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  1. I've looked back on the foods that have survived frequent rotation during the past ten months. Mostly it has been comfort food which means several things. One is the nostalgia factor, the things I grew up eating pm the east coast or ate during my years in New Mexico, during the late sixties and early seventies. That would be wonton soup, various other Chinese dumplings, bagels and lox, linguini with clams, tuna melts, rice pudding, date-nut bread with cream cheese, root beer floats and of course pizza, although our home made pizza doesn't resemble a NY slice. Ever-present today are
  2. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    Your kids ate broccoli? Happy New Year, night owl.
  3. I've always been partial to leftover curried vegetables as a pie filling. Basic potato, cauliflower, peas, carrots and spinach or other greens, etc baked in a double crust. Or a single top crust works for deep dish. Not too sweet dough, all butter crust. Served with chutney or pickle and cucumber raita and tart apple, sliced thin.
  4. That's probably correct. If you like crepes I suppose you could try making crepes in it, but it doesn't seem like a standard crepe shape to me. But I don't like crepes, so I wouldn't use it that way. If I acquired this pan I guess I would simply try lots of different things with it and see what it works best for. It's got a big diameter, so perhaps you could bake fish in the oven with it? Or maybe a very simple slim upside down fruit tarte? Fresh fruit in caramel, pastry over the top to bake. Really just winging it here. If you don't think it would be very useful, check out eBay a
  5. So....1 lb of macaroni uses 1 1/2 sticks of butter and 4 cups of various cheeses plus a cup of cream. Rich, you think? Americans will eat mac and cheese at the drop of a hat, as far as I can tell. Thanksgiving, xmas, whenever it's available. I get a craving maybe once a year, but mine is modest compared to many. And I always have a side of roasted green chiles to add, NM style! I admit that at Thanksgiving 2019 a new guest brought a big casserole of mac and cheese, which was his tradition. And since I am so bored of the traditional turkey and fixings it was a welcome change.
  6. Step 1: get a three-legged stool. Step 2: put on goggles. And then?
  7. Katie Meadow

    Lunch 2020

    Yeah, but how many ingredients are there? And whatever is in the ramen flavor packet does double duty if the noodles themselves aren't salty enough. Isn't it morning where you are? Don't you have anything better to do than check your udon packages? If you are slurping wonton soup I'm totally envious. I'm just settling in for an evening of The Great British Baking Show, from which I learn a great deal, although mostly not about baking. Cheers!
  8. The pix I saw showed that the food options were illustrated, just like any good halal cart! I did check out the dormouse entry above (sort of like a rabbit hole!) I hope the name of the fattening jar comes up in conversation some day soon, or at least in a crossword puzzle. Or show and tell. "What I learned during the pandemic."
  9. Katie Meadow

