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  1. I buy a 4 liter bag of milk that would last 5 to 7 days. If I buy it at Costco that's around $4.50 Cdn.
  2. I believe you can buy meals in steerage.
  3. I was still pretty stuffed from breakfast and I had only eaten part of that!
  4. I did see some green beans - not eaten!
  5. Back on the train same choices as on the way up - they ran out of choices quite early in the service
  6. met with @Beth Wilson and @ElsieD for breakfast at Chesterfields Bistro Diner they made us a pot of tea hash for me southern eggs benny for Beth - collards under there English muffin with raspberry rhubarb jam for Elsie cauliflower poutine more tea the porch of the house behind the bistro
  7. Kerry Beal

    Breakfast 2019

    A very auspicious post!
  8. I suspect if I'd dug deeper in the container I might have found one!
  9. Actually the salt IS coming from Vancouver Island - Vancouver Island Sea Salt. Learn something new every day.
  10. Don't know about freezing - but I sure know that leaving one in the hot sun isn't a good idea!
  11. I just used the 95% EtOH I happen to have around - didn't bother with denatured at all.
  12. So here is a link to a molding material that you could use as the first layer around your phone. here are the ingredients in metric 2040 g gelatin 2115 g water 4086 g glycerine 454 g glucose 30 g etoh Of course you won't need a batch anywhere near that big. This molding material I believe will be less likely to damage the phone because it's not terribly wet. (I may be totally wrong on that) I think I'd then encase that in a much jigglier jello for the effect you are after.
  13. Ah yes - I guess that's what happens when you write a menu without thinking it through. Hummingbird Fleur-de-sel bar
  14. Out my window before I headed out for dinner.
  15. the pavlova - rose cream a little light on the rose I’d say
  16. But he was intent on making a silk purse out of a sows ear and it looks to me like he succeeded!
  17. Remind me to take a pic of what I picked up at the clinic today - speaking of not refraining!
  18. Yup - used to freeze bread dough all the time. Now it was typically a loaf cooked in a pan but I suspect a lean dough would still do fine.
  19. Swapped hot sauce out for horseradish mayo
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