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  1. But I thought they were making butter. I’m telling you I could not stop laughing at the very thought. Would that be rotating a cow or churning a cow?
  2. I cannot get the picture out of my mind of you rotating a dairy cow! How did you get the butter out of its udder?
  3. Long before induction arrived on the domestic market I had a kitchen with an electric coil cooktop and a countertop Braun convection oven. For some people giving up all that real estate to accommodate a huge box makes no sense. It might earn its keep twice a year — at Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s a matter of the best use of kitchen real estate for each individual cook. Some of us have confessed that the standard oven beneath a cooktop is a storage spot for little used pots and pans! A purpose-built unit makes more sense.
  4. Well there’s certainly some concern being expressed. Here. “Dairy Farmers of Canada also announced on Feb. 19 that it is putting together a working group to study the issue of "fat supplementation in the dairy sector." The group will include producers, processors, the Consumers Association of Canada, veterinary nutritionists and animal scientists.”
  5. Anna N

    Dinner 2021

    Wow. That is just beautiful.
  6. Damn. I’m all out of gin. I don’t like tea but gin could definitely improve it!
  7. I have to tell you that two dishes spaghetti and meatballs and lasagne put me totally off “Italian” food. My late husband loved spaghetti and meatballs but he hated pasta. Spaghetti, he would carefully explain, was not pasta. Far too much dry potluck lasagne cured me of that dish! Eventually I did discover some pasta dishes that I enjoyed but it will never be a cuisine that calls out to me. Having said that, I was a huge fan of @Adam Balic’s generously shared knowledge of Italian cooking and tradition.
  8. Thank you. I am certain you are right. Nevertheless in the minds of most North Americans I would still suggest that Italian cuisine and tomatoes are inextricably linked.
  9. Hmmm. quoting from the abstract of the journal article: Abstract: Background:Fluid intelligence (FI) involves abstract problem-solving without prior knowledge. Greater age-related FI decline increases Alzheimer’s disease (AD) risk, and recent studies suggest that certain dietary regimens may influence rates of decline. However, it is uncertain how long-term food consumption affects FI among adults with or without familial history of AD (FH) or APOE4 (ɛ4). My bolding. I say enjoy your wine and enjoy your cheese but take the study with a grain of salt. 😘
  10. Thanks. The charcoal interested me. When I think of charcoal I think of smoke. When I think of smoke I think of bacon. Seems that smoked meat is a no-no in this dish. A bit odd if it really did originate with charcoal makers. Coupled with its close association with Americans and their bacon and eggs…… Well you can see where my mind is going. Carrry on.
  11. I was not passing judgement on anchovies. I was doing my best to explain why it’s wise never to order Caesar salad in many restaurants as you are unlikely to ever meet an anchovy.
  12. Oh my Lord. That looks so good. I think you might have outdone yourself!
  13. Because I’ve eaten in dozens of restaurants where the Caesar salad is only distinguished from the garden salad by its use of romaine instead of iceberg. No fear of running into one of those horrible salty fishes or anything else one might expect to find in a proper dressing for a Caesar salad.
  14. @teonzo would you mind explaining or perhaps I should say translating the word carbonara?
  15. Thanks for your input. This was exactly my understanding of the origins of the dish but I did not want to put my foot in it!
  16. I have never had “real” carbonara. Don’t think I’ve ever tasted fake carbonara either. But I am pretty certain during the massive immigrant influx into New York City at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, Italians adapted. Just as they adapted and adopted tomatoes in the 15th or 16th century. Try to imagine Italian cuisine without tomatoes. So I think there’s a little posturing going on here. But if it serves as a catalyst for a polite but vigourous discussion then I am all for it.
  17. Italians are up in arms as tomatoes are added. It ain’t carbonara anymore. Here.
  18. I have an induction range and have never had any cause to use a razor blade or anything more than a soapy cloth to clean it. On the other hand, in the past, I spent many minutes trying to clean my daughter’s glass top electric range. I have had my range for more than five years.
  19. I believe you can work that out. Here.
  20. Anna N

    Lunch 2021

    While the pineapple presentation is quite attractive I am much more interested in the contents of the jade green casserole dish. It looks quite interesting.
  21. I am not sure if @rotutsIs joking but in Canada bear paws are legal fare. Honest
  22. Perhaps it is a Canadian thing. To me eggrolls are not rolled but sealed at each end. This extra crispy part of the wrapper makes them very different from spring rolls. edited to add they are pillow-shaped.
  23. Perhaps in your part of the world! Here they are generally called spring rolls.
  24. One can also bake bread in it according to this but if you’re off grains all together then that would not really be an option.
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