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  1. Welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing your recipes.
  2. Wait. Wot

    Breakfast 2022

    Our neighbor has young hens. They are just beginning to lay eggs and don't quite have the hang of it. This morning's eggs, one with an extra large yolk. An extra jumbo egg that weighs nearly 1/4 of a pound.
  3. It seems that retirement really means that you're going to be busier than you have ever been before. That's what happened to me. Welcome.
  4. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2022

    I try. It's the only life I have.
  5. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2022

    Antique Cast Iron Fry Pan. Likely my mother's grandmother's. Keep them seasoned and they are damned near immortal. People used to sift through the remains of their house fire for their cast iron cookware that only needed to be re-seasoned to be used again.
  6. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2022

    The Elda doing it's job: Bone in rib eye SV four hours at 123F searing in an ACIFP at 700F, 90 seconds per side. Mushrooms in butter, olive oil and red wine. New Zealand spinach in garlic and butter. Plated:
  7. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2022

    If you can, chill them to about 28F. They won't freeze at that temperature but they can't put up much of a fight.
  8. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2022

    A good oyster knife and a pair of silicone cut resistant gloves are a requirement. Neither need be expensive. Other than that, an understanding of bivalve Mollusk's hinge anatomy. If that fails you, YT is your friend. I couldn't make a living shucking oysters but I don't have to 😄.
  9. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2022

    I've been remiss in posting for various reasons, interesting and otherwise. I finally shucked the oysters I bought for NYE. That platter is 16" wide. Today I harvested the last produce of 2021 or the first of 2022 depending one the scorekeeper's interpretation of the calendar. All brassicas, red vein kale, nth generation of broccoli side shoots with leaves and the smallest Brussels sprouts I've ever seen. They ranged from the size of peas to the size of acorns. I sauted them with our garlic, olive oil and butter. There will be no more until I replant. I pulled the plants out so I could put the garden to bed under a blanket of tarps before it snows tonight. Served with a bone in strip steak (SV 4 hours at 123F and seared in a ACIFP at 700F on the Elda) smothered in red wine mushroom sauce. I was going to have air fried french fries but a large Manhattan got in my way.
  10. Wait. Wot

    Breakfast 2021

    Hearty breakfast: Toasted Jessica's Irish oatmeal bread, Sunnyside up with ham and bacon. Salt, pepper, butter and blackberry preserves not shown.
  11. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2021

    Or they no longer have a kitchen 😄
  12. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2021

    Olive oil and butter fried baby bella mushrooms with homegrown onions and garlic seasoned with Penzey's curry powder, smoked paprika, cayenne, black pepper and sea salt. The last (!?) of this year's harvest of fresh broccoli, last year's frozen cherry tomatoes and purchased organic peas with curry powder. Cooked with shrimp and bay scallops. Sauce made with stock from shrimp shells, arrowroot and water blended with other ingredients.
  13. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2021

    I hope you are all right. Good food has good healing powers.
  14. Wait. Wot

    Lunch 2021

    Ham and cheese (Kraft shredded four cheese, allegedly Mexican) panini, homemade hot kosher dill (1 tsp crushed red pepper per pint), pepperoni, commercial smoked blue fish paté, cauliflower crackers.
  15. Wait. Wot

    Dinner 2021

    I find that fish sauce and tamarind go from not quite enough to way too much way too easily.
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