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  1. I have friends who, good-naturedly, like to say "Who is Alfredo?" if I mention Fettuccine Alfredo.
  2. I can't remember the last time I bought a dead tree book. I'm so happy with my Samsung tablet as a Kindle reader I may never buy another DT book.
  3. Just passing this list from Bon Appetit on. All the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Your Kitchen
  4. I bought A Pig in Provence last week. I've added it ro my list of general things to read. I'm still working on Always, Julia.
  5. RE Whisky Smash I've been playing a game since I found this year's Manitoulin Thread. A while ago I bought an on-sale Kindle bar recipes book and I've tried looking up the recipe for each cocktail you post about. So far I've only found the Amaretto Sour. I'll have to buy a better book. I do look up recipes on-line occasionally. I still need to go to a proper bar to try the Brothers Perryman.
  6. I did a major happy dance when I saw this thread earlier today. I've not been on the internet much lately since I've been doing planning, buying, and packing for our first real vacation in 4 years. We rent a housekeeping cabin next to a fishing lake in the eastern Sierras and prefer, besides our food and beverage, to bring our own pots and pans. knives, kitchen gadgets, and such. It takes a lot of planning. I am now caught up and ready to enjoy another Manitoulin Summer trip. 😃😃😃😃
  7. When SnowAngel would write about The Cabin chuck eyes were one of her favorite choices.
  8. Just got caught up on this thread. What a beautiful space. Enjoy.
  9. Today is our 41st anniversary. I'm hard to buy gifts for. My DW surprised me with a Wusthof Nakiri knife. I am pleased. I removed my Santoku from my knife block to make room for it. No veggie prep for me for the next couple of days, but it will get a tryout soon. ETA this also may be a very rare case of me NOT putting a new edge on a new knife.
  10. Porthos

    Food funnies

    I stole this for Facebook.
  11. I have 2 of the Denmark 12 qt stockpots for my ren faire kitchens. I also have 2 of the Denmark 12 qt pasta pots. They get heavy use over 30 kBTU burners.
  12. bon appetit article on Samin Nosrat. Everyone Loves Samin To me it seems more appropriate to post it here instead of food media and arts.
  13. Porthos

    Food funnies

    Redneck Turtle Burgers
  14. The Rogue Mocha Porter would tempt me, and 805 is a fall-back choice. Nothing else looked interesting to me. What is your darling's preferred single malt?
  15. Bought the Irish Pub Cookbook.
  16. Crock pot on low, point cut CB, a can of Guinness and 8 hours make for a fine CB.
  17. Bought it. Already started reading it.
  18. Interesting, but not enough leverage for these arthritic hands.
  19. I also bought a Swing-Away from a restro supply store, and like chromedome, found that is started out well but six months later was getting vary hard to use. I'll most likely give Oxo a try. These are for ren faire kitchens. I have a finicky electric in my home kitchen, but I know how to get it to open cans. My best guess is that I open about 3 can over a 2-week period.
  20. Her 4-episode show on Netflix, titled and based on her book, is entertaining and I have learned a few things watching it. I believe I've watched it through about 4 times. I'm not a baker, certainly not a bread baker, but every time I watch the foccottia being made I think I should try that. I most likely never will.
  21. @Smithy My DW and I bought a 3-burner Coleman stove at a yard sale 35+ years ago. The previous owner had ditched the white gas tank and purchased a propane gas feed tube/ control. I've had to replace it once. I love the convenience of propane. Also, I am loathe to store gasoline of any type. I've only owned electric lawn mowers for the same reason. One of the nice things about the propane converter is that you can use the disposable little cylinders or use a propane tank with a hose (my personal preference).
  22. If fat is flavor, and a roux has fat in it, why defat the liquid your dish was cooked in before making your sauce?
  23. Terry from what Netflix calls season 6 just seemed out of his league from the start. I also prefer the Sandi and Noelle over Sue and Mel. I think Prue has better chemistry than Mary did. My DW and I are on our second watching. It makes for light, entertaining watching. For reasons that aren't important we're watching them in the order of 5, ,6, 1, 2 ,3, and 4. I'm also on my second watching of Lords and Ladles for the same reason.
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