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  1. BeeZee

    Power outage - sous vide

    I can't weigh in on food safety, but can add that many clocks do not necessarily reflect the actual duration of the power outage. I know I have one in my house that always comes back to a particular time when power is restored. So I would hesitate to assume the duration of the outage based on the clock's time.
  2. I'm so happy I started using freezer tape for labeling the pyrex lids, I ate the last "mystery meal" over a couple of days last week, it was a kitchen sink lentil/quinoa "stoup" that I certainly could not identify while it was frozen. I think a written inventory this weekend is in order.
  3. Rutgers has some interesting tomato seed varieties that can be ordered online, including Ramapo. https://breeding.rutgers.edu/tomato-availability/
  4. One teriyaki chicken breast (mid-December) and a portion of sliced turkey breast (Thanksgiving) were defrosted and reheated in micro. Served with salad and lentils (cooked with mushroom bullion cube, just the right amt of salt).
  5. BeeZee

    The Soup Topic (2013–)

    I had a really tasty cream of cauliflower soup at a restaurant last night which I am going to try to recreate. It was made with chicken stock, pureed cooked cauliflower, had some small cauliflower bits (like cauliflower “rice”), milk/cream, and garnished with deeply browned fried potato bits.
  6. BeeZee

    Oreo Cookies

    Carrot cake oreos spotted at Target today, I picked up the package and put it down. Said they had cream cheese frosting flavored filling. Willpower worked today. I was tempted.
  7. BeeZee

    Lunch 2019

    Reheated leftover pumpkin soup as mentioned in the "clean out your freezer" thread. I had thrown some leftover cooked/seasoned quinoa in before I froze it, added a bit of nice texture.
  8. BeeZee

    Breakfast 2019

    Breakfast at home today. Trader Joe's hot multigrain cereal made with half milk/half water, spoonful of peanut powder, dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, sliced banana.
  9. Container of leftover pumpkin soup defrosting for lunch. Still have another serving of pumpkin soup, two servings+ of tomato soup, and a pyrex with unknown contents (from before I started using freezer tape to label things). The unknown one probably should get defrosted next just so I can get it out of there. I had actually done a decent job of depleting the frozen leftovers over the past couple of weeks, I believe the primary leftovers at this point are cooked chicken breasts and a bag of stuffing (from Thanksgiving).
  10. BeeZee

    Monetising empty dining rooms

    The company I work for sells/installs folding partitions - like the type you would see in a large hotel conference room, which are used to separate larger rooms into smaller rooms for a similar reason. They may have 2 groups who only need a portion of that larger space, so dividing it (with sound control) gives them double the revenue opportunity. I have installed them in restaurants who want to be able to separate a smaller area as a "private dining" area. I guess they fear liability issues from having a group in the restaurant essentially "unsupervised". Since I usually do my meetings with the owners at "off" times (mid morning or mid afternoon) so as to not bother them when they are ramping up for service...I guess it's also so the general public doesn't see the cleaning and such that happens during "non-service" times.
  11. If it is a “local” (NYC area) restaurant, the chef is shown eating there. Usually the NYC locations, have seen Phila...otherwise a disconcerting close up of someone taking a bite.
  12. More healthy muffins, these are made with whole wheat flour, mashed bananas, and pumpkin puree (since I had a cup leftover in the freezer), and are sweetened with a little maple syrup. Had a bit too much batter so I put the excess into a non-stick foil lined loaf pan and basically made a big muffin top. Cut piece from that on top of the pile. They are moist, but pretty flat in flavor, next time I would up the amount of spices or maybe add some minced crystallized ginger.
  13. What if you don't give 2 s***s?
  14. Bureau of Weights and Measures. Of course, if it is a State Agency...you won’t want to hold your breath.
  15. BeeZee

    Expiration Dates

    @lindag, who knows, perhaps the "aged" soup was the secret to the recipe! Yesterday I threw out a large can of diced tomatoes that had a "best by" date in 2016 (which means likely it was purchased in 2014-2015). It had gotten pushed to the back of the pantry and forgotten. The can looked fine, but I have "newer vintages" and frankly for the $1. it probably cost me at the time, had only a momentary moment of guilt. If I had to cook something and that was my only can...I'm sure I would have used it no problem. I'm trying to do better at not over purchasing canned goods since I don't use them much.