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  1. @Duvel so sorry to hear that your parents celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary ended with stays at the hospital. Is your mother still in the hospital? What wonderful meals you are cooking for your father. I'm sure that they will help his recovery-- delicious meals cooked with love. Thank you for sharing.
  2. I spun a pint of vanilla ice cream and topped it with a spoonful of Trader Joe's lemon curd. Super easy and a nice dessert.
  3. There was a bit to sample but most of it was from the large candy companies (Jelly Belly, Cargill, Wilbur, Callebaut, Gertrude Hawk, etc.) and I am already familiar with their products. Charles Niedermyer from the Pennsylvania College of Technology gave a seminar titled "Artisan Ganaches for Everyday Production" that included a sampling of four different ganache types (classic, classic with sorbitol, vegan, and water ganache). I tried all of those ganaches and am now inspired to experiment with vegan and water ganache. As far as equipment I would love to have an enrober but I've know that for a long time. 🙂
  4. Heading home! It was nice to travel and try out some new restaurants. Will definitely return to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  5. Offcuts meaning things that used to be less popular: ox tails, tongue, etc.. Just gave that case a quick look. I didn't come prepared to cook in my hotel room.
  6. Ha! I suspect that beef will be out of my price range. I'll happily buy their sandwiches and offcuts. And will definitely enjoy window shopping.
  7. Very tasty. And I too was impressed by the aged beef. Perhaps better not to know the price. You know that old saying, if you have to ask how much, it's too expensive for you. 😉
  8. Dinner tonight was at Cabalar Meat Co. I had their steakhouse burger with a local cider. https://www.cabalarmeatco.com/ They had a beautiful case of dry aged beef and a cooler of offal and other interesting cuts. May have to come back and visit their butcher shop.
  9. No worries. I can get bahn mi and Bánh xèo in Northern Virginia. I still might try an open Vietnamese or Korean restaurant for lunch tomorrow. Lots of options in Lancaster even though a lot of places are closed Sundays and Mondays. Mainly I plan to avoid eating at a hotel restaurant. Will have fun looking thru the links you posted.
  10. And they are open Monday!!! Will think of you and Anna when I have lunch there tomorrow!
  11. Cool! I'll check tonight and that may be tomorrow's lunch.
  12. Will plan for that next time. I had forgotten about Lancaster Mike. Do you have and restaurant recommendations?
  13. Picked up some pastries from Barberet. Wanted to eat in their bistro but it is closed today. Pistachio eclair and their coco bomb (dacquoise, mango-coconut mousse, guava gel center).
  14. Will do! I talked to them today about their new / non-light bulb heated little dipper.
  15. Lancaster Pennsylvania at the convention center.
  16. Yes they are. I picked up a few scrapers from them. 🙂
  17. Brunch this morning at a cool cinema / restaurant / distillery. I had the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit.
  18. Trade show. Prototype 3d chocolate printer. Currently works with compound chocolate; they are planning to make one that works with chocolate. For chocolate printing they think they will need cooling and an enclosure. And some sample prints.
  19. Ventured out to this year's candy show. Smaller than pre-covid but kinda local so easy to get to and attend. Attending the Artisan Ganache seminar.
  20. @MaryIsobel will it be an open top / lattice pie? If so, if the pie is too liquidy after you have baked it and let it cool to room temperature, you can drain off most of the liquid, cook it up with some tapioca or cornstarch and add it back to the pie. It annoys me when I have to do that but it does work. One of the many reasons I switched to using Clear Jel. Not matter what it will be delicious. I like the idea of peach chunks instead of slices.
  21. Yes, ClearJel is easier to use than flour / cornstarch / tapioca. It is a modified cornstarch. This website offers some additional uses and instructions https://hoosierhillfarm.com/hoosier-hill-farm-clear-jel-cook-type-1.5-lbs..html
  22. I like using ClearJel. https://www.johnson.k-state.edu/health-food-safety/agents-articles/what-is-clear-jel.html Works perfectly and I get the texture that I want.
  23. Thank you for the photos. Yikes, I'm surprised to see how much they are charging for the chocolates, barks, and fudge! Bark $22.95 per pound, chocolate 28.95 per pound, fudge $20 pound. They don't look like they are using high end chocolate. Even for a resort town, that is expensive. As for the chocolate covered gummy candies. They can be quite good. Not my favorite but I can understand why people like them. Chocolate cinnamon bears are huge in Utah and they are starting to show up all around the United States. https://www.sltrib.com/artsliving/food/2018/02/13/spicy-and-sweet-these-chocolate-cinnamon-bears-are-a-utah-obsession/
  24. Opened the Washington Post and learned that Chef Roland Mesnier has died. I never met him but have enjoyed baking from and reading two of his cookbooks. RIP. https://www.whitehousehistory.org/roland-mesnier-in-memoriam-1944-2022 https://www.chefrolandmesnier.com/about/history-timeline/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/obituaries/2022/08/27/roland-mesnier-pastry-chef-white-house-dead/
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