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  1. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    Salmon that I got from Imperfect Foods. Pretty good. Done in a pan with capers, butter and wine. Salad with @Norm MatthewsChina dressing to go with Venison spagetti red last night with banana pudding for dessert.
  2. Yes, if no blowout, it holds it's shape. I quickly went through my phone and this is the first picture of boudin that I found. We must have wanted both scrambled eggs and runny eggs lol. It isn't solid like a regular sausage by any means, but with a steak knife you can cut slices off that hold their shape. Here's when I did them in a skillet--it was for breakfast for Ronnie and our hunter. You can see I'm just on the verge of the dreaded blowout lol.
  3. I truly have always wanted to try it...and I have venison. I just need to buy a larding needle and figure out where to get lard around here.
  4. I make it a lot when we have breakfast for dinner. Goes great with any type of eggs, toast, potatoes. Think of it as replacing the sausage links one might have with breakfast.
  5. Yeah boudin like to blow up on ya lol. I usually do mine in the steam boy--300F for 20 mins or so--just until the skin browns and gets crispy. Trust me, I've had my share of blow outs! I love love love boudin. Crawfish is probably my favorite.
  6. I found the post by @andiesenjithat I was thinking of.
  7. Somewhere in one of my hunting blogs @andiesenjitalked a lot about larding venison and I've always meant to delve more into that. I'm still trying to find where she posted but in the mean time I ran across this topic where she also posted.
  8. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    Fried catfish and greens Drunken noodles to go with pork belly--I'm SO mad I forgot to take a picture of the belly. Best I've ever made using @Duvelpork belly method. I would have come to blows over who got the last of the crackling parts but Ronnie let me have it So, because he did that, I made him venison chicken fried steaks (one of his favorites) last night.
  9. I really like it. I've recently rearranged my cabinets so I can put it away if I want to but it's been sitting on the counter for a few days now. Am I going to quit using my other smaller IP's? No. But I'm trying out all the new bells and whistles on the new one. It's big so I can make my stocks in one pot instead of having to use two. I don't know if the IP's that are newer than my two old ones have them, but a BIG cool thing are the handles. It makes getting the pot out SO much easier. I like how you set the temperature t
  10. We can't grow peppers here for some reason. We got our soil tested so maybe we can rectify that but until then I have to rely on my brother in law or buying them.
  11. Tell me again (if you already have) what size box is this?
  12. Ohhhh man. I'm so sorry! And, like you said, the sauce . I hate wearing shoes. HATE wearing shoes. My UPS man commented the other day when it was freezing outside that I had no shoes on lol..... Maybe I should rethink that choice when cooking.
  13. Don't feel alone, Heidi. I'm not great about washing either. I even have a salad spinner , which I strangely use on our home grown greens religiously, but not store bought. We aren't dead yet so that's a plus. The lettuce I'm getting from Misfits and Imperfect I rinse, though...I guess I feel like more hands have touched it??? I dunno.
  14. That is where I got the best pears I've ever had.
  15. Really good pears are really good. Medium good pears suck. It's hard to find really good pears around here.
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