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  1. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-home-appliance/city-of-toronto/can-opener-hamilton-beach/1639852365
  2. Or a pie server with a side for cutting angel food cake?
  3. Yup - likely the butter powder - more like a gianduja texture than a chocolate texture.
  4. Essentially, it is a problem of the cocoa butter having separated from the mass.
  5. May require tempering a few times to rehabilitate it. I have learned that from a couple of bean to bar manufacturers that age untempered.
  6. Saw a patient once (had some mental health issues as I recall) - was eating bulk goji berries by the handful for their superpowers. Worst case of apthous ulcers I've ever seen.
  7. I use my long stemmed Bamix with the cutting blade to make bubble solution in a 4 liter wide mouth lab nalgene jar. Allows me to blend in the guar gum suspended in 99% isopropyl without a gloppy mess and waiting a couple of days for the guar to hydrate.
  8. My mother would cut an onion and just scrape the knife along the surface to make onion juice.
  9. Hey 107 is better than Minnesota!
  10. Hell - you can drive 6 days and still be in Canada! Love Danny Bhoy.
  11. Oh dear god - I'm surprised there isn't Pumpkin Spice Spam
  12. Indeed - I (not a big scotch drinker) liked that one!
  13. Here you go - Dear Kerry; Thank you very much for the notification of the error. I have passed it on to my colleagues of the Content Department and they tell me that the chef has sent us the correction which you can find below. We still have to add the errata for future reissues of both publications. Directions: Décor and shell with tempered Valrhona Caraibe 66%. Bring the cream to a scald. Steep soba cha and oolong tea leaves into the cream and cover with plastic. Steep for 20 minutes. Rescale the infusion to 355 grams. Add glucose and Fleur De Sel. Make dry caramel with the sugar amount until dark amber. Deglaze with cream and cook to 108 degrees Celsius. Once cooled slightly. Whisk in the butter. Pipe into the shells and set overnight. Seal with tempered chocolate. You rescale the cream infusion to 355g. The sugar is also 355g. PS. After making the cream infusion, you will notice that the soba cha and tea absorb a lot of cream, which is why we rescale the cream infusion but start with a larger amount in the beginning
  14. Been doing a little research on the Snacking Cakes book - wonder if I could presume on you to PM me the ingredient list for the Donut Cake.
  15. Lol - I actually found myself doing the same thing and thinking it was odd they were all the same size!
  16. How heavy did it turn out to be? Is it easily manageable for you?
  17. Sugar missing there too! You need to write to Grupo Vilbo and let them know the error. I'll find out who you need to contact. @Alleguede found a very similar recipe that used 355 grams of cream and that used 215 grams of sugar. I found one somewhat similar with 350 grams of sugar. Either way you are going to cook it after to 106º C so the water content will be the same.
  18. Custom for sure since they have the business name on them. Here's some to look through
  19. I agree the thinner ones you see don't seem to be thick enough for inclusions and are generally larger than you want for ease of packaging. Have you an idea of what size you are thinking?
  20. I also read it as "why can't I get something that good in my hospital"?
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