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  1. Judging Coffee

    You could start with The Specialty Coffee Association of America Scoring protocols.
  2. I have an oven that has convection and a grill (broiler). I don't even use the oven that much as I cook sous vide, fry, use dutch ovens or pressure cookers, or grill on coals. I only bake very occasionally. Why take up more bench top real estate with something that, for me at least, is redundant? As you can see by my earlier list I have many items that lots of people would consider esoteric but that I use all the time.
  3. What you'd normally use a food processor for (pureeing, chopping) plus things that are possible from the power of the machine such as flours, spice grinding, and powdering ingredients. Hot sauce making (mornay, hollandaise, etc.) as well as making yoghurt and cultured butter. Polenta (again heating and stirring). I use the dough function for making pasta and bread doughs. I don't really use the Varoma function for steaming but that is more related to my preference for alternate methods of cooking such as sous vide, pressure cooking, etc. If I steam I do it over a pot of boiling water with a strainer on top and a plate as a cover. The machine can do a lot more but much of what it can do creates food that I rarely, if ever, eat.
  4. The following list is in order of everyday usefulness to me. Of course, if I'm catering the order will change depending on what I'm cooking. fridge/freezer gas cooktop espresso machine toaster microwave Thermomix Chamber vacuum sealer Oven Sous vide circulator Bamix stick blender sandwich press pasta maker Spice grinder Despite having many gadgets, I don't think I'd ever use a convection toaster oven.
  5. Melting lardo

    I'd suggest that if you were able to make multiple small holes across the whole surface of the lardo it wouldn't curl. In essence, it would be like using a micro version of a Jaccard tenderiser that cuts the fibers in meat to stop them from contracting and pushing out liquid. There is a device that is used on skin (believe it or not) that would most likely work. Type "derma micro needle roller" in google search. There are some very cheap ones on eBay.
  6. It wouldn't be much use to you if I did as I'm in Australia. Just type "disposable dish cloth roll" into Google and you'll find them near you. Professional kitchen shops sell them in large format.
  7. Buying Japanese Knives Online

    I took a picture of the engraving on my Watanabe knife that is more clear.
  8. Congratulations on the most dense topic name ever! The article recommends replacement after a week rather than sanitizing the sponges, although they give no rationale for this timeframe. To me it supports the use of disposable towels bought as rolls that can be used and thrown out. They also function as a great substitute for expensive cheesecloth when filtering liquids in the kitchen.
  9. Heading to SF - where to hit?

    We had a lovely meal a few years back at Restaurant Gary Danko (http://garydanko.com). We didn't book but were able to get a seat at the bar with access to the full menu rather than being restricted to degustation. Delicious. Plus you can go down the road afterwards and get an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Cafe. I want to note that I didn't eat the whole cheese trolley (although it was tempting).
  10. Welcome to eGullet Victor. There are so many threads and posts on sous vide cooking that an index was created to enable people to search through information and answer any questions they may have from posts made by people experimenting with the process, dating back to 2004. Click on the link below and I think all of your questions will be answered. ps. most of us wouldn't think of cooking a whole chicken sous vide because the breast and leg meats are so different.
  11. Hamburger Buns

    Because of texture and properties related to juice absorption. If I can get the same outcome in a home made product, so much the better. I also sear steaks, which creates a well-known and totally proven carcinogen; same for char on vegetables (via benzopyrene) if you are thinking vegetarianism protects you. Raw vegetables may be good, but watch out for pesticides. Organic, perhaps, but what was in the soil previously? Even water is a known killer if you drink too much of it. I eat these type of buns rarely, less than "in moderation," and have yet to hear of someone exploding with such a time bomb inside them. Surely it's better to rail against sugar, which is natural but more surely addictive slow-burn (or fast-burn depending on how you look at it) killer.
  12. Hamburger Buns

    It's probably one of the least greasy burgers I've ever had. I think the butter is only on the inside. Having the buns not fully cut through acts as a trap for anything that may dribble out. Unfortunately I had to travel to New York to try them as they have not come to Australia as yet. I've been trying to replicate the burger at home but not having Martin's potato rolls makes it very difficult.
  13. Hamburger Buns

    There is a very good video of a shake shack burger being made here: Basically the bun is cut, not in two, opened up, and has a very thin layer of butter applied before being toasted.
  14. Breakfast Pizza Help, Please

    If the base is cooked and the egg is on top, why not use the griller (broiler) rather than the oven, similar to making open faced toasted sandwiches with already cooked toast? If the cheese and base still cook too quickly, put them in the freezer overnight already made up. That way the only thing at room temperature is the egg, which you will add in the morning. The egg will cook, the cheese will defrost and then melt and cook, and the base will defrost and then crisp. Problem solved.
  15. Breakfast Pizza Help, Please

    The flavour in a white base pizza comes from the mix of cheeses. If it doesn't freak you out too much, how about considering using some gorgonzola piccante along with the mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan? It doesn't need to dominate, use just enough give the flavour profile an edge.