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  1. I use ground pork for burgers here; personal preference. Bun it on toasted Bimbo rolls (think Wonder bread), with a squeeze of gochujang (I stock up in US or pay the piper here when I see it). A local organic shop stocks locally made kimchi which we mound on top of the grilled burgers.
  2. Kimchi burgers are planned, but since it's not a holiday here in MX, I have workers scheduled for Monday and if they are working near the grill, we'll switch to something indoors, but nothing specific in mind.
  3. gulfporter

    Dinner 2022

    Grilled Chicken Vindaloo (boneless thighs) with raita and my own lime pickle. In the past few months I've converted 3 chicken recipes that are usually prepared by sauteing and simmering, into grilled chicken recipes with the sauce on the side. Grilled chicken makes them more of a summer dish. Previous meals were Jerk Chicken and Red Curry Chicken. I make the sauces with less liquid and use stick blender to puree. Use 1/4 of mixture as the marinade and the rest I boil down and serve on the side.
  4. gulfporter

    Dinner 2022

    Been disappointed by beef for past 20 years even at high-end places. We've even switched our burgers to ground pork--makes an exceptional kimchi burger, our fave. When we dine out we often get octopus grilled over real wood charcoal (pulpo al carbón)...tastes exactly like the fatty end slice of steak.
  5. gulfporter

    Dinner 2022

    Grilled blackened salmon with mango salad and chipotle mayo.
  6. gulfporter

    Canned sardines

    Grew up dirt-poor. Sardines were cheap. Many a lunch as a kid was an open tin of sardines (always in oil) which we partially drained then added red wine vinegar. Eaten straight out of the can with a slice of white bread to sop up the liquid. About 5 years ago at a secondhand store here at Lake Chapala we bought this painting for 200p (about 10 bucks). Mi esposo said he thought the woman looked like me (he is a kind soul). I just liked the subject matter. I realize the can is for squid but Gitana also sells canned sardines. Hangs in our dining room.
  7. gulfporter

    Lunch 2022

    Light lunch; grilled shrimp with couscous salad with toasted pecans, plumped dried cranberries, shallot and cilantro, dressed with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Dollops of chipotle-cherry sauce and spicy tamarind mayo.
  8. gulfporter

    Lunch 2022

    EZ lunch: fettucine with grilled shrimp in a jarred sauce (Filippo Ricotta and Tomato), topped with some capers as the sauce is on the sweet side. Garlic bread.
  9. gulfporter

    Dinner 2022

    Blackened salmon over arugula and fresh corn/black bean salad.
  10. gulfporter

    Dinner 2022

    Shrimp and Grits.
  11. 2nd banana plant in bloom. Just noticed it today, may be edible by late August?? The other plant has a much larger bunch and we **think** they may be edible in early July.
  12. We live in Jalisco and I've never seen this brand.
  13. gulfporter

    Dinner 2022

    Room temperature garbanzo salad topped with grilled shrimp. Room temperature here is about 85 😎
  14. Reminds me of my childhood in NE PA. I looked for them in SW FL when we lived there in the mid 2000's; no one had them even in the Jewish delis with bakeries.
  15. gulfporter

    Dinner 2022

    Hotter than it should be here, so salad makes sense for dinner. Salmon over arugula with a fewleftover roasted new potatoes, Kalamatas and hard-boiled egg. Not quite a Nicoise since the green bean sellers were not out and about. Dressing: lemon, Dijon, garlic. Not the prettiest salad, but nice and light for this weather.
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