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  1. Breakfast! 2018

    Leftover pork belly and leftover caramelized onions re-heated briefly in the CSO (Cuisinart steam oven) and served on home-made bread. It occurred to me as I assembled and then ate this that caramelized onions might be the best condiment one could keep on hand. They perk up just about anything savoury. I am quite sure many others have reached the same conclusion many times over.
  2. Apparently it is even easier if you core the cabbage and then freeze it. I haven’t tried that method because I don’t have room in my freezer for a head of cabbage but I’ve read enough about it to think it might be worth an attempt if you do have space.
  3. Dipped into boiling water. It just happens that it was the largest pot that I had easily available to me at the time.
  4. Thanks. It is good that we do not have a tasteometer! I am totally kicking myself. I knew, knew, knew that I should cook up a small patty to check the seasoning of the stuffing. I didn’t. It is decidedly underseasoned. I also thought I’d be just too clever and thicken the sauce with some instant mashed potatoes. Another bad move. I will eat them but I had hoped to share them. Don’t think I will bother. That said, I blanched the cabbage last night (in the Instant Pot) and stripped the leaves off bit by bit and stuck them in a big plastic bag and kept them in the fridge overnight. They were 100 times easier to wrap neatly than I’ve ever found before. I did shave the centre vein but I did not remove it. I put the cabbage in a mesh produce bag which made it easy to dip it into an out of the IP to strip its leaves.
  5. Cabbage rolls in Instant Pot.
  6. Keep an eye on your mailbox. I would never put anything past her.
  7. No because I was winging it the whole way. It is quite a small piece of pork belly. I laid it out with the skin side down and cut through the flesh almost through to the skin at 1 inch intervals. Following something I had seen somewhere in my travels I stuffed some scallions, some ginger slices and some garlic slices into the slits. I seasoned it well with salt and pepper and then rolled up and tied it. I put it on a rack in the instant pot, added a cup of water and cooked it on high pressure for 15 minutes. I let the pressure come down on its own. I then dabbed the skin as dry as I could, stabbed it all over with a fork before broiling it in my big oven slowly, turning it as needed. I had no real plans for it. I ate the crackling and I carved the pork and froze the slices and will use it in various dishes over the coming weeks.
  8. When Kerry hears the phrase, “it can’t be done” she sets forth to prove “it can be done”!
  9. Breakfast! 2018

    @blue_dolphin What a great way to use that mayonnaise. I have all the ingredients now but I don’t think it’s going to get made. I think I bit off more than I can honestly chew so it will have to wait for another day.
  10. I am posting this here (it already appears on the breakfast thread) Because it was first cooked in the instant pot before it was carefully broiled. But also because nobody’s curiosity was piqued by the object directly in front of the pork. That is a hunk of brass wrapped in foil. There is one on the other side of the pork. It was the only thing I could come up with that would allow me to keep pork steady as I turned it to broil all of the curved sides. Worked like a charm made the pan extremely heavy to lift.
  11. Do you cook with a "360" vision?

    Mint sauce with lamb? Absolutely. Mint jelly with lamb is an abomination if it appears on my plate. You may do as you please.
  12. RIP Paul Bocuse

    Here is some information about his passing. Click
  13. Well it would be hard to complain about the selection that is for certain.
  14. Breakfast! 2018

    A slice of this pork belly made it into this : Hash with potatoes, pork belly, leftover caramelized onions and an egg.
  15. Do you cook with a "360" vision?

    Do you mean would I ever put sriracha on my smoked cod?
  16. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Roasted potato cubes, crispy bacon bits, left over caramelized onions and some cheddar cheese
  17. Think it might be a hypodermic syringe.
  18. I Bought a Tutove--Now What?

    Well in my books, @andiesenji‘s extensive experience in pastrymaking counts for a hell of a lot more. If I were in the market for one of these I would be weighing her opinion very heavily before spending any money. Your mileage obviously varies.
  19. I would be very happy to pay $4 for cauliflower. They range between 5.99 and 6.99 around here. But my friend, who always has my back, found one in the reduced produce cart for just $1.99. It had one questionable spot on it! I turned it into cauliflower rice and froze it.
  20. Don't let inflexible ideas of authenticity get in the way of deliciousness. Nick Kindelsperger (Chicago Tribune).
  21. While the book does say you can get satisfactory results using cold cast-iron, and I know because I have done it, you will still get better results with it pre-heated. See 3-377. “We also tested placing a cold pot with proofed dough directly into a hot oven and found that it worked better than expected, though not as well as a fully preheated pot.”
  22. I wonder if they have replaced the beef with beans. Doesn’t strike me that dried beans are much in evidence in Thai cuisine. But I am no expert. And I don’t like beans so unlikely to experiment.
  23. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Salad with watercress, grapes, blue cheese and hazelnuts. Dressed with hazelnut oil and merlot vinegar.