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  1. I made them one year. They're marvelous.
  2. My father used to eat Saltines, bologna, cheddar cheese and hot sauce. Plain old hot sauce, probably Tabasco.
  3. I am commencing to crave choucroute garnie. Which is assuredly NOT a spring dish, but....the mouth wants what it wants. Tonight we're having tornado memorial shepherd's pie. So named because I made it shortly before the tornado hit Saturday, and never baked it.
  4. Two major reasons for Premium saltines. The other two being cracker crumbs and eating with tamales covered with chili. And they must be Premium or Zesta saltines. A lot of stuff is fine with cheap knockoffs. Saltines are not. A favorite steakhouse in Hot Springs, which burned to the ground just before I moved there 😒, brought a huge basket of Saltines and a large cup of its housemade French dressing to the table as an amuse bouche. I could regularly ruin my appetite with 'em. Never mastered the art of their house--made French, either.
  5. kayb

    Quarantine Comfort Food

    Wine. Plenty of potatoes, to be prepared in a myriad of ways. Lots of cheese. Dry beans. Variety of smoked and fresh sausages.
  6. Down here, barbecue pizza is a big thing. Tomato-based barbecue sauce instead of regular tomato sauce, pulled pork barbecue, mozzarella. I add a sprinkle of barbecue rub to mine. Served with slaw on the side. Not half bad. Key is to be sparing with both sauce and cheese.
  7. I had my choice of a number of different semi-decent meals for dinner tonight. I had wine and a Twinkie. Pot ain't got nothing on this quarantine for encouraging junk food.
  8. I wish my KA flour would come in. They warned me they were behind on shipping. But I'm ready to make bread, even if I can't eat it.
  9. I have never strained mine. I will note that I don't have near enough of it now that I limit my bacon cooking to when the kid is gone, since the smell is a migraine trigger for her. I'm thinking the Paragon on the back porch may be the answer to that.
  10. Aaaaaaand, we have internet again! The aforementioned quiche and salad: And how close the tornado came to me.
  11. The shepherds pie from leftover meat loaf wound up being three small pies. I had just delivered one to my elderly friend from church when I got a frantic call from my daughter: "Come home NOW! There's a tornado coming!" You may have seen on the news it are a swath through Jonesboro; in fact, a half mile from my house. Had the mall and several restaurants that were demolished not been closed due to COVID, it would have been much worse. As it was, we had no damage, have no internet but did not lose power. So I made quiche and Waldorf salad for lunch today. As I have no internet, I can't load pics. As some internet wag noted, my 3-month trial of 2020 is almost over. I think I'll return it.
  12. In the interest of using up leftovers, I made three small shepherd's pies today, using leftover meat loaf. I figure shepherd's pie uses browned ground beef, so why shouldn't I use crumbled meat loaf, no matter it's half beef and half pork? I stirred in some leftover English peas, diced and boiled two or three carrots, and stirred that all together with (forgive me, cooking gods) a can of cream of mushroom soup. In all fairness, if I had had beef stock, I'd have made a beef gravy. On next week's agenda: beef stock. Mashed the potatoes, stirred in a cup or so of grated cheese (I know it's not traditional, but I like it), and assembled three small six-inch pies. One is in the freezer; one will be dinner tonight; the third I'll deliver to my elderly lady I'm checking on regularly. Tomorrow I'm using leftover ham to make a quiche.
  13. kayb

    Breakfast 2020!

    Oooohhh. Cantaloupe jam. As much as I love good ripe cantaloupe, this prospect fascinates me. Details?
  14. Owwwww! That hurts just to look at it. I have not maimed myself recently. I'm probably due.
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