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  1. ambra

    Rosh Hashana

    I'm on the fence! Any suggestions welcome. 😃
  2. ambra

    Rosh Hashana

    I'm only half, on my mother's side (also Russian), but we didn't grow up making them either. I always thought it was because she hated them. I was going to try to make them this weekend though. Just to change it up a bit. My son loves tortellini, so maybe he'll like these.
  3. ambra

    Lunch 2020

    Isn't that the truth! My friend used to say we get our kids on loan, to help them become good humans. Then we give them back to the world. I love the look of these leftovers! I usually love all leftovers, granted I never really make enough to last four days. 😁 I made chicken soup on Monday with a whole chicken and have been repurposing the chicken for days. There was chicken salad, chicken quesadillas and chicken sandwiches like the below. (Always looking for ideas if anyone has any!) It has chicken, Sriracha lime mayo on top and bottom, tomato, red onion and red cabbage (whic
  4. ambra


    I love them oven roasted with harissa and garlic left whole, with the skin on. Sometimes I put big slices of red onions too. They need to be mixed often when roasting though. Sweet and sour is also sometimes good!
  5. ambra

    Dinner 2020

    Indeed this is a great wine. I'm curious what you thought of it and how it drank?
  6. ambra

    Dinner 2020

    I've never heard of this, but I can't wait to try it! Everything looks delicious!
  7. ambra


    I've roasted before and everyone always likes it better. But it might be because the people I serve it to are health nuts. 😃 Randomly, it is also the closest I've ever gotten to what was my favorite version in Sicily. Every ingredient is cooked separately and it's not saucy.
  8. ambra

    Salad 2016 –

    A very unoriginal but always delicious salad I made Sunday lunch with roasted beets, arugula, feta and walnuts, finished with orange zest. Dressing was shallots, olive oil, orange juice and a touch of honey and mustard.
  9. Yea, my baking abilities leave much to be desired. I have even tried to do the rye at home and it always tastes wrong. This is if and when I can find caraway seeds. I usually stock up at the Mercato Orientale in Genoa. The spice guy there always has them. And actually, I went just before lockdown so I have a bunch now. I promise you your bagels are better than anything I can get in Milan . 😂😂 I'm not great at bagels either, but I do bialys pretty well. I want to try to make onion boards and those onion rolls I used to get at Zabar's. Hamburgers are all the rage in Milan and
  10. ambra

    Dinner 2020

    Whole roasted orata, Ligurian style (with cherry tomato, pine nuts, olives, thyme and lemon). And apple cake with honey-scented whipped cream and pomegranate seeds.
  11. ambra

    Wine temperatures

    Depending on the type of white, I usually look for 8-12 C, the warmer for structured or evolved whites. (N.B. Sparkling wines usually 4-8 C.) For reds, 12-18 C. Here temps go up for structure, evolution and tannins. However, I would also agree with the above posters that you should drink what you like, how you like it. I never tell anyone what to drink unless they ask me. I remember once sitting next to someone eating a gorgeous dish of spaghetti and clam sauce (beachside) with a glass of Sagrantino. I personally would not enjoy that pairing, but it's not my busines
  12. 😂😂 In reality, I guess that's not totally fair. There is a delicious (albeit very greasy) Greek on the Navigli that I go to that looks nothing like the Greek food I'm used to but admittedly it has decent pita! But it's all the way across town, like 45 minutes away. And not even sure they would sell it to me. I have a bakery nearby that sells "pane arabo," which are puffy rolls. Look like the above pucce. I don't usually like them because they are doughy and raw tasting. Perhaps for something similar, there are also a few Lebanese restaurants, but the last one I went to had wrap-style br
  13. Sometimes my husband will make a white pizza to serve with similar meals (the photo is just grilled, marinated eggplant that was served along side other veg and cheese, such as mozzarella, burrata and stracchino), but I've never thought of making it into pita. I know the dough is similar, but I always though for a "proper" pita, you need that puff during cooking, which I have never really been able to master anyway. 😄 But yea next sabich, for sure! Thanks!
  14. ambra

    Dinner 2020

    Fabulous looking meal!
  15. ambra

    Dinner 2020

    Thank you so much for the notes! I will make sure to follow next round. (And yes, we did thin the sauce out a lot and use lots of lemon. I think my problem was precisely that I was scared to make it too runny, but this was way too thick. Yea, the egg must have been hidden. haha. I will definitely add more next time.) Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
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