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  1. It's 45 and raining here. That looks like heaven. If you're unable to post from there, please just save everything up and deluge us when you return. Would love to see some "recovery" scenes, as well. Good travels!
  2. What's the typical method of prep for them when they're served as street food? Or for fresh ones in general? My kids, all now grown, still protest vociferously if I make a stir-fry that doesn't have "crunchies" in it.
  3. It'd look great on a T-shirt!
  4. Oooohhh. You just reminded me I had a bag of mini Payday bars. Thanks!
  5. kayb


    And it's crawfish season in these parts. I'll be going out to grab a tray or two soon....
  6. kayb

    Bastard condiments?

    Having stirred up a batch of Mississippi Comeback Sauce today for my shrimp salad, I wonder if that would qualify as a bastard condiment? It includes mayo, chili sauce, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, along with paprika, onion and garlic powder, and pepper. Makes a fine spread for a turkey sandwich. Benefits, in that instance, from a sprinkle of curry powder.
  7. I contemplated the Bourdain this morning when my BB email arrived. This pushed me over the edge.
  8. Particularly if it's pasta. Pasta is my turkey. Sends me straight to the couch for that afternoon nap.
  9. I've never seen a Beefsteak tomato with that kind of shape, but who knows? I looked at tomatoes at the grocery today, and saw nothing that looked like this, sadly. Y'all are killing me. The last time I wanted a ripe tomato this badly at this time of year, I was pregnant with my eldest (who will not eat tomatoes to this day, because I ate them three times a day after they finally came in season while I was pregnant with her). I tend toward Romas or cherry-grape tomatoes when I'm dying for out-of-season fresh tomato taste. Not as good as July, but it'll do in a pinch.
  10. Well, photogenic it isn't, but it's good. Shrimp, diced avocado, corn kernels. Dressing is Mississippi Comeback Sauce (recipe online -- mayo, chili sauce, mustard, ketchup, Worcestershire, lemon juice, hot sauce, smoked paprika, black pepper, garlic and onion powders).
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    No clue. Being relatively ignorant of mussels in general, I assumed they were all freshwater. I don't remember anyone around home eating them.The old folks would tell of going "musselling" for the shells, which were used to make buttons.
  12. kayb


    Have never cultivated a taste for mussels. I grew up on the shores of Kentucky Lake, which is absolutely awash in mussels, and is the home of a thriving freshwater pearl industry, but it never occurred to us to eat 'em. Have often wondered why, since they appear to be along the lines of a freshwater oyster.
  13. kayb

    Lasagna baked in bainmarie style ?

    Great post. Thank you. Our traditional family dishes just do not taste the same outside the family kitchen.
  14. I have leftover corn on the cob. I have shrimp in the freezer. Will go out and grab avocadoes tomorrow and it will be avocado and shrimp salad time! Stay tuned....
  15. Ahhhhhh, new sorghum. With crackling cornbread, slab bacon, and tomatoes, please. I'd be perfectly happy with that as my last meal.
  16. kayb

    Dinner 2019

    I finally nailed how to cook a relatively thin (1") rib eye so it's tender but not overdone. SV 3 hours at 125. Chill. Sear in flaming hot iron skillet 3 minutes on a side. First time I've turned on my stove in a week. Worth waiting for.
  17. kayb

    Lunch 2019

    This kind of fast food I could get used to. New place. Chicken Salad Chick. A scoop of one of their dozen different chicken salads, a scoop of pimiento cheese, crackers. Pickle spear, a couple of small cookies, broccoli salad. With a Diet Coke, it cost me $13. The CS and PC would each be enough for a BIG sandwich. I'll be back.
  18. Mine's good right now. I do run vinegar through it about once a month.
  19. kayb

    Food funnies

    I like it....
  20. kayb

    "Zuni Cafe" Cookbook by Judy Rogers

    I really want to come visit you for a week. I'll buy groceries and wash dishes, if you'll cook.
  21. kayb

    Dinner 2019

    FWIW, my standard recipe is a pound of ground beef, an egg, two slices of white bread, crusts removed, torn in bits and soaked in a little milk, about a half-tbsp of Worcestershire, about 1/4 cup of ketchup or tomato paste, and seasonsings (generallly seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder). I squeeze out the bread crumbs (and give the leftover milk to the dog, who loves it), and knead everything together by hand, very thoroughly. Then I pack it firmly (none of this "loose" meat loaf for me) into a dish, brush some more ketchup on top, and bake. Being that I make meat loaf specifically for the leftovers for sandwiches, I want it to hold together. If I'm making a bigger one, and add another pound of meat, it may be pork or veal, or venison, depending on what I have on hand, and I add another egg and another slice of bread. The first recipe makes a meat loaf "sheet" that's about a half-inch thick in an 8 x 8 dish. I like crust, so I design the meat loaf accordingly. Brie of some sort is my favorite cheese for it.
  22. I love macaroons, but this intrigues me.
  23. Quite entranced with the notion of bonito shavings in tutus.
  24. kayb

    Cheese I can’t do without

    Order the smoked "city ham" from Broadbent. Although the Appleton Farms ham at Aldi ain't no slouch.