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  1. There will be an eGullet Chocolate and Confections workshop in May organized by @gfron1 of the soon to be open Bulrush. I'm flying in to STL Thursday the 16th and will try to get a reservation at Bulrush (once that system is in place), anyone else interested in joining me for dinner?
  2. 16 May dinner at Bulrush: curls Kerry Beal jbates tikidoc + Maddie TandemChocoPC RobertM
  3. I also use unsweetened shredded coconut with Greweling's filling but have not tried a finely shredded coconut. May try that next time.
  4. I use Greweling’s coconut filling for some larger, ~20 gram molded pieces and like the filling with dark chocolate (too sweet for me to shell it with milk or white). I spoon it into the cavities and push it in with a finger. Don’t think it would be easy to pipe but please let me know what you did if you can make piping work.
  5. dinner at Bulrush: curls Kerry Beal jbates tikidoc + Maddie TandemChocoPC
  6. @gfron1 thank you!!!! Looking forward to learning how to make ribbon candy, drop candy, and filled drop candy! 🙂
  7. curls

    Freezing bonbons

    I currently have the V2430. Had another one before that, model unknown, it lasted many years before I replaced it with my current model. It is just a basic Foodsaver you find at Costco, Walmart, etc.. I originally bought it to portion up and freeze the items that I got at Costco. Just so happens it also works for freezing bon bon and packaging up stuff for sous vide.
  8. curls

    Freezing bonbons

    Cool, I have the same vacuum sealer Greweling does! And yes, I have used it to seal boxes of chocolates without issue. The moment I see the bag touching all visible sides of the box I hit the manual seal button, no chocolates harmed and a spiffy plastic layer to prevent freezer burn and condensation.
  9. Thank you! There is always more that you can do to work clean... trust me, some days are better than others. A lot of it is practice and examining your workflow to figure out where you can do things better. Whenever you take a class or work with someone who you are impressed with see if you can figure out why what they are doing works so well and try to incorporate those techniques in you work.
  10. dinner at Bulrush: curls Kerry Beal jbates tikidoc + Maddie
  11. I’m interested! Would be great to learn stuff that I have had little or no exposure too. Love guava — lived in South Florida where every Cuban bakery had at least one pastry with guava or guava & cheese.
  12. It would also be nice to have a discussion/session where we all share what we do with scraps, extras, re-work, etc.. What have people done to recover from mistakes? Have those turned into new products!
  13. I woud like to learn about any of the following: hard candy - where you jacket the colors to make two color twists or decorative patterns filled hard candy - jacketing nut butters in hard candy blown sugar / decorative sugar work making fudge, not the kind that uses marshmallow
  14. Great! So far we have: curls Kerry Beal jbates
  15. Unofficial Thursday dinner at Bulrush... if you're interested, I have created a separate topic for planning.
  16. Found Vaquform's YouTube page, looks like you can thermoform tons of stuff (just needs to be solid enough to retain its shape under vacuum).
  17. What type of sheets will you use? Is it easy to get 3mm polycarbonate sheets (saw that 3mm is the thickest material this unit can handle). Very interested to see what comes of this experiment and hoping we get to try it out at the workshop in St. Louis. Will have to come up with some shapes to bring with me and thermoform! 🙂 Wondering what materials are best for making the item to be thermoformed that I have the ability to work with... aluminum is out but wood, 3D printing, and plaster may be possibilities. Or, maybe join a maker group and start experimenting myself! I see this as potentially very useful for making custom molds of small quantities. @Kerry Beal thanks for sharing your experiments with us.
  18. Interesting concept, thanks for the link.
  19. Buttermilk quick bread with dried cranberries, candied orange peel, and walnuts. Baked in a decorative loaf pan. Still waiting for it to cool so I can do some quality assurance and decide if it goes into the office or stays at home.
  20. @chefmd that sounds wonderful! Will have to wait until after the Easter chocolate production but maybe another eGulleter will join you before then. Happy thrifting! Nick's of Calvert looks like a wonderful place to shop.
  21. Here is a photo of my Diepenbrock & Reigers (DRU) pot. It is yellow but it does not have the tulip, just the "leaves". I wonder if mine is newer or older than the one @chefmd found.
  22. Can I go thrift shopping with you? You’ve been finding some amazing stuff. Or maybe tell me which stores you’re visiting. I have a small enameled yellow pot made by the same manufacturer and it originally belonged to my oma/grandmother. 🙂
  23. Have you checked with @tikidoc? She might have a master class slot to sell.
  24. Very interesting technique and it would be nice to figure out how it is done. Yet, as a chocolate it is not at all appealing to me -- looks too much like an eyeball. For a chocolate, I prefer the Halloween eyeballs done by Chocolat/Ruth.
  25. @minas6907 thank you so much for all the information and the encouragement. Starting with the oven & just a stripe sounds like a great way to start. If I start down this path I'm sure I'll have tons more questions for you. 🙂