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  1. They are 59 cents/lb at my local Shoprite, which would make an individual banana less than 24 cents. Maybe just a Trader Joe’s pricing adjustment?
  2. BeeZee

    Passover 2024

    We aren't having our family dinner until the end of next week due to my parents being away. Mom will make brisket and bring in the crock pot to reheat at my house. I am not inclined to make matzoh ball soup this year, I'm feeling like a pureed carrot-based soup would be nice for a change. I've never made one before, but I'm looking at recipes for minas (layered dish made with matzoh, think of the format of lasagna without noodles). Maybe one with spinach/feta. Then some plain roasted yukon golds for the brisket eaters.
  3. BeeZee

    Dinner 2024

    Clearing out the freezer of leftovers, we had turkey roulade, gravy, and roasted squash/apples from Thanksgiving. Cut up some red potatoes and shallot and roasted them fresh as a side.
  4. I add it to oatmeal to increase the protein content. I have mixed it into plain Greek yogurt with some berries for a PB&J vibe, also.
  5. Some of the things you've noted above gain "palatability" due to texture (raw tuna = unctuous mouthfeel "fatty-like") or strong flavor blanketing the protein (chicken teriyaki, shrimp cocktail) (shrimp may be low fat, but they are high in cholesterol, so I wouldn't lean too hard on those). What about the idea of developing a roster of highly flavored marinades and sauces to make the proteins more interesting? Fresh salsas/chutneys would be helpful, also. If working with something like chicken, poaching it keeps it moist, then you can add sauce/garnish. I bet if you find a vintage 1980's Weight Watcher cookbook (or something "Nouvelle Cuisine"), you'll find some ideas, since that era was all about low fat dieting.
  6. Based on an email I got from the Princeton store (more like $1/mango), I think the deal I got was specific to the Cherry Hill, NJ store. Lucky me, they must have been overstocked!
  7. Whole Foods has yellow (altulfo) mangoes on sale, with Prime they are 5 for $1. Yes, 20 cents each.
  8. Thanks for sharing...(uh oh, saw some of the dreaded c*rn!). What a fun way for kids to learn about traditions, food displays and the ethnic costumes are very impressive!
  9. When my Uncle used this product, it was for similar reasons. He really didn’t know how to cook much, so having some of these meals available meant that when he came home after a long day at work, he didn’t order something more unhealthy to be delivered
  10. Further to the quest, I went back to Shoprite around 6pm today and only found Halal split chicken breasts. They did have around 6 packages of them, I bought one and am currently roasting them off. The really strange thing is that they have literally every other part, including wings.
  11. I was cursing my local Shop Rite for not having any split chicken breasts last weekend (bone in, skin on). I went to Wegmans today, which generally has a wider variety of options, and although they had boneless, skin on breasts...not a single package of split breasts. Cut up whole chickens, yes. But I have no use for the whole chicken, nobody here will eat the dark meat. I was hoping to buy a couple of pounds and cook them for meal planning, since I had hoped it was a way to avoid the "woody" flesh issue on the boneless ones. I have no local butcher to ask. What's going on? When I check the app, the local Whole Foods may have them, but I can't stomach their prices when half the weight is bone.
  12. BeeZee

    Lunch 2024

    Very nice! I haven't been to Greece since the late 1980's, the airport is much improved! One of my employees is going to Greece for his Honeymoon in the Fall, I'll be taking notes.
  13. I had a hunch. Although the squirrels don't normally come onto the deck, I'll take preventive measures! When we moved into my childhood home, we were so excited to find that it had a peach tree. Until we realized that the (one) good peach it produced would get sampled by "something" as soon as it started to ripen. I'd like to keep my meagre harvest intact.
  14. I'll make this the absurdly silly gardening question. I don't have a garden, I don't have time to keep a garden...but I'd like to get some container cherry tomato plants and keep them on my deck (southern exposure, lots of sunlight). Do birds or garden rodents (we have rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks) eat cherry tomatoes? I have some 2x4's in the basement and could buy screen/netting to make some kind of covers...
  15. I can’t recall which store had this, but one of the scales/scanners had a camera (likely similar to the one Chromedome mentioned) that vaguely recognized produce, so if you put some apples on the scale, it prompts you with various apple options for the produce code…so that theoretically if you punched in code 4011 for bananas (less than 50 cents per lb.) rather than some kind of apple (more expensive), it might “flag”? I never tested it.
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