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  1. kayb

    Latkes - the Topic!

    I like about half a large grated onion to two large potatoes. Grate them together, dump into a colander, strain the hell out of 'em, add an egg, salt and black pepper, maybe a tbsp. of potato flour, and go. Highly recommend with apple butter and sour cream.
  2. kayb

    Breakfast 2021

    Love the bowl, too.
  3. ...rather sheepishly admitting I LIKE cottage cheese.
  4. Different kind of steel and different method of manufacture. Take a great edge, and hold it quite well.
  5. I have a pair of Misono knives I brought back from Tokyo 10 years ago. They're wonderful.
  6. Ow. I still carry a scar on my shin from a mishap with a skillet of grease in which chicken had been fried. Now they just sit on the stove until they're cooled. Hate that about the sauce, too.
  7. I had a turkey breast I was going to smoke yesterday, but it was cold and windy and I didn't want to fool with it. So I threw together a sauce with the zest and juice of a Valencia orange, a little sesame oil, a healthy glug or two of tamari, and some gochujang. Meant to put garlic, but forgot it. The turkey breast, one from my local farmer, was boneless and skinless, and had dry-brined for two days. I plopped it in a baking dish, poured the sauce over and around, and baked. Kids said it was great, and they were glad I'd forgotten the garlic.
  8. kayb

    Dinner 2021

    I really have been cooking lately....but nothing has been worthy of a photograph. Pasta in a meat sauce one night this week, ham and potatoes another, last night was stew beef just floured, browned and simmered in Guinness until tender, then served over mashed potatoes with green peas on the side. Been prepping for dinners for the weekend when Child B and crew come down for belated Christmas. Tomorrow night is snacky stuff, meatballs, a smoked turkey breast (brining now, will smoke tomorrow around noon), cheeses, pickles, olives, fruit bowl, etc. Saturday night is carne adovado, u
  9. kayb


    Hellman's. Full fat, regular Hellman's. That is all.
  10. kayb


    I had curried goat in a Caribbean restaurant in Memphis once. It was excellent. Lots of bones, but excellent.
  11. No. I use primarily hard plastic (but they have a little give to them, if you know what I mean) -- always for meat, occasionally for veggies. They go in the dishwasher after one use. I have some wooden ones that are used primarily for cheese and charcuterie; they look decent enough to serve off of. I have one plastic one I probably ought to discard -- it's getting a bit scarred and discolored. But it's my favorite, and the handiest to use -- has a "handle" on one end. Wonderful for dicing onion, etc., and then scraping into a skillet.
  12. Looks pretty good. Vegetables look crisp when they ought to be crisp. Meat looks reasonable (I, too, had questions about the meat loaf). I have to think mining's come a long way. Daddy was never a miner, but carried his lunch to work for 40+ years. It was, infallibly, two sandwiches, a pickle, fresh tomato and peppers in season, and a thermos of coffee. Occasionally, when it was really cold and he knew he'd be working outside (he worked in maintenance for DuPont as a welder and pipefitter), she'd add a second thermos of soup and/or chili. Closest I can get is farm meals
  13. In the wake of Christmas, if there was ham, there's generally always an excess of ham leftovers. We were no exception. A shank half ham, about 11 pounds. 5 adults. Christmas night, I cut it all off the bone and threw the bone, with a good bit of attached meat, into the IP. Next morning, ham stock, which went into the freezer, meat from the hambone divided amongst the containers. The remainder went into two plastic bags...one of slices usable for sandwiches and one of little bitty pieces and unsliced chunks. Being it was a shank ham, there were more of the latter.
  14. Good piece on Rob and Bulrush in Barron's. Here
  15. kayb

    Lunch 2021

    I have learned a new thing today. It is a successful day.
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