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  1. Host's note: this topic is broken into sections to improve server efficiency; the previous section is here: Trader Joe's Products (2015-2017). Picked these up yesterday - not sure what I should use them for - perhaps low carb canapes
  2. Wonder if Choklat will ever actually come out with that machine? I think Brad's first mention of it was in 2013.
  3. Chocolat-chocolat sells some of the Chinese molds - I find them quite on par in most cases. I've had more issues with some Italian molds being lower quality, thinner, providing poor release, etc.
  4. You know that it is really hard to irritate me with chocolate questions don't you?
  5. So at one of the hospitals in which I work I have an Instant Pot, an Anova, an inexpensive immersion blender - and today I added a Cuisinart Steam Oven. Picked up a refurbished one inexpensively. Interesting thing - I don't think it's actually refurbished - it's just one of the newer models in one of the older boxes. I work either 12 or 24 hour shifts here - so it's nice to have the opportunity to cook rather than brown bagging it. Another bonus - if I'm working on a Saturday - up until Christmas the farmers market is open and I can hit it on my way in. There is also a 24 hours Sobey's in town and I've found some excellent deals on proteins at times. Thought I'd keep track here of things I'm cooking at work - and would love to see postings by others who cook at work.
  6. Cinnamon raisin bread Docked to see if it would prevent delamination second loaf - tin foil tent stuck to the crust p
  7. Here's what I managed to squeeze in between all those annoying patients who keep interfering with what I'm baking! wondered if stabbing the loaf would prevent the delamination of the cinnamon raisin bread oops - forgot to slash it tin in foil to prevent darkening should be added later. berkshire pork loin chop
  8. Pistachio Paste

    I believe that it is felt that pistachios don't benefit from roasting before being made into paste, but that hazelnuts and almonds do.
  9. When the staff at the mission say bring bread, you bake bread!
  10. Chocolates with that backroom finish

    Those don't look like they belong here in the backroom thread! Looking back to the Toronto event - I think we were aiming for about $150 each with another $50 for the Saturday dinner - I haven't crunched the numbers yet - I think our costs to rent at the college are higher this year - and I sure know the price of food has gone up in the past while - so we are likely looking at around $175 each and perhaps $65 for the dinner on Saturday. Master's classes I believe were around $130 each and limited to 10 participants. I'll be collecting ahead this time so that the cancellations don't come out of my pocket. If you can't come then your 'ticket' can be sold, given etc to someone else but I won't be in a position to refund. Keep an eye on the thread and I'll let you know estimated costs more clearly when I've had a chance to crunch the numbers.
  11. Excellent news! Harvest Right now offers an oil free scroll pump. They were testing a couple when I went through the facility in Utah - I had told them about mine and they decided they needed to find a way to add one to their options that wasn't outrageously expensive - looks like they have succeeded. It's around $1500 - which is very reasonable compared to the industrial ones out there. I think I paid close to that for the used one I purchased from e-bay.
  12. Pumpernickel. A bit hard to cut but thin is possible.
  13. Meltaways

    Got a Value Village? I've found lots of the Ikea heart ice cube molds there over the years. A little dear here on Amazon.ca
  14. Microwave- and Heat-Safe Bowl

    Oh god - a perfect ladle - the holy grail. I have one, quite old, I'm sure pewter ladle - just the right size, shape and angle. I have never found another quite like it.
  15. Microwave- and Heat-Safe Bowl

    Indeed - and thank you so much for introducing me to them!
  16. Nice texture - perhaps a little crunchy around the edges. I think it is nicer for sure than the regular variation.
  17. Had to pry the top off the pumpernickel pullman (and it was not easy) when I could see it bulging in the fridge. Removed a percentage of it to a small loaf pan. This is the modernist Volkornbrot after a 24 hour rest in plastic and foil. Cuts nice and thin.
  18. Microwave- and Heat-Safe Bowl

    If they don't have to meet your previous criteria (i.e. put over steaming water) - these bowls are my new favorites. They come in a variety of sizes.
  19. Pumpernickel under construction. It will spend the day in the fridge and before bed tonight I'll give it the 15 minute bake then leave it in the turned off oven overnight
  20. The second loaf seems to have benefitted from the extra proofing in the fridge.