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  1. BeeZee

    2021 Farmers' Markets

    Not a Farmer's Market (we have a small one in my town on Tues. night) but my favorite secret farmstand had ripe tomatoes today. I spied them on the way to an appointment, so I stopped on my way back. Got 2 nice specimens for $1 each. He had a little bit of okra, and one pint container of multi-hued cherry tomatoes. It's not on my usual route, so I'll have to remember to check back in 2 weeks to see what veggies start to show up, last year he had some nice eggplant.
  2. I never thought about Beano for garlic (assume it would also work for onions), good to know!
  3. BeeZee

    Lunch 2021

    salad from local chain, Honeygrow...arugula/greens, red grapes, chicken, quinoa, farro, feta, carrot, beet, candied pecans, fresh lime and ginger dressing
  4. BeeZee

    Breakfast 2021

    Good for steamy summer day...peach, unsalted cottage cheese, toasted sliced almonds. The peaches I've gotten recently have been very good.
  5. I wound up making compote with this batch, added some julienned orange rind which is really nice, and a smidge of cardamom.
  6. My husband isn't crazy about figs, so I'll probably make compote and freeze it. I have a sad orange in the fridge so I'll put the peel to good use. Alternately contemplating a crostada...but with the heat the idea of working with any butter laden crust seems like a bad idea.
  7. and...today a bag with around 30 figs. I'm told there will be more tomorrow.😬
  8. Cup 'O Figs left on my desk, from co-worker. I'm guessing that means shortly I will be getting bags full of them.
  9. BeeZee

    Lunch 2021

    Desk lunch: cous cous salad, tuna, avocado. I had bought a bag of mini avocados from TJ's and every one has been perfect so far. They work very well for single serving.
  10. Picked up a clamshell of organic black figs this morning, 8-10 figs, for once they were all ripe. $4.99. Bought some wine, as well, but that won’t be opened for a couple of days so I will have to circle back to report. A NZ sauvignon blanc and an Italian rose.
  11. BeeZee

    Dinner 2021

    My husband wanted to get sushi, since he hadn’t had any since pre-Covid. Unlike the nice plates that @KennethTgot the other day, we were served on paper plates. Apparently to deal with staffing issues they decided they could do without one of the dishwashers.😕
  12. I've gotten the corn nuts from them before, I have to portion them into containers for DH or he will munch through that bag way too fast!
  13. BeeZee

    Lunch 2021

    Leftover pasta salad from the weekend, topped with some jarred tuna.
  14. yes to raw clams as a little kid...growing up on Long Island our next door neighbors who went clamming (in addition to gardening and bee keeping, an intro to all kinds of delicious things) I got to eat raw clams in the backyard. DH and I dined outdoors at a really good fish restaurant in Princeton (Blue Point Grill) on Wednesday and split some really good NE style chowder, it had a little bit of thyme in it.
  15. BeeZee

    Slaws -- Cook-off 49

    @heidih, thanks for the link, since I discovered an Asian food market near my office I have access to all of the ingredients.
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