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  1. Help me choose meeting-friendly snacks to bake I have repeated ad nauseum that I do not consider myself a baker. I love to make bread but cookies, bars, quick breads, coffee cakes and their ilk are just not my forte. When I'm successful I ascribe it to magic not skill. My son-in-law has asked if, every two to three weeks, I could provide him with a snack to take to his sales meeting. I was tempted to decline but decided that a challenge might be fun. I have loads of cook books including baking books, a reasonable batterie of cake/muffin pans and baking sheets. I have a Bosch compact mixer and a reliable oven. He requested that the snacks be: Meeting-friendly Non-gooey Nut-free Not too crumbly Not require refrigeration Be easily transportable Enough for 6-8 people My specs are: Doable by a novice Not requiring exotic and expensive ingredients (I have a very well-stocked pantry) Could tolerate being made a day or two ahead What say you, bakers? .
  2. Wish I had thought of that.
  3. Thanks. They are OK but they don’t call out to me as much as some cookies do. Right now I wish I had a thick and chewy oatmeal raisin cookie.
  4. There is definitely a similarity. This was the recipe I used more or less. I just chose a selection of nuts from my freezer and I had no cream so used couple of tablespoons of milk. I think it could’ve just been left out altogether. Next time I think I would toast the nuts briefly.
  5. Thanks for sharing this story. I have frequently run into greenhorn check-out clerks here who, when presented with something like kohlrabi, plead with innocent eyes for a clue. But when I am presented with the range of vegetables in an Asian store, the tables are turned. Rarely are they displayed with English labels. Have you cooked these roots yet? Are they something that you will seek out in the future? Can you relate the taste to anything I might recognize?
  6. Anna N

    Sushi Rice

    But even my Zojirushi rice cooker has a water level setting for sushi rice. I think the fight for a differentiation between raw short grain rice and cooked rice seasoned for sushi was lost a long time ago. Edited to fix along
  7. Anna N

    Bonacini's Italy

    I ate at one of his restaurants.
  8. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    Hmmm. I have never seen raw prawns curl selves into such perfect little commas. Commas that are not too loose and not too tight. Goldilocks’ commas. Commas that indicate to me perfectly cooked prawns.
  9. I have not been there for a while as the last couple of books that I did follow struck me as just too incongruous to be paired. I cannot remember which they were. But perhaps I should go back and afford the premise a second chance.
  10. And these really danced! I think they were all wearing tutus.
  11. This most definitely calls for a video so one can more easily grasp the consistency one is aiming for at each step. After reading the recipe I’m impressed with your fearlessness. For now, though, I think I will stick with much easier coconut macaroons.
  12. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    I asked because your dish looked interesting and there are times when there is not very darn much in this house to make a sauce with. With so few ingredients I could manage it quite well. It belongs in my “what to eat when there’s nothing to eat” list. Thank you.
  13. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    I am guessing from looking at your dish that you made a simple sauce perhaps from the oil/butter/fat that you cooked the prawns in?
  14. Don’t take all the sport out of it.
  15. I like living on the edge and at my stage of life living without a spare CSO is as edgy as it gets.🙂
  16. Yesterday, @Kerry Bealand I found ourselves too near to Kenzo to resist the siren call of good ramen. Takoyaki. King shoyu ramen for Kerry. Tonkotsu ramen for me.
  17. You are not to blame. It wasn’t you who provided the link to Amazon! Nor is it you who has this strange character trait. There are some things that attract me only so long as I cannot have them.
  18. Strangely, its easy availability has somehow destroyed its mystique.
  19. A dish washer’s claim to fame is that it cleans your dishes but I believe its claim to fame should be that it keeps your kitchen organized. Dirty dishes are made to disappear instead of clogging up your sink or your counter space. It makes preparing a meal a much more pleasant experience. This applies even more so the smaller your kitchen.
  20. Anna N

    Sushi Rice

    But in the end I hope you go with what suits you and not what suits me. As an aside, I have been reading a new book on Japanese food by Tim Anderson and he claims to have a way to keep rice from hardening in the refrigerator. It involves the use of baking soda while cooking the rice. I haven’t tried it and I’m not sure I would, but it is intriguing.
  21. Anna N

    Sushi Rice

    This post and the next four were moved from here, to keep the discussions focused. Yours look delicious but in my very humble opinion using rice that has been seasoned for sushi will change the consistency of the rice such that you will never be able to make a neat sandwich. But delicious beats neat for most of us. For those of us who like tasty AND neat, there are other ways to season rice without changing its consistency. These include mixing it with furikake, seasoning it with salt or with a seasoned salt (matcha salt perhaps) or mixing in some toasted sesame seeds. In other words, any seasoning that does not include additional liquid.
  22. This weeks’ offering: I have eaten and made (many years ago) far better lemon bars than these. The lemon topping is verging on rubbery. I probably over baked these. But that is only one of the issues. I’m not offering this as an excuse but rather as a reason. I need to put in a grocery order so my options as to what I could make this week were somewhat limited. So I shall treat this as a challenge to make much better lemon bars next time. For those inclined to wonder, this is the recipe I used.