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  1. well, you may consider it "rustic" due to the cracked Pavlova...but the concentric petals of fig make up for that! I'd gladly eat half of that, the flavors sound very appealing.
  2. @rotuts, edited to say...3% back on WF purchases. Gotta keep that spending in-house! I get 2% on my current CC as well, with an extra 1% (IIRC) on grocery purchases. So I'm already covered. I shop at WF and other supermarkets and now use my CC for the credits rather than paying cash. Good deal if you don't carry a balance.
  3. Amazon Visa will give you 3% back without Prime membership. Bezos really is looking to lock up every aspect of the consumer buying cycle.
  4. I love Lenten season as a non-Christian, so much more fish available in the market and in the restaurants!
  5. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    day off today so a chance to make lunch at home...bought a fresh whole wheat Portuguese roll, pulled some of the stuffing out of it. Melted cheddar on the two inner surfaces, tuna on top, then sliced grape tomatoes. Was going to eat open faced, but decided to slam both halves back together to contain the tomato pieces. My kind of tuna melt (not a huge fan of mayo).
  6. mmm, perhaps I'll try mixing honey and tehina and drizzling over plain yogurt (garnish of toasted sliced almonds and/or cacao nibs)?
  7. Probably eating the candy that DH gave me over the weekend, since he knew he'd be out of town for work. Or perhaps a beer (ie, bubbly for one).
  8. I look forward to your posts not just about food, but the wonderful surroundings as well!
  9. One of the Whole Foods that I visit occasionally has added the lockers for Amazon deliveries (sorry, don't remember the name they give them). It is a nice amenity for people who live in Urban areas where you don't have a nice covered porch (or other semi-safe area) for UPS to heave your box on to. That is one benefit of the merger.
  10. Charleston Revisited

    I'll be following with interest, hubs just suggested a short vaca end of March/early April and this is on my destination short list.
  11. I have found that I sleep much better on an "empty" stomach (or I should say, mostly digested, I guess). Since I go to sleep pretty early (usually around 10:30 pm) that means my optimal dinner time is 6-6:30 p.m. During the week I generally don't eat an actual dinner, I have what most would consider a snack when I get home, which is usually around 7:00 p.m. I eat more for my mid-day meal during the week.
  12. instagram & "sick"

    yes, "sick" is like "crazy good" (and sometimes "nasty" is good, too!)
  13. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Kim Shook, I feel your pain ref painting...I had my entire house painted, including ceilings, and they just finished Friday after 8 working days. Next paint job will by by the next set of owners.
  14. We call them the Wal-martians
  15. Super Bowl 2017: what are you serving?

    I agree with you! I like having an equal number of snacky things to entree-type things. So for your 3 entrees (I'll set pakoras into a bridge category), if someone brings chip/dip/salsa, you need something like hummus or spinach dip with veggies. How about some pickled things (olives, mushrooms and such) that you can spear with a toothpick? Cookies, mini brownie squares. Done!