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  1. Update. We took our grandson up to "the Lake" for an loong weekend of fishing. My Sweetie ran in to Schatz to pick up a couple of things, and she picked up a loaf of Vollkorbnbrot. It was the loaf we would expect. Our best guess is that on the previous trip we purchased a loaf mistakenly labeled as Vollkorbnbrot. Yay for getting the real deal again.
  2. Willow Tree Poultry Farm Recalls Chicken Salad and Dip Products
  3. @Duvel I am appreciating your travel blog more that words can express. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am also loving that your shortest one already likes lamb so much. The KOA campgrounds chain here in the US offers both simple cabins that provide beds but no other inside amenities, and cabins with full amenities, as well as tent camping and RV camping spaces. My sister and her husband quite liked to use the basic cabins when they traveled. We've never tried them but then we've never done a lot of car-trip traveling; retirement will be changing that.
  4. As a diabetic I balance the choice of having a cocktail with keeping the sugar content down. My Sweetie also prefers Diet Schweppes. Alcohol side comment: some evenings I have a nightcap of rum and caffeine free Diet Coke. I can hear some random members twitching from here ...
  5. Everyday gin: Tanqueray Gin to pay attention to: Hendrick's For variety: Hendrick's Summer Solstice. My Sweetie used to be a Bombay Sapphire but now it's Hendrick's all the way. She first had Hendrick's in the lounge at the Carthay Circle in Disney California Adventure. As is typical, I finished it for her and voile two new converts. Give us Schweppes Diet Tonic. Accept no substitutes..
  6. Happy Birthday! My computer is arguing with eG. The photo doesn't want to show the correct orientation.
  7. Thank you, @Toliver, for continuing this posts. Had to buy the AB book. Adds to my pile of digital books for vacations and such. It will probably get read while in the eastern Sierras later this month.
  8. That's never been a problem for me.
  9. @orbisvicis Never been a problem for me.
  10. I've used these 12 qt pots from Bed, Bath & Beyond in my ren faire kitchens for years, same pot but they used a different "brand" name for them when I bought them. They hold up well. I've made countless soups in them. I've used them on regular stoves and 30k BTU camp stoves, they can take it. I have both the pot above and the ones with the pasta insert. The pasta insert works very well for steaming large amounts of veggies, hard cooking 5 dozen eggs, etc.
  11. @liuzhou They don't say how the customers are prepared.
  12. Regarding the question of Hot German Potato Salad being an actual German dish, yes it is. I checked in a cookbook written in Germany and it lists 4 regional variations. I mentioned this to my wife and she reminded me of when we served my MIL's recipe for HGPS to our friend Geli years ago, and Geli said it was was an authentic dish. Our friendship with her and her husband was such that she would not have said so just out of politeness.
  13. Agreed. Several years ago an acquaintance offered me some potato salad, and I declined. I found out a little while later that it was SWEET potato salad. I'm glad I declined. I would have gagged on it. My potato salad is steamed red or gold potatoes (skin on) cut smallish bite size, salt, Best Foods or homemade mayo, green onion or onion powder, finely chopped celery and chopped hard-cooked eggs. Raw red onion was part of it in the past, but my Sweetie no longer does the raw onion thing; they don't agree with her any more. Sometimes paprika in a nod to my mom's PS, which was always liked by me.
  14. It's being replaced by the Thermapen One, one second temperature readings.
  15. I thought this was a very good read.
  16. I would have preferred Lowes. Unfortunately they don't do cabinet refacing.
  17. The big box store we used was Home Depot. I strongly recommend you avoid them. In the department of surprises: Before the renovation we had a room AC unit in the kitchen window so we never "opened" it. When I went to open it a couple of weeks ago I discovered that the tile guy had randomly smeared grout between the window and window frame. I have taken care of it. The laminate flooring contractor was awesome. The crew of 4 did the complete job in 2 hours.
  18. I prefer the squeeze bottle with the cap at the bottom. In our home catsup has 2 uses, dipping sauce for our grandchildren, and topping (before baking) meatloaf. The 3 y/o grandchild would prefer to just eat the catsup, but we do require her to eat some actual food. RE ... we do require ... My mother was the wrong kind of indulgent, not expecting the kids to behave. My wonderful in-laws showed lots of love and kindness, but expected the kids to behave.
  19. A Girl and Her Pig called out to me.
  20. Regular Chili White Chili and Beans Ground Beef and Onions in White Sauce over a Baked Potato or Noodles
  21. I replaced my Thermapen with the MK4 Thermapen and gave my daughter my original Thermapen.
  22. We chose a Moen no-touch faucet for the sink. I discovered that if you pour out boiling water on the side where the faucet is, the steam turns on the faucet.
  23. The completed (except for the window blinds and valance) kitchen. Between preparing for vacation, getting ready for the flooring, and life, the peninsula became a catch-all. Looking past the peninsula and pantry to the family room. I buggered up my upper right arm/shoulder but good last month and it has only pretty much healed up this week. I couldn't support weight with it so I had to put off installing the blinds.
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