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  1. Nothing, other than the fact it has to do with sorghum molasses. Just one of my mutitude of flights of digression. Oh, look! A squirrel!
  2. kayb

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Appreciate that. Unfortunately, I'll be trying to outrace the rain that comes with it this weekend. Headed to E. Tennessee for a funeral. Hopefully it'll still be cool into next week. Did you send tacos, too?
  3. The spiced wafers. Gingersnaps. Molasses spice cookies. Whatever they are.
  4. kayb

    Creamy Shrimp (Low Carb)

    Ooohhh. Sounds good.
  5. Going to make these soon as the new sorghum comes out of the mills. Likely next month. For those who don't live close to the source, "new sorghum" has a distinctly different taste from sorghum molasses after it ages a few weeks. Very bright and almost citrusy. It was always an occasion when one could get the first "new sorghum" of the year (they'd announce it on the news on the local radio station. Major big deal), and I knew what dinner would be that night. Country bacon, crackling cornbread, canned tomatoes and new sorghum. And there was a very specific way to eat it. One put a couple of tablespoons of butter on one's plate, poured a similar amount of sorghum over it, and mixed the two with the blade of a knife. Then one spread dollops of it on the cornbread, a bite at a time. (I always dipped my bacon in it, too. The tomatoes were a nod to having a vegetable on the table, and served to cut the richness of the other items, as well.
  6. Please do post your father's recipe for goulash. I enjoy paprikash, and would love to branch out!
  7. I have come to love curries, both the Indian and the Thai variety. The local Thai place does a mango curry you can get with either chicken or shrimp that is to die for. I'm fond of coconut curries on all kinds of seafood. Still pretty much a rookie at making my own, but I do enjoy trying. I insist on cooking jasmine rice with my Thai curries, basmati and naan with my Indian ones.
  8. kayb

    Oreo Cookies

    Get thee behind me, Satan!
  9. kayb

    Oreo Cookies

    @Kim Shook -- I blame you for this. Well, you and the fact I went to the grocery while hungry, someone one Should Not Do. I am, for the evening, the proud owner of a bag of Lemon Oreo Thins. I do not expect them to last the night. Thankfully the package is small.
  10. kayb

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    I could get behind a pork chop sandwich. I love most anything one can do with a pork chop. Could give up beef a lot a lot quicker than I could pork!
  11. kayb

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    It's only a frozen pizza from Aldi's, but I got to use my brand new peel!
  12. Had to get that. The author is obviously Methodist.
  13. The blueberry barbecue sauce rocks a pork steak, too. Just sayin'.
  14. Had to spring for Milk Street and the casserole. I'm southern and Methodist. Casseroles are in my blood. (I am convinced it's part of the Methodist Discipline that one must own a 9 x 13 pan. I'm quite sure John Wesley said so.)