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  1. Don't know about alcohol - think experiments with that have been unsuccessful. Some other ideas are percolating in my head but...
  2. Yeah - never been a big fan of the Tupperware party method of selling a machine.
  3. One of my early favorites was Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads - I learned a lot from his books (I also enjoyed his Complete Book of Pastry) - Complete Book of Breads
  4. I know several chocolatiers who use the monk fruit/erythritol combination in chocolate. It is processed in the melanger with the nibs. Might be worth a trial of your liquor with the sweetener in your melanger.
  5. Seems to be a good quality product - but when you read more about it - it's a company that is making higher quality items in China with a view to improving the reputation of 'made in China'.
  6. I certainly didn't follow their instructions for cooking a whole chicken or it would have been raw.
  7. Here is my reply from the company - Hello Kerry, Thank you forletting us know about this issue. As a responsibility company, we respect copyright and abide by laws and regulations. We will investigate this matter, and correct the cookbook if we make a mistake. Moreover, we have removed the recipes from our official website and Amazon. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. Regards, Shirley Fblumlein Customer Support
  8. Every single picture seems to be found online. Recipes don't match the pictures in most cases.
  9. Yeah - perhaps - but not seeing any attribution anywhere.
  10. Sent an email suggesting they learn more about copyright and make some changes to their cookbook.
  11. Matcha tea cake cookies are picture and recipe word for word.
  12. And their fruit souffle - https://www.abeautifulplate.com/raspberry-souffles/ I think we better have a word with them.
  13. Their orange rice pudding uses this picture - https://www.theslowroasteditalian.com/2016/08/orange-creamsicle-rice-pudding-recipe.html
  14. Nope - totally different - the mirror makes it so! That's kinda tacky - wonder if they got permission?
  15. I truly loved those 'county ribs' that I used to find at a butcher in London Ontario when I was at school there. Mine had bones though.
  16. That seems to be the sort of thing that Vorwerk only announces when it's pretty much close to release. Apparently they typically release a new one every 10 years but the time between the TM5 and 6 was only 5 years and the 6 was released in 2019.
  17. I got some local Niagara peaches at the farmers market on Saturday - the smell is wonderful. They are fuzzier that hubby likes though. Niagara Penninsula doesn't breed the hybrids.
  18. Haven't seen @Chufi on eG for quite a while (see her occasionally on FaceBook). I see no mention of mayo so I suspect not.
  19. Steamed the corn on the highest temperature steam for 20 min - could have gone less time I'm sure. Potatoes - combi 400º for 1 hour.
  20. LOL - I'm picturing the light pushing robot. It is annoying though that you can't just turn on and off the light. And there is nothing intuitive about the controls - they are quite frustrating and you have to pull out the book every time you want want figure out which two buttons to push to check the temperature or to preheat on bake vs preheat on stream. I keep going over and whacking the power button instead of the >II button and turning the damn thing off when I'm trying to program.
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