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  1. That's right - the antidote to methanol poisoning is ethanol poisoning!
  2. Kerry Beal

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Wise - it’s tiny!
  3. Kerry Beal

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    Had that same thought
  4. Kerry Beal

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Yeah - it was really uncomfortable on the elbows too!
  5. Kerry Beal

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    I think the filling in my strawberries is strawberry rhubarb. The cocoa pods contain 'I can't remember' filling! I think it might be bergamot and black pepper. I did the strawberries twice - not happy with my first batch (nor my second actually)
  6. So at one of the hospitals in which I work I have an Instant Pot, an Anova, an inexpensive immersion blender - and today I added a Cuisinart Steam Oven. Picked up a refurbished one inexpensively. Interesting thing - I don't think it's actually refurbished - it's just one of the newer models in one of the older boxes. I work either 12 or 24 hour shifts here - so it's nice to have the opportunity to cook rather than brown bagging it. Another bonus - if I'm working on a Saturday - up until Christmas the farmers market is open and I can hit it on my way in. There is also a 24 hours Sobey's in town and I've found some excellent deals on proteins at times. Thought I'd keep track here of things I'm cooking at work - and would love to see postings by others who cook at work.
  7. Yes it is - on sale at Denningers. Made the guy haul all they had out of the cooler to pick the best marbled one with the biggest fat cap. We need some for our trip north!
  8. They are going down well - nurse BJ says they appeal to her hillbilly tastes
  9. It has been a bit of a shift from hell. I’ve managed to get a couple of minutes to call my own and I went looking through what I have in the call room that I could bake with. I had some whipping cream in the fridge I had some French’s onions and I had some smoked cheddar. Thought I would make tiki docs cream scones using those ingredients.
  10. Thanks Maggie for the title. Over in Calipoutine's thread on cooking for seniors we have been discussing the feeding of 50 seniors for $3 (canadian) a head and the limitations that Randi has faced based on what these seniors are apparently prepared to eat. As I noted in Randi's thread I was driving over to a fellow eG'er home one day last week when I noticed a Sysco truck dropping off supplies to a local retirement home/seniors community. Sysco is a large distributor of food and foodservice equipment. I spend some time in nursing homes and other institutions and have often found the food to consist of a lot of mystery meat, frozen veg and instant mashed potatoes. It got me thinking about what will happen when I and my foodie friends end up in these places, how are they going to feed me in the style to which I have become accustomed. I need my pho, my souvlaki, my naan, my gnocchi... Perhaps we could open the first eG sponsored retirement community - well equipped communal kitchens, weekly visits from rising young chefs, day trips to ethnic eateries. So any thoughts out there about how we are going to enjoy our food in our "Golden Years"?
  11. Kerry Beal

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    You would not believe how shiny they were this morning!
  12. Not compared to other's pics!
  13. Yeah - why can't I get that shiny on the pics I'm taking for the Dubrovik course?
  14. Strawberry rhubarb crisp baked in the CSO in my favorite little enameled pan
  15. needs a bit of work - but I was interested to see what I could do with a Russian piping tip in a mold
  16. Can you believe this is our 10th annual workshop? And here we are back in Niagara College in beautiful Niagara on the Lake where it all began in 2009. The view from my room - the pergola down there we will have access to for Show and Tell on Friday night. I had every intention of soaking in a nice warm bath after my arrival - alas not a tub to be seen - and while the shower is quite attractive - it doesn't invite soaking! Those who can't soak can at least drink if they have remembered to bring small specimen bottles of booze. I somehow pictured a nice glass tumbler for my negroni - but alas... Tomorrow morning the whirlwind will begin with a trip across the border to Tomric - hope everyone remembers their passport.
  17. Surprisingly I did find some particulate
  18. I must confess - while I have been mixing some of my own colors for the course - I've been using Kurt's 'classic' (i.e. transparent colors), strained and diluted if necessary, for a lot of it.
  19. Kerry Beal

    Andrey Dubovic online classes

    I have found that a recalcitrant bonbon may be coaxed into coming out of the mold when placed in the freezer for 3 minutes. Two days, forgotten in the freezer, on the other hand, pretty much guarantees the suckers will drop right out!
  20. There may have been a few names I screwed up!
  21. Hmmm - should be some immature walnuts popping up this time of year. Do you still get black hands cutting off the green?