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  1. Beet sugar is more likely to be found in Europe - North America is pretty exclusively cane sugar.
  2. Really vicious mix with the immersion blender and strain through pantyhose rather than cheesecloth
  3. Hubby and I visited Barbados for a number of years running and stayed in a rental house owned by the family of a doc I worked with. I was not terribly impressed with the meat on the island and used to travel with a suitcase full of frozen meat. And knives - and stuff for making bread. And then come back with large numbers of bottles of Cockspur VSOR.
  4. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  5. Have a look through the caraques and see if you find something - https://www.clicshop.com/Scripts/Search/SearchInStore.asp
  6. So the spacers are just washers - the correct combination of them will give you the correct distance between blades if that is the issue. I have a couple of cutters with wooden handles at least one of which was from Tomric. I have fiddled the distance between the blades with washers for different purposes. I've never had any issues with Tomric but then I always go straight to Brian! Savage cutters are lovely - but pricy for sure.
  7. Was going to suggest the same - if you have any wood turning talents - have at it!
  8. I believe that 304 stainless is the basic food safe grade. 304 stainless is what my EZtemper is made from so it's NSF approved. Also 316 (more expensive) and I believe 420 might be for cutlery. Remember to get them to polish the ends if you go to the metal supermarket - and take chocolate when you go for the chocolate discount.
  9. Bet he doesn't use Wilton - so I'd go with Ateco.
  10. At least they rarely suggest adding paraffin anymore - although I bet you'll find the suggestion in a lot of the older community cookbooks.
  11. Does burnt sugar still have it's carbs? I'd probably go with a very thin layer of real sugar.
  12. Halvah version 2 500 grams tahini 400 grams sugar 200 grams water 125 grams honey chocolate Bring 500 g of tahini to 50ºC in Thermomix at about speed 2. Boil the sugar and water to about 115ºC - meanwhile heat honey in microwave - add to syrup and bring to 121ºC. Add to tahini, reverse at speed 3 for about 1 or 2 minutes. When you see it start to thicken, pour into prepared loaf pan. With chocolate, add about half, sprinkle the callets, add other half. Swirl. Read this thread and see how it was done by @patris using her Kitchen Aid - I'd say just mix until yo
  13. Actually each company that makes tips seems to size them differently so a No.3 Ateco and a No.3 Wilton aren't going to be the same. Does he specify brand anywhere in the book? These are the Ateco tips.
  14. A rather hilarious post on a chocolate forum I follow by one of our eG members - @Louise nadine brill - thought here would be a great place to share it. Louise Brill Rising Star · December 27, 2020 at 9:06 PM · I gave my dad a hot chocolate bomb before the holidays. Spoke to him on Christmas Day and he was unimpressed. Didn’t care for it at all. Said it was very difficult to eat and when he bit into it the cocoa powder went everywhere.
  15. And that is why it had to find a new home - I've lost my roundtuit!
  16. Hmmm - it's a bit crappy compared with other coating pans that fit on the front of the kitchen aid - and it's holds less then the others. This might be the best thread - I'm not sure if there are any others.
  17. I understand completely! Takes me a while to start playing with my toys too. Options I've seen people use - the oven (if it can go to low temperatures). A 12V camping cooler/heater - will give you around 10º C warmer than room temperature. You might find an incubator somewhere for a much better price and if you get a big enough one you could put the bins in there along with your colours. A used Savage melter - I believe the size that @Chocolot has a couple of holds 25 lbs.
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