-wall with softened butter, and cover liberally with parm. Grill. Savor.
  3. kayb

    Wooden Spoons

    My mother died in 1995. I still have her wooden spoons in a drawer, and use them daily. @Katie Meadow — my spoon rest serves double duty as a place to park eggs you’re going to crack for baking or otherwise cooking, and to park the eggshells after you’ve cracked them.
  4. My daughter’s mother-in-law served it at a birthday dinner. Don’t know where she got the recipe from. Yes, if you wait until you can get decent local cantaloupe, you have to use non-local asparagus. I don’t recommend the other way around.
  5. I think one of my favorite preps is roasted with olive oil and lemon zest, then topped with diced fresh mozzarella and cantaloupe, the whole thing drizzled with balsamic glaze.
  6. I ate crickets that had been blended into granola once, wasn’t bad. Didn’t get in yo checking prices.
  7. kayb

    Dinner 2023

    Anyone need juniper berries? Have an over abundance. Free for the asking. They’re in my way. Oooh. A combo that never occurred to me. I have shrimp in the freezer and tamarind in the pantry. Will try this. Until it’s been there until it’s old enough to vote, and you clear it out and pitch it. I made vegetable beef soup t’other day. Served two of us. I have a two-liter jug of it in the fridge. I feel your pain.
  8. kayb

    Oysters: The Topic

    Char-grilled for me. damn. Thinking about NOLA now.
  9. kayb

    Dinner 2023

    I bought juniper berries via Amazon. Did not notice I was buying 8 oz. I have juniper berries for YEARS. Pm me your address and I’ll send you some.
  10. kayb

    Dinner 2023

    Perhaps the best corned beef I have ever cooked. Grabbed a 3 1/2 pound flat cut brisket at Aldi. Cut it in half, cooked one half in the IP, high pressure for an hour. Switched to slow cook, added veggies, cooked for five hours. Potatoes, carrots and beef were marvelous. Cabbage was over cooked. Celebrated Arkansas and Tennessee moving on to the Sweet Sixteen.
  11. I have an el cheapo Rival that I picked up at Big Lots about 15 years ago. Makes one round Belgian style at a time, but I just put a rack in the oven and turn it on warm. It’s about two minutes’ cooking time per waffle, so not a real problem. No controls. Plug in, wait til the green light comes on, fill with batter, close, wait til green light comes on again (though I always give it about an extra 30 seconds). Serves my purposes.
  12. kayb

    Dinner 2023

    Glad he’s out and doing well. Happy birthday!
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