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  1. This idea seems kinda interesting. It doesn't seem like 4 restaurants but 1 restaurant serving different foods but consumers can be fooled into thinking it's 4 since its a ghost/delivery-only kitchen. I think that former Uber-guy, Travis K., was investing heavily into this idea and building them out? Restaurants can take in the revenues of 4-5 restaurants if they can do it successfully. Article in the Wall Street Journal quote: " For his latest culinary venture, veteran New York City chef Franklin Becker has decided to tackle what might seem like a mission impossible. H
  2. they serve spicy mustard at the dim sum restaurant I used to go to with my wife regularly before covid. I guess it works with dim sum. I dip my shiew mi in it.
  3. If the price of monthly rent is nearly the same as the monthly mortgage, I think you should just go ahead and buy the house. This way your rental payment becomes a mortgage payment and you get equity in the house - like mortgage payments become savings and investment in a house rather than payments to a landlord. I'm sure everyone already knows this but this was my reasoning in quickly buying a house. And..currently, it looks like if you just have cash in the bank, the interest is so low that you might be losing money by just holding cash. It seems better to turn that
  4. I tried after watching this Marco Pierre White video on youtube. I didn't work. I then made another attempt using a Chinese recipe. That didn't work either. Finally, I tried using America's Test Kitchen. And IT WORKED!!! yes. It was a success. The told me the science stuff going on and that the high temp of an oven can dry out and achieve crackling but it will dry out the skin too much and make it tough, hard, chewy. This is exactly what happened to me in the past. So ATK would use low oven heat to dry out the surface just enough and cook the pork
  5. can liquid nitrogen drop the temp of fish to -4 F ? In the NYC area there are sushi lunch specials were you get 3 rolls for like $12. The price is very low for sashimi quality fish. I've always suspected that many fish at supermarkets can be eaten raw without fear of parasites without the -4 F freezing temp and that sushi restaurants selling at such great prices are using such supermarket fish without the freezing. The FDA (and/or Florida regulations) say that eating raw fish without the -4 F freeze is safe as long as the fish is farm raised on pellets not
  6. thanks for the info. This sounds strange but many of the Joe Juniors and Kamado Joes are out of stock at many places. The google search said many parts made in China and there's some sourcing issues which began in April 2020 and I'm guessing it's still ongoing. I have an 18 inch WSM. I fill it up only half full with charcoal - not a full load. I use the lighting method where I dump a chimney of lit charcoals in the middle and the outside ring is unlit. I know there is the snake method and other methods. This 1/2 load only lasts 3.5 hours at 2
  7. She said also that in China, chefs aren't seen as artists and celebrities like they are in the West. And that it's a low-brow profession. But people that lived in China say that's false but I don't really know myself. Maybe she is wrong?
  8. I used to come home at 7pm and cook also. So I end up eating at 9:30pm sometimes. But it's worth it to make food from scratch and really rewarding. It made my life more richer and fulfilling etc. I think you have the time to turn out excellent dishes. I tried cooking from cookbooks in college but it didn't turn out good. I didn't know why. But I paid a little bit more for some decent pots and pans at a sale and get okay equipment. And I stopped focusing on learning from recipes. And i focused instead on understanding the science
  9. I think she was trying to do research in the 80s or something when writing her first cookbooks and she said it was very hard to find region specific cookbooks or even cookbooks at all. I guess things changed overtime. I hope the best cookbooks in China gets translated into English so people in the West can learn directly from the source. Some of my friends don't know if they are actually cooking authentic Chinese dishes when they cook in the West.
  10. wow. It's like she's an authority not just to Western audiences but to the people that she writes about - that really proves here credentials. She did say during interviews that not many Chinese recipe books are published in China - like the cuisine of a particular region etc. - so I hope this promotes more book and recipe writing in the East.
  11. I currently have a 22 inch Weber kettle grill and a 18 inch Weber water smoker (Smokey Mountain model). The kettle is very easy to clean but is still large and I have to roll it out to the patio, uncover it, prep a bag of charcoal, and I think everything is bigger than it needs to be for 2 people cooking 16 oz (or 1 lb) of meat only. - I thought a smaller model would make my life easier. The Weber smoker is large like a barrel and I have to mount a pot of water on top of the charcoal. It burns a lot of fuel and it not as easy to clean up. You have to take
  12. I've been thinking about a smaller bbq/grill for just 2 people and I've been reading many reviews and the best quality seems to be the Kamado Joe Jr. Does anyone own such a device? I needed ask: (1) is it easy to setup and clean? (2) does it use very little charcoal and fuel? (3) what is your overall experience or do you recommend a better device? I own larger smokers and grills but the setup, cleaning, and use of fuel doesn't make sense when I'm just bbq for 2 people (my wife and I). So very easy setup and cleaning would b
  13. eugenep

    Dinner 2020

    it still looks good - I mean - I would eat it. That leaf looks quite large in relation to all the other ingredients.
  14. eugenep

    Dinner 2020

    it looks good. I would pay for this dish definitely. It looks like it has a lot of elements - like fine dining. Did it take a very long to prepare? I wasn't sure if it's practical for a home cook and maybe better for a restauranteur.
  15. it sounds like bbq'ed water that leaves a wood flavor or like the scotch of water maybe it would go well with wood smoked bbq meats? or a scotch based cocktail? the experience might be new and interesting to the diner
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