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  1. Shelby

    Dinner 2024

    Trust me when I say that they are not super similar to real tamales lol. Yes, meat filling surrounded by masa and each tamale is wrapped in wax paper. And yes, already cooked. You just warm them up.
  2. Shelby

    Dinner 2024

    @Norm Matthews Beautiful bread! Chicken broccoli Alfredo with a Caesar salad Ribs with spinach and hatch Chile macaroni @Smithyhas been talking about using packaged foods for convenience over here . I've been doing that for a bit, too. Sometimes I use jarred Alfredo sauce instead of making my own. Bertolli's sauce tastes just as good to me. There are just some nights I don't feel like thinking lol. Some things like spaghetti sauce I can throw together in my sleep. Other things like curries make me have to follow recipes...dig out ingredients that are buried....etc. I ordered this off of Misfits. It's good. I see the salt content is high though. Quick and easy to add already cooked chicken. I also did a couple egg rolls that I previously made and had in the freezer I came across a can of tamales in the pantry. I love canned tamales. Ronnie does not. He thinks the meat tastes weird. I have tried to explain to him that he shouldn't think of it as "meat" per se. Think of it as a .....canned tamale but that hasn't worked lol. Anyway I thought about @Kim Shook's dish that she would make when her and Mr. Kim were first married. I searched but I could not find on EG where she posted how she made it so I winged it. Most recipes online showed covering them with canned chili but I didn't have any so I just did tamales sprinkled with sharp cheddar, onions and Fritos baked in the oven until bubbly. I loved it. Ronnie did not lol. Quesadillas to use up leftover steak and beans to go with. Ronnie got one last goose before the season closed. Brined it for a couple of days. Seasoned and stuffed with lemon wedges and fresh thyme After roasting scalloped potatoes and asparagus to go with Last night venison spaghetti red and blueberry bread for dessert
  3. Ours was the same as it has been for a few years. Muffuletta and instead of King Cake I did cinnamon rolls again.
  4. I could definitely see making bacon in a panini maker like this. Mine slopes downward and came with a little plastic tray to catch grease, juices etc. but it's a pain an never quite caught everything.
  5. You're inspiring me to try making kraut again. I made it the first time using the recipe in Deep Run Roots and it was wonderful. Since then I've tried two more times and it's ended up smelling terrible and off and I've had to toss it.
  6. Shelby

    Dinner 2024

    Heartily agree
  7. I read somewhere about someone making bacon in their panini maker. I remember thinking it's easier to do in a regular skillet but what do I know lol.
  8. Nope, not a lick of oil. I turn the machine on with the lid open, plop a tortilla on, place the fillings, plop another tortilla on top, close the lid and that's it. I use shredded for quesadillas....and usually slices for sandwiches. It is easy to over-cheese .....but, like you discovered, the cheese crisps up and it's one of the best parts.
  9. I use my panini maker for quesadillas. Works GREAT. No oil or anything. Healthier and they crisp up wonderfully.
  10. I need to start baking bread again. Or beg Ann to move in with me....
  11. Valentine's Day is Wednesday! I'm trying to decide between the two lobster tails I have left in the freezer or......something else lol.
  12. Fat Tuesday is upon us tomorrow already. I have my usual muffuletta from Central Grocery on order. Hopefully it gets here tomorrow.
  13. Shelby

    Dinner 2024

    A lot of chicken dishes these past few days. Mostly because we picked up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. I can't pass that up for $4.00. Chicken/hatch chile enchiladas Mushroom salad With chicken pot pie and a Caesar salad Canadian bacon/mushroom/green pepper (poor Rotuts isn't going to like this lol) Chicken piccata with angel hair and Brussels sprouts Chicken quesadillas Chicken Pho-ish
  14. WHAT A GAME!!!!! We loved every second of it. I ended up doing more cooking than I wanted to during the game. No matter how early I start that always seems to happen. I fried up tons of livers and gizzards (pressure cooked the gizzards for an hour after frying) Duck/goose hearts, livers and gizzards Yeah. It was a lot of frying lol. Gravy for dipping Asian chicken salad Pigs in a blanket Deviled eggs and pickled mushrooms I bought these cute little football truffles for dessert Only 6 more months until pre-season starts!!
  15. Frito pie. Yes. Well, that just sucks that you can't see the game! Ronnie would be having a meltdown.
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