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  1. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    One rare example of a time the food would make no difference -- if I had that view. Gorgeous. Fruit doesn't look half bad, either.
  2. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Well, she's still amongst us, anyway. I can testify that hospital food is no better here than @liuzhou experienced in China, but for the meatball sub I had for lunch which was at least edible. Bolognese is still in the fridge.
  3. After having an instant pot for two years, I've come to the conclusion it definitely has a place in my kitchen. I love it for dry beans, which I cook a lot. I've learned how to do a lot of the braises that initially I much preferred stovetop at a slow simmer, or in the oven; I get that same development of flavor with a long saute of the aromatics and wine or beer before the lid goes and pressure cooking starts, and perhaps more sauteeing after the pressure cooking is completed. I like it for rice (I had only an el cheapo rice cooker previously), and I like doing the pot-in-pot dishes with a meat and sauce in one pan, rice in the other. Its greatest attraction to me is certainly convenience. Well, and it's the only way I've ever made yogurt, to which I'm now addicted, and I appreciate the way hard-boiled eggs peel so easily. I will make cheesecake in the IP, mostly because cheesecake ties up the oven for so long. Other bread-ish, cake-ish things, no. Have not yet tried the lasagna. Prefer sous vide for ribs. IP also does a fine job cooking apples for applesauce or apple butter, as I will be doing in a couple of weeks.
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Well, I had gotten up early and made a pot of Instant Pot bolognese sauce. Got home from church, was simmering the sauce with added cream and parm, and boiling the water for the linguini, when I got a call to come to the hospital where a dear friend had just had a heart attack. Turned everything off and flew out the door. Put Bolognese in fridge when I got home last night. Water is still on stove. Perhaps will have pasta tonight. Sauce tasted good. I used the Serious Eats recipe.
  5. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    So are the schupfelgnuden a potato dumpling of sorts? Or more like spatzele? They look luscious. You had me at the eggs in tomato sauce until you mentioned bell pepper.
  6. Not a huge fan of the hard-boiled egg because the white seems to have no taste. I have toyed with the idea of deviling eggs in a two-step process that involves pickling the whites overnight first, before taking them out, drying them, and filling them. Going to try that one day. Deviled eggs with smoked salmon and caviar. Or just deviled eggs with caviar. I'm good.
  7. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Yes, by all means, please do. I see "German" and my eyes light up.
  8. Groan. So gorgeous. My caprese salad is good, but it can't touch that.
  9. Got my travelogue glasses on and a glass of wine on the table. Looking forward to the trip.
  10. No, but I've had them in a wonderful Brussels sprouts dish in a Memphis restaurant; some sprouts were shredded raw, some were sauteed, and some outer leaves deep fried. I don't know what all they did to it, but it was marvelous.
  11. Forum Newbie

    Be still, my heart! I would have been a regular customer of your bar and grill. Particularly if you had good beer on draft. Unlike @Smithy, I LOVE sweet potato fries. No extra sugar, no sweet dipping sauce (no dipping sauce atall, in point of fact). Just hot and crispy with a dusting of salt.
  12. Pear preserves. Bought three three-pound bags of Bartlett pears from Aldi for $1.99 a bag. Six pints of pear preserves, and a pint of pear syrup, because those were some juicy pears. A moment of silence for the beloved old pineapple pear tree on the home place, which I fear has borne its last pear.
  13. Amazon's "deals" are usually just six or 12 hours for the big discounts.
  14. I just can't cook __________!

    I have always, if I do say so myself, made excellent potato salad. Recently, I got on a trend of making it and it just...didn't...taste...right. Couldn't figure out why. I all but gave it up. Then it dawned on me one day. I was using either spicy brown mustard or Dijon mustard, not plain old ballpark yellow mustard. Potato salad wants ballpark mustard. The potato salad universe, I am happy to report, is now righted again.