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  1. We were playing with a thermoformer that had integrated cocoa butter transfers - bugs need to be worked out but it shows promise!
  2. Franci, I think I have a similar pan at home already. Our luggage is going to be filled with stuff belonging to Bella as she is moving to Canada!
  3. It’s brioche with craqueline on top - filled with pastry cream and chocolate cream
  4. Apparently they were sold out on day one. We do have a friend who imports the molds. Rodney is going to check with him on the price.
  5. The Pavoni molds are 156 by 78 - 100 grams. Whole variety of new shapes.Here
  6. Not a lot of point in buying Rudolph and the Teddy kit
  7. Dinner tonight again with Bianca’s parents. Bitters and apps these little immature peaches(?) with truffle - very intriguing Stracciatella soup - she puts nutmeg, lemon zest, breadcrumbs and Parmesan with eggs and extrudes it through something akin to a ricer gratinized tomatoes, onions and red peppers cenci - a neighbor makes it panattone wars - https://cremeriacapolinea.com/panettone-artigianale-reggio-emilia/ @Alleguede’s chocolate pannatone was a strong second. Gelato there is a chocolate called Pocket Caffe - a shot of espresso in a bonbon - we dissected one to see what made it tick - like a liquor chocolate with a sugar crust.
  8. I'm not sure - I shall endeavor to find that out tomorrow. Their catalogue (Pavoni) mentions the molds required to make each of these items.
  9. My bad - just saying we were packing up for today. The days are long at this trade show - 9:30 until 6. Today and tomorrow expected to be the busiest days. Apparently we are the only Canadian exhibitors here.
  10. Penne with sausage ragu and basil photograph of a photographer taking a photograph packing up picked up a few molds
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