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  1. Just curious: I absolutely love the mejadra, but I did find it somewhat overseasoned. I think half the seasoning would have been better. Does anyone agree or have I just become too delicate in my old age? I also toned down the seasoning for the lamb kawarma.
  2. ambra

    Wild Boar Meatloaf

    If I were you, I'd make sauce out of it and serve over pappardelle or something similar.
  3. ambra

    Baked Potatoes

    I adore baked potatoes. I especially love them with bacon and cheddar and sour cream. I really love twice-baked. I'm going to give this recipe a try tomorrow: http://food52.com/recipes/20367-twice-baked-potatoes-with-kale (Odd, this is the second time I have posted a food52 page it's not even one of my go-to sites!)
  4. I made this recipe : http://food52.com/recipes/12352-okonomiyaki And I liked it. But it was a bit eggy. Maybe it's supposed to be. It was the first time I had ever had it.
  5. I'm with everyone else. You should try. Especially with the pineapple juice, only bottled water (just for the beginning), and a good not overly processed flour. I did it. My first try was a total disaster because I wasn't patient enough. You need to wait for the right effect at every stage. My second, a winner. I followed instructions from Peter Reinhart's book: Artisan Breads Everyday The sourdough rye recipe I used I think is from Bread. Having said that, someone gave me some starter as a Christmas gift last year. They bought it from a local bakery and while it's very good, my bread has never gotten as sour as with my own starter. (I don't know why, maybe I did something wrong.) But it's a strong, old starter that I have no intention of getting rid of. I give starter to my friends all the time too. They usually kill it within a day though.
  6. I've been thinking about trying my hand at homemade gyro meat. Do you have a recipe you like? Thanks!
  7. ambra

    Christmas cooking 2013

    Franci, I am making cartellate too! Are you using vincotto or honey?
  8. ambra

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 5)

    Getting caught up here and I must tell you, that is about the most delicious fish dish I have seen. Actually much more tempting than the Turbot dish I had at Le Cirque two weeks ago. Sadly I rarely can get Turbot here in Spokane. Your turbot looks so thick compared to what I get. I am wondering if I am incorrectly translating the name of the fish and eating something else entirely. May I ask how much the whole fish weighed, if you know? It's my all time favorite fish.
  9. I really like Buca Manzoni for lasagne. I say lasagne because it's so good, I've never tried anything else there. They serve the tortellini in a huge terrine, but I'm not really a fan of tortellini. Very old school place, fantastic staff. Next time I go, I'm going to this new meatball shop. Unless I find out it sucks. Everything there is round. No idea if it's any good. But sounds fun. http://www.bolpetta.com/ Every time I go to Bologna, I get my husband a bottle of grappa that's been aged in Jack Daniel barrels at the Enoteca Italiana there. I can never remember the brand to order it online. If you'll have a car, I can recommend this totally off-the-beaten-track place in the mountains (Sasso Marconi) that is really delicious. But you need a car for sure.
  10. I bought four lbs. of short ribs from the butcher a few weeks ago and when I did, he instructed me to age them at least 10 days in the fridge before using them or freezing them. This was because he hadn't completely finished aging them and if they were eaten right away, they would be too tough. I forgot that he said that and I put them directly in the freezer. I'm just wondering what I should do now. If I braise them will they still be too tough? Will the braising take care of that? I really don't know much about aging or cooking with short ribs for that matter. I was just so happy to see the cut (which is not popular where I live) that I bought all that he had. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks, I will give it a try then.
  12. The power went out at my house while I was on vacation and, setting aside the hundreds of dollars in frozen meats, sauces etc that I had to throw out, what about my starter? It was sitting in a lukewarm fridge for about 5 days....is it even worth trying to revive? Or should I just toss the whole thing in favor of a new one? Thanks!
  13. I make my own too (since I can't get them either) and I usually make them too thick. So my advice would be to make them as thin as you possibly can.
  14. rlibkind, I will try the raw onions then, thank you. Scamhi, I don't prick the dough. I can try that. Boudin, because the filling falls out and burns even more in the toaster. heehee. Thanks all for the suggestions. I think the problem is, the recipe makes for an ENORMOUS oven spring. So you guys are saying that I could fill them with the onions to weight the dough down BEFORE the second proofing? I do make the depression before the second proof but they still bolt up in the oven. Anyway, thank you for the compliments. It's really a good recipe, maybe I should just put up with it. But only after I try your suggestions.
  15. These are my bialys, aren’t they beautiful? But you can see the obvious problems. They’ve popped. The indent bounces back. My question is, how do I get the hole I make when forming them, to actually stay a hole, and not pop? Is the problem that my dough is too wet? If I add more flour, will I still have that beautiful crumb I get? Also, the onions burn every time. Has anyone ever tried to make bialys with raw onions? The recipe I follow says to sauté first, which is what I have been doing. This is the recipe I have been using. The only real change I make is that I add a couple of spoonfuls of malt. I also can’t get bread flour where I live so I use all all-purpose flour. (The equivalent to it, anyway.) Thank you in advance.
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