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  1. I'm guessing it was smoked turkey breast -- at least what I had was breast meat. Don't know if they smoke the whole bird or not. I got mine as a plate, not a sandwich, with a couple of sides. Sides were forgettable, but, oh, that turkey. It's sliced about 1/4 inch thick, and the servings are generous! Good camping another hour or so south, just over the line in Hardy, Arkansas, along the Spring River. Plus you could then come through Jonesboro and visit me! K.
  2. A pound of ground beef and a take-and-bake baguette from the Kroger bakery contributed to spaghetti and meatballs, along with a jar of home-canned tomato garlic sauce and one of tomatoes (the tomato garlic sauce is seriously garlicky, thus I dilute it with plain tomatoes). The grandchildren were happy. Baby steps. Still way too much in the freezer(s).
  3. That's fine looking chicken.
  4. Wright's is probably my favorite among the mass-market bacons. Petit Jean is better, but it's a regional brand (cured in Arkansas). When you get to Benton's, Broadbent's, Father's, etc., you're in a whole different category of bacon. I will differ with @Thanks for the Crepes as to Broadbent's country ham, but hey, there's plenty of room for all of us in the cured meats universe. A different smoked/cured meat, but if one is ever in West Plains, MO., there is a restaurant called Savor that makes the best smoked turkey I have ever eaten.
  5. I'm the same way. We should start with asparagus in the next week or so. Need to contact my local farmers.
  6. You have to pick the very young leaves. They might as well still be toxic, far as I'm concerned. Stuff's nasty.
  7. Thought I had posted this previously, but don't see it. Forgive me if I have. Plant early. No later than first day of spring. You'll be eating peas by early May, and they'll be gone by early June. Short season, but oh, so good!
  8. It's 45 and raining here. That looks like heaven. If you're unable to post from there, please just save everything up and deluge us when you return. Would love to see some "recovery" scenes, as well. Good travels!
  9. What's the typical method of prep for them when they're served as street food? Or for fresh ones in general? My kids, all now grown, still protest vociferously if I make a stir-fry that doesn't have "crunchies" in it.
  10. It'd look great on a T-shirt!
  11. Oooohhh. You just reminded me I had a bag of mini Payday bars. Thanks!
  12. kayb


    And it's crawfish season in these parts. I'll be going out to grab a tray or two soon....
  13. kayb

    Bastard condiments?

    Having stirred up a batch of Mississippi Comeback Sauce today for my shrimp salad, I wonder if that would qualify as a bastard condiment? It includes mayo, chili sauce, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, along with paprika, onion and garlic powder, and pepper. Makes a fine spread for a turkey sandwich. Benefits, in that instance, from a sprinkle of curry powder.