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  1. Just went out and told Ronnie about it. Going to lay out a couple goose breasts and try it
  2. Oh wow! Definitely a great idea. Thanks!
  3. I don't know. He didn't know the end of the story.
  4. Flour, eggs, salt, potatoes, olive oil
  5. A friend of ours was telling Ronnie over the phone that he was in Walmart and witnessed a woman with a heaping huge cart full of fresh meats, TP etc. She was in the return line. He overheard her say that she panicked and bought all of that stuff, got home and realized she wouldn't be able to pay her rent, so she came back to return it all. I'm back, and sanitized and washed. Went to a middle sized town grocery store (Dillon's). Hardly any people. Signs every where reminding people to distance themselves. Markings on the floor on where to stand in line. People stood even further back than the markers said to. Meat, cheese and veg supply (fresh) was normal. Hardly any flour-limited to buying one bag per cart. I couldn't find yeast. There were limits on TP eggs and cleaning supplies none of which I bought. I didn't see any TP available. No bleach. Cleaning products way low or none. Liquor store had my flavor of wine and Ronnie's flavor of vodka so all is right with the world lol.
  6. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Venison meatballs stuffed with mozz. cheese along with Italian sausages over fresh pasta.
  7. Sigh. Wish me luck. I gotta venture to the store and liquor store. I don't wanna .
  8. I'm so glad your travels are going relatively smoothly (knock on wood). I was worried about gas stations etc. being closed. I guess the plus side is that gas is a lot cheaper now. I think Ronnie told me it was $1.50 a gallon around here. Not that we're going anywhere lol.
  9. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Fried chicken for Sunday dinner
  10. OMG Kay. I had no idea that tornado was so close to where you live now. Bless you and your family. Yep, I said the same to Ronnie earlier...had the mall etc. not been closed the loss of life could have been really bad. We are all in this together. (((hug)))
  11. I've lost my appetite too. I always thought I was a stress eater, but both this and another earlier problem (just for me and Ronnie) has taught me that is not true. Bad thing is, my appetite for wine has upped....
  12. That's so nice Kerry, I think of you often and I hope you're taking care and have enough PPE (Covid19 has really upped my vocabulary game). Thanks for all you do.
  13. I wasn't sure where to post this...gardening thread or the preserving thread or here. Chose here. All of the people that can and need jars and/or bands and lids might consider purchasing now. I've noticed that on Amazon it's 3rd party sellers and not Amazon that have them and prices have gone WAY up. Edited to add...just like TP I'm afraid of a shortage in prime canning time.....I just want all of my EG friends to have enough supply to preserve their hard garden work. Edited again to add that it looks like Walmart online has some at a decent price.
  14. Just came in from planting yellow, white and red onions along with red potatoes and Yukon gold taters. Oh and some lettuce (old seeds we will see if they grow) and Pak Choi (experiment, never planted it before...might be too hot already here).
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