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  1. Malawry

    Steven Shaw

    I owe so much to Steven. We all owe so much to Steven. He will be missed.
  2. I'm a professional chef, and a woman. I don't have the books. I am interested in reading them but not ready to make the investment to buy. I was more interested in the photography than anything else from what I saw about the book in the press. I cater as my primary line of work and would have to invest such a large amount in the equipment to produce some of this type of food--for guests who largely don't really care about it--that it seems a little silly to go play in the modernist cuisine pool. I've eaten some avant-garde food in restaurants but haven't been impressed enough to experiment in
  3. I'd also add that people eat less cheese if you serve really good ones. Lesser cheeses encourage people to eat more because they're chasing the sensation they get from eating something with real integrity. I can eat a lot more industrial cheddar than I can of a high-quality aged farmhouse cheddar.
  4. Sorry, should be 2-3oz. You do NOT need 9lbs of cheese for 50 folks!
  5. I don't pre-portion cheeses for catering unless they're for really large events where it would create the probability of a line for people to have to cut their own pieces. I have beautiful cheese knives that I set out and I find people enjoy using them to select their own cheeses. The only drawback is that lots of people will just hack at the cheeses. I know other caterers who preportion everything, but I find it hard to do so attractively, and I think it will result in needing more cheese on offer and having cheese deteriorate more quickly (more cut surfaces and all). Also, no runny cheeses.
  6. I am actually a proponent of culinary school for some people. The school I attended was not a LCB school--I'm a graduate of L'academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD. This was a one-year certificate program, with six months of classwork and six months of paid externship in a restaurant kitchen. I already had BA degree and was switching careers, so I saw little need for an associates degree or for investing 2-4 years in culinary education. I liked that I was in and out fairly quickly. I worked every angle of the school as much as possible to juice as much from the experience as I could. I conti
  7. The element of catering that I did not anticipate when starting out was the headache of rentals. Figuring out what we'd need, how it would fit into a vehicle for delivery, how it would fit in the space, how we'd move them around, how we'd process them, how we'd control the costs--all of it was a nightmare. Cleaning rentals, in particular, can be pretty awful if you don't have a plan in place. I've been catering for 5 years off-site and it's still one of the hardest parts of the job for me. If you're planning to do only dropoff/corporate type catering or if you have your own venue, there are o
  8. I had a wonderful time eating, shopping and cooking in A2. If you can believe it, Tammy and I found the stomach capacity to return to Zingerman's Deli for tasting a bunch of stuff--the $150 balsamico, jamon iberico, assorted oils, vinegars, syrups, and about a dozen cheeses. Then we went next door and tasted chocolates. And then we had a cocktail and a salad at Zola nearby. I'm done eating for the next month, at least. I was moved by the passion for food in Ann Arbor, a city I've passed through but never really visited. I appreciated Tammy's work in putting the event together. Also Lisa and Jo
  9. I'd be interested in the coffee thing if it's Friday morning. Not so much Sunday afternoon, since like Alex I need to avoid caffeine after lunchtime.
  10. Baltimore Coffee and Tea is pretty good. It's in a new strip behind the big shopping center at Westfields. There's some really cool other food stuff happening in Frederick these days. Downtown, there's the new Lebherz Oil and Vinegar Emporium (LOVE) a few doors down from Volt. There's also Zoe's Chocolates on N Market--check out their Mediterranean flavors like pomegranate, lemon wall and baklava. Around the corner on Patrick St there's a new classic candy shop called Sweet Memories. If you get towards the Shab Row area, you must get some of Randy Olmstead's truffles from The Perfect Truffle--
  11. Kerry, I can bring a blowtorch in my car. Actually I have a new one, never used. Let's go torch some food!
  12. I live 30min from Frederick and freelance as a food writer for the Frederick News-Post. The Frederick scene is growing but still nascent from a serious food lover's standpoint. Will you have a car? If so, the field expands somewhat. Try to nab a lunch at Volt. If they don't have a res available, come for the lunch deal at the bar: three selections for I think $14, from a list that usually includes a cocktail, two wines, a beer, a few starter/side dishes, several sandwiches, and one or two desserts. Only available at the bar or lounge area. You should hit the Tasting Room, also on Market Street
  13. Oh, I'm cooking all right. I see bunny writ large. I see a duo of bunny with a confited leg (I can start Thursday) and some dish with the saddle inspired by the market. Does that sound good? I'd also be into making a pasta dish of some sort. Or maybe putting the confit in the pasta and letting somebody else take the saddles. Hm.
  14. I personally was astonished that any food writer would so casually dismiss the possibility that it is possible to find a decent caterer who provides interesting and delicious food. I'm sure Ozersky didn't bother to find any such caterers, since they probably would have charged him a pretty penny for the type of food he wanted at his wedding. But maybe I'm just experiencing sour grapes because I am a caterer. (And a food writer.)
  15. I'm in for: Thursday night Szechuan Banquet at Chia Shiang Friday breakfast at SELMA Friday afternoon Foodie Field trip... depending on the final itinerary Friday night dinner at Grange Saturday Evening Feast Sunday Bacon Tasting & Brunch, depending on timing Thanks, Tammy, for planning this!
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