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  1. Not completely - they have mixers (think they still have some kitchen aids or maybe a hobart or two). A pan could be brought - cooling will be required. Just thinking of (and dreading) all the stuff that will require lugging in both directions.
  2. Our annual eGullet Chocolate and Confectionary Workshop 2018 will be held again in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada the weekend of May 19th and 20th, 2018. We will attempt to organize a masters class of some sort on Friday the 18th for anyone interested. This year I plan to collect money ahead of time so that if anyone is unable to show up - no shows have come out of my pocket in the past and that won't be happening again! If you are unable to attend then you will be able to sell your spot to someone else. I have no idea as yet what the cost will be but it it unlikely to be too different from other years - although we will need to rent the room at the college for a 3rd day for the Master's class so we'll have to factor that in. Of course we welcome any thoughts around what people might want to learn. For those who have not attended previously - we get together and teach each other what we know. The Master's class will usually be taught by someone with advanced knowledge and an additional cost is associated with that because we pay them.
  3. These two loaves were very tasty - not too sour at all for a rye.
  4. Buttercream centers for chocolates

    I usually add concentrated (boiled down) puree, some freeze dried fruit if I have it, maybe some fruit flavored compound.
  5. Host's note: this topic is broken into sections to improve server efficiency; the previous section is here: Trader Joe's Products (2015-2017). Picked these up yesterday - not sure what I should use them for - perhaps low carb canapes
  6. eG Cook-Off #72: Ramen

    Can you fix the link?
  7. Phase 3 of easter - the filled stuff! Hazelnut gianduja fornicatin' bunnies. Selling well! Cream fondant eggs.
  8. Couple of loaves of Jewish Corn Rye. I was too lazy to feed the rye starter that had been in the fridge untouched for weeks - so I just used it as is and gave it a couple of extra hours of bulk ferment. I've got corn beef brisket sous viding for 16 hours - will take it all to work tomorrow so we can have some corned beef on rye for lunch.
  9. eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    Dropped into the grocery store before work on Saturday - found some half price veal. This evening giving it the treatment. Seasoned flour, eggs whipped with immersion blender and panko. I have two 3/4 sheet pans with cutlets in the fridge drying now - will transfer to the freezer shortly and vacuum seal once frozen. I'll stick a few in the fridge for Tuesday's dinner. Not a bad haul for around $8.
  10. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    More about the potatoes please?
  11. It's going to be 8 for me I think. I love the idea of a textured outside for grip. It doesn't even have to be as complex as the two above. I'll send you a PM with the surface of one of your bowls I have at home to see if it is an easy or complex option as I know very little about the process.
  12. The Cuisinart steam oven turns itself off at the end of the baking time. For the second loaf I baked yesterday - it was about an hour later before I got back to it. Ditto the second cake I baked. Sous vide is really forgiving too. And the Instant Pot has the keep warm. Yesterday was a miserable day in the ER - I went pretty much steady from 8 am to 6 pm with just enough time to run down the room and put the dough together, another trip to knead it, another to shape etc.
  13. So at one of the hospitals in which I work I have an Instant Pot, an Anova, an inexpensive immersion blender - and today I added a Cuisinart Steam Oven. Picked up a refurbished one inexpensively. Interesting thing - I don't think it's actually refurbished - it's just one of the newer models in one of the older boxes. I work either 12 or 24 hour shifts here - so it's nice to have the opportunity to cook rather than brown bagging it. Another bonus - if I'm working on a Saturday - up until Christmas the farmers market is open and I can hit it on my way in. There is also a 24 hours Sobey's in town and I've found some excellent deals on proteins at times. Thought I'd keep track here of things I'm cooking at work - and would love to see postings by others who cook at work.
  14. Pain Brié de Calvados Sous vide rib steak - with some sautéed mushrooms. Vanilla cake (made with hot water) and topped with the almonds that someone here on eG suggested on another topic.
  15. Chocolate egg seams

    If you add a little water or alcohol to the chocolate you can make it a pipeable consistency. Learned this from our own @chocartist - Elaine Gonzales in her book Chocolate Artistry.
  16. Workshop Participants RobertM - P curls - P gfron1 (tentative) pastryani tikidoc (+1) - P ChocolateMom - P Audrey Brown TandemChocoPC Chocolot - P MelissaH - P Beets3 YetiChocolates!!!!!- P VistaGardens - P Diana D - P Gwbyls - P Chocoera + 1 staff Beth Wilson lambrecht gourmet Sue PEI and Jane Kata Anna Chi WayUpNorth Carol Lang Matthew Hayday - P DC Hayden - P lebowits - P chefmd Socola Anna - P ChefRamjee - P Valerie B Saturday Night Dinner curls - P RobertM - P Chocolot - P Matthew Hayday - P YetiChocolates - P pastryani (lacto ovo vegetarian) Beets3 Beth Wilson (allergic to mushrooms) - did I mention the wonderful mushroom soup that Dave makes? DC Hayden - P VistaGardens - P Gwbyls - P Diana D - tikidoc +1 - P carol Lang Melissa and Casey - P Audrey Brown (lots of red wine) lebowits Chocolatemom +1 - P chefmd Socola Anna - P Valerie B Master's Class - Nut Pastes, Giandujas, Praline curls - P RobertM - P Chocolot - P Beets3 pastyani lambrecht gourmet Beth Wilson DC Hayden - P VistaGardens - P SuePEI and Jane Diana D - P Audrey Brown tikidoc - P lebowits - P Socola Anna - P Way Up North ChefRamjee - P Master's Class - Bars curls - P RobertM - P Chocolot - P YetiChocolates - P pastryani lambrecht gourmet Beth Wilson Chocoera DC Hayden - P VistaGardens - P SuePEI and Jane Gwbyls - P Diana D - P Carol tikidoc - P lebowits - P Socola Anna - P Way Up North ChefRamjee - P Valerie B Melangers RobertM - tilting DC Hayden - tilting SuePEI - tilting tikidoc - tilting VistaGardens - tilting @patrisdipping bowl Kerry Beal curls tikidoc Diana D Sue PEI MelissaH ChocolateMom RobertM x 5 (I think) Anna from Socola
  17. Usually approximately same time of year. Locations varies considerably!
  18. It's my go to method for making chicken broth. Almost every rotisserie chicken ends it's life this way.
  19. This morning I took the carcass of a rotisserie chicken - stripped off any chunks of meat - popped it into the IP with a couple of litres of water, an onion I had cut in half with the skin still on, half a big old carrot cut lengthwise and a stalk of celery. I set it for full pressure for two hours - left for work. When I got home it had been kept warm for 4 hours - strained out the stuff, added the other half of the onion finely diced, the rest of the carrot diced, one of the nice middle celery stalks diced - set it for 2 minutes full pressure while we went to pick up the child from the sitter. When we got back it had been kept warm for about 45 minutes. I added in the chicken bits, some cold rice from the fridge - and soup was ready for dinner. No time spent in front of the stove waiting for it to reach pressure or waiting to turn it off when it had been at pressure for the right amount of time. And it makes wine...
  20. Extra CO2 should be good for your plants!
  21. Makes me laugh - I've felt that way occasionally when watching it too carefully!
  22. That one is smaller than the DeBuyer one - and it's held together with binder clips.
  23. They are pretty full at this point - but of course until everyone pays you don't actually know who will show - and April 6 I'm cutting off registration so those who haven't paid are going to have to wait for a cancellation. So we can add you to the list if you would like.