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  1. I always knew I was pregnant before I ever missed a period, because I craved milk. Drank it like it was water…a gallon in two days. All three times. with Child A, I wanted biscuits and sliced tomatoes (Not necessarily in combination, just wanted them.) With Child B, I wanted cantaloupe. With Child C, I wanted anything I could get my hands on. but in none of those instances could I go inside where anyone was cooking a hamburger. You could go get one and bring it to me, and I’d scarf it down. But don’t ask me to be inside anywhere with it cooking.
  2. Plus one for the non-lamb-lovers. I'll eat it if it's well spiced (shaslik, gyros), but that's about it. Though I generally keep a package of frozen ground lamb on hand in the event I get a Middle Eastern urge. It's just one of those things I never ate growing up, so I never developed a taste for it. I'm also not crazy about farmed duck, I guess because I grew up eating wild ones.
  3. I did something like that once. Child C called me in a panic, taking Grandchild 2 to the ER for a raging ear infection about 9 p.m. one Friday, would I please meet here there? Of course I would. ER waiting rooms on Friday night are not pleasant places to be. By about 11:30, we had not been seen, Grandchild was asleep on a seat, and we were dying. I looked at Child C and said, "I'm going to get us some coffee." Nowhere to get coffee in the hospital at 11:30 at night. So I bought a couple of Starbucks cold frothy things from a vending machine. We got home about 1:30. I didn't go to sleep until after 4.
  4. kayb

    Dinner 2023

    God bless my mama, she never made me ear stuff I detested. In all fairness, I generally didn’t like things my father didn’t like, so she didn’t serve them.
  5. kayb


    Can I come to your house and eat popsicles?
  6. kayb

    Lunch 2023

    Ain’t my ch better than a ‘mater sandwich. Unless you elevate it by adding bacon.
  7. When I'm dying for coffee and Starbucks is the only option around, I'll drink a latte with an extra shot. The milk tamps down the bitterness enough to make it drinkable, and hey, it's caffeine. Their chai latte is pretty good. And the ones at airports always have the prepackaged yogurt/fruit/granola cups.
  8. I didn’t count the second 50, but the top 50 was pretty heavy toward South America and the Iberian Peninsula, which I found interesting.
  9. kayb

    Dinner 2023

    That looks luscious. Got a recipe for the soup?
  10. I guess I’m a dullard where summer squash is concerned. Yellow crookneck squash. Slice it 1/4 inch or so thick. Sauté in olive oil until tender, with onions, seasoned salt and pepper. Cook twice as much as you plan to eat. Take the leftovers, the next day, and combine with 2 eggs, 1/4 cup half and half, a cup of grated cheese, and a sleeve of crushed Ritz crackers. Dump in a baking dish, top with cracker crumbs and more cheese, and bake. Thank me later.
  11. Inquiring minds want to know…did you get back through customs with your produce? And what will you do with it?
  12. kayb

    Beef "roll ups"

    My very favorite is: Tahe a round steak. Pound it thin. Wrap it around a good bratwurst and a dill pickle spear. Wrap that in bacon. Brown, and braise in Warsteiner.
  13. As always, an absolutely fascinating trip, and what gorgeous food! I'm so sorry y'all were sick.
  14. Got a replacement sous vide circulator. Trying the Instant Pot brand. We shall see.
  15. I need a new Anova circulator. Mine passed on to its reward.
  16. kayb

    Breakfast 2023

    You lost me at kale. I bought kale at the farmers market once. Made kale chips. Even they were nasty.
  17. kayb


    I throw mt carcasses in the IP with a quartered onion and a couple of carrots cut in chunks, water up to the max fill line. Pressure cook for 90 minutes, then when you think of it, turn it off and set for another 90 minutes. Then it can sit on “keep warm” until you’re ready to parcel it out in containers and freeze it. I have a small colander that fits perfectly in my 6 qt IP, and I put all the solids in that. Makes it easy to lift out, leaving the stock, that I can then ladle into containers for the freezer.
  18. kayb


    I entertain myself with seeing how many meals for two I can gin up from a rottissererie chicken. My record is five, plus six pints of stock.
  19. I made a good potato salad last weekend. Small new redskin potatoes (the largest ones needed to be quartered, most just halved, some tiny ones whole). Drained and added a mustard viniagrette made with white wine vinegar, grainy mustard, olive oil, herbs, while they were still hot. Added some cooked, crisp bacon before serving.
  20. Now, y'all, that's been damn near 50 years ago. I would suspect it was a Rival, or some other el cheapo. Just the pot part, heating element in the bottom, not even an on-off switch (you just plugged it in). Put butter in it, plug it up, let the butter melt, pour in the beaten eggs and stir. Occasionally it'd shut off before you got them as done as you wanted them, in which case, unplug it, let it cool down, then plug it back up and finish them. You could also heat up various and assorted canned stuff in them. Again, you'd often have to go through a cycle, let it cool, and go through another one.
  21. Re: dorm cooking. We could have hotpots and popcorn poppers, and that was it. You can cook a good deal in a popcorn popper - scrambled eggs, etc. I also learned how to make a creditable grilled cheese sandwich with an iron.
  22. Just kill me now. Ditto. I made a strawberry icebox pie for our family dinner on July 1. Standard lemon icebox pie filling, sans lemon, but with a cup of quartered strawberries, cooked with 1/3 or so cup if sugar, mashed up, and mixed with the condensed milk-egg filling. Baled in a crumb crust for 20 minutes at 325. Cooled slightly. Topped with halved strawberries and a glaze of simple syrup, cornstarch and strawberry jello (standard Shoneys strawberry pie glaze). Further chilled. Note. This looked like hell. The condensed milk and strawberry layer bakes up sort of taupe. I will use some red food coloring next time around. Tasted really good, though.
  23. Posted 4 minutes ago ok, this one goes in the “keepers” album. Thanks!
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