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  1. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    another freezer dive...decided to take an extra work at home day prior to the big mess of snow tomorrow. Turkey stock, torn up baby kale leaves (leftover from weekend), cubed baked tofu simmered for a couple of minutes for some healthy soup. That stock was really good and the baby kale leaves don't dissolve to mush like spinach does.
  2. My Mom often makes them for Passover and dips the tops in semi-sweet choc then sprinkles with finely chopped salted pistachios.
  3. I was happy to see the bag of mini avocados at TJ's over the weekend (Teeny Tiny Avocados)...product of Mexico, 6 per bag, under $3. The pit is in proportion to the fruit, the one I had last night was creamy and unblemished. It is a nice size for garnishing a leaf lettuce salad, or avocado toast for one (I find a whole large avocado a bit much and wrapping half is so-so).
  4. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Pan seared tuna, just a little salt and fresh cracked pepper. Salad of baby kale with avocado and orange, simple dressing of white balsamic, evoo, s&p, garlic. Tried “massaging” the kale with the dressing for a bit, but I felt silly and gave up after a minute or so. The baby kale was tender enough so sitting with the dressing on it for a few minutes was just fine. Now for my shameful confession, our side was a relic from 2 years ago found in the freezer. Passover farfel kugel (dressing) with leeks and mushrooms. It was well wrapped, no freezer damage, and heated up just fine. Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the date on the wrapper, I guess it kind of got buried somehow
  5. Well, the largest supermarket in this area, Shop Rite, is showing a new item, 15 minute Chef’s Menu meal kits. Advertised as dinner for 2, they are $11.99-12.99. Those prices are “sale” prices, $2. off the “regular” price. Three chicken dishes, one pork, one beef. When I go shopping today I will see if they are in stock at my local store yet to see what they look like. Shop Rite is solidly “middle market”, unlike Wegmans, so I wouldn’t expect much other than high sodium content.
  6. @lindag, an educated guess would be in how the accounting is done for the restaurant...as the food/bev is one “bucket” and tips are another one that gets reported separately to the IRS as income for the server.
  7. @Toliver, you are not imagining, and it has been going on for a long time. I did business with a company in the 90’s whose business was based on that concept, making money off the float.
  8. Repeater with certain holiday dishes. If I am cooking for 12, I want to know that the recipe works and everyone liked it. I tend to mostly wing it on everyday meals for the two of us. And leftovers are often planned for repurpose, so that’s a second iteration without a recipe. I kind of play “Chopped” with my pantry at times.
  9. @kayb, there was something online recently about a waitress at (IIRC) an Applebee's who had to pack a rather large "to go" order for a church group and got stiffed on a tip. It was supposedly an oversight, but she made comments about it online and got fired. Her contention was that the amount of time she spent preparing this large order (not one meal, it was dozens) took her away from the dining room where she would have the opportunity to earn tips. I think you should tip a small amount for take out if there was some assembly/prep needed. But when I take out at Panera Bread (chain) for example, which is paying at least min. wage (unlike what wait staff get), I don't feel the need to tip. I might drop the change into a communal jar if the service is cheerful, but for the usual sullen and unhelpful servers I see, not so much. When it is mostly self serve (like the "meat 'n three" types of places) it becomes kind of awkward. I sometimes go to an Indian buffet type restaurant for lunch. One that I went to, they did absolutely nothing, they dropped a pitcher of cold water on the table so I could refill my own water glass and didn't remove dirty plates. No tip left (although I admit to some residual guilt).
  10. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Much like the “clean out your freezer” topic, I am determined to reduce the canned goods in my pantry. I just accumulated too many due to buying duplicates, etc. Tonight I seasoned and browned some chicken breast tenders in a skillet, added a couple of chopped scallions which were on their last legs, a small can of black beans, small can white shoepeg corn, sliced black olives, and a pouch of enchilada simmer sauce. Served with quinoa. Leftover veg/beans and quinoa will be lunch tomorrow.
  11. Chowhound

