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  1. A rare foray into baking...healthy banana date muffins. They are vegan as well. Very little added sugar and oil, no eggs. Very moist.
  2. @cakewalk, I agree...what is the texture like on these? I am looking for tender, not hard/dense. One place I bought from last year had something like sugar cookie which was just wrong.
  3. Chicken mole chili. Leftover cooked chicken, chicken stock, cocoa powder, and dried chile ancho (rehydrated in the stock, then pureed). Black beans, some leftover cooked squash also from the freezer. Sauteed red bell pepper and onion. I actually have an almost empty section of the freezer drawer, I like this.
  4. My dinner last night was a Wawa cheese stuffed hot pretzel. Eaten in my car.
  5. Cuisinart Recall

    I requested another blade using a different email address about a month back, and got an email (2nd one) saying they may get it to me in June/July. Interestingly, haven't gotten an update on the primary email which I had sent back in December.
  6. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    technically eaten at lunch time after returning from the gym, but first meal of the day...wheat/multigrain bagel with avocado and a few splats of green (tomatillo) salsa on top. Chased by a sip of red wine from last night's leftovers
  7. Yay, a large space cleared in the freezer...the 8lb turkey breast (bone in), plastic container with leftover stuffing from thanksgiving, as well as a bag of gravy. Of course now I realize I still have a container of leftover cooked turkey from Thanksgiving...looks like turkey in many forms in my future. Tomorrow will be turkey + twice baked potatoes.
  8. @shain, I am on board with the kugel, but can't wrap my head around the pickle...
  9. I removed the ice maker to make more room in the freezer. Not a big user of ice cubes.
  10. Loaded nachos for dinner...turkey (small amt leftover from thanksgiving, shredded and mixed with enchilada sauce) and tortilla chips (topped with salsa, more enchilada sauce, pickled jalapenos, black olive, much cheese melted over). Served with a mix of finely diced seeded tomato, avocado, and scallion mixed together as a relish to spoon on top.
  11. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    @liuzhou, as I like a nice dark crust on bread, your little loaf looks very appealing to me.
  12. I get the TJ's non-sorbate prunes, they are much firmer and no slime.
  13. I am usually in WF once a week, so if there is a product or category you'd like me to check, ask away. I buy instant soup cups by Dr. McDougall's which are healthy (vegan or vegetarian, reduced sodium) and they are usually a bit cheaper than the supermarket, but you are talking about something that sells for less than $2 so its probably a 10 cent difference. In the produce aisle, the organic fruits and veg are often cheaper, especially the ones sourced locally. Fage yogurt usually cheaper unless supermarket is running a sale.
  14. remnants of clean out the freezer challenge + leftovers...some mushroom/lentil soup, added some cooked swiss chard, tore up leftover cooked turkey and heated the whole lot up. Pretty tasty except for the last drop I got when tilting the container into my mouth, must have had some leftover grit from the swiss chard as well.
  15. Took out a package of cooked swiss chard (late summer vintage) so tomorrow will be swiss chard+shrimp. Also a container of mushroom/lentil soup...that's the bonus round for Sunday and Monday lunch probably. Ironically the action was forced by DH requesting that I make ice cubes and needed room for the tray to sit flat.
  16. Ironically it is ingrained in my brain "hot wok, cold oil, food won't stick" from my time watching Jeff Smith's cooking show on PBS as a young adult.
  17. I'm counting down the days (OK, it's more like 2 weeks) until hubby's son and his wife come for the weekend, can get the 8lb turkey breast out the freezer finally. And the mushroom stuffing that goes with it.
  18. Our local mainstream supermarket has them and I never get tired of pointing out the pack of "chicken paws" to my husband and cracking up.
  19. I bought a bag of these at Target today. They gave the white chocolate coating a tangy flavor to simulate cream cheese frosting. Chocolate cookie inside. Not bad.
  20. I agreed...until they recently visited a local cafe/sandwich place the is quite mediocre, when we heard he had filmed there, the general comment was "there? why?". Watched that episode and even Guy couldn't muster much enthusiasm.
  21. I have purchased ingredients for two different meals because of forgetting which one I had decided to make by the time I got to the part because of that dread of the return visit...
  22. Breakfast! 2016 (Part 3)

    I recently enjoyed a wrap of peanut butter, banana, granola for crunch, and a little honey.
  23. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    @Anna N debauchery would be spreading those emptied tater shells with butter, then eating. Not that I would know anything about that...
  24. Cuisinart Recall

    I filed online at 7am yesterday and got a confirmation number, no problem.
  25. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    more clean out the freezer Sunday free for all...entree was roasted cod fillet with hoisin glaze. Sides included twice baked potato (Thanksgiving), spaghetti squash (pre-Thanksgiving) freshened up with some sauteed onion/garlic, stuffed red bell peppers (stuffing was rice/veg base and leftover from Jan.).