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  1. I was fairly disappointed in the offerings, but since I had the $10 credit from my Whole Foods purchase, I bought a universal saucepan lid, which I needed.
  2. @MetsFan5, the “best” way to Citizens Bank Park is the subway (Septa Broad St line). It stops close by, short walk, don’t have to deal with the traffic backing up in/out of the parking lot. But if you aren’t comfortable with that...Uber it is.
  3. I have a $10 credit courtesy of my purchase at Whole Foods today. Probably will just pick up some odds and ends I had saved in my wishlist since nothing I need is coming up in "deals" thus far.
  4. Cous cous just requires water to be boiled then it sits for 5 minutes (assuming instant). I made a batch of cous cous salad and then just added protein as desired (cooked chicken, cooked steak, cooked shrimp) which you could prepare earlier in the day and chill. Advantage vs traditional pasta salad is that it doesn’t get mushy, I make a batch and eat it for a couple of days by varying the “mix ins”.
  5. BeeZee

    No Passport Required

    I set this up to record on my DVR (all episodes), the first episode was last night. Looking forward to it.
  6. BeeZee


    I have been gorging on summer fruit over the past week as the prices are dropping and the quality is going up. Have had perfumey-sweet white nectarines, apricots, sweet red cherries, and Rainier cherries.
  7. BeeZee

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Another lunch assembled courtesy of the Shoprite across the street...a bit of leftover feta I had brought in from home and purchased a fresh Portuguese roll (pulled out the "guts" to give me space to pile on the goods) and some odds/ends from the salad bar (marinated artichokes, mushrooms, red pepper, olives, romaine, tomato) and made a nice veggie sandwich for a 99 degree day.
  8. Took advantage of the Prime discount on Friday on my way to the office, got 25% off bulk foods and I believe the organic cherries were $1-2 less per pound. I don’t do much shopping at WF, I like it for my office food supplies and lunch (prepared foods). I will shop opportunistically if I see a particularly good deal on fish. I have the luxury of two locations within range, one about 2 miles from my office and one less than 10 miles from my home. They were stacking up the bags for Prime delivery, plenty of orders getting ready on Friday a.m.
  9. Interesting...as my husband is type 2 diabetic despite not having any of the typical triggers (he developed it 3 years ago). Wonder if the blood work his doc orders can include this, or if it is a non-std screen.
  10. BeeZee


    I bought some cherries end of last week at $2.99/lb and they were small-ish and not that tasty. Rainier cherries at $1.99/lb have never been seen here in NJ, I'd be all over that! I'll buy cherries at different markets and when I get a good batch, go back and buy more. There seems to be a 2-week stretch that they are at the best flavor (for what we get in the store). And I will admit to being a cherry picker, I do select them individually to avoid under-ripe or mushy ones.
  11. Growing up on Long Island, NY, our next door neighbors had raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry growing in their back yard. The kids were given plastic buckets in the morning to pick all of the ripe berries. I developed my love of raspberries from that time, when they were free and plentiful. The summer “cane berries” are a sweet reminder of that time for me and I will enjoy seeing what everyone makes.
  12. Prime Day is 7/18, confirmed with an employee.
  13. They are preparing for the Prime thing and delivery from the WF near my office. Someone in my office who is a regular shopper there said she had noticed things going out of stock more. She has a picky child who eats certain things so she noticed it and asked an employee, who essentially said it was a common thing since the Amazon acquisition. Since I generally shop in the produce area, dairy, and prepared foods, I personally have only seen certain yogurts going out of stock when they are on sale.
  14. late morning snack at work, cut up apricot and nectarine (underneath). I love summer fruit.
  15. BeeZee

    Sonic Drive-In

    There are 3 Sonics within 12 miles of my office, but kind of out of the way from my normal commute. Pickle slushie may only be palatable if tequila is added.