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  1. Bumping up this old topic to make note of a meal I had on the road last week. We stopped in Maurice's, in West Columbia, SC, and had a barbecue plate: It was ... OK. I had had SC mustard barbecue sauce before, so it wasn't a total taste bud shock, but I'm one who prefers sauce served on the side rather than meat being tossed in the sauce. The meat itself was better than a lot of 'cue I've tried, not as good as several others. Beans were pretty good, heavily flavored with the mustard sauce, a good portion of meat mixed in. The potato salad was decent, obviously homemade
  2. kayb

    Dinner 2021

    @CantCookStillTry, the nachos look excellent! I believe my dinner will be some form of that. With liquid fruit. @TicTac, what a sweetheart of a pup! Happy birthday to both little guys!
  3. kayb

    Breakfast 2021

    That's the range mine are in. Don't know why the dang things don't rise.
  4. @Shelby, C.O. is very, very similar to my "ripe tomato pickle" recipe handed down from my mother. I've found it's easier for me to just can plain tomatoes and juice, and I can make up the CO/tomato pickle a couple of quarts of tomatoes at a time. As @blue_dolphin notes, you're going to cook them anyway.
  5. kayb

    Breakfast 2021

    I made biscuits this morning as well. Sadly, mine did as mine have been wont to do lately -- didn't rise worth a flip. Baking powder is fine, baking soda is fine (both work well in other applications). I don't twist the cutter as I cut them out. All I can figure is I'm patting my dough too thin. How thick are your unbaked biscuits? I would add the kids had no issues with the taste, disposing of several with sausage gravy and scrambled eggs. I didn't eat them, as they were made with regular flour.
  6. Welcome. How heavily do you expect to use a food processor? And for how large a batch at a time? I have a Cuisinart that works fine for me, although the bowl has developed lots of scratches and some bits of plastic are broken off (still usable, though). A lot of people in here have a smaller Handi-Chopper, which is fine if you just do small amounts.
  7. kayb

    eG Cook-Off #86: Rabbit

    Sigh. A perusal of all the grocery stores in my town show no rabbit to be found. Even my Asian market, which usually has stuff I can't get anywhere else, let me down. Doggone it.
  8. kayb

    Dinner 2021

    Memory told me there was spaghetti sauce in the freezer. Memory was correct, as it was on the fact I had chicken breasts in the freezer. So, chicken parmiagana@ Child A wanted hers on top of noodles. I wasn't in pasta mode, so I had mine with a sweet potato. Not half bad. Tomorrow, I think, will be beef pot pie. Because I've been in a notion for beef pot pie. With Guinness.
  9. I had wondered about that. I'll try it.
  10. There is a Mexican bakery in town that has the most marvelous pastries -- and they're cheap! -- and they periodically have churros. Sandy will post on her facebook page when they're available. I'm going to have someone who knows how to do it set my FB where it'll alert when she posts anything. Her churros are To Die For! Last time she was making them, I went in to get some and she'd just sold the last ones. If I didn't mind waiting 10 minutes, she was about to fry another batch. I did not mind waiting. The fresh, HOT churros put the regular ones I'd had before in the shade. I had c
  11. That looks marvelous. Would not have thought of peppercorns with orange. Black ones are excellent with strawberry, though.
  12. I've been hitting the soups hard since the cold weather moved in -- chili, vegetable beef soup, beef stew, and yesterday I made a pot of posole. I remembered I reduced the amount of pepper - -it calls for a tablespoon of ancho powder and a tablespoon of chipotle powder, and I went with the full tablespoon of ancho and cut the chipotle to a half-tablespoon. It's still a bit too spicy for me. Not inedible, but ... warmer than I prefer. Any way to tone it down? Being that RG is out of hominy, I ordered some from Camellia Beans. Biggest grains of hominy I think I ever saw.
  13. I dearly love a good pork steak, which, like the shoulder it's cut from, is best braised low and slow. I've also done well cooking them SV for 8-10 hours and then finishing in the smoker for an hour. The Berkshire chops I have in the freezer are loin cuts. Much leaner, less marbling, really easy to overcook and dry out. I usually SV mine two or three hours at 125 for tenderness, then sear in a hot skillet.
  14. I frequently will make fried cornbread (hoecakes) when I don't want to make a full skillet of the stuff. A local fish place, I guess since they're frying french fries all the time anyway, also serves funnel cakes. Used to be quite fond of them, in the pre-GF days.
  15. kayb

    eG Cook-Off #86: Rabbit

    I want that. Please?
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