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  1. A coffee shop here in Sydney takes beans at their peak and then vacuum packs and freezes the beans in individual serves. They then grind them direct from the freezer and make the coffee in the normal manner. Seems to work well.
  2. nickrey

    Frozen Garlic

    Garlic and oil combinations can be a breeding ground for botulism. Given some home cooks tendency not to carefully follow instructions like not leaving the oil/garlic combination at room temperature when thawed, I don't think I'd be encouraging them to do it.
  3. 150g scallops. 650g crab meat. Blend to puree. 10 quail eggs. Add quail eggs to pan of boiling water for exactly 100 seconds. Plunge into ice water to rapidly cool. Peel eggs after five minutes. Take 70g of mixture and wrap around quail egg to evenly coat. Crumb (flour, mixed eggs, and then panko bread crumbs). Deep fry until golden, season with salt. Serve.
  4. Scotch eggs wth shellfish mince instead of meat works very well.
  5. If you want to clarify in another way, try freezing the mixture then letting it thaw in the fridge through a coffee filter into another receptacle. It’s the way that clear tomato water is made.
  6. Looks great. Thanks for the feedback. Was wondering how it went.
  7. nickrey

    Considering a Rancilio Silvia

    I've had my PID-fitted Miss Silvia for a number of years and am very happy with it. I now measure my beans using a small scale before passing them through the grinder to ensure that the dose is correct every time. This also allows you to use different types of beans as you are not keeping only one type in the hopper. A good quality coffee tamper that fits the basket perfectly is a must. A knock box is also a must. A bottomless portafilter will allow you to check whether your distribution and tamping is being done correctly. If they aren't the coffee will channel and come through the bottom of the filter in multiple locations. Other tools depend on how serious you are and how much money you have to spend: A distribution tool allows you to ensure that the coffee is evenly distributed. It leads to more consistent pours but is an expensive piece of kit for a home user: https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/ocd-coffee-distribution-tool Then there are home roasters... Welcome to the rabbit hole.
  8. nickrey

    Cookbooks 2018

    Joan Roca has just released a low temperature cookbook called Cooking with Joan Roca at Low Temperatures. It's written with the home cook in mind. On Amazon, it seems only to be available in Kindle format. Not all sous vide cooking but much is.
  9. I get my beans from an Australian Roaster: Ona Coffee: https://onacoffee.com.au
  10. But the part is very light, suggesting it is aluminium which does not react well to dishwashing detergents.
  11. I meant leaving the piece that long but cutting along the piece of meat to give two thinner pieces that will cook more easily.
  12. If you want chuck roast without the fat, you're looking for a different animal than I've ever seen. 135 for 24 hours will give a solid cook, breakdown of collagen but the fat isn't going to render out miraculously. It will cut well when chilled. I did this for steak for 50 people; cooked, chilled, cut, rebagged then reheated, dried and seared. It's more at the lower end of medium. A few people who were sensitive to fat didn't like it; the others did. Six inches thick is a difficult cook. What are you using it for? If it's in a gravy/sauce cut the piece into 3 inch thick pieces as it will make life easier and not interfere with enjoyment.
  13. The Swiss think of everything. The bottom can be detached -- it is on a reverse thread screw. Turn it clockwise to remove, counterclockwise to put back on.
  14. nickrey

    Cheese I can’t do without

    Ossau Iraty. Hands down. The cheese eaten in Paradise. Although I love all the others also. Cheeses I can't do without is a long list.
  15. nickrey

    Home Winemaking....

    You think birds are a problem. My cousin has a vineyard. He put up nets to stop the kangaroos getting in and eating the grapes. For efficiency, he decided to sew the nets together making it one cover over the whole crop. One ingenious kangaroo got under the net. You can guess what happened next.