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  1. Funny I was thinking exactly the same thing - shall send hubby out to get a Lindt 70% Excellence when he gets a chance.
  2. yup - but it is interfering with work! not accustomed to working from home
  3. Mine might just be the regular garden variety belcolade. Of course we could do it with a Hershey bar or something except I think the Canadian ones are still made in Canada so might not be exactly the same.
  4. I have Belcolade and 36% cream! But nothing says we can't use water cause then the fat content isn't going to be an issue. Just trying to think what other chocolate there might be downstairs. I'm a bit challenged right now to get into my chocolate room and do things because I broke my ankle on the 4th and I'm not supposed to weight bear upon it.
  5. Sorry - forgot to include that - yes room temperature. It does seem a little high doesn't it. K
  6. Could you and I do some experiments with you and your Rotronic and me and my pAwkit? Making the same thing and each testing it? Did the Rotronic come with standards?
  7. For the life of me - no matter how I edit in iPhoto then drag them in - they still are on their side! I started with 100 grams of Callebaut 811 and 100 grams of cream - then just reduced the cream a few grams at a time to get these numbers. Starting with 100 grams of 811 and 20 grams of water - I got 0.94. Changing to a lemon juice with a pH less than 3 brought it down to 0.92 however the lemon juice has 5% solids in it so I'm not sure it it is that or the pH that resulted in the reduction.
  8. Not sure - I know the ingredient part does include pH for purées etc. I can see if I do water vs lemon juice and see if the Aw changes. I’m uncertain about those cheap meters - someone needs to buy one and have it delivered to me and I’ll run it against my pAwkit and see how it compares - send back if crap - forward on if not.
  9. I’m sure I can but I’ll have to run a bunch of examples to generate the Aw numbers to get the suggested shelf life. Shall try to find time later today
  10. Those numbers differ quite significantly from what ProChoc gives for 0.85 as well. 0.93 was 8 days on something I tested this morning.
  11. Are you willing to share the recipe you are using and we can trouble shoot - we'll get @Chocolot involved as she is a caramel expert!
  12. What is the issue with your caramels? Are they crystallizing?
  13. Hmmmm - not really my area of expertise - but are you pouring it in while it's just stopped boiling?
  14. Yeah - stuff made with Pectin NH is pretty soft. I can't run through Prochoc precisely because Pectin NH and gelatin are not an ingredient - but using regular pectin - this comes up with an Aw of 0.97 - about a 1 day shelf life.
  15. If you are familiar with the wonderful colour work of Dallas of the Chocolate Lab - he uses exclusively Roxy and Rich.
  16. Indeed - but more often the empties go on the conveyor and they carry out the cases from the back
  17. Here's a recipe that gives you the alternatives - https://www.thespruceeats.com/basic-recipe-for-homemade-icelandic-skyr-2952689
  18. Actually the beer store in Little Current on Manitoulin still has the bottles on the wall
  19. Dextrose panning is a whole lot easier than sucrose panning - goes a whole lot faster and gives a shell with a cooling feel to the mouth. I added it though to illustrate how to make 80% solids syrup and that you don't need to boil it to a particular temperature.
  20. Bonbonnière still exists in my world.
  21. I beg to differ as my mother would have said - when you use the the term 'chocolate' it can mean so many things where I do consider a bonbon to be more specific. However it does dredge up memories of Peggy Bundy swinging a leg and yelling 'bonbon' 'bonbon'! I also agree twee is a fine word!
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