    Lunch 2020

    Udon especially seems to contain plenty of salt, same with with most Asian noodles, fresh or dried, at least to my tastebuds. When I buy fresh wheat noodles in Chinatown, whether egg or plain, they don't need salt either. But I definitely salt the water for Italian pasta. The first time I ever cooked dried udon I think I salted it; lesson learned. Look at the ingredients list and the salt level can be frightening.
  10. Bamix Pro immersion blender. Leek and Potato soup in a few days! The prospect of getting rid of my lousy blender is pretty exciting. National Brand Mango pickle from Pakistan. I have to hand it to my husband. He went above and beyond to search out the last one in Oakland. All the shop owners claim that Covid has messed with the company's shipping and it's very hard to come by. We are addicted to it served along a vegetable curry and I was beginning to think I had seen the last of it in my lifetime. No, I won't pretend we didn't get a corporate gift of See's candy. It's
  11. Take your cue from the thread titled "Christmas Pre Starter Mystery...." and make yourself some Parsnip Air. Earthy and surprisingly refreshing.
  12. And a cheat and an all around pompous selfish human. No one protects his recipes like he does, not that I want them.
  13. My MIL sent my husband to school with a peanut butter and mayo sandwich. Is it in there?
  14. If I had to eat lunch on xmas day, parsnip air would be about all I could handle. That and a cup of tea.
  15. Genuflect, genuflect, genuflect! My parents had all his albums. I've been pretty indecisive about what to have for xmas day dessert along with our pizzas....zabaglione? Pink peppermint ice cream with hot chocolate sauce? But now at least I know what to do for New Year's Eve: I will get some thulium and thallium and go out with a bang. Here's to the end of 2020!
  16. Mediocre panettone is awfully easy to come by. It benefits from being toasted and buttered. If it needs further disguise you can make French toast or bread pudding. Yes, it's sweet. Yes, kids will like it.
  17. With a name like Old Dutch I was expecting licorice flavor.
  18. How do you get a semi-liquid egg out of the wok? I cook my egg first in the wok, like a thinnish pancake, remove as soon as it is removable,, cut into pieces, then add back at the very end.
  19. I have no xmas day traditions. When I was little we had a closet xmas. And I do mean closet. My mother came from a Kosher household but she loved xmas tree glitter. My grandmother lived in our apartment building, so my mother would literally hide a small tinseled tree in the coat closet in case Grandma happened by. You wanted that homey xmas cheer? Look in the closet, among the raincoats and liquor supply. Xmas day was most likely a movie and Chinese. In college in New Mexico I had a boyfriend I always spent xmas eve with. He had a big family and their tradition was green chile bur
  20. We have been loyal to a local Viet restaurant. We used to eat there a couple times a month, now we take out about the same. As soon as my husband walks through the door they know our order. That's comforting, and so is the food. Our only other take-out these days is lox and bagels, also from one purveyor. Strange times, these are.
  21. Home made cheese straws is an excellent gift, especially if you can find some square tins to pack them in. In simpler times, if such a thing existed, they were a great on-the-fly appetizer for drop-in guests and always better than commercial ones. That's probably not happening, but the recipients will have them all to themselves, so it's win win. Cheese straws and good olives and gin martinis. Sounds good right now and it's only noon here! Good too of course with a clementine shrub! Cheers! Much nicer than the overload of cookies that everyone suffers through. My intake of sweets h
  22. So.....are the Anson Mills benne seeds essentially an heirloom variety of sesame seeds but with hulls still on them? I did a quick little search and there a lot of contradictory information about them. The most complete explanation I could find implies that the benne plants that came from Africa were used in all stages of growth and that benne seeds refers to a younger stage with hulls still on them. These were then toasted and used, hulls and all. My understanding is that sesame seeds were the kernels of older plants that were typically (like now) sold hulled, dried and toasted. That's the be
  23. Looked them up, as I've never heard of them. Grown in WA they are a cross between a Golden D and something called a Topaz, which doesn't ring a bell. They are supposed to be non GMO. I asked my husband, who does the shopping, if he's seen them, but he didn't think so. Our weekly (now bi-weekly) market in Berkeley usually has a good variety of apples. It could be they were there and he didn't notice or was focussing on the apples he knows. I don't like Golden D either, but this sounds interesting. If they are sold as far south as Bakersfield and as far east as @Kim Shookyou would think the Bay
  24. Katie Meadow

    Breakfast 2020!

    @Kim Shookmy xmas breakfast has been bagels and lox for years now. I'm not a person who gets up early and turns on the oven in the kitchen. Ever. Once in a blue moon where there's nothing that can be fed to the toaster I can get my husband to make popovers, as he finds it rather brainless and fast.
  25. If you are looking for tasty cooked smoke ham you might try using smoked ham shank instead of hocks. Better meat and more of it after simmering to make a broth for two or three hours, or whatever you are making that needs the flavor of smoked meat. From one large shank, after cooking, I can get a couple of cups of torn meat without gristle or fat. In my experience the meat from a hock is meager and not as succulent and the broth it results in is the same, but fattier.
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