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  1. I always wanted a Wolfe range (owing to the look - not necessarily that I need the fire). Maybe one day when my stove goes kaput and I need a new one.
  2. wow. thanks for the post. I read the recipe but it was super complicated and without picture in her book, it's like I'm not sure what the author was talking about. I googled images of her Madeline Omelette and your post showed up. That's super cool. Maybe I'll try it this weekend but a lot of technique involved it seems.
  3. @Rickbern - I am curious about the cost for catering to the 20 people - i.e., do you require the attendees to contribute for the ingredients etc.? And there is the cost of alcohol as well (which can equal or be greater than the food itself) - is it like a BYOB or do you get to select wines with pooled funds?
  4. i saw some nice ones at Crate and Barrel but the quality of the metal was flawed - it wasn't 18/10 stainless but something like 18/0 0 - so it bent easily according to reviews. i ended up buying from Mikasa because I bought their bone china. i found out bone china is a London invention and not by the Chinese so there was no reason to find a Japanese sounding maker of bone china (my mistake). I found out Mikasa is actually a Japanese sounding name that was a subsidiary company owned by a French company and later sold to the Americans (my mistake again). I bought stainless steel flatware from Tolle at Mikasa and they were large in size but had that 18/10 quality. The design wasn't as nice but the quality of the steel was there. my rants....
  5. the machine looks kinda cool but i wonder if it's easy to clean. it looks small enough to put into your office here's a pic i saw on the web i'm currently looking for coffee roaster that could hold more beans and doesn't look as ugly as the SR-series. any ideas? saw one on kickstarter that i wanted but its in development for years. The ugly looking SR series that I have is pictured below
  6. I'm reading NY Times wine critic Eric Asimov's books now. I had this incredible delicious red over the weekend that sparked my interest in wine again. wow.
  7. I wonder if the British version has like a dehydrated version of fish and chips or beef wellington flavor A Frenchmen might say the British version is a version of ramen that tastes bad - lol
  8. I use a staub dutch oven each time. I mean, I googled the issue and it seems like others have this problem and asked this question too but apparently with no clear answer
  9. that's so weird there aren't domestic UK producers of such a magnificent thing didn't the UK internationalize tea, bone china, madras, and other foreign objects
  10. hmmmm...I wonder it it's also the method they use to dry the noodles I think Maruchan (and probably all the others) dry it by deep frying in fat (faster than air drying method) so that's where the fat content comes from??? (based on some youtube video I saw) But I think they all taste great and the world is better with them I hear about guys making $1 a day or less. I think this 25 cent pack of noodles helps them get through the day at least
  11. I do remember how David Lebovitz wanted to retire as he got older; he said couldn't stand all day in the kitchen- too tiring. So he reinvented himself as a book author and it worked out well for him. I love taking classes on Coursera. Classes are taught by real college professors and you will get a certificate on completion to help you get a job ideally. Courses can be free if you apply for financial aid. See https://www.coursera.org/ I always felt sad that I never finished Calculus III and wanted to learn about computer languages etc I get my certificates for fun as a hobby on the weekends - always learning exploring and developing (hopefully)
  12. thanks for your suggestions. Hmmm I am using filtered water with Brita and from the frig (there is a filter for water in there too) I did think that maybe the bitter is the flavor profile of the bean but I don't taste the bitterness in canned beans and beans at restaurants - e.g., Chipotle etc. So I wonder if the bitterness comes when the bean is under done or some other cause? For black beans, when I boiled for an additional 15 - 20 min the bitterness was gone. For the navy beans I did recently, I used the water (bean broth) to turn the navy beans into a soup in a blender so there was no avoiding the bitter taste (maybe it left the beans but still in water?) I did have an issue cooking with Mexican dried chilis that kept coming out bitter in my mole in the past. I thought it was just the flavor profile and it was unavoidable. But I found out what I was doing wrong was not throwing away the water that the dried chilis were soaked in. The hot water soak rehydrates the chili but also takes out the bitterness and the water must be thrown out. Hmmm...maybe the water? I'll taste that and the beans separately to see next time.
  13. I'm using Goya brand beans. I think the forum link I pasted said maybe the beans are old? another suggested it wasn't at a roiling boil when cooked and that's the cause. but it seems like guesses so far
  14. I don't soak the beans overnight and just boil it for about 1 hour until texture is right. But they always have a slight bitter taste either in the broth or the beans such as black beans and navy beans etc. For black beans, if I cook them longer, the bitter taste goes away Recently for navy beans, the bitter is till in the cooking liquid Not sure if others had this happened or if they know the cause I googled it and others seem to have the same problem but not clear why? https://www.gardenweb.com/discussions/2358701/my-pinto-beans-are-always-bitter
  15. Have to work today so will be at dinner party event in the evening but will be making after -dinner dessert. Apples and pears poached in a little bit of sugar and water Once the sugar water reduces and poaches the fruit, it turns to caramel Splash of eau-de-vie and cream (to reduce heat and stop the caramel from burning) I know it's easy to err by burning the caramel but I wonder, since the fruit is sitting on top of the caramel, and there is always liquid water in the fruit, shouldn't this protect the caramel from reaching too high of a temperature and burning? Will find out tonight.
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