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I grew up surrounded by spicy and fascinating foods from around the world. After college I moved to a small town bereft of such wonderful dining opportunities. Lacking other alternatives, I began learning to make the foods that I love. Favorites include Thai, Indian, Sichuan, and Mexican food, dark beer, good wine, and strong coffee.

Few things are more enjoyable than cooking on a leisurely Sunday. Between raising a family and grad school, leisurely Sundays have been a rare commodity in recent years. Now that school is done and our boys know everything worth knowing (just ask them), I have been able to cook for fun again.

When we moved a few years ago, we left behind a beautiful, fragrant garden that was just becoming mature. We now have 1.5 acres of grass, weed trees, and poison ivy. Turning the yard into a garden will probably be a lifetime project. Besides ornamentals, we grow a variety of chilies, herbs, and tomatoes. We hope to expand the edible gardening over the next few years.

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