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  1. Hey guys, been a while. Great looking stuff as always! I'll try not to be a stranger again...
  2. Oh man, I'd love to get my hands on those onion rings!
  3. So amazing catching up on months of great dinners, awesome everyone!
  4. Howdy strangers, Fajita sandwich, cojita cheese and romesco.
  5. Long time no see everyone! Winter time! 12 hour wagyu beef and berkshire pork belly, roasted garlic farro, smoked ham and pork-beef demiglace.
  6. Just had Byron's and it was delicious! Oak smoke is quickly becoming my favorite type down here.
  7. Been too long since I've posted. AMAZING stuff everyone! I haven't been using my smoker enough so... Baby backs, smoked maple beans, collards and mac n cheese. My roommates are spoiled. Yeah... time to sleep...
  8. Wow dude, congrats! Beautiful!
  9. Haha that happens all the time with me. I often tell people that sometimes it's dangerous knowing how to cook. Many a late night cooking session has happened that gave me the pot belly I have today...
  10. Wow Ann, beautiful stuff! Sometimes you just need to make a bacon cheese burger.
  11. mm - do you dot free-hand? If so that's super impressive!
  12. Looks nice. Chives ought to be sliced a bit finer. Welcome back! Who invited the home cook police? Get over yourself. I'd much rather have a thoughtful partner cooking for me than a critical one.Oh I think he was joking guys
  13. Been a challenging couple of months in life but I'm back. I did a dinner for friends last night but all I took a picture of was the first course. Girlfriend loves breakfast so it's caramelized onion cream out of a isi whipper, quail eggs, dried iberico and some honey oats. Figured those were breakfast flavors. Good to be back!
  14. Damn dcarch beat me too it with the new articles. I'd have to say 3D printing food is going to be the latest greatest thing especially for astronauts. And this is for Jason Perlow. Yes, that is me using a 3D printer...
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