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  1. Bull S h * t! Speaking of compost, I often wonder why is cow manure better than regular compost and more expensive? A cow eats grass, makes beef. What cannot be used to make beef is dumped. So cow manure is grass without the beef. If you compost grass, it has everything, including the ingredients that makes beef. dcarch
  2. Important: Never use charcoal fire indoors. CO kills silently. I have an outdoor fire pit I use. After I don't need the fire anymore, I empty everything into a metal can with a tight lid. The ember soon extinguishes. The next day, I use a sieve to separate the ash and leftover charcoal. The ash makes a wonder fertilizer for your garden. dcarch
  3. Charcoal can get hot with air blowing. Very hot! hotter than hot. I made this simple furnace to make a few knives. Not only that it melt the steel, it actually melt the cement tiles into glass. It can vaporize your wok and stir fry. :-) dcarch
  4. Ramps: The Topic

    I will alocate more real estate to my allium tricoccum in my garden. Trying to ramp up spring time harvest. dcarch
  5. I was told that people who follow kosher diet can enjoy fake shrimps, fake lobsters, and fake pork. dcarch
  6. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Asparagus Aspiration I decided to post this here, not on the Garden Forum. The very first thing that you can harvest from your garden is probably asparagus. Depends on what zone you are in, I am in z6, it is never early enough. Here is what you can do easy and cheap to push it to at least a month sooner. Cover your plot with a sheet of greenhouse plastic. Let the sun warm up the soil quicker. I have been enjoying fresh pick spears for a couple of weeks now. dcarch SV salmon, fresh asparagus and last winter's kabocha squash.
  7. The Food Photography Topic

    Yes, and no. :-) Consider using artificial light instead, Set it up once in a way that works for you. Use that for breakfast, lunch and dinner, winter and summer, everyday. Turn the switch on, snap, and you are done picture taking and ready to start eating. Natural light is not available half the year for dinner and breakfast, and everyday it is at a different angle. Unless you work for a food magazine. dcarch
  8. The Food Photography Topic

    Corel Draw. dcarch
  9. The Food Photography Topic

    Like DDF said. dcarch
  10. Sanitize all you want. But when you go outside to eat, restaurants and food trucks, travel to different countries, don't count on they sanitize the way you do. dcarch
  11. It seems that I am the only one in the whole world who microwaves cutting boards and UV boards. 1. Wood boards - Depending on size of board and power of MW, less than a minute or you can start a fire. 2. Plastic boards - a wet towel on top and bottom then MW. 3. Wood or plastic, germicidal UV lights for a few minutes, if I have to cook for other people. Interesting that microwave and UV lights are on the two extremes of the electromagnetic wave spectrum. . dcarch
  12. Seems the blade should face the opposite way for a right handed user. dcarch
  13. I don't know if a convection fan for a countertop oven is of much practical use. Convection is to facilitate conduction. In an electric countertop oven most of the heating is done by IR radiation. Convection has no effect on IR. dcarch
  14. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Baked trout with crispy skin. dcarch
  15. Depending on your location, it is important to start seeds early indoors for your garden. You can gain a few months advantage in harvesting, especially for late season varieties. I had always used my MH electronic lights for my seed start setup. They work, but they are not ideal. They use a lot of electricity (400 watts x 3), take a lot of room and expensive bulbs need to be replaced. There have been great advances in LED light technologies recently. They are cheap and powerful. I decided to build a few myself for my seed starting setup. LED lights do need to be properly designed. They are current and temperature sensitive or they can be fried in a fraction of a second. The most difficult issue is heat dissipation. They need very good heatsinks. Heatsinks are expensive. I found that it is cheaper to get an aluminum griddle ($16), cut it in half and make two heatsinks. I use two 150 watt COB LED chips ($8 each) for one light and a couple of brushless computer fans I have from my old computers to cool the heatsink. WOW! It’s bright!! I will not need to replace bulbs for many years. I am pleased with the end result. I will have 4 lights for my seedling setup. dcarch side-by-side MH vs. LEDs. LED
  16. Nope. But that may be my next project :-) dcarch
  17. It will be not be much bigger than the 1/2 griddle. I will be making 4 units. One griddle cut in 1/2 to make two. I will be using two griddles. dcarch
  18. Nope. But you are getting warmer. dcarch
  19. No, no, and no. Hint: It will be electrified. dcarch
  20. Making something for my garden. Would you like to guess what I am making? dcarch
  21. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    If your lover is a rabbit. dcarch
  22. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Carats and Pearls Corned beef is mostly fat. I am not a fat eater. Using sous vide to cook the beef tender, so there is no need to cut cross grain. I was able to pull the corned beef to remove most of the fat and made a very traditional corned beef meal, carats , pearl potatoes, cabbage and corned beef. dcarch
  23. Thanks Smokey. In researching the world of smoking, I have found that there are many things I don't like: 1. You can't smoke inside the house. 2. You can't smoke in the winter snowing. 3. You can't smoke when it's raining. 4. you have to stay up all night for long smokes. 5. You can't cold smoke in the summer. 6. difficult to control temperature. 7. Difficult to control quality of smoke. This smoker that I built overcomes all the above. It is a smoker with refrigeration and mechanically ventilated, and digitally controlled. dcarch
  24. I have no intention to persuade anyone. I just want to disagree with the picture the writer is depicting that restaurants are all: “Restaurants are rife with abuse, mental health issues and addiction” "I really wanted to call attention to the pretty severe mental health crisis that is happening within the industry, and frankly that is ruining and taking lives." I agree that restaurant work is tough and there are problems, but all the restaurants I know have mostly happy worker ( about work environment, not pay scale) . she also says some people with existing mental health issues are drawn to restaurant work. "There is something especially about kitchens that might draw people who might suffer from particular issues, or be driven by particular issues — whether it's depression or anxiety or OCD or bipolar or something — where the condition they're dealing with is actually what drives them in the profession," she said. What!!!!!! Is she serious??? I also would be grateful if you can point out to me if in anyway my comments are not consistent with OP's statement in her/his original post. dcarch