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  1. I like to do chicken breasts at 141F for an hour
  2. Shelby

    Dinner 2019

    Traditional corned beef and cabbage done in the Ninja--first time using the slow cooker function. And a new recipe. Pesto pull apart bread. I was rushed for time. Should have cut the squares of dough more uniformly, but it tasted good. And it's green
  3. Ronnie brought home 5 avocados a couple days ago. Yesterday they felt like they were ready to eat. I had big plans to stuff two of them--inspired by @Dejah and @Smithy. I made chicken enchiladas, rice and beans with big plans to fry up the avocados, too. I ran out of steam. So, I have halves of avocado in the freezer waiting to be stuffed. Someday. Maybe today...they are, after all, green........
  4. Shelby

    Dinner 2019

    Enchiladas last night
  5. Oh you always have to have an equal amount of both or it won't work.
  6. Shelby

    Dinner 2019

    Pork belly noodle bowls last night
  7. Awww thanks, I appreciate all of you guys. I've been helped online so much from someone that posted a pictorial etc. on fixing appliances. I hope this pays it forward a bit. AND my beloved steam boy is with me and a happy camper
  8. I think I got it in 2015???? Thanks LOL! Ronnie has done a Keurig--lots of valves, and frankly, not worth it.....I didn't document the process. I bought a new one.
  9. Shelby

    Happy Pi Day!!

    Dang it! I didn't realize it was PI day until I read this. I'm PI-less
  10. Ok, so this is going to be kind of long, but maybe it will help some folks. Strangely, this event happened on the same day that I got my back -up CSO. A quick preface: We have well water and no water softener so our water is quite mineral-y and whatever else is in there lol. I only use water that I've filtered with my Brita pitcher to fill up my CSO's, but I'm sure some stuff gets through the filter and into my machines. Anyway. I decided Tuesday night to steam clean my oldest steam boy while I was cleaning my kitchen. About 15 mins. into the 45 minute long steam clean it began beeping at me and telling me that the water reservoir was empty. It wasn't, it was almost clear full. Which means that it's time to decalcify the unit. So, I dug out the instructions and proceeded to do that. About 4 minutes into the decalcification process, it did the beeping thing again, telling me the reservoir was out of water, which it wasn't. I started over...etc. etc. but the steam boy wouldn't complete the process. So, I turned to google which didn't tell me anything except that someone else had the same problem and went to one of those Fix Ya sites and posted about it. The answer came back that if the decalcifying process was interrupted by the machine saying that it was out of water, that meant that the sensor that tells the machine that it needs water had failed and you needed to buy a whole new CSO because that part wasn't sold and/or replaceable. Bummer. I had a new CSO coming....but I have a special place in my heart for my first steam boy. We have history together. I can't just give up on him. And, if I use my back-up, then I have to buy another back-up! I wondered if, since I have such hard water, that something internally could be clogged and maybe cleaned and he would be back to his normal self again. What did I have to lose? I wasn't going to be messing with the heating elements which work fine. If I couldn't fix the water problem, then Ronnie would inherit him and he would live in the man cave garage and be used for toast. So, today I opened our steam boy up, cleaned a part and he's good as new!!! Here is what I did: Unplug the machine. Remove the outer water reservoir and make sure the tray underneath is empty, too. Also, making sure you do this over the sink, or you have a bowl to catch the water, unscrew the black cap located in the back of the machine and drain that water out from the internal water reservoir. (this is the outer water reservoir, obviously lol) It looks like this after you remove it You're going to unscrew that silver face from the unit which also includes removing the handle that is underneath. Once you get that removed, you will see this: (as you can see, I didn't drain the internal water reservoir by unscrewing the black cap on the back--that's the white container on the right. Don't make that mistake. If you don't, when you remove that thingy that looks like a tube with a slinky on it that connects the drain from the outer water reservoir to the inner one, you will pour water all over your kitchen floor.) You can see just at a glance that there is gunk in that connecting tube. I decided that might be the problem. Closer look at how it's connected I disconnected the side that is hooked to the black outer drain first. I decided to gently blow into the tube (not hard at all because I didn't want to blow gunk into the internal white colored water reservoir). Yep. Very hard to blow. Very full of gunk. So I removed the whole thing Right here is where I had to stop and clean up all the water that I stupidly didn't drain out. Sigh. More gunky pictures I needed a small brush to get in there and scrub around. I dug through my junky kitchen drawer and pounced on this: I have no memory of buying this, but it worked perfect. Yuck I had thoughts of trying to get to the white internal water reservoir to see if I could clean the inside of that while I was there, but it looked a bit more challenging...and since I really thought that cleaning that tube was going to work, I didn't attempt. I did insert a bendy straw into the white internal water reservoir and blow into it. I didn't sense that there were any blockages. Very easy to blow into. So After a thorough cleaning of that tube, I put our steam boy back together, crossed my fingers and pressed the steam clean button. He did great! So, maybe this will help others save their beloved steam boys and girls And, now, like @rotuts would say, I feel like it's close to time for a personal beverage.
  11. Yeah the PKC is new to me too. Very confusing.
  12. Lol, yes, I know exactly what you mean! Good, then maybe I'm wrong. I swear I looked all over the Cuisinart site under the toaster oven heading and I didn't see it. On a bad note, when I looked at Amazon just now--searching for the 300N1, there is one left and it's $199.99. I do not need 4 steam boys I do not need 4 steam boys I do not need 4 steam boys
  13. Is it wrong that the thought of buying a 4th slipped in my brain just now? 😳 That is a really good price. If it gets that low in the US, I'm not sure I could resist.
  14. Yes, I think so. On the Cuisinart website it shows that it's discontinued and I can't find that they list a newer model. They show a toaster oven, but not anything with steam. Amazon also lists it as discontinued I'd love to be wrong, though.