    @Smokeydoke, I was on CH for several years before eGullet, also. I read the blog by the founder as to what happened when he had to sell it (he couldn’t keep it going himself due to costs for needed technology upgrades) and it was pretty eye opening. So many people left when the software was in flux and then I guess the “corporate minders” set stricter moderation rules...so the threads, as you noted, devolved into people who were not the prior core audience joining and posting decidedly “non Chow” recs. I follow the dinner and baking threads, and the Trader Joes thread, simply because they are apt to have daily postings. The NJ thread has become useless also. I used to use CH as a source for local dining recs when going on vacation/out of town, but I just don’t trust most of the posts any more. EGullet is a much more well informed community and I really get a lot out of it, even if I don’t do things like bread baking, for example. I love the exchanges of ideas as an academic exercise.
  12. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    hastily stuffed in my maw while sitting in the parking lot...a new Indian (East Asian) bakery opened in our little town (it is a local franchise, I know of one other location about 20 minutes away) - was running errands on my day off and spotted the "grand opening" sign. I was disappointed that the items in the bakery case were not traditional Indian sweets, but they did have some savories available. I chatted with the gentleman working there and bought a veg samosa. It was slightly warmer than room temp (guessing cooked up about an hour prior) since I didn't tell him to reheat it. Potato and peas, dough was not too heavy or greasy. He gave me a little container of a tamarind dipping sauce that was tasty if a bit too sweet. It was a dollar and a perfect little pre-lunch snack.
  13. Refrigerator Magnets

    we have a cat-leaning theme...a magnet holds photos of some of the departed furry souls, a magnet from the Cat Sitter we used to use, two small decorative cat magnets I actually purchased (one is a girl/boy pair, the other is a cat with Chefs hat). A magnetic clip to hold coupons. A magnet-backed mini calendar we always get in the mail from local realtors. A few others. On the (non-visible) side of the fridge I keep poultry shears in a holster and a small sharpening device for knives.
  14. well, you may consider it "rustic" due to the cracked Pavlova...but the concentric petals of fig make up for that! I'd gladly eat half of that, the flavors sound very appealing.
  15. @rotuts, edited to say...3% back on WF purchases. Gotta keep that spending in-house! I get 2% on my current CC as well, with an extra 1% (IIRC) on grocery purchases. So I'm already covered. I shop at WF and other supermarkets and now use my CC for the credits rather than paying cash. Good deal if you don't carry a balance.
  16. Amazon Visa will give you 3% back without Prime membership. Bezos really is looking to lock up every aspect of the consumer buying cycle.
  17. I love Lenten season as a non-Christian, so much more fish available in the market and in the restaurants!
  18. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    day off today so a chance to make lunch at home...bought a fresh whole wheat Portuguese roll, pulled some of the stuffing out of it. Melted cheddar on the two inner surfaces, tuna on top, then sliced grape tomatoes. Was going to eat open faced, but decided to slam both halves back together to contain the tomato pieces. My kind of tuna melt (not a huge fan of mayo).
  19. mmm, perhaps I'll try mixing honey and tehina and drizzling over plain yogurt (garnish of toasted sliced almonds and/or cacao nibs)?
  20. Probably eating the candy that DH gave me over the weekend, since he knew he'd be out of town for work. Or perhaps a beer (ie, bubbly for one).
  21. I look forward to your posts not just about food, but the wonderful surroundings as well!
  22. One of the Whole Foods that I visit occasionally has added the lockers for Amazon deliveries (sorry, don't remember the name they give them). It is a nice amenity for people who live in Urban areas where you don't have a nice covered porch (or other semi-safe area) for UPS to heave your box on to. That is one benefit of the merger.
  23. Charleston Revisited

    I'll be following with interest, hubs just suggested a short vaca end of March/early April and this is on my destination short list.
  24. I have found that I sleep much better on an "empty" stomach (or I should say, mostly digested, I guess). Since I go to sleep pretty early (usually around 10:30 pm) that means my optimal dinner time is 6-6:30 p.m. During the week I generally don't eat an actual dinner, I have what most would consider a snack when I get home, which is usually around 7:00 p.m. I eat more for my mid-day meal during the week.
  25. instagram & "sick"

    yes, "sick" is like "crazy good" (and sometimes "nasty" is good, too!)