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  1. I have been wondering, is the staff break room near the hospital's kitchen (or whatever the house of horrors is called where they prep patient meals)...I am thinking of the unsavory scent of disinfectant mingling with your delicious cooking smells and just can't envision how this works?
  2. Grain bowls

    You might want to look online at 101 Cookbooks, Heidi does a lot of grain bowl variations (vegetarian) and has a guide to various grains: https://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/a-few-favorite-whole-grains-recipe.html
  3. Roasted Cauliflower

    I like to slice it so you get flat surfaces (about 1/2" thick) that way you get more even cooking/browning. The various small bits that break off get really toasty on the pan, yum. If I'm being diligent I'll take the pieces off the baking sheet as they get done, since some of the larger sections need more time. I will usually cook at 400 degrees and the amount of time depends on how you cut the head up. I will flip the slices halfway through, I'm guessing I cook for around 30 minutes total?
  4. Breakfast! 2018

    TJ’s Icelandic Skyr, banana, walnuts, drizzle of maple syrup
  5. The flavors look delicious!
  6. First Steps in Cooking

    I was one of the kids with that Betty Crocker cookbook, and I do remember that "bunny salad"! I have a feeling the first thing I cooked was grilled cheese, since I can remember watching my Dad make them and studying his method. I think the first thing I may have made for the family (from that BC cookbook, I believe) was "cube steaks" which were tenderized (chuck maybe?) dredged in flour/S+P and pan fried.
  7. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    working at home, one of my tried and true lunches...tuna/avocado/diced grape tomato kind of mooshed together with a sprinkle of Southwest seasoning. Ate with "the bread of our affliction", ie., the whole wheat matzoh that never seems to get finished
  8. Popsicles

    or...pop those chocolate cubes into some coffee for iced mocha coffee
  9. @moesurf, the brand is Gelato Fiasco. I think they may only have 2 flavors at this particular store, it was kind of a hidden/top shelf kind of find!
  10. Broiling Tofu

    I like to use extra firm tofu, I generally press for a couple of minutes to get the excess water out but don’t have patience for much more. Marinate for a bit, slice into squares around 1/2” thick and bake on a rimmed pan lined with non-stick alum foil at 400 degrees until the outside browns, turning it once. Have also done it in a non-stick grill pan. I don’t do any frying at home and this method is better for tofu eaten cold, as I often put it on a salad.
  11. caramel mascarpone pistachio gelato...oh my. I'm lucky my office is next to the kitchen, I keep going back to the freezer to scoop more into my coffee cup. I went to ShopRite by my office to poke around at lunch time (they have different stuff than my local store) and this was on sale for $2.88, a small manufacturer from Maine. If it wouldn't melt on my 45 minute drive home I might grab 6 more pints, it probably is being discontinued.
  12. M&Ms: The Discussion

    I am eating the crunchy raspberry, since I am compelled to try anything raspberry flavored. Not enough raspberry flavor, but the crunchy texture is nice. The candy shells are 3 colors, red, brown, and cream. They are sort of irregularly shaped due to the crunch center (ie, not perfectly smooth discs like standard ones). I think the mint flavor may be the best best, if they do it right it would be similar to Thin Mints. If anyone is looking for these, I bought mine at Walgreens.
  13. Ramen - recipe with Photos

    Beautiful, thats a real labor of love.
  14. I just had one of these bars. I think they call it "caramelized creme" because of the tan color, they didn't want you to expect the usual white chocolate flavor. I don't think the intent was a caramel flavor, but maybe the thinking was the salt from the pretzel was reminding people of salted caramel. The first note I detected was peanut, then as you chew you get the salt from the pretzel bits. I thought it was OK for a change, if you consider its not fine confectionery. I do like white chocolate. As a side note, they don't seem to be in wide distribution, I looked for a while before finding one (at Wegmans, and I think I saw them at Target last week).
  15. Breakfast! 2018

    @shain, I had leftover charoset for breakfast, also. Mine was simple, finely diced granny smith apples and walnuts, cinnamon, cardamon, honey. I should make it year round, I really enjoy it plain and on yogurt.