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  1. I should have checked to see if it was possible to buy extra beakers. Any time I bought a KitchenAid mixer, I always bought an extra bowl, whip and beater. Which is why I have such a great selection now and I don't have to immediately wash a bowl when I need it......
  2. You need to start a new thread for that device, then Our Philips is still going strong (I've replaced the non-stick grid) but my son wishes it was bigger so he could grill more things (like, 6 burgers instead of 4.)
  3. You bet it does. You were also responsible for our Philips Avance Grill too. Well, ok, you and everyone else but still....
  4. Done! Should have it Thursday or Friday based on BBB's shipping. After the crazy wedding weekends we are having, I'm adding canned mango to my curbside order and am hoping for the best on Sunday!
  5. LOL! I got a BB&B flyer with 20% off any single item (this is not excluded). I'm in, if you are!
  6. here we go again.... adding to the toy list .... you are all such enablers for me when it comes to toys ....
  7. I'm trying to remember what candy color brand we have at work; I think it's a combination of ChefMaster, Americolor, AUI and maybe one or two ChefRubber. It's ok; but we use it more for coloring coating chocolate when we need a color for dipping cookies. So your mileage will vary.....
  8. I myself prefer chiffon cakes in general so I think if that's your preference you should go for it. I've made the settevelli before for clients and I've used thin layers of our regular chocolate butter cake, just use syrup to your advantage to add moisture/flavor. As for the glaze, you could use a chocolate water glaze instead of the mirror glaze.
  9. Do you have a copy of The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum? It's a compilation of very well researched and well written recipes ranging from butter cakes, genoise, chiffon - if you can borrow a copy from a library it will be helpful to you. She has a blog as well that likely has the same information .... realbakingwithrose.com
  10. *I* want to hear all about that new Selmi It's ok, it's your new baby - you should talk about it at every opportunity! LOL
  11. There's a few recipes on this site: SweetLeaf brand stevia and there's a calculator that allows you to automatically figure out how much stevia to use in place of sugar in a recipe.
  12. Have sales recovered? Makes me wonder what makes the Guizhou chillis so much better tasting than the cheaper ones they tried to sub; is it the growing area, type of chilli? The expression on her face (from the label and the article) just says "hard line" to me - this woman will not take guff from anyone!
  13. I've used both Ponthier and Boiron for PdF (boiron is great here, mostly because of their recipes and for making curd (no difference in the passionfruit from one brand to the other) and flavoring buttercream. I will say that the Ponthier coconut is seriously the best coconut I've ever had, and what sold me on the brand. Their blueberry is quite good too. It's easier for me to get Ponthier than for Boiron so I use that now.
  14. I love the lentil salad recipe in Julia Child's Way to Cook. You soak for about 30ish minutes, drain, then add fresh water and cook til tender (about 20ish minutes), drain then toss with a garlic/Dijon mustard dressing also in the book which is really delicious; you can add shredded carrots, black olives, meat if you want, it's better than pasta salad in the summer!
  15. I haven't thought of wheat germ in years :)! Your post though, reminded me of the time when my mom used Postum instead of instant coffee. I didn't care for coffee then but sometimes I would have some Postum instead of tea. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I wonder if they still make it. Have to go check!
  16. The pandemic awakened a desire to cook - in my son. He refused to do take out during lockdown and he was really missing calzone and pizza, etc. So he's learning and experimenting and he's improving by leaps and bounds every time he makes one. He's intent on calzone at the moment, but I'm selfishly buying the Koda so when he moves on to pizza I can have wonderful pizza like the rest of you!!
  17. sigh.... let me count the toys tools I've bought as a result of lusting after your photos: Breville Smart Oven Air, Philips Avance Infrared Grill, The Control Freak.... and now there is a Koda 16 in my cart as a very early surprise birthday present for my son who is intent on perfecting his calzones but a selfish purchase on my part because all of your pizzas look amazing and I want to make them too! The only thing I've resisted so far is the blast freezer that JoNorville Walker loves..... but give it time
  18. 😢 I am so sorry to hear this; my deepest condolences to her family and to her many friends
  19. looks a little like grapes....
  20. Maybe check out what All Clad calls some of their pans (i'm thinking generic names like sautoir, windsor, gratin) and see if there is something that sounds "right" in Italian.
  21. Perhaps do a word "association" style game for words that are used when cooking, maybe even some obscure recipe names or pasta shapes - write them on a whiteboard or other huge sheet of paper. Just write, don't think about the appropriateness of the word, write down everything - then go back and see if you can shorten/elongate/abbreviate some of the words and see what you come up with. You never know where inspiration can come from. And then make sure it doesn't mean anything bad/naughty in a different language!
  22. @heidih yes. This weekend i have 21 wedding cakes, and 4 events with just petite pastries or a plated dessert. It's always busy the week after July 4th due to vacations that people plan around resort wedding destinations. Yes, I am more tired than I can remember being and I haven't forgotten those %$#& hot cocoa bombs last December to give you an indication of just how busy this week is. And people still call to see if there is a chance they can get something for the next day.....nit to mention the bride who called Friday afternoon to say she wanted to check in about her cake. Of course, can you remind me of the date again? Sunday. The 18th? I ask No. This Sunday. The 11th. WTF?! Because doesn't everyone think a cake will magically appear when it hasnt been ordered or paid for? (Yes, we are making it happen and yes she paid. A lot.)
  23. for what it's worth, I haven't been able to get the (baking) pan spray from our usual distributor for two months. Every time I've ordered, it's out of stock. And I never remember to check Restaurant Depot when I am there for a substitute; so it could be that there are other brands available, but I thought of the comments here about sprays when our order today was OOS again!
  24. My son is cooking - a gift I'm not sure we would have gotten otherwise. He's mastered grilled fish (thanks to the Philips infrared grill!), is having fun with burgers, is experimenting with calzones. He got into my stash of cookbooks and routinely sends me a shopping list for curbside pick up. He's gaining confidence and I am thrilled Back on thread though - I have two quick-to-make dishes that are new to the repertoire - a spicy pork noodle soup that means we have introduced korean gochujang bean paste and black vinegar in our pantry now; and a Food52 orzo/tomato/chickpea dish that doesn't require anything new but is nice because it's quick and you can add whatever protein you want if you choose although I've been asked to omit the garbanzos. So I throw in some RG beans if I have any leftover
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