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  1. Restaurant pet peeves

    I remember seeing notes on the menu and/or table during one bad drought in NJ that water would not be served unless requested. Generally the waitstaff are asking for your beverage order “to start” as soon as dropping the menus, so I’ve not experienced any issue with getting water. The refill of said water....that is another issue...
  2. Cuisinart Recall

    Got a second blade in todays mail, probably 10-11 months after the initial request (I had sent 2 emails in, using different email addresses, maybe 3 weeks apart). Heck of a lag time.
  3. Restaurant pet peeves

    Wait staff asking if you’d like dessert, before you’ve even finished the entree. In such a hurry to get that check closed out... Clearing the table while one person is still eating. And the follow up, asking the diner who is finished if they would like dessert, while the other person is still eating their entree.
  4. @lindag, we got the little raisin boxes in our lunch box also, and the empty box was turned into a kazoo. I prefer golden raisins to the dark ones now.
  5. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    I find that piece very appealing, as a dark crust lover. I would tear that off first.
  6. Urban honey

    http://www.philly.com/philly/food/holy-local-honey-for-the-high-holidays-20170914.html Honey from beehives on the roof of a synagogue in Philadelphia
  7. Avocados and avocado prices

    Shop Rite Hamilton Marketplace (Route 130)- Mercer County. I just happened to look at the sticker as I was putting it into the fridge. Usually they are from Mexico.
  8. Avocados and avocado prices

    The one from Whole Foods was excellent. I bought one last night at $1.99 from SR also, didn't realize until I got home that it is Peruvian, so we shall see.
  9. Avocados and avocado prices

    Visited WF this morning and right in the entry vestibule was a big pile o' Haas avocados for $1.49, they all looked ripe (or past ripe). I grabbed one for lunch. Non-organic bananas are still 49 cents/lb, but apples were really cheap (less than my local Shop Rite), conventional Fuji apples $1.78/lb. One of my co-workers who is a regular shopper confirmed that she noticed produce prices have come down.
  10. geez, @rarerollingobject, Monday a.m. in my office consisted of an Entemann's packaged coffee cake (yes, I punted on that).
  11. Working my way thru a bag of TJ's half dried frozen figs. Defrosted some and chopped, mixed with cottage cheese for lunch. I liked these, so once the bag is done it will likely be replaced, only a temp freezer space saving.
  12. Road food

    the back roads in NJ driving towards the shore (my friend used to call it the Jersey Devil route) have some of these types of places. You might find a building next to a working farm with homemade pie and preserves. There are certain areas known for roadside BBQ (a lot of the guys are originally from the South), I passed one just yesterday in the middle of nowhere, farmland all around, I saw the steel drum/barrel with smoke curling out. NJ has gotten so developed, a lot of people don't realize how much open space does still exist off the beaten path. It is harder to find than in other areas of the country, no doubt.
  13. 2 more gone from freezer. Leftover zucchini casserole (sort of like noodle-less lasagne), added some darkly roasted cauliflower bits (dated from Feb) mixed with parm cheese, crumblike texture, used them as the bottom layer in the pan. Frozen prepared crabcakes (only 3 days in freezer, quick turnover!). I am now realizing I have more froz veg than I thought, may be soup time soon.
  14. Food recalls

