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  1. I have the SR 500 that my GF got for me but I am waiting on the Kelvin at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iacollaborative/kelvin-home-coffee-roaster/posts I was sold on the design but worried about whether or not they will actually make the product after taking your money. Not sure how kickstarter works but I believe you "invest" in the product and don't receive stock but the actual item and if they can't make it you lose your "investment" and won't get your money back It seems like the technology isn't new or anything and it's available and they just have to put it together and assemble it I hope they make finish the product with no flaws It would look great in a kitchen owing to the modern minimalist sharp design
  2. I agree with you about the churn. I realized that most of the recipes in all their books are already on the website database so if you do a search, you could find the recipe without buying the book most of the time. To tell you the truth I I kept my subscription to Cooks Illustrated rather than switching to Milk Street only because of the database of thousands of recipes and equipment reviews that Milk Street hasn't built up yet and needs time. The churn doesn't bother me so much as firing and suing Mr. Kimball and threatening lawsuits to bloggers and homecooks that post online. But their recipes work and it does seem tested.
  3. congrats on your subscription I don't read the magazines but I do use the search engine online at their website for recipes and this search engine refers to back issues I find it to be a very powerful and useful tool bc I could bring up recipes for meals I see randomly online or on a show or if I need something very specific for a party - e.g., rhubarb salad etc I only wish I didn't upgrade and pay more for access to stuff I don't need or use
  4. Bed-Stuy used to be called "Bed-Sty Do or Die" and is where a lot of artists like Mike Tyson, Lil Kim, and maybe Biggie (2 Pac's nemesis) grew up as kids. Williams burg should be close if you want to go to a family friendly place But just be careful not to be surprised if you dine in Do or Die
  5. Went to Chinatown today at lunch and picked up these for upcoming moon cake festival
  6. book not out yet but sample pages on amazon shows the egg foam Whiskey Sour https://www.cooksillustrated.com/recipes/9043-whiskey-sour?incode=MCSCD00L0&ref=new_search_experience_1 and, this is an assumption, not confirmed yet, there will be the Aperol Flip both using egg white foam The Aperol Flip has this perfect balance of sour, sweetness, and alcohol but what made both incredible was the egg white I've read about using egg white and that I thought it was added to give texture and foam, which I didn't care about that much since I would be using carbonated soda (achieving a bubbly foam texture already) but I had extra egg white and tried out their recipes and WOW! the egg white adds something else unexpected and not just the foam and texture but body this depth of body in my cocktail was unexpected and it felt like I was "eating my cocktail" like the satisfaction of eating a sandwich - only it was eating a cocktail I've been saving my egg whites since then and making either the aperol flip or sour interested in trying out others the only other time I had such a wow expereince with cocktails was at Death & Co bar in NYC
  7. wow. I think I'm going to get it. I tried two of their recipes and it tasted great https://shop.americastestkitchen.com/how-to-cocktail.html/?sourcekey=CCB1ZHCA0
  8. eugenep


    hmmm...I liked the colorful graphs and pictures (bc they looked kinda pretty) but - looking at the math equation - it seems like it would be too specialized to the field to have relevance to home cooks (my guess???) would be nice to hear from someone what it's about or if it's interesting enough for us to spend the time to get through the difficult and potentially boring reading
  9. hmmm...ok but Geisha is a varietal and it's primacy is indisputable So...if varietal doesn't matter, then I guess you wouldn't believe that Geisha is any better than other varietals of Arabica
  10. eugenep

    Meat Grinder

    I'm interested in hearing about a good recommendation myself i use my food professor but it's hard to clean (for just 1 lb of meat grinding) cooks' illustrated recommended this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000CEURE?pf_rd_p=183f5289-9dc0-416f-942e-e8f213ef368b&pf_rd_r=NJQV5EKFPHFRR0XE964Q not sure if anyone's tried it?
  11. eugenep

    Favorite cuts of meat

    my favorite would have to be sous vide pork belly i used the cooks illustrated recipe from their SV book yesterday night - 8 hours at 170 super yummy. i hadn't tasted new flavors like this for many months or longer
  12. yeah. i thought about that too. who is to say that typica is better that cattura and best is subjective like art and taste judgments but it looks like it was categorized in a hierarchy of taste and quality by this website https://varieties.worldcoffeeresearch.org/varieties (first upper left tab will filter by quality) it does make sense to have a best or better than hierarchy for the following analogy: in wine, if wine grapes are grown very densely per plot of land to yield the most grapes, then the yield will go up but wine quality will go down i'm guessing it becomes more watered down in taste and - supposedly - the best burgundies, romanee conti etc., do not plant that much to keep quality up Now - to the point. Caturra was a hybrid of typica but caturra is different in that the yield is much more per planting. So you end up planting more and getting higher yields if the yield is higher per plot of land, and if it's like wine grapes, the quality could go down so a best or better than hierarchy could exist in coffee beans as well if it's similar to wine grapes
  13. thanks for sharing the article interesting to hear things from the service staff's perspective I think twice now about being rude to service employees - e.g., walmart, amazon, etsy, etc. The author's mom might have a point. I had two friends that worked in construction after highschool and didn't go to college for about 1 year or 2. I'm sure the pay was like $50k a year or something which was like a fortune to a 18 yr old. They went to college after doing that hard work everyday. One became a PhD in theoretical physics and another does something similar. It's like both didn't mind going to college for ten years and not working and studying for 10 hour days in a library. They never said so but I did wonder if maybe the construction job they got gave them an idea of how hard work and life can be and it's better to be reading in a library all day than to lift heavy beams.
  14. I was always confused about the description and just knew the difference between arabica and robusta but not much else in selecting green beans. But found out, from experience and more youtubing and reading: (1) the different varieties of arabica matter and some taste better than others: e.g., typica is better than caturra (2) bigger beans within the same variety means the bean was ripe when picked so pick the bigger beans for better flavor. The ratings AAA, AA or AB means the size of the beans with the AAA meaning biggest ripest and better from the above two I confirmed from experience another that I haven't really tested/noticed is (3) method of washing or fermenting beans matters to taste in African beans (4) beans from different regions have a different taste profile I still don't know if 3 and 4 is true or not. I've been buying from only Invalsa (specializes in Bolivian beans) but maybe I should try Sweet Marias to test for 3 and 4? Please let me know if you disagree, have other resources, or different standards to add or if some of the above or myths etc
  15. I agree - I do wonder how veal brains might taste if it's cooked just like sweetbreads since the texture could be the same. I got to get brave enough to try next time I see them at shoprite (the ubiquitous grocery store in NJ)
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