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  1. My favorite restaurant supply store is about a 25 minute drive, but I have reason to go in that direction fairly often. I've looked (for grins) at commercial stoves at a Costco Business Center. On the price cards with the feature list they all, along with refrigerators and freezers, state the the warranty is void if used in a home. I lust after a Blue Star range, but that will most likely be all I ever do. Since we hope to move out of California in another couple of years, I wouldn't want to leave one here in this typical 35+ y/o track home.
  2. I love this. It looks like a pot rack seen in the kitchen of Downton Abbey, and I liked seeing it there. Thanks for sharing.
  3. @KennethT Do you have a "Blue Print" layout of your new kitchen you could share with us.
  4. My main complaint with flatware is if it doesn't have any heft. It doesn't have to weigh a ton, but you want to know it's in your hand. And definitely for stainless.
  5. Porthos

    New Kitchen

    Another vote for Bosch dishwashers. MY DW and I are dead-set against ice makers. Too many leaks, too many fails among family and friends. We have a semi-automatic ice maker. When I ready to put together a load of dishes to run, I start by cracking 2 or 3 trays of ice into the ice-keeper we keep in the freezer, start more ice using our Britta pitcher, then re-fill the Britta pitcher with cold water from hot hot water pipe while waiting for the water to get hot. ETA: What's an m/w? Never mind, I figured it out.
  6. Welcome back. I've read through a similar article that shows up on Facebook, I believe from Amazon. It was clear that it was written to stir up sales. I do agree with melted spatulas, and damaged wooded spoons. Like kayb, my cutting boards go into the dishwasher (I don't use wooden boards at all). My microplane is only used 3-4 times a year. Still very sharp. I don't replace anything on an annual basis, but rather when something is no longer in good condition. ETA: Paring knives? Really? Only if you haven't a clue of how to sharpen your own knives.
  7. Here in the US we use the decimal point as the radix (integer to fraction) separator. Europe uses the comma.
  8. Porthos

    Valentine's Day Dinner

    I did add vanilla ice cream with blackberries and Chambord for dessert.
  9. Porthos

    Valentine's Day Dinner

    When I asked Mrs. Porthos what she wanted for a Valentine's Day dinner she requested meat loaf. So the traditional meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans it is.
  10. My comments below are not meant to bash other's opinions, just express my viewpoint. After having the Demeyere pan for over a year and a half I've come to the conclusion that for the way I cook it wasn't a good investment. I rarely use it. It's significantly heavier than my go-to pans and with my health issues that figures into to it. It does clean up with relative ease and I like that. They recommend against putting it in the dishwasher because eventually it won't be as pretty. It goes in anyway. There are 2 knives in my kitchen that don't go into the dishwasher. Everything else does. I was expecting a noticeable difference in evenness of heat distribution and I didn't see that. That was the main "selling point" to me. I'm not saying that it's a bad pan. It just isn't worth the expense to me. I'm happy for those who like theirs.
  11. Porthos

    Food recalls

    Family Traditions Meat Company Recalls Ready-to-Eat Meat Stick Products Due to Misbranding and an Undeclared Allergen
  12. I should have mentioned up-thread that when cooking things that could splatter I do don an apron. I don't do much that could splatter so I didn't think of mentioning it earlier.
  13. This showed up in my email a couple of days ago: 9 Rules for Naked Dining: The Etiquette of Nude Resorts
  14. Nude? Yep, in the summer. Remember that southern California is essentially a desert.
  15. Sitting below the Cajon Pass we get truly high winds. In the past we've had up to 90 MPH gusts. Over the last couple of months we've had a lot of the winds that are strong enough to trigger a "Severe Weather Alert." The unfortunate part for us is that they have almost all involved Tuesdays, our trash collection day. You can't put out trash barrels on those days because the gusts knock over the barrels and sends the trash everywhere.
  16. Porthos

    Food funnies

    Like the religious places with, "What's Missing? Ch ch." from the 70s.
  17. When it comes to coffee makers there's only one I'll own, the Hamilton Beach Brew Station with it's built-in dispensing carafe.
  18. When my DD and SIL make bacon candy they use thinner bacon and pre-cook it about 1/2 way done. I would do the same thing for your bacon-wrapped Dragon's eggs. Toothpicks make for the easiest containment of everything.
  19. The store I get it from calls it Chicken Leg Meat.
  20. I copy and paste into an email and view that in the store. I make a list as things come to mind or when my Sweetie asks for something**. Most of the time just before shopping I edit the file for the path I take through the store. Sometimes life doesn't give me enough time. ** If she asks while we're not at home I have her send me an email with the item as the subject line. Works well.
  21. When using cartons of dairy product I prefer the threaded cap since I can destroy paper cartons trying to open them. Where I shop my milk comes in plastic jugs but half & half and whipping cream come in cartons with the screw-cap.
  22. I would need smaller bags than 4 liters. I buy milk by the 1/2 gallon. For a long time (when we were raising our daughters) we bought two 1-gallon jugs at a time and froze one. Since we're empty nesters and, save visits from the grandchildren, I'm the only milk drinker as well as the one who grocery shops 1/2 gallon last about 5 days. I've gotten severe food poisoning from tainted old milk more than once so I am rabid about not letting milk sit around too long. I would have used 4-liter bags if that is how milk came from the store.
  23. Caveat One: I don't use a lot of recipes. Caveat Two. I find the majority of recipes are not organized and worded to my satisfaction, so I word process any new recipe I'm going to try into my preferred format. I then make a PDF file of said document and put that onto my android tablet. For me this works very well, but I'm certain it won't be everyone's cup of tea. If I want to use a recipe from one of my dead tree cookbooks I can almost always find a copy out int internet land. I copy and paste, then do my editing, checking against the dead tree copy to make sure the final product is accurate. If using a kindle cookbook I copy and paste from that, and do my formatting. I never, NEVER give out copies of what I've transcribed so I don't feel I'm violating the spirit of copyright protection.
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