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  1. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Gee. Thanks. Sigh.
  2. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Nah, I don't feel judged....just thought I could sneak the rice past you guys. You're too on the ball. And, also, I've had the damn jingle from the commercial stuck in my head all day.
  3. Breakfast! 2018

    Well. The butter sure is a pretty shape.
  4. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Dammit. Yes. It's like my need for StoveTop Stuffing. And probably the closest I'll ever get to San Francisco.
  5. Grocery Shopping

    I kimchi-ckened out
  6. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    (ps--you do not look like a bean) (pps--and I am not sucking up in order to get a spot in the bean club)
  7. In the interest of keeping us all up on the neat places to eat up there, I suggest that you guys have two lunches a day. Thanks in advance.
  8. Breakfast! 2018

    I was baffled by soupy too--thanks for looking it up BD I think I would like it, too. Looks kind of pepperoni-ish?
  9. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    After digging around in the freezer I found some salmon. A very welcome change from the usual. I sv'd it and made a mustard cream sauce to go with.
  10. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    I some RG's stashed too....but one can never have too many
  11. Rancho Gordo in the NYT... again!!

    I just read your post and then read my newsletter and found they are sold out again. I wasn't fast enough.
  12. Ramps: The Topic

    Interesting. So (if I'm reading the map correctly) they are native to Oklahoma.....I'd think they would be found here in Kansas too.
  13. Can't wait to see Good luck and be safe!
  14. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    So, after I say* this out loud, it's going to sound utterly ridiculous and not possible, but I swear it's true. I had the flu in January --it hit me on the 8th. That's how bad the flu was, because I can barely remember my own birthdate much less any other date. Anyway, it knocked me for a loop to say the least. After the first week it had moved from my chest up into my ears and throat. Thus, the only things I could taste were salt and hot peppers...everything else was like a 9 times less version of it's real taste. Anyway to sum up my long story, before this flu, I had become a big heat weenie. The tiniest jalapeño sent my eyes to watering and heartburn like you wouldn't believe. So, during the flu, the one good thing was that I could eat everything hot. 700 jalapeños plus all the seeds went into the chili and so on. I really took advantage of it because I knew that once I got rid of all of the junk in my nose, head and throat that I would go back to weenie-ness. I haven't gone back. I can eat everything hot. The hotter the better. I've googled to see if this phenomenon is a thing and I can't find that it is. Now DURING a cold or flu, yeah, but not after it's all gone. I cannot get enough hot. Thus the following meals--I'm still afraid I'm going to lose my tolerance lol: Hotdogs boiled in the cajun seasoning that I do crawdads in Lo mein and Asian sticky wings (lots of chile added) Steak quesadillas I cannot wait for jalapeños from the garden. *write
  15. Happy Discovery!

    Welcome! I hope Patty shapes up and stops being naughty
  16. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    It was a seasoned flour breading--soaked the strips in buttermilk and egg first and then dredged. I think the lighting made it look like a tempura.
  17. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Chicken strips and homemade honey mustard sauce.
  18. First Steps in Cooking

    My mom was reading this topic and told me that my first cooking was spaghetti (my favorite food) at 8ish I love my mom so much
  19. First Steps in Cooking

    I don't remember the first thing I ever cooked
  20. I do think that letting the meat sit overnight in the "jus" added some moisture, but it didn't add back any flavor to the meat (the hock that I submerged in water is the one that I let sit overnight). The hock that was not submerged had a lot more smokey, ham (and salt) flavor. I liked it a lot better than the submerged one. I'll try a third one with a bit more water, but not submerged....I may wait until I can get some fresh green beans from the store though
  21. Don't bring her over here right now....the whole house smells like it's made out of smokey bacon lol. I love the smell....they should make bacon air freshener.
  22. Ok, I'm back with a report. I've now done two hocks, two different ways. The first hock was done in the IP by placing the hock on the trivet and covering the hock completely with water. High pressure for 50 mins (that was a screw-up by me.....I forgot to change the time to 30 and by the time I noticed it was almost to 50 so I just let it keep going). Natural release and cooled down in the "jus" in the fridge overnight. The next morning I took it out of the "jus" and it looked like this: Fall off the bone tender, BUT I felt like some of the flavor of the hock leached into the "jus"...kind of like when I make chicken stock , the meat on the chicken that has been cooked a long time loses it's flavor you know? Now, this could have been because I pressure cooked it for 50 mins instead of the 30 recommended by @rotuts. I decided to thaw out another hock and give it another go. So, this morning I put the thawed hock on the trivet with a cup of water in the IP 30 mins. High pressure. Natural release. Done Not quite as tender as the first one, but good enough for me--and I like tender meat. SO flavorful. I think doing it out of the water is the way to go to keep the most flavor in. I just got a thumbs up from Ronnie after he had a bite. He thinks it could be more tender but the flavor is really good. So, I think I'll go 45-50 mins next time on the trivet with just a cup of water. 'Course as he's telling me this, he's eating more ham.....so yeah, he likes it . Now, when i do green beans, ham hock and new potatoes, that is a whole different thing because I want the hock to season the beans and 'taters so submerging it a bit will have to be done. Also this morning Ronnie fried some of the bacon seasoning up. SO good. Very smokey. And this will make amazzzzzzzing cornbread
  23. Did a bag of Rancho Gordo chickpeas yesterday. Chickpeas, cover with about 3 inches of water, little garlic and a bay leaf. 35 mins. High pressure. Natural release. Not too soft, not to hard. Just right
  24. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Night before last chicken gizzards Last night was salad night