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  1. Yes - for one year only at a time - so stuff in bins
  2. So with Manitoulin coming up on Friday - I need to start building my alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes. Apparently this fancy lounge has two variations of beer glasses but no cocktail glasses. They do however have a lot of bottles. So I mixed myself equal parts Tanqueray, sweet vermouth and grand mariner.
  3. After a little difficult negotiation the 3 of us are ensconced in the brand new LaGuardia Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. It’s the breakfast/lunch turnover so we are waiting! I was muttering about no ‘plain’ tea while I headed back to my purse to get tea bags - was told they had plain - “we have a Earl Grey and camomile” - I don’t think he believes me that that is not plain tea. Breakfast for @Alleguede Lunch for @Alleguede - same shit different day apparently
  4. Maricel seems have have earned herself a James Beard Award for that very restaurant. As well as a Beard award among others for her book on Latin cuisine. A true high achiever!
  5. Looks like our timing for leaving is just about right. Didn't bring umbrellas with us.
  6. While we were out and about this afternoon we saw this fellow on the street - watching the goings on down one of those sets of stairs from the street to the basement. Tonight we were invited out to Hoboken to one of Maricel Precilla's restaurants Cucharamama. Maricel was presenting the International Chocolate Awards for the Americas. Plantain chips with salsas May I just mention how hot this salsa was? Empanada's were spinach and meat versions. Chicken croquettes. Yucca sticks with green mayo of some sort. White sangria and mojitos were free flowing. A tasty shrimp with some veg and plantain chips. There was quite a crowd and after the awards had gone on for a while - it became rather warm and required escape to the cooler outside.
  7. That works for meltaway (actually cool until it starts to thicken) - gianduja needs a little more futzing I find.
  8. It's actually a store with Amazon products in it. We weren't looking for it - just stumbled across it. Here
  9. Don't think I showed you what I got from JB Prince. A raplette (bit of a break on the price because it's the floor model), a pair of tiny tongs. Wish I'd gotten a couple actually - all the places I keep tongs would benefit from a pair. And they threw in a branded marker pen! We took another smelly Lyft back towards home (what is it with these vehicles that have a million little smelly trees hanging from the mirror or 15 of the air fresheners in the vents. I nearly wheezed myself to death. It's hard not to breath for several dozen blocks. We stopped in a Chick-fil-A at @Alleguede's request. He noticed one yesterday and hasn't stopped begging since. Dragged it all back to the room to eat. Deluxe for @Alleguede and Bianca. Not so deluxe for me. After we ate - we had to weigh and test the Kouign Aman from Dominique Ansel and try out the canelle. (and of course critique). @Alleguede's Kouign aman still lead the pack.
  10. Lol - I actually know those bums so I see them at various events.
  11. New Essex Market - great suggestion Mitch. found some interesting stuff - confectioners closed today though
  12. Don’t put the cart before the horse! No wedding so far
  13. Then there is putting two fingers on a book and spreading them - expecting the text to get bigger!
  14. This evening we had the pleasure of checking out Michael Laiskonis's new Dessert Bar - which has been operating for about 4 1/2 months in the Recolte Bakery after hours. We rushed like mad to get there for our 7 pm reservation - were only about 5 minutes late - then got the reminder of my 7:30 reservation on my phone! So had a chance to walk around the neighborhood a bit. Noted the roadies outside the Jackson Brown concert happening next door. Started with a cup of tea - no milk this time - an oolong. Neglected to get a picture of the menu - we asked Micheal to just give us chef's choice. Carrots and peas. A pea crumble, carrot sorbet and browned butter Yuzu tartlet - ginger cream - the candied shiso was the perfect touch. One of my favorites - Butter Popcorn choux These 3 were the 'main courses' - salted caramel theme, hazelnut theme and black sesame theme. I didn't get the details down - suffice it to say they were all quite amazing. and of course the magnardises - pistachio financier, a caramel filled cookie and a PDF (grapefruit perhaps - I've forgotten) Bianca and I - quite replete!
  15. Our next step involved dropping off a DCM 20 (which is a rather large melanger) to the Gotham Bar and Grill. We were extremely impressed with pastry chef Ron Paprocki's ability to turn out chocolate from this tiny, tiny, tiny space in the kitchen. By now we were getting a little peckish and found ourselves down the street from the Gotham Grill at this great little place Tortaria. Chips and guac. Esquites for me. Cheese quesadilla for Bhavani. Some other sort of quesadilla for @Alleguede Braised short rib sandwich for Bianca.
  16. Had to get a picture of Bhavani's chocolate set up in his basement. Of course an EZtemper is a necessary part of it! Our time with Bhavani's lovely family was over way too soon - as we headed back from NJ to NYC. Had to drop in a couple of pictures from earlier in the day after we crossed the first bridge in to NJ and drove though Pallisades park. The drive back took to Brooklyn for a very quick visit to Kerekes - we had 30 minutes before they turned off the lights and prepared to heave us out. A good dig through the clearance section is always a good idea. The fellows explained that the more stuff we took - likely the better price we would get. So after quoting me a price of $80 for the Martellato melter - after I had added the two silpats, the caramel marker, the box of de Buyer mandoline blades - they charged me $120 for the lot. (Compare at $224 for melter on Amazon, silpats $25 each on Amazon, Carmel marker $130 from their own website, mandoline blades seem to be around $20 each and there are 5 in the box with one missing).
  17. This morning we had a fabulous dosa breakfast made by Bhavani’s lovely wife Priya. Then a trip off to see the various warehousing and manufacturing facilities that Bhavani has for Diamond Custom Machines. This is his bean roaster (retired) - he now roasts small batches in the oven. This little baby is a tava with no edges - @Alleguede though it would be perfect when you wanted to heat the two sides of something chocolate to stick them together (and could do double duty as a grill) Manufacturing the larger DCM machines. Some exciting innovations coming down the pipe.
  18. A might peckish after our ordeal at the FCIA - we headed out in search of food - only to discover that the rest of NYC had beaten us to it. We finally settled on the equivalent of the food court at Jose Andres Little Spain in the 'brand new' community of Hudson Commons. Cutting our iberico Manchego Patates bravas
  19. @Alleguede and his new love hamming it up behind the booth. A tasting table has become standard - and they depend upon it like a pack of hounds once the doors open This year they gave an award to Chris Elbow so featured his chocolate on the bon bon table - then didn't let anyone have any until around an hour and a half into the evening.
  20. We made it outside Via Carota - I was prepared to enjoy the salad of Samin Nosrat's dreams - but they suggested we return at 11pm - so that was out. We made our way back through the pre pride festivities towards the North Square Hotel, kitty corner to the Washington Square park, which has a lovely restaurant in it. Quiet enough to talk. They brought warm olives and bread. Not sure what they marinated the olives in - but they were wonderful. I opted for a Cooper's Dream - rye, st Germain and fernat Pork 'rib steak' for me Duck for another. Burger for @Alleguede (I'm sure @huiray is laughing somewhere). Bianca a little surprised to find rice in a tagine instead of couscous.
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