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  1. thanks. this is very helpful. I'm going to try this technique. so far it's like I'm seeing a lot of different ways but not sure what actually works. your tip is a good direction to start
  2. thanks Liuzhou. will keep in mind. I watched youtube videos on lamb and chicken biryani and it looks like they parboil the rice separately to almost to 90% doneness and then add the rice on top of the wet braised meat I guess that's how some cooks keep the rice dry and non-soggy? And it looks like some cooks fry the spices in oil with the meat too before adding rice. I'm guessing the cookbooks adding spices later on (with the rice) and not braising the spices with the meat might be some kind of personal preference or something?
  3. Hello, I needed to ask if I can change the normal technique of making a biryani: STANDARD COOKBOOK TECHNIQUE 1. Saute: You saute the meat, garlic/ginger/onions 2. Boil: then you boil this in water for 40 min 3. Add Rice and Spices: you add rice the spices (cardamom, cinnamon stick, etc.) into the water and cook for another 15 min until rice absorbs all water QUESTION: 1. Can I just boil the spices with the meat in step 2 (i.e., braise the meat with the spices) so that the spices get infused in the water and meat
  4. I've had my Gaggia for 2.5 years before it broke. I descaled and cleaned the brew group regularly. But the grinder or grind motor got jammed and I couldn't fix it. I bought it on Cooks Illustrated's recommendation. I used a Jura at work and liked it and got the home version Jura A1. The price is similar to Gaggia but with less features - namely, it doesn't have a milk frother. Overall, the Jura A1 is by far the best coffee maker. The engine is quiet and the cleaning requirement is much less - you just change the filter or pop in cleaning tablets without having to take out th
  5. I read more on google that high quality beans should be less caffeinated - which is ironic since many drink coffee for the caffeine (and not always the taste). The lower grade robusta has more caffeine than higher quality arabica generally. I guess the "coffee judger-people?" thinks the caffeine should be more mellow - resulting in a better drinking experience?
  6. peaberry coffee bean: when a coffee cherry fruit produces one bean instead of 2. This is supposed to result in more concentrated flavor supposedly. I read online that its just nothing but marketing hype but some bloggers say it does make a difference. I tried some from Invalsa today after roasting at https://invalsacoffee.com/collections/bolivia/products/bol-peaberry It does taste very good but a lot of high grade beans, AAA, 87+ points etc. taste good also from Invalsa. The price is the same for high grade beans so I thought it is worth a try
  7. I watched some of one of the episodes. It seemed more concerned about the immigrant experience in the US and background political-human stuff alongside food. Here's the link: https://stories.zagat.com/posts/padma-lakshmi-on-her-new-political-food-show-taste-the-nation#:~:text=Padma Lakshmi On Her New Political Food Show%2C,Taste the Nation%2C is now streaming on Hulu. I would have liked more beautiful artsy focus on food - like Chef's Table - but this is a different show to be fair. I remember watching Padma on TopChef once and the chef competitors
  8. congrats on finishing that 4-5 volume set Modernist cuisine man. I hope you do interesting things with food and share
  9. New Movie documentary about the Bocuse D'Or competition. It was refreshing to watch a new food film but I thought it was kinda boring - though the video quality was very good. The food scenes were interesting but there wasn't enough of it and the movie doc focused more on the logistics of getting to the competition through the headaches of international travel - e.g., issues with customs, bad food, cold showers etc.
  10. welcome - I hope to learn more about Russian food. There aren't enough books about Russian food in the US media - not sure if its from legacy of Cold War era politics where Russia it seen as our geopolitical enemy so nothing about their art, food, culture is seen in the US
  11. I read the headline for this post and got excited at the thought of fermented jam. Like - WOW - it must taste super good with deep complex flavor after fermentation/mold. I wonder if that's what gives it that extra punch and keeps customers coming back for more. Nice article though - interesting to see scandal in the food world (like the equivalent of insider-trading but for restauranteurs) I found the infamous image online:
  12. nice vid. great technique. I usually do ribs at 3.5 hours on a Weber water smoker but I did try 4.5 hours and the ribs came out dry and tough - sticking to 3.5 hours. I should try your new technique
  13. I luuuv biryani chicken that I get from those food carts in NYC. The favorite flavors I like are from the white yogurt sauce and this pickle that is a round sphere ball. I asked about it and the Indian cook told me it's actually Chinese in origin - maybe a pickled plum.
  14. I saw on an episode of Big Dreams Small Gardens with Monty Don: this one man wanted a bbq in his garden. He did purchase one and had it built. It was beautifully integrated into the design of the entire garden. It looked more like an oven and grill. I attached something that kinda looks like it I found in google. If I was super bored had "extra money" and threw a lot of parties in my house, I'd probably get one for entertainment. I think the zio-circo mini that tiled looks nice but I wonder if its only for single use as a pizza ov
  15. I know a lot of people on this forum buy from Sweet Marias - green coffee beans I did try that seller but I found their beans to be smaller (therefore likely less ripe when picked), less chaff when roasted, and looking more processed. There this yucky acidity or unpleasant taste also. My beans from that seller are from Africa and Indonesia - e.g., Kenya etc - and its supposed to be the higher priced beans on that website. My favorite is from Invalsa still and will be going back to buying from them. Their beans are larger (more ripe when picked), more chaf
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