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  1. No reason at all. I have put things in the SV bath still partially frozen, and just left them longer. As has been noted, it's very forgiving.
  2. Dinner. Tenderloin soaked overnight in buttermilk, then sous vide (time/temp dependent upon age and sex of deer), then either seared or breaded and fried. Shoulder roast marinated in dry barbecue rub for 24 hours, then 72-hr SV, then pulled and crisped up, if wished. Ribs SV and then finished on the grill or smoker. The rest of it ground. Well, deer brisket might make good pastrami. Never tried it.
  3. kayb

    Shrimp and Grits

    Glad you enjoyed, @ElsieD! The only difference in cornmeal and grits is the size of the grind. Like cornmeal, grits come in white and yellow. There are also hominy grits. Which you get tends to be a function of where you are. Should you become a true grits aficionado, I'll pick up a bag at the grocery and ship 'em to you.
  4. What they don't know won't hurt 'em.
  5. I could eat my weight in these things.
  6. Wonderful trip -- thank you! What were the walkers in the religious parade carrying on their heads?
  7. Whoo hoo! Welcome to the Dark Side! Just remember to shield with foil anything that's too close to the top baking element. I use my CSO more than any appliance in my kitchen except for my coffee maker.
  8. kayb

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Kim Shook -- Happy birthday! Your dinner looked spectacular! @Shelby== = You may have my share of all the pig ears in the world.
  9. kayb

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Ham (vacuum packed and frozen since Easter. Potato salad. Cucumber and onion salad.
  10. kayb

    eG Cook-Off 55: Shrimp & Grits

    Huh. The one I had originally used had the grits, referenced in the recipe. They involve milk, heavy cream, and mascarpone, and by my calculations, had about 1,200 calories and God knows how much fat per serving. I just make grits according to the package recipe (quick grits are fine, instant are not, and old-fashioned are fine but not necessary, if it' with half whole milk and half water, and four ounces of cream cheese for every four servings. I do recommend par-cooking the bacon, particularly if it's thick, in order for it to get crispy as the shrimp cooks.
  11. kayb

    eG Cook-Off 55: Shrimp & Grits

    You have to use the very cheapest, thin bacon, or par-cook it and then wrap the shrimp. I also generally just fry in the bacon fat. And I do a significantly lighter treatment of grits than the heart-attack-inducing Mr. B's recipe with all the heavy cream and mascarpone cheese and such. Light cream cheese and whole milk serves just fine.
  12. Aldi's generally has them. And at a good price.
  13. George needs to die. He will eat your tomato plants.
  14. Fun! Another place I'd love to go, but likely never will. Thanks for taking us along!
  15. Put a freshly baked pineapple upside down cake (or any other baked good) on a stove burner to cool. Then I will, as a result, never again turn on the wrong burner, beneath it. An explosion and small stovetop fire ensued. As did much profanity. I also threw out the saucepan full of diced potatoes that were boiling for potato salad, for fear the glass shards had gotten in there, too. Judging from the sound effects as they went down the disposal, one had. I have retreated to the couch with wine.