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  1. Will definitely check out Roscioli, thank you! I'm asking folks for more specific recommendations because while I can get all the ingredients here, it's not always as easy to find such high quality. And as I posted earlier in my replies, I've been reading the CPB site intently and plan to call directly to ask about seafood products. I live in Portland OR and know the grocery scene here very well -- anything that goes on my shopping list, I keep an eye out for here first to make sure I can't get it (or get as good quality).
  2. Yeah, I think that the whole stuff I can get at my local bougie grocery is probably better than the powder I'd get there.
  3. Thanks ambra! I've been wondering about bottarga myself. I'm reading up a lot on the Customs/FDA site about what's allowed in and what's not -- I'm in the Global Entry program so if I try to bring in contraband, I'll get fined *and* kicked out of the program, so stakes are higher. The rules for seafood seem more vague, so I'm planning on calling the 800 number provided to ask about specifics when I have a better idea of what I'll be keeping an eye out for. I love salty cured fishy fishes and can't wait to eat all of them on this trip!
  4. Hello! I'm an American going to Italy for three weeks in March/April, and this is... basically a grocery shopping trip. I have a small suitcase for clothes, and I'm bringing a large suitcase to fill with food. I'd love to hear recommendations for particular items to pick up that I may not think of immediately. I'm spending a week in Rome (with a day in Naples), a week in Sicily (based in Palermo, taking day trips in the northwest), and a week in Alghero, Sardinia. I'm a longtime food nerd, and I love looking for new-to-me flavors and foods that are not just marketed to tourists. My Italian language skills are basic but courageous. What should I buy in Italy that I can't get easily in the US? The more specific, the better. Which brand, which olive oil producer, which cheese shop, etc. When I travel anywhere, I often ask folks there what foods they miss when they're away from home, so I'm looking for anything from comfort foods to artisanal treats. I have a small but growing list (enclosed for funsies) and I'd love to add to it. Thank you in advance. I'm so excited for this trip! I spent a university semester near Bolzano, but I've never been south of Florence, so I'm really looking forward to see Italy farther south.
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