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  1. I realize none of us has properly welcomed you. Welcome @ChocMD! Sounds like you fit in nicely around here - lots of areas of interest. I think you'll find a lot of simpatico folks. You might want to think about coming to the Chocolate Workshop in May in St Louis. We'd love to have you.
  2. Kerry Beal

    Melanger experimentation

    Oh dear. Dehydrator sounds like a good idea for prevention.
  3. Host's note: this topic is broken into sections to improve server efficiency; the previous section is here: Trader Joe's Products (2015-2017). Picked these up yesterday - not sure what I should use them for - perhaps low carb canapes
  4. Host's note: most sales, deals and bargains in the previous segment have already passed, but if you want to peruse the earlier posts in this topic, click here. I'm signed up for advanced notice of sales at Crappy Tire - this just showed up in my inbox Upcoming Deals Dear Customer, As an exclusive member of my Canadian Tire, you are receiving advance notice of sale pricing on products you flagged for Sale Alerts. Product Description Price Cuisinart Steam Convection Toaster Oven, 6-slice PRODUCT #0431274 Cuisinart Steam Convection Toaster Oven is a combo steam and convection oven. Steam allows foods to retain valuable nutrients, ... Sale: $259.99 Reg: $349.99 Save 25% Sale Dates: Oct 21 - Oct 27 Philips Airfryer PRODUCT #0431496 Philips Airfryer features healthy frying with Rapid Air technology for crisp and even results in minutes. The unique design ... Sale: $199.99 Reg: $249.99 Save 20% Sale Dates: Oct 21 - Nov 10 Prices reflect national pricing and may vary by geographic region.
  5. Kerry Beal

    Troubleshooting tempering

    Yes you can - melt it down and reseed. Is it milk, white or dark? Temperature you reseed to will depend.
  6. Kerry Beal

    Vanilla caramel recipe woes

    Thermoworks handles wonderful thermometers - I would recommend the Chefalarm for caramel.
  7. Kerry Beal

    Cheese Fondue

    Thrift stores are full of unused fondue sets these days!
  8. I would say Hans Brunner gets my vote for 3D if you can get them. I’m sure there is a HB bonbon mold or two in my vast collection but not bought new. Chocolate World makes excellent bar and bonbon molds, Cabrallon as well, the Cacao Barry molds are good but not sure of the new material yet and they aren’t see through. Agree with @curls about some of the other Italian molds - fussy and thin. Chocolat-Chocolat has CW1612 and CW1936 Oh yeah - I love the JVK molds I have but it was a challenge to get them.
  9. I assume you have made this recipe before with sugar instead of sweetener with good results. Erythritol is not hygroscopic, oligosaccharides are. Lactose in milk sugar from the milk powder is hygroscopic. These may have contributed. Also how long did you melange it for? Once the particle size gets smaller it needs more cocoa butter to surround those extra particles. Adding more cocoa butter can compensate for extra moisture so you might be able to rehabilitate this.
  10. I'll let Anna explain the spectacular reference if she has time today. I'm down in the Buffalo area, staying over the weekend with @patris to help her out with her first (?)annual chocolate making extravaganza. She has invited a couple of sisters (of which she has a number) and a few of her pottery making friends over to produce their Christmas treats. Preparation has been ongoing for at least a couple of weeks - with procurement and prep at a fever pace in the last couple of days. Must begin with last night's cocktail - Cuatro Naranjas - determined by putting our possible ingredients into Kindred Cocktail. Thanks Dan! This is the ingredient table. Chocolate melting in a few spots. @patris's EZtemper - there is cocoa butter and a few containers of coloured cocoa butter in there as well. Airbrushes heating on their own little bun warmer, compressor ready. Campari and Grapefruit double layered PDF - recipe courtesy of Michael Laiskonis. Also two of the 3 bins of @patris's marshmallows - Mint and Cinnamon. There are vanilla in another spot. Greweling's PB meltaways - can I just tell you how smooth, tasty and amazing these are - we used to EZtemper silk to temper them - it made all the difference. The batch that didn't get tempered properly got melted down this am - silk added, and within an hour they were ready to cut and just perfect!
  11. True that - just wish it was easier to get around in quickly like it used to be when I was a child. If I'm heading there prime time - I need to allow 2 hours to get anywhere.
  12. I have never pulled a perfect bar out of the Tomric molds (the ones made by Tomric). I hold at room temp until they are starting to crystallize around the edges then pop them in the fridge. I’ll be interested to see if overnight adds even more to your success
  13. Kerry Beal

    Easter egg mold?

    I suspect that Tomric is saying 2 halves of two eggs = 4 cavities. Cause the number is clearly the same. Would you consider ordering from Brunner directly? I know someone from NJ who will be going to Amsterdam in February.
  14. Perhaps Philippine? Most of Wilson and Bathurst area is either orthodox Jew or Philippino these days I've noticed.
  15. A few more pictures of today. And the fabulous cheese ball!
  16. A few more pictures to add - yesterday when we were out at Wegmans grabbing supplies - I noticed some wonderful mushrooms.
  17. @patris made her own sprinkles
  18. Brunch before the hordes arrive
  19. Kerry Beal

    Easter egg mold?

    Not the US - but Chocolat-Chocolat has some.
  20. Kerry Beal

    Foraging for favorites

    The fine one does a reasonable job on raspberry seeds.
  21. Here is what I am up to with @patris today.
  22. Kerry Beal

    Foraging for favorites

    I have (or had) a food mill for the cuisinart food processor and another for the Kitchen aid that attaches to the hub. I also have a couple of champion juicers that I believe can be set up to accomplish the same. And that being said - I usually use my Rosle food mill with the fine blade for almost everything I want to mill.
  23. Yup - seeing it everywhere again - labeled as to where it is from.
  24. Dinner tonight at Prescott’s Provisions. Dark Horse - scotch, amontillado sherry and cardamaro. Grilled pork shoulder and belly with lentils and apple balls Beets with grapefruit Cambazola pistachio and yogurt Romaine with blue cheese, red onions and skinned tomatoes