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  1. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    I DREAMED about ceviche last night. Not shrimp but a white fish. WANT.
  2. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    Welcome! Not lame Breakfast for dinner is my go to when I'm just done lol.
  3. Yeah, you'll know if it's bad. Mine has no smell...and I can't even tell you...maybe 4 years???? I hope I'm not embarrassing myself lol.
  4. I missed this when first posted. I'd have definitely cooked it. Glad you did
  5. I've had jars of pork fat in my fridge for YEARS seriously. They are in mason jars.
  6. Ok all you smart gardeners. Ronnie wants to put a grow light in the greenhouse. I need something not very expensive, not super extensive...just a plain ole light. Suggestions? I know nothing about them. He read that his tomato plants will do better...be less "leggy".
  7. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    Just chicken broth, nothin' fancy
  8. Oh gosh, food is so precious. Fry 'em up with some onions . I would wolf those down with a side of ketchup.
  9. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    Ronnie smoked a chicken yesterday Even though it was cold out, I wanted potato salad And a new revelation for us--braised fennel! OH this was good. Baked beans and pickled watermelon radish also
  10. Opened these up to put some on Banh Mi sandwiches the other night. Ehem. Yes. Quite the smell. I caught Ronnie staring at me very skeptically. They are very good once the smell goes away lol.
  11. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    I picked it up at the Asian Market (the market was a new place for us...probably won't be going there again. I posted about it on the Food in the time of pandemic thread lol). It was labeled Banh Mi so I figured it was the right stuff. At my usual market they are smaller loaves--like individual sandwich size. This was a long loaf like enough for 3 sandwiches at least.
  12. I'm stocked up with veggies for this week! I am skipping this week...unless I see something I just cannot live without lol. Misfits: I copied and got myself some romanesco (did I spell that right???). Spent a good bit of time getting everything cleaned and bagged up. Imperfect: Everything in both boxes was fresh--a couple of kiwi's got a bit beat up so I'll eat those today. Only weird thing was the Imperfect box. They had a mixed shredded cheese thing for sale. Mozz, parm and something else. Anyway,
  13. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    I delved into the world of Banh Mi for the first time. I'm sorry I waited so long. Fries to go with Last night was going to be meatloaf but I forgot to lay out the venison burger, so it was ribs instead with green beans, tomatoes and garlicky parmesan cheese and shells.
  14. Shelby

    Cook-Off 60: Banh Mi

    I've never had Banh Mi until now (so I have no way of knowing if my version was correct). I've always thought they looked so good. I finally pulled the trigger a couple of nights ago after being able to find the correct bread at the Asian Market that we went to. After reading through this whole thread and looking online I decided to do a version with chicken. I marinated a couple of boneless breasts in a mix of diced garlic, soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, mayo, lime juice and Sriracha for several hours. Then I thinly sliced some carrots and did a quick pickle in a
  15. WOW that is an excellent price. It seems VERY early for up there???? Ours down here is far from coming up and in stores is likely at least 3-4 dollars a pound.
  16. I like seeing them even if they are similar.
  17. I did exactly that. I put my head down...and locked the car when I got inside lol.
  18. It's funny you mention that @rotuts.... So, I wasn't going to tell this story, but it does spice up my post a little bit lol. Wednesday we needed to make a liquor store run and we decided to also go to the Asian Market. I hadn't been since July 31 and I have quite a long list of things I need (well, want). Apparently in all of the many years that we've been going there, we've never been on a Wednesday. Sigh. Pulled into the lot. Closed on Wednesdays. 🙄 So, I got on google. Surely in the big city there is at least one more Asian type market that has the wonderful meats and p
  19. We thawed out a roast and have it corning as we speak so it will be ready by St. Pat's Day Wow. So, it's almost been a year since @haresfurstarted this topic (March 9th to be exact). I just read through the whole thing again and I'm reflecting. I tell you what, EG and this thread kept me (and is keeping me) from losing my mind. Seeing everyone's food deliveries.... @weinoo keeps me well entertained.... @liamsauntand the wonderful CSO boxes.... @Franciand her fresh fish....just EVERYONE posting..I've enjoyed every single person. @kayb and @dtremit for introducing Misfits and
  20. I'm sorry! I should have put a spoiler warning !
  21. Here is another tutorial --I don't know that it's much different.... I highly recommend making these. Very good and reheat and/or freeze well.
  22. The sauerkraut is NOT traditional. You can totally skip it!
  23. Yes He says in the quarterly news letter that comes with the beans that he doesn't use much turmeric but that his friends at Burlap and Barrel had it and the staff at RG loved it. He suggests a one-pot Turmeric Rice and Beans (saute chopped onion in oil, toss in turmeric, cumin and salt and pepper. Ad dried beans and water to cover. Simmer until beans are soft. Stir in uncooked rice when you have about 20 mins left. Cover and cook until rice is tender), Crispy Chickpeas with turmeric (cook chickpeas, drain well, toss in olive oil, turmeric, salt pepper, ginger and chili. Transfer to ba
  24. Bean club got here this morning! I had totally forgotten about it. Two new (to me)--the Cicerchia look really interesting and the Hidatsa Red too. Like others have said, I'm very grateful to be a member of the bean club. I'm sure the wait list to get in is very very long by now.
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