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  1. Maybe....the only bad or hard thing would be to cut through the skin. I'm sure Ronnie could, but me....I think it would be tough. I'll do some research and see what I find.
  2. Be prepared for some grease......I am very glad I didn't do it in the oven. Cleaning the CSO is much easier lol. Of course, this was a huge ham...a smaller one would be a smidge easier. But, yeah, it was good and we will have some in the freezer for later. I still have to wash my big pot. Ronnie sprayed it off outside, but it still needs work. I don't think I can wedge it in the dishwasher.
  3. I swear I was just sitting here wondering how your brunch went. So glad it was a success. And glad the cheesecakes turned out so well. I now want eggs Benedict. And Champagne.
  4. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    Thank you!!! She got big time into ceramics. I think I'll use it more often--it doesn't have to be just on Easter......
  5. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    @weinooBetween you and @liamsaunt you're both killing me with the seafood. @kaybGreat Easter spread! You too @Norm Matthews! Another tea leaf salad that @pattihas gotten me addicted to. I have enough for one more small one and have ordered another kit. Sausage pizza to go with Used up the last of the smoked turkey Had a tiny pork roast in the freezer so I threw that in the IP along with some peppers, tomatoes and spices in order to make enchiladas. I had some avocados that n
  6. We've had an uncooked country ham from Broadbent's hanging in the basement for a few weeks. It's nice and cool down there. The ham weighed about twenty lbs. In order to save a lot of oven cleaning, I decided to cook it using the boiling method. Out of the package: I gave it a good scrub in the sink and then placed it in the biggest pot I own. I put it on top of the dryer and took many trips back and forth filling the pot with cold water--I couldn't carry the pot already filled. Then covered with a tea towel. Decided to soak it for 48 hours
  7. Shelby

    Ground Pork

    This is one of my favorite recipes.
  8. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

  9. That sushi. I have an endless craving. You'd have to order three times that amount or you wouldn't get any if I was there.
  10. Hello. I'm your grandniece that you didn't know existed.
  11. YES Lik-m! Thank you! Oh I used to beg my folks to buy me that at baseball games--my then "dad" played in a city league. Ohhhhhhh we had something similar. It was just plastic straws filled with the same type of powder. Horrible for you, but I loved it lol.
  12. Oh man, yeah. Aquanet was a staple. Those were the days. I also remember buying this candy where it had a white candy "stick" that you would lick and then dip into different flavored powders. Like grape flavor and strawberry. I can't remember the name for the life of me.
  13. I used to make vats of this and take it to work for lunch. I didn't follow the rest of the diet. I love tomatoes with cabbage, though. I definitely used chicken broth -low fat. And, I always squeezed a fresh lemon in after heating. Lawry's Salt and black pepper.
  14. I'd make homemade English Muffins. The crags really catch and hold the butter....all melty. YUM.
  15. "Ya'll enjoy these deviled eggs and macaroni salad, the outhouses are 'round back"
  16. This makes me have to go poo just reading it.
  17. When I was in sixth grade or so, the community swimming pool would open at noon. All the kids would wait in line, get their prime spot that they wanted and then hoof it to the concession window -if you had allowance money. When I did it was always FunYuns. The heavy smell of chlorine, suntan lotion, Sun-In and chemical onions. Good memory 😁
  18. I just checked and you can just skip upcoming orders if you go to Subscription Preferences and then go to Upcoming Orders. You can skip up to ten it looks like
  19. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    @Kim ShookWhat kind of dressing on that salad up there? I haven't had beets in a while. Those look good! I, too, am glad that @rotutswas able to get some of his favorite food Almost fishing time again. Fried up some crappie from the freezer. Drunken noodles, bok choy with fried garlic and pork belly last night
  20. Shelby


    I just had to restrain Ronnie from going to the big city Aldi. That is a GOOD price on ham.
  21. Shelby


    There's that perfect, small writing again!
  22. Sorry! I had/am having a busy busy day or I would have commented sooner. My oven takes much much longer to get to temperature even though it's a convection one. I turn mine on a good 2 hours before I am making pizza and at least an hour before doing baked goods to make sure it's good and hot. I agree with Anna, I think no trussing. Compressing the bird together leaves less places for the skin to get nice and crispy (although yours didn't generally all over and I go back to my first comment on oven temp) As for the cooking vessel....it does look pretty
  23. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    @pattishowed us her tea leaf salad a few days ago and I became obsessed. Got my kit yesterday and had to make it to go with dinner. You mix some of the picked (pickled) tea leaves with some of the dressing and let it sit for a bit. While that was happening I fried some garlic.....I put just a bit on top. The bean topping also has garlic in it. Before mixing: OH this is good. I got the spicy like Patti did....it's not overly hot but it has a nice kick to it. I have enough to make at least one more sal
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