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  1. @JoNorvelleWalkerif you hadn't mentioned Junket it probably would have been buried in my brain for the rest of my life. Thank you? I wonder if that stuff they sell as Junket Danish dessert on Amazon is like the original.
  2. I agree that most supermarket jalapeños appear larger than they used to be, as well as less flavorful. It's a crapshoot how much heat a given batch carries. It's too bad, because when I make escabeche or pickled jalapeños I don't want giant slices. I try to pick out smaller peppers and to be safe usually buy a few serranos, just in case I need more heat in the pickle. Not exactly the same, but sort of works. At the farmers market I can usually count on poblanos looking and tasting like poblanos, but that's only in season, and I buy from same vendor. Hard to imagine those giant blan
  3. Cottage cheese was used growing up for only one thing: my dad liked to mix it with sour cream and stir it into sliced cucumbers and radishes with salt and pepper. I still like that once in a while in hot weather. I used to like cottage cheese with cantaloupe sprinkled with cinnamon. Then I switched to ricotta and cantaloupe and never looked back. I can eat good ricotta with a spoon out of the container any time. Now I am partial to to any rustic toast spread with butter then ricotta and salted. But I digress; I know these old pamphlets are comfy homes for all kinds of bizarre conco
  4. Minnesota and North Dakota have traditionally grown a lot of US beets. Louise Erdrich territory. Remember "The Beet Queen?"
  5. oh yeah....wildlife! Backyard birds. Intruder cats. These are tame times. As for worms in Eastern European plums, no doubt a few have slipped into every batch of Slivovitz. For 4 year olds who are seriously cranky. Just don't tell them what is in it.
  6. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    I had no idea about Wise Sons. My source for lox, bagels and cream cheese is Beauty's Bagels in Oakland, apparently a partner! The bagels are quite good. When I've stayed in NY in the last few years I didn't bother to search out a deli. We usually split our stay between my oldest friend who lives in Chelsea and the Beacon Hotel in the West 70's. The Beacon has kitchenettes with toasters and is right across the street from Fairway, so several days in a row I get my breakfast lox and bagels fix in my hotel room. 2020 was the first year we didn't go back.
  7. CA Bay Laurel is harsher. Turkish are better. I think most all dried bay leaves from spice stores are Turkish, no?
  8. Recently saw a story about a delivery of firewood. Out crawled a tarantula.
  9. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    Okay, pastrami on white is really sad. Like a raisin bagel is sad. They should have asked, and I would have sent it back or bought two slices of rye bread and done the conversion myself.
  10. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    Or maybe I thought someone ordered it? Or maybe I just assumed the food appeared like magic in front of me? My deli days are way behind me. I've lived away from NY a lot of years, but I can still tell slaw from a pickle, thank you very much!
  11. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    Looks yummy. I made my cabbage and carrot pickle the other day, and this evening it will be a side with Dan Dan Soup. That's a version of the popular noodle dish that needs a spoon as well as chopsticks. Both the salad and soup are in regular rotation these days. I can't say I remember ever getting free cole slaw at a deli waiting for my pastrami on rye. Maybe a pickle quarter served alongside. Since I grew up uptown, Barney Greengrass was around the corner. My dad liked the Carnegie Deli best, so that was an occasional treat.
  12. Sorry for any confusion. The steel is 3/8 inch thick.
  13. I have a gas Viking oven. It doesn't want to get hotter than 475 or maybe 500 degrees. We used a stone for many years and then upgraded to a 3.8 inch steel. The steel shortens baking time by a minute or two and gets the bottom crust crispier. I wouldn't call it life changing, but it's definitely worth the expense. Of course it would be nice to have an outdoor pizza oven that cranks up to 700 or higher, but this is a perceptible improvement. The steel also makes it easier for the peel to slide out the pie.
  14. A personal bias: I stay away from corn oil. When baking cakes, if I want a neutral oil I like to use Grapeseed. If I don't have any I will use Sunflower oil instead, but I think the flavor or Grapeseed oil is more appealing. I know there are downsides and upsides to various vegetable oils, some related to agribusiness practices and some related to health, and truthfully I don't know how to make much sense of it. Olive oil seems to be the healthiest choice, but that's a very specific choice when it comes to cakes. Canola is frequently specified for a variety of recipes and often fo
  15. I like the original cookie flavor but I hate the stuffing, double or single. I scrape it off into the trash. I'm waiting for "No Stuf" oreos, whatever that might look like.
  16. Here on the west coast it is probably even harder to get Duke's on a supermarket shelf, so I just order it from Amazon. Pricing is confusing, so make sure what size jar you are buying. There are deals where two 32 oz jars cost the same as two 16 oz jars. Only once has there been a glitch: the mayo was separated and not usable. At this point it has replaced Best Foods entirely in our fridge.
  17. Big fan of ham stock here! I use a couple of smoked ham shanks (way more meat than hocks). I briefly rinse the shanks with cold water to remove excess salt, then simmer with half an onion and some celery tops for at least two hours. When slightly cooled I pick the meat off the bone, and toss whatever fat comes off, which is done easily. Then I use my fat strainer to pour clean broth into containers to freeze. The meat also gets frozen in pint containers with broth to cover. When I make beans--southwestern style or red beans w/rice-- I simply cook the soaked dry beans in ham broth.
  18. I have one Silpat that I was gifted with a few years ago. I don't use it often, just once in a while, since I don't bake sweets that much. It works. I agree that it never feels truly clean, but I think it comes out of the box with a creepy greasy texture to begin with. Can't swear to that, but it has never been a feel-good object.
  19. Aww! Mellow Yellow.....I'm just mad about Saffron, she's just mad about me.....
  20. That, and the fact that you need an additional large bowl to put the blended soup into until the soup pot is empty and you can pour back in the blended soup. I have an old workhorse of a processor which I use consistently and a Ninja bullet blender which is really great for smoothies and also easy to clean. My first move will be to put the lousy blender up into high storage and see whether I ever really want to use it. Right now the only thing I can think of that a blender does best is make chile sauce from dried chiles. However, my blender really doesn't have enough power and mak
  21. Thanks @Margaret Pilgrimand others who recommended the Bamix immersion blender. That was my xmas gift and I used it for the first time today. It's brilliant! Made a large pot of leek and potato soup. Can't believe how well it blends. Perfect!
  22. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    The navels available in our market for juicing these days are pale and tasteless. The Valencias have been better. Also helps to just add the juice of one blood orange. Even if one orange doesn't jazz up the flavor much, at least the color makes you think it's better. I love straight blood orange juice, but you need lots of them. I've used a mix with cara cara oranges and that's pretty good; they are often pretty juicy. I use Sevilles only for making marmalade, and that's where the seeds come in handy as well.
  23. It sounds like I have two possible paths. The first is experiment with the steel in the oven while baking on it, under it or whatever. Science experiments take live synapses and concentration and organization. Like, yawn. The other path is the path of least resistance: check the oven to see if the steel is in there. Then ask pizza man husband to get it out. I'll think about it for a few days.
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