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  1. Slate is pretty soft compared to other stone. I have granite counter tops in my master bath, quartz in my kitchen. Quartz, when I did my research, was more resistant to thermal shock than natural stone, and it is stain resistant. You don't have to treat it/reseal it like you do with natural stone. I've had the quartz counters for about 5 years and no complaints.
  2. Kitchen related, I got a pack of 2 stick up LED puck lights for under my kitchen cabinets. I have dark quartz countertops and at night the overhead light doesn’t do enough. They are rechargeable via usb outlet, as I hate the waste of disposable batteries.
  3. There is an Acme near me, in Hamilton Square. It doesn’t get nearly as much business as the ShopRite which is a 1/2 mile away, smaller store, higher prices.
  4. I used the Live Chat last week on a Business order shipping to our office and wound up getting the whole order credited, I have no complaint about their customer service from that perspective. BTW, a member of my extended family is in management at one of their "hubs" and he was sent to an "under performing" location to help with order processing. All hands on deck.
  5. Bought something (not food/kitchen related) for DH that he needed, was a good price but the promised "same day delivery" was changed to 2 days later on my email order acknowledgement. Last Prime order which was supposed to be next day was pushed to 2 days. I know if I complain I may get some credit (probably not during Prime Days due to large order volume) but it is annoying. At this point the benefit of Prime membership other than free shipping is the discounts at Whole Foods (which I do use pretty often). I know I've made back the cost.
  6. My Sicilian BIL insists on putting lemon juice on all fruit, drives me crazy. If the fruit is ripe, thats what I want to taste. When he is cutting up fruit for dessert I have learned to ask for a portion to be set aside, plain, before he drowns it.
  7. BeeZee

    Dinner 2019

    Pizza...local joint, we have an abundance of good pizza in our neighborhood. This one is called the Brooklyn, it has fresh mozzarella and crushed tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil instead of cooked sauce.
  8. BeeZee

    Dinner 2019

    Friends came over for dinner, made gazpacho last night, it definitely needed a day in the fridge to come together; grilled yellow squash and red onions; salmon fillets grilled on cedar planks; pearl couscous salad. Both the squash and salmon got the same marinade, soy/lemon juice/honey/garlic/aleppo pepper/oil.
  9. Julia Child via Dan Ackroyd
  10. BeeZee

    Lunch 2019

    Not quite as picturesque, but needed to eat lunch "al desko" today and one of the people in my office is a Chick Fil A addict, so...grilled chicken wrap. The dressing is pretty tasty, the sandwich was made to order (lettuce was crisp and cold, outer wrap not dried out). It is probably the only fast food I'll eat.
  11. Strangely...the cherry tomatoes on the vine at one of the ShopRites near my house do not appear to be the same “brand” as the ones I got near my office. I bought a pack of tiny tomatoes (the size of currants) which were from Canada, it was a tri-color pack and they were very disappointing in flavor, too soft, likely sat around too long. Oh well, they look cute in the salad.
  12. Is the cream cheese within a bonbon anerobic because it is encased in chocolate?
  13. As I have no eggs in the house, yet felt a need for brownies, I did some research and found that one small banana, mashed (1/4c) would be a suitable replacement for one egg. It was either that or unsweetened applesauce (no ground flaxseed on hand) and I figured the banana flavor would be OK with chocolate. It was Ghiradelli mix from the pantry, so not a big investment. I baked the brownies for the max recommended time and they were a bit underdone in the center to my taste. The banana taste is very faint, will see if DH notices...since I don’t plan to tell him.😏 Edit to add, the next day, no banana taste.
  14. BeeZee

    Dinner 2019

    Dinner was prepared and cooked at what would be lunch time since the weather did not look promising for grilling at dinnertime. So we had a cold dinner...grilled chicken breasts and a few shrimp that were loitering in the freezer were also cooked, grilled corn/tomato/avocado salad, leftover quinoa pilaf.
  15. I do, but not “on” the sandwich, it is more of a “dip the edge in” situation, and only if it is old school grilled cheese made with white bread and basic american or similar. Fancy cheese/bread, no ketchup.
  16. I don't like scrambled eggs (or eggs in any form). I like grilled cheese. I like ketchup with grilled cheese. I am indifferent on Miracle Whip vs Mayo (but probably lean towards MW since I always "sense" the egg in mayo and it kind of skeeves me out). So I'm not a textbook case.
  17. Alpine Lace swiss cheese (made by Land O Lakes) is a reduced fat swiss cheese which is a bit over 100 mg sodium per oz., 6 grams of fat. It is much milder than “real” swiss cheese but it has some flavor and will melt. I have made yogurt cheese at home by draining greek yogurt in a coffee filter in the refrig overnight, it is a good canvas for flavors.
  18. What a wonderful thing to do for your Mother, she will cherish the memory!
  19. Hmmm, this may be what pushes me to buy an enameled pot (since I don't have any pots that would hold heat well enough). I love the idea of yogurt via neglect.
  20. https://images.app.goo.gl/dPdkEkVRFuwNhjMf9 Uncle Fester had a unique talent with light bulbs
  21. @Margaret Pilgrim, so jealous, I love fresh apricots and I rarely get any here in NJ that are not mealy or lacking in deep flavor.
  22. The large tomatoes on the vine are always mediocre. These cherry tomatoes were very fresh, the vine still had that unique tomato vine smell, the fruit itself was very sweet. I may have to go back tomorrow on my way to the office to buy some more to bring home.
  23. Something that I find mildly annoying is that Shop Rite (big supermarket chain in NJ) has stores owned by different "families" or groups. I have 4 stores within 20 minutes of my house, and one within walking distance of my office. There is a pretty big variation in the variety and quality of produce in each store. At lunchtime today I bought a pack of cherry tomatoes on the vine (99 cents) that was incredible, but never saw them at the 2 stores closest to my house. Not that the store by my office is any great shakes, but they must have a better produce buyer.
  24. BeeZee

    Breakfast 2019

    Brunch at my desk (busy morning)...cottage cheese, blueberries, white nectarine, cherries
  25. I believe they fry the panko briefly to take some of the “raw” flavor off, but not so long as to brown it. You might just want to try toasting some briefly in a sautee pan?
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