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  1. It's more changes in humidity than changes in the beans. Good coffee shops adjust their grind during the day to compensate for this. The beans don't change that quickly.
  2. nickrey

    New Anova Pro

    I missed this post. I still have this cooker which was bought from the Anova site. The first one that arrived did not work properly. Anova had me send the original back to them at their expense and replaced it promptly. It is a big beast and I think it could power a domestic spa. Certainly the rotor is so strong that it will whip water over the sides of a smaller container if you are not careful. I use it for big cooks (50-60 covers) and it works well. For smaller cooks, I use one of my other Anovas. I must say having used someone else's Anova Nano, they are too underpowered for my purposes both in terms of heating up and circulating. The unit had an RS232 port on it which supports the contention that it was a variant of their laboratory models.
  3. Ok, I think I have it. They are put into cheese on a cheese platter so that the cheese can be cut without someone touching the cheese to do so. It's probably more of a "cheese handle" rather than its apparent name of "cheese button."
  4. I I have no idea. They were a present and have been sitting in my cupboard. My best guess so far is a knife to lever out pieces from a crystallised cheese such as Parmesan.
  5. Does anyone know what these are? I’ve included my thumb to give an indication of size.
  6. nickrey

    Lunch 2019

    About the same. The original recipe I worked from had a two and a half hour timing. I tried one and a half and two when I wasn't satisfied with the longer time. The two was closest to my needs. Perhaps the true time is sometime between 1.5 and two hours. Edited to add: Perhaps there was another factor. I rapidly chill in ice water to arrest cooking. If you put them in the fridge, they could have continued to cook.
  7. nickrey

    Lunch 2019

    Seems to be a lot of pork in the green pepper duck terrine. How did the duck egg go?
  8. nickrey

    Lunch 2019

    duck egg cooked sous vide for 2 hours at 62.5C (144.5F). Peel and serve. I chilled all of them and reheated at 50C.
  9. nickrey

    Lunch 2019

    Lunch for 45 people on Tuesday. The main was duck three ways: duck spring roll, confit duck on lentils cooked in a red wine jus, and onsen duck egg dressed salad.
  10. I made confit from 50 duck marylands sous vide for a lunch yesterday. The bag contents were strained and put into a container in the refrigerator. This morning I scraped off the duck fat, which is in jars at the back of this picture. The large mass at the front is duck jelly.
  11. I'm not sure how easy this will be to explain without using pictures but it's worth a try. You need to have the liquid in the bag below the vacuum sealer (e.g. with the food sealer on a shelf and the clamped bag dangling below it. Press the vacuum and watch the liquid. All air will be sucked out first. When the liquid starts rising, hit the seal button.
  12. The juices put out by the meat contain delicious flavour so don't throw them away. For beef, they contain osmazome. See this link for a pictorial I did on creating this using mince. I quite often make sauces/curries/vegetable stews separately and add the cooked meat afterwards. In the case of curries, you can pre-prepare both, add the meat to the sauce and refrigerate it overnight so the flavour infuses into the cooked meat and then simply reheat to eat.
  13. You're going to eat in a restaurant that is most likely all about the chef and their interaction with diners so, with all respect, no I don't agree with you at all. You choose to go there based on what they present, you go with the flow. If they're popular, it doesn't matter a toss what your peccadillos are, you are a guest in their space. Behave like a guest.
  14. Kenzi in his article talks of sitting at the bar waiting for 11pm when the burger order becomes open. Falling over it by accident is perhaps much more unlikely than you think. In this case, I'd suggest it would be a case of deliberately going there and waiting for the blue cheese burger orders to open and then pre-meditatively asking for it without one of the key ingredients. This is a special item (not for some commentators here apparently) for which people sit and wait. Isn't asking for no blue cheese making the whole thing more about you?
  15. My comment was definitely not aimed at you. As far as I know, you've never been to the establishment and have been conducting a thought experiment in your comments.
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