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  1. Oh the cactus and the aloe!!!!
  2. We have only cold smoked our ribs--around one sixty F--some of my number keys on this laptop aren't working, sigh. After that into the IP for 50 mins. on high and let it naturally release.
  3. I don't know why I know this---one of those weird random things that has stuck in my usually Swiss holed brain. Valencia is a type of peanut. It has red skin on the nuts. That will be the one thing that I know for the whole rest of the year 🤣
  4. Yes! I think that's what these are. They are very small but SWEEEET.
  5. Am I the only one still ordering 🤣 Imperfect Cilantro is on the edge of bad. Need to do something with it today.
  6. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    The last of the doves Along with braised fennel and leeks and Mac and cheese
  7. LOL at the eyeballs 🤣 Maybe a stack of paper plates would suffice.....I'd miss plates, too.
  8. That food looks delicious. I love chili rellenos and I hardly ever make them. And, no, I could not have resisted buying those glasses. I, too, have some of the thick blue rimmed glasses. I think I got them at Pier One a zillion years ago. I'm down to three. And, I broke my pitcher also.
  9. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    Just seasoned flour. Soaked in an egg\buttermilk mixture first.
  10. I've skipped a couple weeks in order to whittle down the veggies, but I'm back on this week. Also, I'm SO excited. Misfits has become available to my mom where she lives (a pretty remote area)! She got her first box a couple days ago and was delighted. This will help her SO much. My Misfits I've already pickled all of the radishes--addicted to those right now. I have a cabbage coming from Imperfect too. I have a craving for bierocks and I need to start another jar of sauerkraut because I'm almost out. Those Mand
  11. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    All of you guys with your seafood. Every bit looks delicious. Chicken strips with the required mashed potatoes and gravy along with Nirvana corn from the freezer ( I have a lot of corn yet to eat....summertime is fast approaching) Breakfast last night. Wonderful eggs from my egg person, potato patties using leftover mashed potatoes and boudin. Oh and along side in little bowls, the best Mandarin oranges I've ever had.
  12. I just swooned over that lasagna. I don't think I've ever seen a more perfect picture of deliciousness.
  13. Ugh that high temp --yeah time to go for sure IMO lol. I hope you are having a good trip home. Be safe....I just can't not say enough to wear your masks and wash hands etc. It's not over yet around here for sure. I'm pretty sure you're ready to get back to your house :). Thanks for alllllll of the photos and taking us along. Always loved by all of us!!!
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