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  1. I am hoping you can help me figure this out. I am making an almond cake (using marzipan and almond flour) with almond pastry cream/raspberry jam filling. For frosting: cream cheese or white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream? Thanks in advance!
  2. I always mix everything together with a mixer until all incorporated and the cook. The mouth feel is great and the color is always a creamy yellow. It also has a nice body to it. In doing it this way I have also noted that I never get that metallic taste that sometimes comes with lemon curd. Try it with some fresh thyme mixed in when cold. It’s amazing!
  3. AKS613

    Apple Pie

    Soggy bottom: I always blind bake my pie crust for apple pie until it is golden Apples: I cook mine on the stovetop in butter and brown sugar. I add spices to that. Starch: I always use corn starch. I find it less claggy than flour. Top crust: I can’t help with that as my family love a crumb topping on apple pie.
  4. Thanks everyone. I guess I’ll stick to the tried and true. 🙂
  5. I just saw this on a tv show. Not diplomat cream-actually using heavy cream instead of milk. Has anyone ever tried this? Is it a 1:1 replacement? Do you have to cook on at a lower heat with the cream? Thanks.
  6. I always mix the butter and sugar until fluffy and light, add the eggs and yolks, followed by the juice. It will look curdled, but that’s okay. I put it into a small enameled cast iron pot-not a double boiler- over low heat until it smooths out and doesn’t look curdled anymore, stirring all the time. Then turn up to medium and stir until thick, (making sure that it gets to at least 160F to kill bacteria). Just don’t let it boil. Once thickened, take off heat and add the zest. Turns out perfectly every time!
  7. AKS613


    This is the layered inside. I also added vanilla bean seeds to the dough.
  8. AKS613


    Thanks for the lovely comments. Here is the link: https://www.withspice.com/blog/chai-spiced-breakfast-buns-cruffins/ Please note one that I doubled the yeast because I was shaping and freezing the dough before baking. Also, I use Active Dry yeast due to freezing prior to baking. I changed the proportions of the chai seasoning as I found it way too intense for my chai-loving family. I would advise you to look at this recipe closely before combining ingredients as I had to throw out the first batch. In addition, I would halve the sugar chai mixture-way too much left over. With these few tweaks, these rolls were astonishingly delicious. I’ll be making these again later this month for visitors coming in February, so again, make ahead and freeze. I will only be adding cinnamon and nutmeg to the sugar this time, as I will be serving them with a clementine curd (I have an obscene amount that will go bad unless I use them soon lol!). Please post your results-I’d love to see them. Happy baking!
  9. AKS613


    I did these for New Year’s Eve breakfast with a chai spiced sugar coating. I fell in love with making them and the best part was that I made them, shaped and froze them ahead of time to bake off on the morning of the 31st. My first attempt and I am hooked.
  10. Thanks so much for the responses I really appreciate it!
  11. I was watching an Irish baking show and the expert said that an easy way to temper/keep temper is to melt it to a temp no higher than 35C. As long as the chocolate doesn’t creep beyond that it will stay tempered. No need to heat and cool. Has anyone ever heard/tried this?
  12. I use a ratio of 3:1 chocolate to cream for white choc ganache. Place choc in heat proof bowl. Heat the cream to just boiling. Pour over chocolate. Swirl the bowl to make sure the choc is submerged. Mix to incorporate. I let it set up overnight. It is then ready to stir and use. The white choc ganache is especially good with a little cinnamon added to it. Good luck!
  13. Thanks everyone. My piping is pretty solid, I just want them completely uniform. I like the idea of the template but I only have rimmed baking sheets, so I wouldn't be able to pull the template out from under the piped meringue. As long as I know it can be done, I will try it and report back. I really appreciate your responses.
  14. No. Not macarons. Meringues like the meringue mushroom type. I just want them all exactly the same size. Thanks.
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