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  1. Lemon Sponge Cake from issue 1 - when I first became addicted to the magazine. Bake Shop Muffins
  2. The salt standards are generally good for about 5 years. But not inexpensive. Cole Parmer I'm thinking the sample cups are fairly standard between all Aw meters - and I'm sure you can get them cheaper.
  3. Interesting - I believe Monk's barrow also made oatcakes - wonder if there was oat flour in there too?
  4. In my research there were clearly a few different options - self raising flour, yeast, both - thin or thick, Scottish, aussie… What thickness were your moms version?
  5. Over on the Crazy Good e-Book Bargains there was discussion of the Official Downtown Abbey Cookbook - here. My interest was the discussion of pikelets so this afternoon I went searching for the recipe from the book (without getting the book). Found a YouTube version without much trouble. Guided by @Anna N's memories of the pikelets from the market in Derby - I added a fair bit more milk to the recipe than called for in order to make thinner pikelets more in line which what Anna recalled. After just an hour on the counter - I had a very bubbly yeast batter. And here are the finished results - bit of butter and jam - very nice!
  6. Yup - but I might adjust the SCM because it makes it no churn by making it softer - and you want a bit harder.
  7. So I took a big container of the burnt cream ice cream to work today - it did seem to melt quite quickly.
  8. Here's the olive oil sorbet - likely should have used a better oil - not convinced I like it much.
  9. I shall keep that in mind if I reach that point! So for the olive oil sorbet - I made Migoya's stabilizer (gelatin, carboxy methyl cellulose, locust bean gum and guar gum) with the required percentage of xantham gum - but I also added some liquid lecithin (0.35g for 300 mls of water). The recipe is not at all clear on when you are supposed to add in the oil so I added it between adding the stabilizer at around 40º C and taking it up to 85º C.
  10. Olive Oil Sorbet under construction Look at that lovely snot-like texture! I bastardized the recipe from Migoya's Frozen Desserts - using an inexpensive EVOO for trial purposes. It's now basking in the fridge for several hours to make sure all the gums are hydrated before it's 24 hours in the freezer.
  11. You had a Spinzall? I've still got one - I occasionally do the debate about if I will drag it out and so something with it - or should I sell it. It was fun for making butter I recall.
  12. Looks like the Creami has some competition too - and endorsed by Dana Cree (actually more than endorsed - looks like she is one of the partners involved in the manufacture) - Frolic However you buy their 'pods' of mix I guess instead of making your own.
  13. Maybe replace some of the sucrose with other sugars? Here's @UnConundrum's treatise on sugars in ice cream - Under-Belly on sugars in ice cream.
  14. Nope - was pretty warm after the last spin!
  15. Digging through my pile of gums and stuff - I came across Sucro - sucrose esters - anybody use those and where do they fit in? I suggest you don't taste them to figure out if they are dextrose - they aren't. They form a scum on the back of your teeth and aren't at all sweet!
  16. I just took some tomato juice out of the fridge and added each ingredient one at a time to it, tasting as I went - realize that I've been using hydroxy methyl cellulose instead of carboxy methyl cellulose and it added a bit of weird flavor but not the offending flavor - so I'm not sure what this is all about. I will get some fresh dextrose to try.
  17. I did discuss that with the girl who I was working with on this - it's a solid wood door - hubby took it off last year and stripped it down and put on the requisite number of layers of finish - not anxious to have the door off again for any length of time!
  18. Was waiting for Amazon to deliver this pistachio oil yesterday - heard a big bang at the front door - looked out to see the truck driving away - they must have thrown it from the curb around 50 feet away from the door. Door is missing a bit of varnish and there is a dent in the wood. Can didn't do so well either. Needless to say - money was returned to me. So I added about 3 tbsp of oil to the top of the pistachio in the freezer and this morning I ran it once through the pacojet and here is the beautiful paste I was left with. Smooth as a babies butt! Gave the hazelnut gelato a spin - it's very rich - very tasty. Scoops like a dream. This is the strawberry sorbet - excellent texture, scoops beautifully but tastes like ass so has been washed down the drain. I'm not sure what the faulty ingredient is. There was a sulfury smell and taste. I'm suspicious that my dextrose might be the responsible party but it doesn't taste off in the container. I've got a memory of a recipe I binned a while back that used dextrose though.
  19. Yeah - realized there are a lot of toes in the pics! Breaking down particle size - not like using a melanger.
  20. Hazelnut paste - used the 4 blade cutter to chop roasted blanched hazelnuts, added a couple of tbsp of roasted hazelnut oil, froze and then pacotized 6 or 7 times. Today I used the pistachio gelato recipe from Modernist cuisine to start a batch - I didn't add the oil because the paste was much more liquid than expected - so just the total of paste and oil with the liquidy paste. Found some pistachio flour in the freezer - didn't have any pistachio oil to add to it - so just processed a bunch of times without freezing. Very viscous - so I have added some oil now that I have obtained it - and I'll spin it a few more times as soon as I can make some noise in the house without disturbing anyone and make a batch of gelato with it. Also this evening I took some strawberries that I got at the farmers market yesterday and started a batch of strawberry sorbet based on the Underbelly formula by eG's own @UnConundrum - here
  21. Amused me when @mgaretz asked if we could find McCains in Canada. I've always pictured New Brunswick as owned by the McCains and the Irvings.
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