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  1. my town's Farmer's Market is kind of sparse. I don't know if it will pick up in August, but at this point there are just 3 farms and the rest of the stands are people selling stuff like handmade soap, pet treats, popcorn...used to have more vendors. There was a pickle guy who had some awesome pickled mushrooms, a local beekeeper...oh well, there was a Hawaiian shave ice truck, which looked like fun. I picked up couple of items from 2 of the farmers, one each green and golden zucchini, a nice tomato, and a white eggplant. Planning to make zoodle salad and just roast that eggplant.
  2. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    leftover baked ziti pizza from DH's boys night out last night. Carbo-licious.
  3. New dish set cost

    Bed Bath & Beyond. Sign up for emails, you will get 20% off coupons weekly. They have a lot of options online (much more than what is in the store) and you'd get free shipping. You can split the purchase over a couple of weeks to use a coupon for each part of your set - buy one 4 piece place setting week 1, wait a week for a new coupon, buy the second 4 piece, etc.
  4. I have a dry erase markerboard on the fridge. DH writes items he wants purchased. It would work better if he erased it after said items were purchased. I generally do write a list (trained by my Mother), and it is in the order that items are stocked in the usual grocery store (ie, produce first...frozen and dairy last) so I can just head to the aisles I need to. If I need to keep it quick/focused, it works. And people find it hilarious that when I go shopping with DH, we split up upon entering the store. I take the big cart, he takes a basket, and I send him to fetch items he can identify (never to the produce aisle, that's a guarantee of bad selections). We reconnect a few aisles later so he can unload his basket into the cart.
  5. I took a free 30 day trial of Prime at the end of last week so I could see what the hoopla is all about. I needed to order something that happened to be a Prime deal, so I bit. Usually I just accumulate enough small stuff to get to free standard shipping. I heard on TV that the Prime membership may be on sale for the sale...
  6. @blue_dolphin, I'm with you. I love seeing the various meals (success or failure) that everyone posts from all over the world!
  7. There is an Italian deli not far from my office that has different hot (sandwiches, also soups in winter) and cold (sandwiches and salads) specials each day. I saved the link to the page where they post each day's offerings. I look at it even if I don't plan on getting food from them. I just like to see what they have and think about what I would get...if I were getting. It's fun because it is different each day, it's not like looking at restaurant menus online (which usually don't vary). Anyone else?
  8. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    all from Whole Foods, picked up on the way to work: wheat multi-seed bagel with spreadable goat cheese, cherries.
  9. Rebecca263 has passed away

    I remember reading posts...she had created a little blog for a while about the move of her and her daughter to a little house in a farm/country kind of setting in southern NJ...about how her daughter had to grow up to take more responsibility sooner than she should have needed to...sad to hear of her passing.
  10. Kit Kat strawberry. Very good. Sweet, of course. Found at my local Shop Rite, medium sized bag of snack size (ie, single sticks).
  11. @Anna husband was chastised (nicely) by a server at our local Thai restaurant as he fell prey to the "asian food = chopsticks" theory. He no longer asks for chopsticks at Thai restaurants and will take note of the lack of same on the table, to acknowledge his lesson learned!
  12. Costco membership

    just had this conversation with one of my employees, her aunt gets a med from Costco because it was the cheapest source (she needs to get a name brand, not generic, of something). She said you can go on their website and look up the cost of your medicines to compare.
  13. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    Turkey london broil cooked on the grill, had marinated it in lemon juice, ponzu, spices, and a little honey and agave syrup for about 90 minutes. Also made sweet potatoes, we micro a bit to start them cooking, then roast on the grill. I love how the flesh browns just under the skin and the natural sugar comes out. Stir fry of some veggies.
  14. @rotuts, they are marketing heavily...the grocer had shelves with all kinds of flavors. I've found I like the original flavor and raspberry...these were pretty good but I satisfied my curiosity and managed to make the pack last for 3 servings. I tried the salted caramel ones and found them disappointing.
  15. Hospital Time

    One can judge how sick a patient is by their critique of the food. When my Mom was in the hospital 2 years ago for a heart valve replacement, after a couple of days when she started complaining about the food, we knew she was getting better. The dumbest thing was the meal where they gave her soup...when she couldn't sit upright yet. My Dad had to carefully spoon feed her with a towel on her chest to catch any drips.