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  1. Welcome to eG @sharonnorthwoods@gmail.com
  2. Name has changed recently - previously Savourez Fine Foods. I think I can safely share the e-mail I got Hello I hope you are all doing well in this unprecedented time in our life. We are proud to let you know that Savourez fine foods have changed during Covid for the better. Savourez is now Sweet Market Distribution inc. Our goal with Sweet Market distribution inc is to give you the best service possible so it will start with next day delivery service. Starting August 4th we will be able to deliver you the same day or next day depending on what t
  3. Good plan - would be a challenge to mix it inside the bottle! I love this idea - holds itself up unlike the piping bag that you need something to hold it in inside the EZtemper.
  4. Home made caramel turtles truly are the best! Addictive. I vaguely recall having that same issue with my phone and having to change something so it would go back to JPEG - but don't remember how I did it.
  5. I find all the citrus purees are more water and less pulp than other fruits so much more solid when frozen.
  6. It's been ages since these experiments - but I have a memory of putting things in styrofoam in the freezer - also I had some sort of an insulated thing that made an ice inukshuk and the hazy part was on the bottom with some sort of divider that allowed you to break it off.
  7. I'd have to go digging to find it - but wasn't insulation a factor in getting clear ice. Was one sitting on top of the other in the freezer insulating it while it cooled?
  8. I get chocolate delivered from Sweet Market Distribution in east Toronto. But I will run to Signature or MVR but my non chocolate job used to give me lots of time mid week pre Covid. I do order a lot from QC - Chocolat-chocolat, occasionally DR. Haven't needed powdered colour for a while - I have a bunch in the house already and most recently when I make colors I've been using the Power Flowers.
  9. Dropped in to Denninger's to find some matzo meal - a difficult task with passover so far behind us. Saw a package of 2 scotch pies for half price - one was a bit damaged hence the discount. Heated 325 for 20 min in CSO Mash and turkey gravy Nice flavorful filling. 'reasonable' pastry - not great but not bad. Child was pleased!
  10. Nice work - welcome @Jpcaissy. Where do you hail from?
  11. Ah - ok then. Experiments will have to continue on my end. Wonder if I start with the Roxy and Rich as the first variation.
  12. I haven't succeeded in getting the grex to splatter.
  13. Sarah of Chouquette is on eG - though I haven't seen her around for a bit - mostly on Facebook. She makes a fairly focused line as I recall - so defiantly there would be room for you in the same market.
  14. Kerry Beal

    Dinner 2020

    I used to buy strong flour for making rye bread - suggestion from Secrets of a Jewish Baker. High protein, milled from hard wheat. I'd probably just use bread flour.
  15. Welcome @Emily440 I'd probably experiment with the base chocolate you like and compare with a workhouse/cheaper chocolate and see what result you get to decide if the inclusions hide or compliment the flavor. I suppose to an extent if you are using more expensive base chocolate you'll need to see what the market will bear in terms of pricing to determine if it's sustainable. Nut pastes will soften the chocolate and change the melting point - that will require some experimentation to determine how much you can add without getting a product you can't easily handle. As
  16. Well - it's only taken until now - but I'm finally trying to consolidate what I learned in Michigan back in March. It's taken 3 weeks to go from getting molds decorated, to shelling, to filling and finally backing off today.
  17. The book Belgian Chocolates by Geerts is a fine example of the subtle flavours of Belgian chocolates. I find that Greweling - while his recipes are sound - are under flavored for the north american market. Wybauw's recipes are a little more highly flavored I find but there aren't any really 'out there' recipes. I found it amusing when I was in Belgium and we went into a shop (the Chocolate Line) in Bruge - a newspaper article on the wall described the owner as the Ferran Adria of chocolate because he was doing a pizza flavored chocolate. It flew in the face of tradition.
  18. My granny was really pissed when the Queen sent her congratulations for her 90th birthday!
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