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  1. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    From the freezer, leftover roast pork with gravy from a few weeks ago, over mashed potatoes.
  2. Taco Bell 2014 -

    I am mortally irritated at Taco Bell. I got my every-six-months urge for crunchy tacos yesterday. Grabbed my bag at the drive-up, got home, and dammit, they had left the lettuce off the tacos. And I had no lettuce at the house, as wasn't getting back out.
  3. Glad this came to my attention. I think I shall try these.
  4. Damn. That'd just about put you off eating out.
  5. MAP-Pro Torches

    The occasional searing. My broiler is anaemia. https://www.bernzomatic.com/Products/Hand-Torches/Instant-On-Off/BZ4500HS @mgaretz. thanks.
  6. MAP-Pro Torches

    Along that line, what's the best torch to buy for what will be at most, occasional use?
  7. @gfweb -- in the Philly environs, I commend to you the Austrian Village, in Huntingdon Valley. Nowhere near a fine dining restaurant, but damn, it's good. There's also a place called Otto's, out somewhere in that general part of the world, that was good. The Blue Ox, I think, has closed. But the AV has marvelous red cabbage, potato salad, housemade bratwurst, good sauerbraten and good schweinbraten. In Memphis, for many years, there was ONE German restaurant, Erika's. It was good, but it, too, was not a fine dining establishment. Good solid workingclass German food. I wept when it closed, not due to lack of business, but because the owner wanted to retire. A couple of places tried to take its spot -- one was downtown, and was pretty awful. The other was quite good, but went overboard on the beer hall atmosphere -- all communal tables with benches, very loud. I'd prefer a separate table and the ability to carry on a conversation. I think the first one has closed, and the second decided to switch over and become a barbecue restaurant (like Memphis needed another one of THOSE), and I'm not sure whether there's a German restaurant left in town or not. Little Rock offers a couple of good ones -- The Pantry and its sister restaurant, Pantry Crest, which are both excellent. My pick of the litter, though, when I'm over there is Steinhauskeller in Hot Springs. Just absolutely marvelous. Mid-range, but you can go above or below that level; very nice atmosphere, although I really miss the tuba and accordion duo who used to play there (you have not lived until you have heard Van Halen's "Jump" on tuba and accordion). Fortunately, in self-defense I have been forced to become a fair hand at cooking German food.
  8. Non-stick pan suggestions

    OK. Trying that next time. Will see what it does.
  9. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Happy anniversary!
  10. Non-stick pan suggestions

    OK. I'll bite. My big "sticking" issue is, as I mentioned, with potatoes. My technique is to saute' onions over medium to medium high heat first, stirring to keep them from burning, and then adding potatoes when they've softened. I spread them out, leave them still until they should have had time to develop some browning, then I attempt to turn. And they HAVE, in fact, developed some browning, which sticks to the bottom of the pan. What am I doing wrong? I will concede my Lodge carbon steel pans may not yet be adequately seasoned, but my cast iron is smoother than a baby's bottom, and I can fry eggs in it with no problems. But potatoes stick. How should I be doing it? Specifically, for hash browns or home fries? Does not seem to matter if I am using par-cooked (for hash browns) or raw (for home fries). I typcially use Yukon Golds.
  11. Aldi

    I don't use that much heavy cream. Half and half is another story. A quart at Aldi is $1.98. The only time I see it that low is at Kroger when it's marked down because it's so close ot its sell-by date. And butter is $2.99 a pound; can't beat that anywhere else in town. I buy it five pounds at the time and put it in the freezer.
  12. Non-stick pan suggestions

    I put water in the pan, boil it on the stove, then scrub out with a brush. Usually loosens everything right up. If I have to repeat, I add a healthy dose of Kosher salt. For non-stick, and i like them for pancakes, eggs, and fried potatoes (I cannot make fried potatoes not stick in my cast iron or carbon steel pans), I have a set of two Calphalons, a 10-inch and a 12-inch, that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond 10 years or so ago. The smaller one, which sees more use, is about to need replacing. I'll look at Calphalon and Tramontina and go with the cheaper alternative.
  13. Aldi

    But then I'd have to go to Walmart. Worth the extra 40 cents a pint not to have to do that.
  14. Key lime pound cake. And baby pound cakes made with the excess batter.
  15. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Pastrami and swiss on pumpernickel, mustard, half-sours.