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  1. Red wine suggestions needed

    I'm playing golf with our friend on Saturday, I'll see if he can give insight into the flavor profile. My bet is on not so spicy. Hubby is a fan of vinho verde, so that's an easy one. And I do like the idea of the rose.
  2. Red wine suggestions needed

    thanks for the suggestions. My local TJ's does indeed have wine, so a trip is planned to see what they have. We also have a very nice wine store near my office that is a hidden secret (Moore Brothers Wine Co.), if I can un-bury myself on Thurs., I'll head over, as they are very knowledgeable. If I don't think I can find something suitable in a red, I'll just stick with white for dinner.
  3. Red wine suggestions needed

    I am looking for some ideas for a lighter red wine that would pair with grilled tuna steak which may be served with a mango salsa being brought by my friend (so I don't know how sweet or spicy it will be). That salsa is throwing me off.
  4. Cuisinart Recall

    I had no problem unpacking the new blade and wrapping the old one for disposal. I did however cut my finger on the slicing blade as I was restacking everything in the storage corner. Found a small box to safely house those blades now. And hummous has been made, order is restored.
  5. Cuisinart Recall

    My replacement blade arrived today, about 5 1/2 months after the first request, I didn't get a "heads up" email. I had put in 2 requests a couple of weeks apart on 2 different emails, I am curious to see if I do get a 2nd blade. But at least I can make hummous this weekend!
  6. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Sushi burrito at Whole Foods (King California roll, surimi/avo/tempura crunch/mango). Thinking that if Japanese people were horrified by the size of rolls served at American sushi joints, this would really make them twitch. But I guess it isn't much different than a hand roll.
  7. we get the weekly circulars for Shop Rite, Acme (local to the Philadelphia area), Wegmans (sporadically), and McCaffrey's (sporadically-it is a small local chain). Both Shop Rite and Wegmans do online digital coupons that give you additional deals which get loaded to your loyalty card. Whole Foods is testing this in selected markets also, the one near my office has a Rewards program where they email you a "reward" periodically to select/load onto your card. It might be something like $5 off $25 of produce, for example. I've accepted the lack of privacy in using these various rewards/loyalty cards. I don't care if they know my food buying habits and convey that to the manufacturers if it means I can save money. Call it a bribe, if you will.
  8. I'm trying to make sure the perishables get used...last week I bought a pack of 3 heads romaine in a bag so salad it was for the 2nd Sunday in a row (one head left). I did defrost some roasted delicata squash (leftover from the end of 2016) and chopped it to put onto the salad, at least that freezer bag was diminished in size. And last week's salad used up some bread I had saved for croutons. I had soup during the week (one freezer bowl taken care of). I suspect this challenge at least got me motivated to think about using those leftovers piecemeal instead of "saving" them for some grand plan (which only ensures various bags of freezer burned items).
  9. there was an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer the other day...the city had hosted an event for the NFL draft. Apparently many pallets of Greek yogurt cups and drinks which were not consumed were able to be picked up due to the coordination of a local organization who mobilized refrig trucks and places that could take the bounty. I believe the Salvation Army wound up with the bulk of it, as they had the biggest refrig to hold all of it. They had plans to distribute to Senior Meals programs and others. It was quite an eye opener to read about the challenges of how to get a sizeable donation actually out of one place and in to another. Particularly since it was a perishable item.
  10. ahh, the ultimate in comfort food. Lot to be said for a genuine person like this, love to support people like him.
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    @Shelby, another tasty way to prepare fresh artichokes that I've enjoyed is to steam them, cut in half, brush liberally with vinagrette, and grill to get some nice marks.
  12. hmmm, what about oatmeal cookies with raisinets...for those of us who like both?
  13. Overnight Oats

    I make this frequently with Trader Joe's multigrain hot cereal mix. It retains a nice texture. I found a "base" recipe which includes 2x volume milk (cow, soy, nut) to oats, chia seeds, and banana + other mix ins. The banana needs to be ripe, I cut it really thin and mix it in so it pretty much dissolves into everything, it acts as a natural sweetener. I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a squirt of agave syrup or honey, and cinnamon. Other additions have included cacao nibs, sliced toasted almonds, or additional fruit. I will usually make a large batch of the "base" and freeze portions in reuseable plastic containers (Ciao Bella gelato pint container with screw on lid are great for this). When defrosted I will add fresh fruit or nuts.
  14. if you have hair will get in there and clog up the works even worse. We used to pull dust kitties out of ours.
  15. Received the 10" skillet. It's a little smaller across the bottom than the one it was intended to replace, so I still need to get something in a 12" version. The 10" is pretty heavy, I don't know if I want the same style in 12". I will have to use it to see if the weight bothers me. The finish out of the box feels pretty slick, there is a small imperfection on the rim (where it won't matter). I will likely go ahead and clean/season it a bit more.