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  1. eugenep

    Recommended chocolate molds?

    I was planning to make chocolate molds with different fruit puree fillings based on the book "Making Artisan Chocolates" by Anders Garrison Shotts Author makes 2lbs of chocolate per batch and he said you can't scale down or up and needs to be exact. So that's why I was planning to make exactly that much each time. Umm..I made chocolate truffles and fudge and just cover up the fat bloom with nuts Just got this overpriced burner - Control Freak by Breville - so wanted to start tempering the chocolate and start with chocolate molds. So far the best price I'm getting is from JB Prince but they don't specify if it's from Chocolate World / Pavoni etc. just some unspecified "European brand of high quality" that they won't name. I want the CW 2295 but the one I'm seeing that looks like it isn't the same and the dimensions are bigger at https://www.jbprince.com/pastry/sphere-chocolate-mold-24-molds.asp I think I might get a bonbon size that's closer to 1 inch diameter rather than the above 1.44 inches diameter (too big?) Also, instead of a $30 chocolate scraper, I was planning to buy a $5 bench scraper to use to scrape chocolate off the mold. You think that'll work as a cheaper substitute?
  2. eugenep

    beer cocktail recipes - i'm serious

    yeah the link is broken so far but pretty excited at using beer to make new cocktails so far my cocktails have been a spirit, sugar and then a sour or bitter (all cocktails) something new would be less boring for sure
  3. eugenep

    Recommended chocolate molds?

    I'm trying to buy the molds CW2295 - Chocolate World sphere dome. But if I'm making 2 lbs of chocolate will I need about 3 of these molds? I was planning to buy just one. I'll check out the recommended vendors above but so far JB Prince has it for ~$23 each plus free shipping and no tax thanks
  4. eugenep

    beer cocktail recipes - i'm serious

    I thought light beers are better for mixing - like lagers - but I have a bunch of ipa's in stock so I use that. I have stouts also but not using it for mixing currently. I checked out the above recipes but lots of tomato juice involved. you have any got-to-try suggestions? I think i'm going to google a porter milk shake - but any links or book titles?
  5. eugenep

    Wine Lists

    I was just using Mark Oldman's list of value wines for a while ($20 or less) Now I'm checking out Robert Parker's list (where cost is $20 or less) so recommendations were good and some not so good interested to see if there is a better source list of recommendations that's reliably good all the time at an affordable price
  6. eugenep

    beer cocktail recipes - i'm serious

    yes. I'm currently drinking the beermosa - it's like mimosa but with beer instead of champagne. It sounds gross and I though it would make me barf but I googled it and it looks like a thing that's done. I tried it and it's pretty refreshing but more like a breakfast early drink and not a good night cap. and also ginger beer shandy: beer, ginger ale, lemon juice, sugar only I just mix beer and ginger ale and leave out the rest how about you guys? any good beer-mix suggestions? I don't do it primarily for taste but I would like to lower my alcohol consumption on the weeknights (easier to wake up early in the morning for work etc.)
  7. I liked the yamazaki 12 year a lot but since the Japanese ran low on aged whiskey and started putting stuff out blends for the same price, I didn't feel I was getting my money's worth (for blends with no age statement). I'm glad to see an age statement of 10 years on at least on bottle. I hope the blends were up to scratch and worth the dollar.
  8. I got pisco (Peruvian/Chilean grappa) and American Fruit - Pear brandy liquor recently. The pisco was really interesting and seems more local to the Americas than European grappa or other grape brandies (cognac) and not as pricey. The American Fruit pear brandy from upstate NY was very high in fruit and the sweetness was balanced (not too sweet) - smooth enough to have on the rocks or with seltzer and ice. I just thought local things are higher in quality and better in price so I got these things.
  9. mucho appreciate it. I'm trying to purchase and avoid the $120 state tax by purchasing from JB Prince. I guess we'll see. The strength of your recommendation convinced me that it's a good buy that I won't regret after purchase and using it. I just hope it'll last at least 5 years before it goes kaput.
  10. I have D5 all clad, cast iron, carbon steel, and staub cast iron dutch ovens and braisers. I think they all work for induction maybe? Also, are you sure the Control Freak couldn't sear (like a steak)? The heat is very important to me. Thank you.
  11. I needed to ask - do you think it will last a few years or so? I was worried about paying the high price for something that might break later. I read your thread and was very impressed by your posts and always thought about getting one. Now I have an excuse I guess. I don't mind paying the premium for design but...just worried it might break eventually without my getting the benefit of a longer use that makes it worth it etc.
  12. I live in an apartment and my stove just broke - the main burner. So I can't sear things etc. anymore. My landlord likely won't fix it and I was planning to move soon anyway. I saw on a thread here that the Control Freak by Breville is good. Do you recommend any equipment or ideas? https://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/breville-smart-cooker/?pkey=s|control freak|1 Do you know of anywhere I could get a good price in an emergency situation like this? I hate to buy something not on sale like this but..I"m really desperate (I can't cook anymore). Thank you
  13. eugenep

    Food magazines and Books

    I learned to cook through Cooks Illustrated magazine. Chris Kimball (before he got fired) is one smart talented guy. They don't just give you recipes but they tell you why you do certain things - such as browning the meat or aromatic vegetables, toasting your spices, etc. that gives food maximum flavor. It was just not about recipes but about technique and most of their recipes/techniques turned out incredibly great tasting dishes. Also, the James Beard awards gives a list of winners of best food books of the year (like the Emmys for food books).
  14. Hmmm....I read that pergamino just means beans in parchment/skin. So Invalsa is claiming that they do in fact separate by bean size. But it's not true from my lot after paying mucho $$$ and being stuck with 22 lbs. Hmmm...I'll be drinking the coffee tomorrow so...the taste test will determine whether or not I got burned here. Their Bolivians I got last time from Invalsa was all uniform in size and the taste really was superb. I just hope these Colombians will deliver.
  15. I bought 22 lbs of beans from this single farm in Colombia. I'm a home roaster. The beans are from a small coffee tree farm with only 6,000 trees and 2 hectares and sold at a slight premium price. When they arrived in the mail, some beans are big and some are small. Only one coffee bean varietal is listed - Canturra. It looks like the small beans are from one plant and big beans are from another varietal. Do you think I got ripped off (like they just put a bunch of random green coffee beans and sold it to me as "premium" single estate) I got it here https://invalsacoffee.com/collections/colombia/products/colombia-micro-lot-emiliano-trujillo-huila-available-at-continetal-nj-salisbury-ma-new-arrival