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  1. Best Flour for roux

    In my experience lumps only happen when there is not enough butter or the butter is heated too much prior to the addition of the flour. The quantities given in recipes assume that you add everything at the right time and with the right amount of heat. Not doing either of these creates problems.
  2. Could be a large new market. Don't know how the Chinese censors will take to the dude tone of the magazines though.
  3. Anova Dimension, Please?

    I have a polycarbonate lid with a square cut into it from the edge to allow the lid to be removed while using the circulator. It is nowhere near a perfect fit. The water loss from this set-up is minimal, even with very long cooking times. Personally, I can't see the need for a fully closed system. Polyscience does custom -cut lids in which the cut goes right to the edge https://polyscienceculinary.com/products/custom-cut-polycarbonate-lids-for-economy-tanks?variant=733550027
  4. Chili

    A dash of Worcestershire Sauce would potentially add to the dish in the middle palate. Mexican Chocolate or cocoa powder? Some form of smoke flavour?
  5. Searzall--After the Honeymoon?

    After many approaches to searing meat, I use one of two methods, neither of which is a Searzall: deep frying for a minimal period, or heating my wok up on a wok burner to red hot temperatures, drying the meat, applying oil and salt and then searing. I'm happy and no smells of gas products.
  6. Homemade Broth/Stock lasts how long?

    No freezer required. I put my finished stock in Ball mason jars and process it in a pressure canner. When the stock cools, it is shelf stable and I can store it in the cupboard until it is needed.
  7. Judging Coffee

    You could start with The Specialty Coffee Association of America Scoring protocols.
  8. I have an oven that has convection and a grill (broiler). I don't even use the oven that much as I cook sous vide, fry, use dutch ovens or pressure cookers, or grill on coals. I only bake very occasionally. Why take up more bench top real estate with something that, for me at least, is redundant? As you can see by my earlier list I have many items that lots of people would consider esoteric but that I use all the time.
  9. What you'd normally use a food processor for (pureeing, chopping) plus things that are possible from the power of the machine such as flours, spice grinding, and powdering ingredients. Hot sauce making (mornay, hollandaise, etc.) as well as making yoghurt and cultured butter. Polenta (again heating and stirring). I use the dough function for making pasta and bread doughs. I don't really use the Varoma function for steaming but that is more related to my preference for alternate methods of cooking such as sous vide, pressure cooking, etc. If I steam I do it over a pot of boiling water with a strainer on top and a plate as a cover. The machine can do a lot more but much of what it can do creates food that I rarely, if ever, eat.
  10. The following list is in order of everyday usefulness to me. Of course, if I'm catering the order will change depending on what I'm cooking. fridge/freezer gas cooktop espresso machine toaster microwave Thermomix Chamber vacuum sealer Oven Sous vide circulator Bamix stick blender sandwich press pasta maker Spice grinder Despite having many gadgets, I don't think I'd ever use a convection toaster oven.
  11. Melting lardo

    I'd suggest that if you were able to make multiple small holes across the whole surface of the lardo it wouldn't curl. In essence, it would be like using a micro version of a Jaccard tenderiser that cuts the fibers in meat to stop them from contracting and pushing out liquid. There is a device that is used on skin (believe it or not) that would most likely work. Type "derma micro needle roller" in google search. There are some very cheap ones on eBay.
  12. It wouldn't be much use to you if I did as I'm in Australia. Just type "disposable dish cloth roll" into Google and you'll find them near you. Professional kitchen shops sell them in large format.
  13. Buying Japanese Knives Online

    I took a picture of the engraving on my Watanabe knife that is more clear.
  14. Congratulations on the most dense topic name ever! The article recommends replacement after a week rather than sanitizing the sponges, although they give no rationale for this timeframe. To me it supports the use of disposable towels bought as rolls that can be used and thrown out. They also function as a great substitute for expensive cheesecloth when filtering liquids in the kitchen.
  15. Heading to SF - where to hit?

    We had a lovely meal a few years back at Restaurant Gary Danko (http://garydanko.com). We didn't book but were able to get a seat at the bar with access to the full menu rather than being restricted to degustation. Delicious. Plus you can go down the road afterwards and get an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Cafe. I want to note that I didn't eat the whole cheese trolley (although it was tempting).