    Just got an email, since I use my "shoppers club" card when grocery shopping, that a package of Dole spinach I purchased is part of a mass recall for possible Listeria. Since my husband and I ate said spinach 3 or 4 days ago, I'm guessing it wasn't contaminated or I'd be sick by now. Has anyone had a problem with illness from a grocery item? Do you take a recalled item back to the store or just bin it?
  15. this topic has helped me be more diligent about not stockpiling things in the freezer. Our household is 2 adults and frankly I usually just cook on the weekends due to work/life schedules. I'm more apt to portion things for lunch size, so I'm more likely to get the stuff rotated out more quickly if I can grab a small container to take during the week. DH doesn't seem to recognize anything in the freezer unless it has a popsicle stick in it.
  16. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    various things from Whole Foods salad bar, and they still have heirloom tomatoes so I got another Purple Cherokee while I could, at $3.99/lb that one tomato cost me $2.47. Worth it, I had a crusty seeded roll, some spreadable goat cheese, and slabs of that tomato, open faced. I eat after everyone is gone from the office kitchen so they won't see me licking the tomato juice off my fingers.
  17. I bought Ben & Jerry's pint slices (little box of 3 was on sale $2.88), got the peanut butter cup version which is vanilla ice cream with mini peanut butter cups coated in chocolate. Think of a Klondike bar with better ice cream. Each one is 300 calories, I did find that (after eating a whole one first) that I was satisfied with cutting one in half since the ice cream is pretty rich. I like the concept, but still think I prefer a pint since I can choose how much I want to eat.
  18. Drowning in Figs!

    last time I was gifted with too many ripe figs I made fig compote and froze it.
  19. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Bought a cooked small lobster at the supermarket, took it home and picked it, fresh whole wheat Portuguese roll. Had a small avocado ripe in the fridge...lobster/avocado roll. Hubby going on a business trip so I only had to feed myself. Also had a glass of Knudsen's veg juice (my fav, it actually has some texture) w/a squirt of sriracha. There may be a pint of Ben & Jerry's in the freezer.
  20. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Whole wheat Portuguese roll and heirloom tomatoes from WF (one yellow/golden, one dark red/purple), avocado. Took some of the stuffing out of the bread, mooshed the avocado in each half, laid my slabs of tomatoes on top and hoovered it up. One of my local supermarkets had a net bag with 3 little avocados for $1.99 (Mexican) and they were perfect "single serving" size. Produce is just outstanding right now, I bought some Rainier cherries and apricots also. That tomato was so good I may make a return trip after work (sale ends today) and repeat the lunch tomorrow!
  21. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Finally used the eggplant and zucchinis I bought at the farmers market on Tuesday,, they stayed fine in the fridge. Made a baked casserole (found recipe online), very simple. Slice eggplant thinly, bake 10-15 min. Shred zucchini and mix with pesto and al dente shells (I used Banza chickpea pasta), put in baking dish and top with shredded mozz, top with sliced tomaoes and bake. I threw in some very thinly sliced onion also. It is a nice summertime dish, the sweetness of the veg really came thru. The eggplant was white-skinned and no trace of bitterness. Sauteed some thin sliced chicken and called it a day.
  22. Farmers Markets 2017

    my town's Farmer's Market is kind of sparse. I don't know if it will pick up in August, but at this point there are just 3 farms and the rest of the stands are people selling stuff like handmade soap, pet treats, popcorn...used to have more vendors. There was a pickle guy who had some awesome pickled mushrooms, a local beekeeper...oh well, there was a Hawaiian shave ice truck, which looked like fun. I picked up couple of items from 2 of the farmers, one each green and golden zucchini, a nice tomato, and a white eggplant. Planning to make zoodle salad and just roast that eggplant.
  23. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    leftover baked ziti pizza from DH's boys night out last night. Carbo-licious.
  24. New dish set cost

    Bed Bath & Beyond. Sign up for emails, you will get 20% off coupons weekly. They have a lot of options online (much more than what is in the store) and you'd get free shipping. You can split the purchase over a couple of weeks to use a coupon for each part of your set - buy one 4 piece place setting week 1, wait a week for a new coupon, buy the second 4 piece, etc.
  25. I have a dry erase markerboard on the fridge. DH writes items he wants purchased. It would work better if he erased it after said items were purchased. I generally do write a list (trained by my Mother), and it is in the order that items are stocked in the usual grocery store (ie, produce first...frozen and dairy last) so I can just head to the aisles I need to. If I need to keep it quick/focused, it works. And people find it hilarious that when I go shopping with DH, we split up upon entering the store. I take the big cart, he takes a basket, and I send him to fetch items he can identify (never to the produce aisle, that's a guarantee of bad selections). We reconnect a few aisles later so he can unload his basket into the cart.